Our world,

Our home,

Of happiness,

Of joys,

Of kindness,

Of peace.

Our world,


To the pain,

The hatred,

The tears,

The wars.

Beckoned by destruction,

Pulled from our home,

Burning that of which is beauty,

That, of which we love,

That of which makes us human.

The seeds of chaos,

Will they not stop?

The wars being fought,

Will they have no end?

Blinded by our desires,

Called to our duties,

Wanting that of which we cannot have,

Can we even call ourselves human?

Suffering within the waste,

The waste that was home.

Killed off by enemies,

That could be our friends.

If we be called human,

Then why do we kill each other?

Because of mutual hatred?

Because of one's race?

Because of gender?

Because of religion?

Because we can?

If we be human,

Then we must see,

That equality is key,

That everyone is just like you and me,

To which the world can be whole,

Where we can truly be who we want to be.