A/N - This is my first serious attempt at writing a poem...more a verse really. It's not world class but I hope you like it. I have no idea how to punctuate this properly so I apologise for errors.


One breath of dusk,

One breath of dawn,

From the night up till morn,

In darkness, She moves on.

She spends each day in solitude

But nightfall is her friend,

She makes her way from here to there

From corners to the ends.

There never is a time she sleeps

She is always on the move

There's some magic that she weaves

That makes ill vibes removed.

One visit from her usually means

A night free from despair,

For she creates gorgeous scenes

Mountains, seas, castles in the air

Of treasure hunts and golden crowns

Of valley, vale, streams and brooks

Of sand and earth of deepest brown

Of kings and queens, soldiers and crooks

Of dancing, prancing unicorns

And tigers black and gold

Of ladies dancing as white swans

To deeds of heroes bold.

Till the Sun comes shinning through

She works her magic well,

To make our fantasies come true

If only for a spell.

She says goodbye with a kiss

With a promise to return

Then she leaves us sleeping in bliss

And lo, she is gone.

One breath of dusk, one breath of dawn.

And she keeps moving on.