Part 1 2015

Chapter 1

I used to be skeptic. I thought that magic and fantastic, mystical creatures was just nonsense, and that people who believed in them were simply crazy. A wise person once said, "The universe is full of surprises." I was dumb to ignore that wise person because if I had been a little prepared, if I would have at least been open to a slight possibility of this existing, I probably would have handled what happened at Rome last January much better. This story takes place the year 2014, but it actually starts about five thousand years ago.

Part 2157 B.C

Chapter 1

My name is Iuvenes. Lately I have been having a lot of trouble with the gods. They do not like the fact that I have magic and that I have lived the past seven hundred years without a single scratch. If I were shallow or bigheaded, I would say they are even a little scared. I think the gods do not like the competition; they don't like to feel threatened.

I don't know how it happened or were they come from, but I have magical powers. I am not a god, I am not the son of a god, I am not related at all to the gods, but I have god like characteristic. I don't like calling myself a wizard because I am not quite sure if that is what I am. I have no father or mother around to explain me my what I am, what can I do, and why I am this way. My parents left me at a corner of a street when I was just three days old, and a nice old lady saw me and took me to her home, where she single handedly took care of me. She treated my as if I was her own son.

I loved Pulchellus with all my heart. She never told me I was not his son, and did not planned on telling me ever. Until, of course, when she was not able to explain to me why I was strange, and was forced to tell me the truth then.

"But you don't know who they were, or how they were or how they left me," I asked, feeling so many emotions I cannot even begin to name.

"I am sorry Iuvenes, I which I knew, but I have no idea," she answered sadly.

I could see in her eyes that she was really upset of not knowing how to answer me. She knew I was scared, and like every mother she wanted to help me really badly. She cried for a while and told me that it didn't matter who my parents had been, or how they were, the only thing that was important is how I was which, in her words, was perfect.

At the age of ten I could do things no one else could do. I was both sacred and exited; Pulchellus was just scared. Together we read every book about magic, magical creatures, mystical situations, and witches and wizards, but we could never find what I was exactly. Things at home were easy now that I had learned how to control my powers. I could watch the dishes sitting down, I could make the air in our house colder in summer and hotter in winter, and I could turn the chimney on just clicking my hands, so most of my chores were done entirely with magic. Sometimes things got a little out of control, but Pulchellus never got angry because she knew I was learning to cope with my peculiarity.

I never told anyone about my situation. Pulchellus said that if anyone knew they could accuse me of going against the gods and would probably sentence me to death. I was extremely careful making sure that no one even suspected. When I went to the market I acted normal, when I went outside to play with my friends I acted normal, I acted normal whenever I was in public. It seems silly that I actually thought having my powers was going to be great.

When I was 20 Pulchellus was dying. I tried everything, but here was nothing I could do to prevent it. No magic could stop a mortal from dying.

"I know you are a smart man," she said, "I know you are going to be responsible and careful," she spoke slowly and in a low volume.

"I am scared mom," I cried, "what am I going to do with out you?"

"You are going to be fine, I know it," she gave me a last smile, "just remember that with great power comes great responsibilities."

"I am not ready for you to leave me, I don't even know what I am yet."

"You only need to know that you are perfect."

I grabbed her hands and stayed with her, crying horribly. After a while, she was gone and I was alone in the world.

I started noticing some other peculiarities later in life. I was 40 years old and looked 20, it seemed as if I had stop aging. I didn't know what to think of this, but it looked as if I was immortal or something. I kept looking for explanations, but could find no answers whatsoever. I was starting to feel alone because, even though I had friends, none of them knew about my secret and not being able to talk about it with anyone was driving me insane.

But it wasn't until I noticed the gods were against that I started to panic. They had somehow notice that I had powers, and they didn't like it. They started sending me signs first, like threats. Then, I started being extremely careful whenever I got out of my house because all of the sudden I could be struck by lightening.

One day I got out of my house to go to the market and felt that something was wrong. In the market I bought vegetables, meat, rice, and chicken. Then I decided to go buy some fresh fruits.

"I would like 5 apples please," I told him.

She picked the apples smiling and dropped them inside my basket.

"Here you go Iuvenes," The man said.

"Thank you kind sir," I said smiling.

I was heading home and felt a weird appeal towards the apple. It was not that I was hungry; I simply needed the apple badly. I took it out of the basket had a big bite. It was simply the best apple I had ever tasted. I took another bite, then another bite, and then the entire apple was gone. I started thinking about the man that had sold them to me and were that stand was located, so I could remember were to get them the next time. All of the sudden, it hit me.

"Here you go Iuvenes," the man said

"Iuvenes?" how did he knew my name? I started feeling dizzy and starting seeing blurry. I felt down and passed out.

Chapter 2

I woke up and started looking around the room. It was dark and the only source of light was the fire in the chimney. I didn't know were I was or what had happened, all I knew was that the man with the fruits had tried to kill me and I was almost sure it was an act of the gods.

Then, I saw her. She was sitting at the end of the room near a table full with big bottles. I couldn't see her face, just her silhouette, but somehow I knew she was beautiful.

"Hi" I said.

"Oh, you are awake," a sweet voice came from the end of the room.

"What happened? Who are you?" I asked confused.

"Rest, tomorrow morning I will explain everything."

I was so tired I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes.

I woke up the next morning with the smell of breakfast. Freshly baked bread, cheese, fruits, and milk, the classic roman breakfast, all set in the table. The woman was sitting in the chair by the table, reading a book. She heard when I stood up, raised her head, and smiled at me gently. I could finally see her face and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had a delicate face, which made her look eighteen, but there was wisdom in her eyes, the kind of wisdom only old people have. I started wondering if maybe she was like me.

"Bonum mane," she said, " how was your rest?"

"Optine, thank you," I responded sitting in the chair beside her.

"Good to know," she said, and continued reading her book.

I started eating; everything was amazing. I wanted to ask her what had happened, but I didn't know how to ask, plus she looked extremely occupied with the book she was reading. I finished eating breakfast and stayed there in the table, waiting for her to finish reading. She saw me and smiled.

"It's okay, you can ask me," she said as if she had read my mind.

I smiled awkwardly and swallowed.

"What happened?" I asked nervously.

"I found you in the street, you had passed out," she said and continue reading.

I noticed she was lying; there was something she was not telling me.

"Lying to me is not easy," I told her

"I know," she said raising her head, "that's why I am not lying to you."

"You are not telling me something," I told her while she kept looking at the book, trying to ignore me. "You are like me, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course I am like you," she replied speaking loudly with her eyes wide opened, "how else do you think I could have saved you from something the gods did?"

I felt a rush of emotions, I was surprised, scared, exited, and probably in love.

"How long have you know I existed?" I asked because I knew she was lying about just finding me there as a coincidence.

"Since the day you were born?" she answered.

My mind got filled with crazy ideas, one specifically.

"No, I am not you mother Iuvenes" she read my mind again.

"Please explain to me, I am so lost" I begged.

She breathed heavily, closed her book, and looked at me.

"Some things are better as secrets," she said smiling arrogantly.

I was now getting kind of angry.

"Look woman I seriously need some answers. My entire life I have been lost and confused and I have had it up to here. Please tell me anything!" I screamed

"Okay, my name is Marita and I am 300 years old," she said smiling, "and that is everything you need to know today."

She returned to her book. I stopped trying to speak with her; she was driving me insane. At night she told me that I should move in with her because I had a lot to learn. I kind of think that she wanted to have me around because she had been waiting for someone like her for a long time. I agreed excitedly, being alone was horrible and I actually did wanted to understand what I was.

Part 3 156 B.C

Chapter 1

Marita and I were starting to get along great. She was teaching me some basic things about my powers that I didn't know. She also explained to me what potions she used to save me, and how to prepare them. I was happy again; I didn't felt alone. I hadn't been this happy since I lived with Pulchellus. I knew that any moment now she was going to explain to me what I was, where I came from, and how she knew I existed.

But the days kept going, and even though we were having a lot of fun and I was learning a lot, she still refused to tell me.

"Marita please answer me only one question!" I said every day and the answer was always: "not today."

Until one day…

"Marita, how long do we live?"

"We are immortal," she said, "While we have our powers the only thing they can do to us is poison us into an everlasting sleep, which is what they tried to do to you, but we figured out how to cope with that a long time ago."

"Yes I know, you thought me how you did it," I said. I was extremely exited to finally get one answer, and wanted to keep asking to see what else would she explain.

"You said that they cannot kill us while we have our powers," she looked at me for me to know she was paying attention to me, "Can we lose our powers'"

"Yes we can, but you have to willingly give them up by saying a phrase," she said with a serious face as if what she was telling me was really important information, "and that is everything you need to know today."

One day we went to the market together. I felt safe with Marita because I knew she was wise and was prepared to handle any situation. We were only going to get eggs, rice, and meat this time so it was supposed to be a short trip.

When we got there Marita said she felt that something was wrong. She ignored it and went looking for what we were supposed to get. All of the sudden she grabbed my arm and started running. She started entering some new routes and took some really weird alleys, but she new exactly were she was going. There was a huge building that I had never seen before. It was entirely made of marble and had a huge statue of a woman holding a weight in one hand. We entered the building rapidly and turned around to see the people who were following us. They tried to enter too, but crashed with an invisible wall that had just appeared in front of us.

"What happened? Why couldn't they enter?" I asked breathing heavily because I was exhausted from the running.

"Because I didn't let them" We heard a voice of woman that came from the end of the room. I couldn't see where the woman was; it was too dark. "It is nice to finally meet you Iuvenes, it is about time."

Then, I saw a woman walking towards us. She was glowing, literally glowing, which could only mean one thing: this woman was a goddess.

"Hi Marita, its been a long time since you been hear," she said smiling, "how have you been?"

"Really well, and now I have company which is great," Marita answered, pointing me.

"Oh, yes, Iuvenes," The goddess said, "He really is great, isn't he?"

"Yes, he really is" Marita said laughing a little bit, "quite curious too."

The goddess smiled and looked at me.

"Hi Iuvenes, I am Iustita, the goddess of justice, and also your spiritual guardian."

I didn't understand what was happening. Why did I have a spiritual guardian? I wondered.

"That is a good question Iuvenes," of course she could read minds too. I am going to explain you everything."

She then proceeded to tell me the story I had been waiting to hear for years.

"When you were just a baby your parents abandoned you. They left you defenseless in the middle of an alley. When they did that, they troubled me because they were not being just to a baby who hadn't done anything wrong. I am the goddess of justice and I couldn't let something like that happen, so I did what I had to do. I went there and gave you some of my powers, not all of course, but some. This way I became your guardian, and I have done that with every baby I have seen thrown away through the years. Marita here was one of them too."

"But if you are my guardian, why are the gods against me?" I asked.

"Well," she continued, "The first time I did it was about 2 thousand years ago. I saw this poor defenseless baby on the street and decided I was gong to help him. The gods didn't mind. Then I started doing it more and more often, and because they became immortal, it got to the point where it appeared to be an army of my kids. The gods started getting angry because I was giving to much power to mortal people and prohibited me to keep doing it, but I kept doing it. One day one of them got angry about something the gods had done and convinced some of the others to turn against the gods because they had the power to do it. The gods of course, could not be outsmarted and at the end captured them all, tortured them, and forced them to say the phrase needed in order to give up your powers. He got rid of all my kids, and then threw me out of the pantheon." She stopped for a while, and then continued, "Now, I live here in my temple. I never stopped making justice for those poor kids, but I make sure to meet them, at least one time, to tell them the story of what happened when they got ambitious, because if history repeats itself then things will get ugly."

"So, it is not at all important who my mother is?" I asked

She frowned, as if what I said was extremely disrespectful.

"Your mother was a selfish woman who didn't care about you, and left you alone to die. She is no important at all. Pulchellus, on the other hand, is important because she raised you as if you were her son even after she found out about your oddness. Most of my kids don't have that kind of luck, they are either taken by someone who takes care of them for a while and as soon as they found out about their power they'll kick them out, or dropped at a homeless shelter were they are so miserable and when that happens they are prepared to survive.

Chapter 2

Iustita is angry because we left the temple, but I couldn't take it anymore. By protecting us, she had created a prison. We understood that she is scared they might do something to us, but we preferred trying to live a normal life than staying trapped in that temple. We had been staying in Marita's house for a while, it had stopped being difficult and started being great. We had created a new system for going outside the house. The system was that only one of us would go and if something bad happened we would send a signal through the sky. First we thought this idea was bad because it would attract the Gods, but then we realized that the Gods are on a constant watch, so it does not matter what we do at all. It is true that we have to play it safe if we want to survive with them against us, but it is impossible to live with out food, so every time we needed something we would use this system. However, it never seemed to be necessary because no one had attacked us since the day I met Iustita.

We were starting to work great as a team. She cooked and I did the dishes, she did the beds and I swept the floors, she taught me new things about my powers and I started to fall in love with her. I never thought that I was going to feel this way about her, and somehow I had been trying to avoid it, but one can evade their feelings only for a short amount of time.

It was not even the fact that she was pretty, smart, powerful, or that her fire hair always smelled incredible; it was how we just clicked, how we were just compatible. I understood every sarcastic joke she said, every new thing she came up with, every plan, and why she got angry every time I said I was hungry. I simply understood her.

I started wondering if she felt the same way about me. She was always nice, and seemed happier than before now that I was there. She always told me that she was happy to have me around, and that, even though we were a bigger bate now than when she lived alone, she felt safer. However, that was the only thing I couldn't understand about her, his feelings toward me. Do she like me like I like her?

Everyday it became more confusing what she was feeling. She would tell me something amazing, like "I'm happy to live here with you, I feel a lot less lonely", and then proceed to scream at me because I had not done the dishes. I preferred thinking that she felt something for me too, but I didn't actually know. I was trying my best not to think about this while she was around because, even though she promised that she wouldn't anymore, she could read my mind whenever she wanted. It was impossible to lose a fight with her because she always knew what I was going to reply. Sometimes, while she read, I started thinking about how I hadn't done the laundry, and all of the sudden she would say "go do it, now!" It was a shame that reading minds was not one of the powers given to me; I had never wanted that ability before, but now that I needed to know, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing this power would be.

Speaking about powers, we had been trying to look for my special power, the one I was supposed to have that Marita didn't. However, it had been impossible. Even though it was probably not going to be as cool as reading minds, but it is going to be an extra advantage that I surely want.

One day, Marita came home from the market with the usual, pears, bread, butter, cheese, rice, and shrimps. We have stopped buying apples since the incident. We do not want to repeat that what so ever.

"Today something great happened at the market", she says, "I was buying pears and they told me that today it was buy one get one free."

"That's great!" I responded. To be honest I was not as exited as she thought I was for that deal, I believed it to be strange that someone was selling pears like that.

"Yes it really is great" she dropped the basket with the things on the floor and sat next to me. "Oh, and the man who sold me the pears he was…"

I got up and grabbed the basket to start unpacking the things she had brought and accommodate them on the table. I tried as hard as I could not to listen to her describing how handsome the seller was and how he had the most beautiful eyes ever. She always did this; she went on and on, as if she thought I actually wanted to hear this kind of things. I started thinking that maybe she did it to read my mind and know I how I felt about her.

"Yes I do do that" all of the sudden she said and stayed quiet for a while.

I had been spaced out for a while there, but I am pretty sure she referred to what I was thinking. I didn't know how to react. I turned around to see her and she was looking right back at me. I didn't say anything, just started walking towards her, looking at how she stared at me. I stood in front of her, just looking into her eyes, and then, I kissed her.

Marita and I became actual boyfriend and girlfriend and things were going great. We were so happy with each other that had forgotten about the whole god's thing. We had enough food to stay in the house for a long while, and we were going to take into advantage each second of it. Our minds could only think about being together and feeling extremely happy.