A/N: Written from the point of view of both lovers (in two parts). I don't know if this can be called a duet.


"The smiling world on a sunny day

Can turn so cold on a tear;

Or is it only showing me,

Whatever be that I fear?"


"How can it be that such coincidence

Be foolishly termed irony?

When all there is, is a mirror

And just you and me."


"The world does show a fickle side,

Loosing heart in its own;

Being as the mirror vain,

Scarcely willing to atone."


"For when it's done with its play

And in darkness gaily slumbers,

You're still left awake to dwell

In the light of glowing embers."


"Until you come and sit by me,

Beside the dying fire,

To watch the stars light the night

Like a shining knight's attire."


"What colours do those stars behold?

What secrets do they spy?

What heaven do they long to find

As they dance across the sky?"


*Switch P.O.V*


"I'll hold your hand as you awake,

Be the dream your eyes have seen;

I'll walk with you out to the field,

Like a stag that treads the green."


"Over the sparkling brook so quick

That ripples and gleams by day;

Under the wilting, withering bough

That gave the willows secret away."


"Step over the wild roses sweet

That smile from under a thistle;

Stoop under the hiving bees that may

Hum and sing as they bristle."


"Run with me over rocks and pebbles,

That sink beneath your joyous feet;

Under the jaded hills awaiting

Their long lost blooms to greet."


"Onto the meadows heart so wide,

Gently rolling over the crease,

Calling us children to sing along

Like dandelions on a breeze."


"And all is well with the world

When our happy hands entwine;

And may jolly ever be the rhyme

Of a heart that echoes mine."


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