To think of God who formed the earth,

The stars and sea in power.

To feel that God could melt the hills,

Bring worlds to dust this hour.


To think of God enthroned in light,

The light his face would hide.

To feel the world a curtain, God

Stands close to snatch aside.


To think how Jesus' face might look,

What image truth demands

To feel that glory is his face,

Love nothing but his hands.


To think of Jesus stood alone,

Just waiting for my gaze.

To feel him lifting up my soul

To virtue, joy and praise.


To think His image in my mind,

Has barely truth or crown,

To feel that He no image is

But hourly treads sin down.


To think of all within his word

To read and fail and read,

To feel His spirit close to me

To speak the truth I need.


To think of his great righteousness,

I scarcely dare attempt.

To feel my Lord has changed my heart

And makes toil merriment.


To think of all His grace to me,

Goes far beyond all thought.

To feel and be his chosen son

To love Him as I ought!


To think of how my lord appears,

Should only lead me to,

The loving purpose God above

This minute moves to do!