The Carrot and the Brush


Susan Waterflower Bell

Sequel to 'Abundans cautela non nocet'

Susan's heart was heavy as she pressed down upon the brass plated door handle of there front door. Part of her want to run away and possible hide in the marsh's or in the woods. But then again part of her wanted to show her mother and her sister she was making progress in her studies. Her grades for this quarter was mixed at best.

She had scored high marks in the fields of History, Science, Reading, Home Care and Typing. Her PE grade was fair but her Math and English grades seemed to be the echo's of a poor student. These two poor grades along would earn her spanking as was the house rules.

"Oh welcome home." A voice called toward her from the kitchen. If one was to go by the tone and pitch of the voice one would come to the conclusion that the voice belonged to a women in her mid twenties. If one had guessed that they would be correct. For the voice itself belonged to none other than Isabella. Her older sister and mentor to a point.

"Hey Bella.." said Susan taking a deep breath as she placed her red Randoseru down upon the floor of the living room. Quickly she reached into her skirt pocket and shifted her figures around till one figure ran across the cool metal surface of her lock key. She fished the key out and with a quick turn of the wrist she unlatched the lock.

"Oh Susie…" Said Bella folding her arms under her chest and giving a faint roll of the eyes. She tried her best to look stern but well only a comical look graced her face. She could tell by her sister tone of voice and the date of today what was coming. She had once been in her shoes a long time ago.

"Bad grades?" She said unfolding her arms and holding out her open palm. Elizabeth favored the carrot and the stick type of reward system unlike her mother how favored the cash and stick system of reward. But the amount or the reward all depend upon grades.

The system was a simple one an A would fetch a cash bounty of fifteen hundred yen. An B would fetch a cash bounty of a thousand yen. An C would only fetch a cash bounty of five hundred yen. Anything lower than a C would fetch an nice warm bottom.

"See for yourself self." Said Susan in a tone of pure defeat. She reaching in and pulling out a tan envelope. With a deep sign she handed the envelope to her older sister. She enveloped had been opened a sure sign that Susan had already checked her grades for herself.

"Come on," She said reaching into the envelope and pulling out the folded sheet of paper. "They can't be that bad now can they?" She said smiling a little. Slowly she unfolded the paper and one by one she noted the grades.

"Well…" Said Susan looking up at Isabella. Oh the brief pause in talking was killing her. She hated waiting oh she hated it was a passion of a burning star.

"There a lot of good and there a lot of bad.." Said Isabella lowering the piece of paper and locking eyes with Susan. She made a mental note to pick up something special for her this evening. After all such hard work should not go unrewarded. Nor should such poor performance go unchecked.

Susan felt a sudden chill run down her body. There was something about the way Isabella had phased it made her shiver like a bucket of ice cold water had been poured down her back and was now rolling down into the waistline of her skirt. She peered toward the floor to keep from meeting her sisters gaze.

Isabella took a deep breath and slowly she shifted her eyes from her sisters face to the stairs that lead to the upstairs. She slowly raised her arm and extended her figure till she was pointing toward the top of the stairs.

"Susan Waterflower Bell, you have been found guilty of slacking off in your studies in the fields of Math and English." She said at last as she narrowed her eyes into two pink slits. The tone and pitch of her voice brought to mind a judge reading the final sentence to a condemned man.

"You are to be grounded for one day. Furthermore you are to wait in your room till such a time I can properly deal with you. Do you have any questions young lady?" Posed Isabella peering toward her little sister. Judging by the clear commanding tone of her voice there was little room for debated.

"Yes ma'am," Said Susan after a brief pause. Slowly she bobbed her head and started toward her room. There was a defeated air about her, she should have done better she really should have. After all she did not want to end up in summer school. There was still a brief glimmer of hope however.

Isabella watched her sister climb the stairs to her bedroom. She took a deep breath and quickly she stuffed her hands into her dress pocket. She needed to something special for but what. After a few minutes of thinking a little smile appeared across her face. Quickly she walked over to the key rack that hung by the front door.

Quickly she picked up the set of keys that belonged to her and with that she was off. She knew there was a set of Manga her sister was saving up to buy. And well what a better present than a collection of Manga a complete set at that. At least that would keeper her away from the computer and from in front of the T.V

And with that she headed toward the carport. Her minded turned over the many possible ways she could possible deliver the lecture without causing her little sister too much well mental stress. As she opened the drivers seat of her car and pushed the key into the starter a idea was planted.

The minutes slowly ticked by, slowly the long minute hand passed over the raised dots, slowly marking off each passing minute.

"Oh bloody hell." Said Susan looking up from her text book and toward the clock. This had to be worst part of the day. She looked up at the clock and took a deep breath and quickly fought down the boiling rage. Oh bloody hell why the women have to keep her waiting for a solid thirty minutes.

"Susan? Can I come in." Came a sudden voice from the other side of her bedroom door. The voice clearly belonged to her older sister Isabella because she was the only one how addressed her as Susan when she was in trouble her mother choosing to use her full name.

"Doors unlocked…" She said leaning back in her chair and folding her hands behind her bead. She took a deep breath and waited. Having spent a good bit of time around her she could pretty much figure out how hard she was going to get by her facial expressions.

Slowly the brass plated door handle turned a little before the wooden door itself opened up. And in the door way appeared Isabella. She was wearing a black skirt that reached down to her kneecap. White stocking covered the rest of her leg. A white blouse and low heel shoes completed the outfit. Her flaming red hair was tied back in a nice neat ponytail that hung just above the collar of her blouse.

"Well.. Sorry for the wait but there was a line in the bookstore. And the clerk had to dig through oh my starts thousands of them." Said Isabella walking over to Susan night stand and setting down a very large brown package. She smiled as she picked up a small book around hard back book. The cover of the book was read and bold golden letter in English script spelled the out the word The Iliad.

Susan raised a slight eyebrow at elder sister. She took a deep breath and slowly lowered her chair. Once all four legs of the chair where down upon her wooden floor she stood up and took a deep breath. She shifted her gaze then to the package and back toward Isabella.

"The Iliad, boy Susie your sure ahead of the game. Have you read the Odyssey as well." She said holding up the small red book for her sister to see. Slowly she set the book back down upon the night stand. She took a deep breath and then feeling the time was right she started on her lecture.

"Okay Susie, you did good, very good indeed. I'm very impressed by some of your grades, those prove to me and mom that you're a very hard working student and you pure a lot of time and effort into your course work." She started off.

Susan took a deep breath as tried not to roll her eyes as the lecture started. While some of the words flowed through one ear and out of the other some took root in her mind. Those words that took root seemed to have the most effect and as with all budding teenagers most of those where words of praise.

"And hard work should not go unrewarded and a poor performance should not go unchecked. So you have earned yourself both a nice reward and a good bottom warming spanking." Said Isabella taking a seat upon Susan's bed. She scanned the room and then with the quickness of a trained eye she picked out the large wooden outline of hairbrush. Quickly she reached for the brush and brought it to her side.

Susan blinked and quickly her hands dropped to her side. Wait did she just say reward. She raised a eyebrow at her sister and smiled a little smile too herself somehow it seemed those extra lesson's in science and History seemed to have paved off in the long run.

"Yes Susan, I can tell by the look upon your face your amazed at my words. Yet please look for yourself. Upon your night stand does rest a collection of books brought with my own money as reward from mother and I. Susan if you can read the old copper script of the Iliad." Said Isabella picking up the wooden brush and giving her open hand a good claps as a testing swat. She took a deep breath and paused her lecture.

"If I can make it through the old copper script of Iliad?" Said Susan standing up and walking toward her sister. She took a deep breath as she reached down and unhooked her skirts clasp. She slowly worked her skirt down upon her hips and quickly it traveled down her legs. Slowly she stepped out of it and folded it up.

"If you can make it through the old copper script of the Iliad, then the problems of math and the confusing prose of the English tongue should present no trouble to you. But as I said before no hard work should go unrewarded and no poor performance should go unchecked." She said reaching up and gently pulling Susan across her lap.

Soon the wooden brush graced Susan round bottom sending a shockwave of sting and pain through her bottom. Seconded after second the wooden brush came crashing into her bottom making her round bottom. Cheeks bounce with ever crashing smack. Slowly the cool cream color bottom cheeks turned from a French vanilla yellow cheeks to a light rose pink.

"I'll have you know," The smacks came hard and fast and each word she spoken came with a stingy smack from the wooden brush as if to drive each word home akin baseball player drives a ball into the outfield. The five smacks quickly melted the rose pink into a rose red. A stingy color that would haunt her for many a hour to come.

Susan softy whimpered as she felt the bottom smacking upon her bottom each one stung like a hornets bite. Seconded after second it seemed the level of sting started to built and build and the sting seemed to shore like a bird at flight.

"Though you have learned one lesson about sneaking off! And from oath you gave mother and I! You would never sneak off again." She said Isabella sending another stingy volley of smacks down upon her quickly redding sisters bottom. Each smack like the hammer of a blacksmith upon soft glowing iron.

"Yes sissy!" Cried Susan throwing her head back and releasing a ear splitting scream. Oh her poor bottom was paying the price for all those turns she failed to take during this quarter of math. Slowly she bite down upon the soft cotton covers of her bed. Anything to stop her from screaming out like little weakling but those smacks where coming quick and fast.

"Oh my poor sister.." Said Isabella in mild teasing tone of voice. "Getting her bottom toasted by her loving sissy, all because she failed to take her to heart the lessons her loving family has tried to take plant in her young heart. Only if she tried a little harder in math."

The smacks kept falling each one like a clasp of thunder upon her bottom and like a bolt of lighting that strikes the earth at the height of the storm. Each strike sent a wave of rolling sting over her bottom. And then like the quickness of a channel storm it came to a end.

"Susie, just promise me your going to a little harder this coming quarter. Once more you did a excellent job with your History, English and such. But I would like to see you more effort in the subjects of English and Math. That being said." Said Isabella lifting Susan from her lap. Slowly she sat her beside and quickly she wrapped her arm around her little sisters shoulder.

Susan smiled and snuggled into her older sisters hug. She placed her head upon her shoulder and smiled a little as she peered into her Sapphire Pink eyes. She could feel her love flaming upon the surface of those cool eyes. She took a deep breath and slowly she released her breath as shifted them toward the brown package that sat on here night stand.

"Well, it looks like Christmas has come a little early does it not Susie." Said Isabella reaching for the brown paper package. She smiled placed it in her lap. "Well go ahead and open it." Said Isabella smiling toward her little sister.

Susan looked down at the package. Slowly she moved her hand brown string that held the stiff brown paper wrapping in place. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt the weight of what ever it was pressing down upon her lap. She took a deep breath as slowly folded back the paper and then she caught sight of it.

"Oh my god.. These can't be.." She said looking down at the hard pack of a book. The cover showed a small village settled in the middle of what appeared to a vast rolling landscape of green crop fields. Toward the bottom of cover eighteen point English script in French Script typeface spelled out the words. 'Sea Breeze volumes 1 thro 2'.

"I could only find the first six volumes of Sea Breeze but I'm sure these would be a welcome addition to your growing collection. And its something to keep you occupied as you will be grounded from the internet and the wii and the t.v for this coming weekend. " Said Isabella giving her sister another one arm hug.

Susan smiled and leaned into Isabella's hug.

Acta est fabula plaudite