Hey, guys.

The story's finally done, after all this time. Even after all the hiatuses and delays, I still managed to get it done.

It's definitely not perfect, however. That much I readily admit to myself.

But that's not what I wanna talk about at the moment, anyway.

I wanted to have a chance to thank everyone who stayed and kept reading this train-wreck of a story, and of course to those who contributed.

In particular, I would like to thank my friend Kel, also known as JUMPANDSHOOTMAN, as well as CrossPaladin. Of course, I also wanted to thank The Big Bad Bunny for being around to talk to all the time, it gave me a lot of encouragement!

Now, anyway, I probably ought to fess up now.

I do intend to turn this into a series, and I have a sequel pretty well planned out already. However, I'll be honest. Legend of the Dark Oracle burnt me out a lot. It was a pretty big commitment to keep writing for all the time and trying to keep up to it, one I probably wasn't ready for considering personal events occurring in my life (as well as our current pop culture and such things influencing what and how I write).

For a while, I'm going to try my hand at shorter, or at least much less convoluted, work.

I don't know when I'll feel up to getting "book two" started, but readers can probably expect "The Slave's Crown" to be posted sooner rather than later...

Anyway, have a few more colossal appreciation hugs for being here and keeping up with the story, guys and/or girls.

As always, until next time!