A lone boy stood in the center of the Guardian's throne room, his wrists and ankles bound in chains, his eyes blindfolded, and his mouth gagged. If one were to remove all those restraints, you could see the exquisite features this boy inherited from his parents; stark-white hair, pale skin, purple eyes, and a rather effeminate physique.

On the nineteen thrones sat the nineteen kings from nineteen city states. They have all hurriedly gathered for his judgement, for he has committed a heinous crime. What crime?

To start, Solinya's Lands has twenty states, but recently, King Nol Ventus Defenderetur and his wife has been killed by their own son, the lone boy, Weiss Ventus Aderant. Of course, it caused an uproar, and this kind of crime would already be enough to sentence him to death—but there was one flaw. He was of noble blood, and that meant he was exempted from all laws.

"How should we go about this young boy?" King Omid Alegeia from the City of Fiducia slammed a fist against his armrest. "He's a noble, like us! We simply can't bestow death upon him, it's going against our ancient commandments!"

"Indeed," agreed King Gatep from the City of Vitae, placing one leg on top of the other. "Still, we must bestow punishment. I suggest something almost akin to death."

One King suggested removing Weiss's title as Prince, and then another one followed, saying they should banish him from Solinya's Grounds. The Guardian's Throne room echoed with suggestions and complaints until the one that has the power to finalize a decision, the King of all Kings, King Tholosarius Igraesideus from the City of Serena Skayera, silenced their words by hitting his staff against the marble floor, its noise echoing throughout the room.

"I beg your attention, my fellow brethren," said the King of all Kings. "I have decided."

Whispers spread and anticipation rose. As he stood, King Tholosarius held his head high and his golden chains around his neck clinked. He said, "He shall be removed of his title and be transformed into a slave. Who's confident to place him under their roof?"

No one dared as mutters and whispers were suddenly replaced by silence. The Kings kept staring at the poor kid, who's been silent and still since he entered.

"Why would no one step forward?" asked the King of all Kings. "State your reasons."

One King said he wouldn't dare carry a heavy burden. The other said his roof was rather crowded. Most said they fear for their children's safety. The remaining ones simply stated that they have no interest in taking the boy in.

"I see…understandable," said the King of all Kings.

Before he had the chance to say another word, one King, King Venthans from the City of Reflexionem, stood from his throne and volunteered. "I will take him under my roof. I have a mage who knows how to keep him in place without the use of ropes, chains, and cuffs."

"Very well. It's settled." He hit the foot of his staff against the marble floor once again. "Weiss Ventus Aderant, Prince from the Land of Terra Castitatis, I hereby sentence you to slavery until you are no longer able." He turned to King Venthans. "Do with him as you please."

"I shall make his life shrouded with absolute malevolence."

And that's that. To add to the meeting, King Tholosarius also announced that King Omid's eldest son shall be appointed as the new King of Terra Castitatis. Once he ended the meeting, Weiss was immediately placed inside a wheeled cage, which was driven by a horse. He was to be transported to Refliexionem.

When people saw the killer passing by, they backed up a few feet from him and started spreading rumors. One actually had the galls to throw whatever scraps of food they have and was lucky enough to literally land a hit on the poor boy—or in their eyes, murderer.

One day, Weiss thought to himself, One day, they will realize.