Before Shuuhei could blink his door was once again flung open. His brother ambled past Misaki and crooked his elbow around Shuuhei's neck. Shuuhei's nostrils were assaulted by the aroma of beer.

"Shuu, DAMN. I-I didn't k-know you were bringing home a girl! And whatta girl at that! T-To be honest with ya though I-I thought you liked that g-girl you're always hangin' with. Chika somethin'?" Goro slurred.

"Chie?" Shuuhei offered. "She's just my friend,"

"Whatever, I didn't think ya was inta cosplay chicks, S-Shuu. Not that I'm complainin'." Goro eyed up Misaki then threw his arms around Shuuhei's shoulders. "I knew we was related!"

Shuuhei softly pushed his brother away. He leered at the still half naked Misaki. His cheeks still burned, but had faded to a less notable pink. Shuuhei glared at Goro, who practically drooled over her.

"Are you gonna straighten your kimono anytime tonight?" Shuuhei asked.

"Why?" Misaki inquired. "Is there something wrong?"

"Absholutely nothing ish wrong with ya," Goro drunkenly complimented.

"Aren't you uncomfortable with this pervert staring at you?" Shuuhei asked.

Goro stumbled over to Misaki. "Pervert! Whozza pervert?"

He half-wrestled, half merry-go-rounded around the room, in an attempt, to take off his blazer. Goro casually tossed it over Misaki's head as if she were a coat-rack.

"III am a perfec gennleman." Goro belched loudly and his face flushed with green. "Buuuuut this perfec gennleman needs to go puke in a hallway. S'cuse me."

He half-tripped, half-sprinted into the hall. A few seconds later the sounds of retching and groaning echoed off the walls. Shuuhei quickly closed the door.

"Make sure you clean up after yourself!" He called then turned to Misaki carefully. "Please put your kimono back on."

Misaki gently pulled her kimono back up and redid the obi. She looked at Shuuhei with wide eyes all the while.

"Thanks. Why didn't you do it earlier though? Aren't you modest at all?" Shuuhei asked.

"Nay, this one hath never heard of modesty. Would thou be so kind as to explain it?"

Shuuhei scratched the back of his hair. "Well, you know, don't you feel uncomfortable when you're, er naked?"

"Nay, this one is perfectly content. Even fighting naked would be no challenge for this one," Misaki answered.

Shuuhei sighed and ran his fingers back through his hair. This girl…

"I'm too tired to question this. You can sleep in my bed and I'll crash on the couch alright?"

Misaki shook her head. "Tis unnecessary. Art thou in possession of an empty room?"

He bit his lower lip in thought and racked his mind. "Er, we have an attic."

She nodded. "Show this one."

"As long as you're sure. Hope you like dust bunnies," Shuuhei remarked.

He re-opened his door and was slightly shocked that the hallway was still clean. He guided her over to a small door which he opened. Shuuhei's nose was assailed by dust and he resisted the urge to sneeze. Misaki merely strolled by him and glanced all around. She seemed almost entranced by the cobwebs in the corners and dust smeared floorboard.

"Adequate. Many thanks, mortal lad. I wish thee a pleasant rest," Misaki said earnestly.

Shuuhei stared blankly at her for a moment. She seemed to fiddle with the sash around her kimono. Misaki met his stare with a concerned gaze.

"Mortal lad, thou should rest. This one is perfectly content here she has all she needs," She reaffirmed.

"I just don't feel right about leaving you like this," Shuuhei grumbled.

She dug out something small out of her sash and displayed it to him. It seemed to be some kind of purple marble with a swirling red pattern. He donned a vacant expression.

"Uh, it's pretty and all but h-"

Misaki pressed one of her slender fingers into it. It glowed a brilliant red for an instant. Plumes of red and violet smoke poured from it. Shuuhei quickly pulled the door shut behind him. God knows what would happen if it hit the smoke detector. He coughed into his sleeve and squint his eyes shut. When he reopened them awe overtook them.

The smoke had dissipated. What was once a musty attic was replaced with an extravagant bedroom. A large canopy style double bed decked out in brilliant red and stark black. It had mounds of plush pillows piled near the head and silken comforters. A pair of ebony twin dressers appeared on either side of the room. A folding screen with an intricate cherry blossom design etched into it spanned a corner of the small room.

Misaki stood there arms behind her back, smiling and rocking on her heels.

He stood there flabbergasted for a moment. "I see you're ok...somehow. Good night."

Shuuhei groaned and exited out the door. He placed his hand onto his face and sighed. He walked down the hallway and paused before the washing machine. He pulled off his bloody shirt and dumped it into the washer. His legs practically dragged as he entered his room. Shuuhei flumped down hard onto his bed. Before his head hit the pillow a single thought entered his mind: What had he gotten himself into?

Morning sunshine streamed into Shuuhei's room through his window. The sunlight hit the pillow where his head was. He squint his still closed eyes. A groan rumbled out of his throat.

He tried to move his legs. They felt more like two pieces of lead. Slowly the numbness in his legs melted away and he opened up his eyes.

Ugh. I'm exhausted what'd I do last night to exert myself?

He carefully sat up and swung his legs out of bed. A sharp stinging pain shot through the left side of his chest. Shuuhei lifted up his undershirt. A dark violet bruise, about the size of a bowling ball took up his left side. His fingers gingerly traced it. He quickly recoiled and hissed in pain.

When did I-?

Memories from last night flooded his brain. The Sin and the way it attacked Misaki emerged first. He visibly shuddered and shook his head. Shuuhei stood up and ambled over to his dresser. His legs wobbled as he approached it. He tossed what was left of his uniform onto the floor. His smartphone thunked onto the floor and checked it. Less than ten percent remained he plugged into it's charger. He pulled on a loose T-shirt and long slacks.

He peeked out of his bedroom door into the hallway. The door across from his was slightly ajar. The attic door still remained closed however. Shuuhei walked over to it slowly and knocked on the door. The doorknob rattled a little and was quickly opened by Misaki.

She smiled at him and bowed. "Good morrow to thee, milord. Did thy sleep well?"

At the mention of the word 'milord' an internet meme crossed Shuuhei's mind. He shook his head furiously.

I gotta get off the internet more often…

"Fine," He answered. "Milord? What's that about?"

Misaki tilted her smiling head. "This one only thought it appropriate. Since thou art being so kind as to let this one stay here. Would milord prefer Shuuhei-sama instead?"

Shuuhei let out a sigh. "Whatever floats your boat."

One of Misaki's sapphire eyebrows shot up. "Shuuhei-sama owns water property and a water vessel?"

Shuuhei smacked his face. "No. It means do whatever makes you happy."

He slowly walked down the stairs; Misaki followed after like a lost puppy. Goro sat at the small table. A small cup of green tea and an open pack of crackers lay before him. Shuuhei stormed over to the table and sat across from him. Misaki seated herself properly next to him.

"Where the hell did you get those?!" Shuuhei growled.

Goro lifted a rice cracker and popped it into his mouth. "It's from my hangover stash. I'll buy you one when you turn twenty."

"Good morrow to thee," Misaki chirped pleasantly.

Half of the rice cracker between his lips fell onto the table. One of his eyebrows raised up.

"Scuse me? D-Did you say good mornin- Wait nevermind. I've got other questions to ask!" Goro shot a pointed look at Shuuhei. "Who's this?"


"The given name of this one is Misaki of the clan Yoshida. Tis a pleasure to meet thee," Misaki answered.

"Do you come with auto translate?" Goro blurted out.

He softly whacked the table with one hand and the cup of tea rattled. "Sorry that was impolite of me. My name is Goro. Just so you know no need to be so formal you're a guest here," Goro eyed his little brother. "For now."

"You got something you'd like to ask me?" Shuuhei asked in a gruff voice.

"How long is our guest," He looked over towards her. "Misaki was it? How long is she staying with us?"

Shuuhei glanced away. "For a year."

"What?! A year?! Shuuhei, did you even think before you just brought her here?" Goro asked sternly.

"Of course I did!" Shuuhei huffed. "Besides she's having a really difficult time."

Goro crunched on another cracker and his eyes narrowed. "No surprise there. I saw your bloody uniform top in the washing machine. What's that about?"

"This one was attacked by a-"

"A group of thugs!" Shuuhei interrupted. "S-She got jumped and I brought her home with me. I thought it'd be safer. Misaki, she sprang the staying with us thing for a year on me last night. Why were you looking in the washer?"

Goro chuckled for a brief moment. "I woke up around three am. My clothes still smelled like puke. As much as I love that aroma I decided to throw my stuff in the wash."

"Fair enough," Shuuhei begrudgingly grumbled.

"Ok let's say I believe your story for a minute," He sipped on his tea with his eyes closed. "How do you expect us to manage an extra mouth to feed for a year? You were complaining just yesterday about having next to nothing to eat."

Shuuhei dug his finger hard into the cloth of his pants and grit his teeth.

"Also, where did she sleep last night? Not the couch or I would've noticed her when I woke up. I doubt you would've shared a twin size with her. So fess up," Goro ordered.

Shuuhei swallowed the lump in his throat but other than that remained silent.

"Think of all the other excess things she'll need like clothes and entertainment. Those things aren't free," Goro took another slow sip of tea. "Shuuhei, listen I know you want to help people and all but you have to be smart about things. You can't just jump in blindly and expect everything to fall in your favor."

"So I should just sit back and watch her suffer?!" Shuuhei snapped.

Goro's eyes narrowed as he looked at his little brother. "Suffer?" He echoed back.

Misaki cleared her throat. "Goro-sama, this one was well prepared for leaving her home. This one is not a fool. Thou art concerned over monetary woes aye?"

"I only understood about half of that at best," Goro groaned and rubbed his temples. "You're cute and all but you are absolutely no help to my hangover."

"She's saying she is slightly prepared," Shuuhei explained.

"Misaki, how old are you exactly dear?" Goro asked and sipped on the last of his green tea. "Don't be shy."

"Ah, this one is approximately 15,269 years of age," Misaki answered sweetly.

Shuuhei fell over from his sitting position and Goro spat out his tea. Goro coughed into his sleeve for a moment and turned to her.

"I-I'm sorry Misaki, I must've misheard you," Goro stammered.

"15,269 years of age," Misaki repeated in her sugary tone.

Damn! Talk about aging gracefully!

Goro lowly chuckled to himself. "T-That's a nice joke and all but you'd have to find the fountain of youth if that were true."

"This one hath no need for myths, Goro-sama. This one is a shinigami after all," Misaki said plainly.

Goro's eyes went wide and coughed into his fist.

"Y-You're a what? C-C'mon stop joking around now," Goro stuttered out.

Misaki lifted her right arm high above her head. A storm of black cherry blossom petals swirled above her hand. Her gigantic scythe appeared in her hand. More black petals seemed to cascade off of it. Goro immediately lept back and nearly hit his head on the floor.

"This one shall demonstrate proof," Misaki calmly stated.

Misaki pulled the curved blade of the scythe so it ran parallel with her throat. She locked eyes with Goro and gripped the shaft of her weapon. Goro raised his hand up and Shuuhei's eyes grew wide. She pulled the scythe hard and fast. An arc of blood sprayed on the table as her head flew in the air. It somersaulted twice. Misaki calmly raised up her arms and caught it. She delicately placed her severed head back onto her neck. Small tendrils of flesh connected the two body parts again. Misaki rolled her shoulders a little and shook her head. She tossed her sapphire ponytail with one hand. She finally glanced down at the two. Their eyes were wide and mouth both agape.

Misaki looked taken aback for an instant. "A-Ah forgive this one. This one hath forgotten that mortals art not used to such gruesome displays."

Misaki, still in her formal sitting position, tapped her forehead to wooden floor. Shuuhei's shoulders shook and he turned to face her. He dug his fingers hard into Misaki's shoulders and pulled her up. His hazel eyes glared deep into her emerald ones. His nostrils flared violently as he squeezed her shoulders more.

"M-Milord?" Misaki squeaked.

"Don't ever do that! I-I don't ever want to see you kill yourself to prove a point!" Shuuhei shouted. "Y-You don't need to suffer anym-"

Misaki closed her eyes. Her hands gently grabbed Shuuhei's and pulled them away. She nodded her head.

"Aye milord. If that is thy decree this one shall not harm herself anymore than necessary," She paused and glanced toward the window. "Although the pain of decapitation has not plagued this one for a long time. This one shall clean after herself and prepare some tea. Milord where art thou kettle and tea leaves?" Misaki changed topics, almost casually.

Shuuhei shook his head furiously. "You decapitate yourself and then you offer people tea? What kind of death god are you?" He asked slightly dumbstruck.

Misaki stood up straight elegantly and once again tossed her hair over her shoulder.

"This one is a proper Japanese death goddess. This one is capable of performing a tea ceremony,drawing beautiful calligraphy, making eloquent flower arrangements and slaying Sin," Misaki recited elegantly and tilted her head. "Once again, where art thou tea, milord?"

Goro finally sat up straight clutching his chest softly. "Missy, you've got a lot of explaining to do. If you want make that tea we're gonna have a serious talk."

"Indeed Goro-sama, this one shall speak on anything thy heart would like to know," Misaki replied sweetly.

Misaki hissed and gripped her throat softly. A look of pain overtook her features for an instant. She shook her head softly and regained her composure.

Shuuhei sighed and guided Misaki into the kitchenette. Upon the stove sat an empty golden kettle. He handed it gently over to her and rummaged through the cupboards. He pulled a small nearly empty bag down and placed it on the counter. Misaki's eyes were wide as they darted around the kitchenette. Her hands fidgeted and her teeth dug into her supple, pink lips.

"What's wrong?" Shuuhei asked.

"How does one draw water and where is the fire for the tea?" Misaki inquired softly.

"Oh please tell me you're joking," He grumbled.

Shuuhei glanced down at Misaki who still fidgeted where she stood. He suppressed the urge to slap his forehead and sigh. He pulled on the faucet handle.

"You pull it right for hot," He pulled it toward the right to demonstrate. "Left for cold. Got it?" He pulled the handle to the left, "Put your hand under to feel it incase," He elaborated.

Misaki gently put her hand under the stream of water and her eyes widened.

"Amazing," Misaki said in awe.

"It's just running water," Shuuhei grumbled. "Anyway the stove is I guess like a fire. Except you can control the heat with the knobs on it," He pointed to one of the knobs. "The numbers around the dial determine the heat one being the lowest ten being the highest. You put stuff, say a kettle on the little rings and it heats up. Get it?"

Misaki nodded. She opened the small bag of tea and smiled.

"Green tea leaves. At least this one can comprehend something," Misaki sighed.

She filled the kettle up with cold water, placed it on the stove and turned it to a low number.

"Milord doth thou hath a cleaning cloth?"

Shuuhei opened a small drawer and handed her a white rag. She placed it under running water and rang it out. She walked back over to the small table and washed off the blood. Misaki glanced at Goro.

"Goro-sama, thou had something to ask this one?" Misaki asked.

"Ah, that's right. How are you going to contribute to our houses finances? I don't think Dad would be happy if we had a freeloader join us," He explained.

"This one hath the answer to thy qualm," Misaki chirped.

Goro winced a little at her high pitched voice. He gestured for her to go on. Once more she dug one of the marbles out of her obi. Misaki placed it on the now clean table. She tapped her finger to it. It glowed a bright red then plumes of red and violet smoke poured from it. Goro quickly covered his mouth and squint his eyes shut. The smoke had no scent but quickly dissipated as soon as it came. Upon the freshly cleaned table was a tall stack of bills. Misaki smiled sweetly over at him.

"Does this suffice?"

Goro quickly picked up one of the bills. It was 10,000 yen note. He quickly raised it above his head and looked for the watermark. He yanked another one off the stack and compared it. The numbers were different on them.

"Holy crap where did you get all this?!" Goro shouted.

"When mortals die, with currency upon thy hands, the shinigami whom escorted them to the land of the dead the shinigami may keep the currency. Currency is not necessary in the land of the dead. The marbles are gifts for the Yoshida clan and react to godly power we can pull what we like from the land of the dead. Alas this one only had two," she elaborated.

Shuuhei sat down next to Misaki again and waited.

"The land of the dead?" Goro asked.

"Aye. One of the duties of this one is to escort those who hath passed away to the land of dead," she explained. "The other is to slay Sin."

"Hey Misaki, is there really no way to save someone who has become a Sin?" Shuuhei asked.

Misaki shook her head. "Nay, once a mortal throws away thine humanity salvation is lost. Sin consume man from the inside out the more a mortal indulges. If mortals show no reservation then this one must purge them. To throw away the gift of humanity is unforgivable in the eyes of a shinigami."

"So you've gotta deal with something called a Sin and escorting the dead apparently. I'm not sure I wanna know what a Sin is. Do you deal with this all by yourself?" Goro asked.

"Nay, there are a multitude of shinigami both male and female," Misaki proclaimed. "This one appeared before Shuuhei-sama due to this one possessing looks milord finds attractive."

"Sorry for all the questions but is it hard being a death god?" Goro asked and rubbed the back of his head.

"At times. This one hath taken it upon herself to accommodate the needs of all who die. No matter what type of death befalls them. Be it something as simple as dying of old age or dying of an illness." Her eyes became distant as she spoke. "The more painful deaths did affect this one."

"Painful? Like getting hit by a car or shot?" Shuuhei inquired.

Misaki's lips melted into a frown. "Milord, this one hath felt the power of the bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This one hath felt starvation as well as all means of torture."

Shuuhei's eyes grew huge and he covered his gaping mouth.

"Alas, that pales in comparison to the pain of mortals whom die of broken hearts. Seeing a mortal who was once at thine happiest point dissolve into a husk of despair is disheartening. Some starve and wither away. Others harm thine bodies. Watching an artist no longer take delight in painting or a violinist playing melodies is, in the humble opinion of this one, the epitome of despair," Misaki explained.

"Have you ever been in love before, Misaki?" Goro asked, his head in his hands.

"Ahh." Misaki glanced to the window, sunlight poured over her as she spoke. "This one knows to that to love another, she would have to watch the world go by him. At end of his life span we would part for eternity. Never to hear his voice or see his smile. Although, such short years make an eternity worth bearing.

The first time this one fell in love was with a young daimyo in the warring states era. This one had tried to run away from immortality for the first time. The first lord of this one fell for her enchanting looks. The mortal lord gave this one thine word to protect and save this one from immortality. The lord declared war in an effort to court this one. Twas a bold declaration of love from the core of his soul. Alas he was felled in a final attempt to protect this one," She said.

"Protect you from what? Sin?" Shuuhei asked.

"Once again, nay, milord. Th-"

A sharp whistling from the kettle cut Misaki's words off. She stood straight up and strolled back over to the kitchenette. Shuuhei followed after her and pulled down cups for her. He watched her daintily measure the leaves and carefully pour the steaming water. To him it smelled nicer than it usually did. He took a singular cup for himself and walked back over to the table. Misaki gently sat down a cup in front of Goro and sat next to Shuuhei.

"Milord, if thou doth not mind this one has questions for thee this time," Misaki said.

Shuuhei sipped some of his tea down.

"Ask away," he offered.

"What does milord do in thine spare time?" Misaki inquired.

"I go to a low ranking high school five days out of the week," Shuuhei replied. "Weird question."

"Ahh, well this one would be most comforted staying by thy side, milord," Misaki said.

Shuuhei swallowed the tea in his mouth. "You want to attend a high school? That seems kinda below a God's worth. Our school is really low grade and the application is a breeze and all. I doubt you have understanding of things like algebra and science."

"This one hath a small understanding for such things," she replied. "This one was taught linguistics and mathematics in a school to train shinigami. If milord would assist this one, she would be eternally grateful to thee."

"I wouldn't know what to tell people if they found out we're living together," Shuuhei grumbled.

"Just tell people she's our very reserved cousin, who's gonna know?" Goro piped in. "Oh yeah I'd recommend buying her some casual clothes so she doesn't stick out too much. Gonna get some groceries with some of this too." He scooped up a couple of bills.

There was still a fair stack of money laying on the table as Goro left. Shuuhei racked his mind for a moment and snapped his fingers.

"I'll be right back, enjoy your tea or something," Shuuhei called as he raced to his room.

He ran over to his desk and texted a quick message.

Hey you working this morning? I've got a favor to ask.

Shuuhei sat down on his chair and waited. After a few minutes his phone rumbled.

The shop's not too busy come on over. :3

Shuuhei quickly left his room and ran down the stairs. He tugged Misaki up, who had cleaned off the table. He pocketed the rest of the money and walked her over to the door.

"Milord?" She asked.

The duo exited out into the warm light. He gently pulled her up the small sloping hill. The streets weren't too crowded as they walked. A young lady walking a large Akita strolled toward them. As Misaki approached closer the dog bared its fangs and growled loudly. The young lady immediately pulled the dog's leash hard in an attempt to pull it back.

"S-Sorry! She's usually so well behaved," the woman apologized.

The dog snarled and barked at Misaki. The young lady pulled the dog away from the two. The two continued their walk slowly.

"What's that about, Misaki?" Shuuhei asked.

"Animals have always disliked this one. Tis in thy nature to fear this one," Misaki replied.

They approached a small, but cozy looking bookstore and opened the wooden door. A small brass bell jingled as the door opened further.

"Welcome!" A feminine, familiar voice called.

A brunette in neatly braided pigtails stood on top of a tall ladder, behind a counter. Her backside was covered brown short-shorts. White apron strings were done around the back of a cream colored blouse. Shuuhei walked over to the wooden counter and peered behind it. A large, but nearly empty box of books stood by the ladder. The girl pushed some heavy looking books onto a bookshelf. She sighed and carefully descended the ladder. She glanced over her shoulder and a huge smile took over her face.


She practically leapt down the last three rungs ran in his direction arms out wide. Shuuhei squinted his eyes in resignation. A few seconds past and he cracked one eye open. Chie had her arms tightly wrapped around Misaki's shoulders, whom fidgeted.

"Oh Shuu-kun, you never told me you knew another cosplay girl!" Chie exclaimed. "Under normal circumstances I'd be jealous but this little thing is absolutely adorable!" She snuggled Misaki tighter.

Misaki aimed both of her arms straight at Shuuhei. "Shuuhei-sama, save this one please," Misaki pleaded, with wide eyes.

"Wow! You're dye-job is spectacular and is this kimono yours?!" Chie squealed, her eyes bright and vibrant as she drank in Misaki's exotic look. "I haven't heard such formal sounding speech since the time we read Shakespeare. Are you like a princess or the daughter of a yakuza boss?! Ooh who cares you're cuute!"

Chie got on her tippy-toes and softly pushed Misaki's head down. Her glasses slipped down her nose as she stared intensely at Misaki's hair. Chie let out a soft gasp and pressed her glasses back up. Her finger gently raked around Misaki's scalp.

"I-Is your hair naturally this color?" Chie blurted. "I've dyed my hair all kinds of crazy colors for the sake of cosplay. I can't even see an undyed strand!"

"A-Aye this one naturally has blue hair, the hair color runs in the clan this one belongs to," Misaki muttered.

Chie put her chin in one hand, her other arm tight around Misaki's waist.

"Hmm, perhaps it's some sort of mutation off of that shade of black hair that looks blue in certain light." Chie nodded rapidly with her eyes closed. "That would make sense."

"Good to see you happy this morning, Chie-chan what got into you?" Shuuhei asked with a slight chuckle.

"My one true love, Shuu-kun." She paused for, apparently, dramatic effect. "Caffeine! Coffee can do wonders for a woman," Chie purred.

She twirled Misaki around like a tango dancer. Once Misaki's back was turned she squeezed Misaki's bosom. This elicited a small squeak from Misaki.

"Ooh Shuu-kun, you know my birthday is in the summer, what'd you bring me this cutie-pie for?" Chie asked with an arched eyebrow. "Trying to butter me up for something?"

Chie affectionately rubbed her cheek against Misaki's and squeezed her chest tighter. The shinigami visibly squirmed against the smaller girl.

"I was wondering if you maybe you could buy her some clothes. As you can probably tell from groping her so many times she doesn't have any-uh." Shuuhei's cheeks burned a soft pink. "Think she could you know borrow, erm bras and uh, stuff?"

"Shuu-kun, even if that weren't entirely gross. Do you think these?" Chie squeezed Misaki's chest for emphasis once more. "Would fit in anything I own? It's like comparing beautiful spring peaches to juicy cantaloupes! Besides all of those things what's in it for little old me?" She asked batting her eyelashes.

Shuuhei slapped his forehead and sighed.

"If you help her you can buy yourself some stuff too," he bargained. "D-Don't make her wear anything provocative or weird though!"

Chie grinned from ear to ear and winked.

"You drive a hard bargain! Lemme tell Mom I'm closing up. We're pretty slow these days. Be right with you!" Chie exclaimed.

The bespectacled girl released Misaki from her grip. She softly pushed them towards the door. Misaki and Shuuhei exited out of the store.

"Hey Misaki, Chie is going to take you shopping. You are not to tell anyone you're a shinigami. If she asks you are my cousin. Do we have an understanding?" Shuuhei asked.

Misaki nodded. "Aye milord. The godliness of this one is a secret."

Chie exited out of the building and had shed her frilly white apron. Shuuhei handed her most of the money. She grabbed Misaki by the wrist gently and grinned.

"Hey you two meet me back here at 1PM. Stay safe," Shuuhei said.

Shuuhei watched as Misaki practically get dragged away by Chie. He began the trek uphill towards his school. After a half hour of walking he entered the rather empty school. He could hear some type of music club playing their instruments behind closed doors. He walked over to an office and entered. The balding male principal sat behind a desk.

"Ahh, good afternoon Takeda. What brings you here?" He asked. "The young should spend their free time outside of school."

"If it's alright I have a friend who would like to enroll here," Shuuhei explained. "I know it's not a common time for applicants or transfer students but hopefully it's alright."

Shuuhei slightly bowed to the older male. The principal sighed and walked over to the filing cabinet. He rifled through the cabinet and handed a small stack of papers to him.

"Have them fill out the application and we'll see what can we do for them," The principal replied.

"Thank you sir." Shuuhei turned and quickly exited out of the office.

He quickly left the school and began the walk back to the store. He stretched his arms high over him as the afternoon sun poured on him. Shuuhei had finally arrived back at the store and leaned back against the wall. A small vibration from his pocket made him dig out his smartphone.

On our way! Prepare for your mind to be blown! ;3

Shuuhei shook his head and held his phone for a moment.

This girl…

He waited for a few more minutes as he checked the time; 1:05.

"Hey Shuu-kun! Yoo-hoo!" Chie called.

Shuuhei cocked his head in the direction of the shout. Chie held Misaki's hand still and swung it about as she walked. Her other arm held multiple bright paper bags. Gone was Misaki's pure black kimono. What replaced it was a pale pink frilly looking dress with thin straps. Misaki stumbled as she walked. Whether it was due to the high-heeled sandals or Chie yanking her was undeterminable. The two girls walked right up to him.

"Ta-da! So did I do good or what?" Chie asked with a beaming grin. "That kimono is nice looking but it's so plain and black! Blegh!" she stuck her tongue out for emphasis.

"What took you so long?" Shuuhei asked.

"This poor little cutie told me she'd never worn a bra before!" She exclaimed then hugged Misaki from the back again and squeezed her chest. "Which I find hard to believe! Unless her boobs defy gravity. Some girls have all the luck I swear," Chie grumbled.

"Can I have what's left of the money back?" Shuuhei asked.

"Oh right." Chie dug the remaining few bills out and handed them over.

He counted the significantly shorter stack of money. His eyebrows cinched together.

"Why's there so little?" Shuuhei asked a bit dumbstruck.

"Big boobs do have their downfall!" Chie exclaimed and pulled on the strap of Misaki's dress. It exposed part of a pretty, peach colored bra, with intricate white lace. "Getting pretty fabric like this costs big bucks!"

Shuuhei's face turned a bright red and backed up a bit.

"Ooh what's a matter, Shuu-kun?" Chie asked with a minx like smile.

"I'm trying to make my face match the brick wall behind me," Shuuhei replied. "Maybe I'll disappear into it if I blush enough."

Chie approached him even closer and whispered by his ear."Shuu-kun, who is that girl to you?"

"S-She's my cousin alright?" Shuuhei tried to move back from her. "Geez ya gotta get that close?" Shuuhei's cheeks still burned.

"Cousin?" Chie backed away and folded her arms behind her back. "You sure don't react like your cousins." A look of horror etched it's way onto her face. "Shuu-kun, you can't fall for a cousin! That's still incestous! I don't know what kind of manga you've been reading but can't do those things in real li-"

Shuuhei quickly slapped his hand over Chie's mouth. "Shut the hell up and speak quieter! I don't want any strange looks from people." His eyes darted around at a few people who walked by. "It's you who needs to quit reading those manga!" He growl-whispered.

Chie backed away again. "Ok I'll be quieter if you tell me who that girl really is," she demanded. "I've got cousins too ya know? I certainly don't look at my cousin the way you look at 'yours'." Chie even emphasized the word with finger quotes. "Not much family resemblance either." Chie pushed her glasses up.

Shuuhei sighed and shook his head. "Fine, fine. You got me she's not my cousin. She's," He quickly racked his brain. "The daughter of a very strict family we're close with. I thought it'd be easier to call her my cousin ok?"

Chie nodded her head quickly. "Well I advise not calling her your cousin. You know how nasty rumors start and all," Chie replied with a naughty smirk.

"A-Are you blackmailing me?!" Shuuhei asked dumbstruck.

"Every woman has her price, Shuu-kun," Chie cooed his name.

"Fine," Shuuhei groaned.

Before he could blink Chie had dragged him and Misaki to an expensive coffee shop. He sat at a circular, wooden table. A waitress was beaming a 100 gigawatt smile at him. The menu displayed all kinds of coffee. He patted his pocket to make sure the money still remained.

"Small coffee please, black."

"Your orders will be right out," The waitress chirped.

The two girls sat across from in a huddle over the application packet. Other people at the neighboring tables stared at the two girls. He could hear the word 'luck' getting grumbled. Chie was apparently training Misaki how to use a mechanical pencil. She grinned as she daintily held Misaki's wrist. Shuuhei suppressed his urge to sigh outwardly.

"You two doing ok?" Shuuhei asked.

"Fine, she's not the best at algebra or science but her literature and history are phenomenal!" Chie replied.

"Thou art most kind Chie-dono," Misaki said with a smile.

"Anything for you, ya little cutie!" Chie gushed and squeezed Misaki around the shoulders.

The waitress returned carrying a well balanced tray. She sat down a frappucino covered in whipped cream. Caramel and chocolate drizzled over the top. A decadent slice of chocolate cake was placed next to it. Next a white cake was placed next to it a small strawberry placed on top. A small hot cappuccino was placed next to the white cake. Shuuhei's small cup of coffee was placed in front of him. The waitress quickly left.

Chie practically bounced about in her seat like a hyper four year old. Misaki's mouth was slightly agape at the tantalizing food. Chie stuck a straw in her drink quickly and sipped some down. A look of pure ecstasy danced across her features. Misaki watched her and sipped a little of her drink. Almost instantly her lips puckered inward and squint her eyes shut; her feet drummed against the floor.

"Hey you alright?" Shuuhei asked.

Her puckered lips still quivered. "B-Bitter! Tis bitter!" Misaki trembled.

15,000 years old but has the tastes of a four year old.

People from the other table glanced over to theirs.

"Ooh sorry here, have some of mine it's sweeter," Chie offered and pushed her drink over to her. "Shoulda told me you didn't like bitter stuff."

Misaki shook her head violently and recoiled away from the cup. Chie twirled her straw in the mountain of whipped cream. She aimed the straw at Misaki who dodged it. Chie donned a hurt look.

"I-It's not bitter I swear!" Chie begged. "Believe me Misaki!"

The looks from the other tables intensified.

Shuuhei sighed and intervened. "Hey eat the cake it's sweet."

"Shuuhei-sama if thou art lying to this one, this one shall never forgive thee!" Misaki declared.

"I swear to you it's sweet," Shuuhei reassured. "Chie made me try one once and she eats things that could put a hummingbird into a diabetic coma."

Misaki's trembling hand picked up a fork and stabbed it into the strawberry. She gently plopped it into her mouth and chewed. A sweet smile erupted around the the fork and she dug into the cake. A look of concern quickly melted onto her features.

"This one is being most rude. Would Shuuhei-sama like one?" Misaki asked.

A strawberry skewered on the end of the fork was aimed in his direction. His eyes glanced at the fork that had visited her pouty lips and gulped. He blushed and temptation briefly danced through his brain. He quickly shook it away.

"Sorry I don't like strawberries and sweet stuff. You enjoy," He replied.

Chie had already gulped down her drink and made eyes at Misaki's abandoned one. Chie scooped it up and drank it down. In almost light speed her chocolate cake disappeared. She then made eyes at what remained of Misaki's cake. Shuuhei glared at her and their eyes met. Chie's tongue poked out at him cheekily.

"How do you eat that much?!" Shuuhei asked flabbergasted. "Do you have a hollow leg? Let her have something."

"Think about my legs often, Shuu-kun?" Chie naughtily cooed back. "Or do you fantasize about your 'cousin's' more?" She added with a whisper.

"Yeah right," Shuuhei scoffed although his cheeks burned faintly. "Maybe all that coffee stunted your growth you midget."

"Midget?!" She replied back haughtily then tossed her braid over her shoulder. "I'll have you know men prefer shorter ladies! Like moi."

"Puh-lease. The only men who'd dig your body over hers." Shuuhei pointed at Misaki. "Read questionable manga alone in their dark basements."

After their small debate Shuuhei paid their bill. The three had finished filling out Misaki's application. They took it over to the high school. Chie and Shuuhei handed it over to principal.

"Alright. We're a little slow these days. You'll have your answer by tomorrow," The principal explained.

Shuuhei walked Chie back to her house and waved at her as she walked in. Chie tauntingly blew a kiss in Misaki's general direction. The two slowly walked back to Shuuhei's house. When they entered the aroma of food hit their nostrils.

"Good timing you two dinner is served," Goro said as he placed plates of food on the table.

Shuuhei plopped a bit of spicy curry in his mouth and glanced at Misaki next to him.

My life really never will be the same will it…?

_End Chapter 2_

(A/N): Well I've moved from action into the slice of life end. So this chapter might be a little slow in comparison to the last one. I promise you there will be more action and a few other things in the next chapters. What Sin do you think will emerge next? Did you enjoy my character interactions? Are there things that intrigue you? Lemme know what you think! Thanks for reading!