Jack stood next to his sister, Jill, they were chosen for the arduous task of climbing the huge mountain to collect water for the year. Every year a family is chosen to collect water for the village, this year it was the Corner family, Mrs. Corner was a single mother of seven and couldn't leave the small children alone. So the task was thrust upon the two oldest siblings, Jack and Jill were twins, 17 years old. They will be on their own in a few years to start their own family, Jill had already been courted by a few boys their age. Jack had his eyes on a girl of his own and hoped this difficult task to help the village would catch her eye.

Jack had everything packed and ready for the trip, it was a days hike to reach the top then they would camp for the night before collecting the water and making the hike back. Jill was checking the supplies one last time before heading out at dawn, hoping to reach the top of the hill before it gets too dark. After everything was checked and ready they headed out to start the long journey, they had to make their way thru the forest before they even got to the mountain. Luckily the path thru the forest was easy to navigate and they got to the mountain fast. Now it was the difficult task, time to scale the mountain, their was no path that made it easy to get to the top, they had to climb over huge rocks and jump across deep gaps to navigate to the top of the mountain.

At around noon they got to a flat area about half way up the mountain, they decided to stop for lunch. They got out the bread and cheese they had pack and ate half of it. Their was a stream trickling down thru some rocks and they filled up their water pouches before heading back up the mountain. Just as the sun was setting they got to the top they found a nice flat area and set up camp for the night. The next morning they woke up as the sun was rising, Jack started tearing down camp ad Jill collected as much water as they could carry down the mountain. When they were all ready to start the long journey home they carefully climbed back down the mountain.

Going down was harder than going up because any mis-step could send them hurling down to their death. Plus they had much more weight working against them, dragging them down, making them slower. Around mid morning they desired to stop for a rest, with the added load the used more energy climbing down and had to stop more often.

Jack was looking over the edge when he lost his balance and tripped a little, falling down to a lower ledge. Jill ran over to see if he was alright, he was alive but he was unconscious, she quickly gathered everything up and slowly climbed down to Jack. She decided to let him rest for a day and finish the journey the next day. She set up camp and went to collect sticks for a fire. They had some bread and cheese for dinner and went to bed early.

The next day Jack was awake, but he wouldn't be moving as fast as normal, they were already almost half way down but they would be lucky if they made it home by nightfall. Jill kept having to go back to help Jack down from a ledge, or across a gap. By noon they hadn't made much progress so they decided to skip lunch, they were running low on food anyway. They were almost at the bottom by nightfall, they would have to navigate the rest of the way in the dark. The forest was a maze at night and it took much longer to make it back to the village.

When they finally made it home they dropped off the water at the village center and went home for a huge dinner and to sleep in their own beds. The next day Jack was examined by the doctor, he seemed fine but he was never as fast as he used to be. Every once in awhile Jack would just freeze and forget what he was doing. He married the girl of his dreams and had two beautiful children, but he was never the same after...

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
to fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after