Author's Note: Sorry if it is not very good. The idea come from when I was really young and I remembered it and tried writing a very brief story about it. Hope you like my probably first story idea ever.

End of Author's Note

Once upon a time in the high skies of space lived a very lonely star. All night he would be all alone. No friends and no one to talk to except the moon but he never really talked. All he did was sleep.

"Why am I all alone?" He asked himself as he looked around. "There should be more stars with me."

"I am glad there aren't." Said the moon who was the stars only companion. "If there were more of you I wouldn't be able to sleep." He yawned and then fell into a deep sleep.

Lone star was not happy and decided to go out and look for more stars. The sky is huge who knows maybe there are more stars that he doesn't know about.

For many days he searched the night sky. He found shooting stars but they left him soon after seeing them. He also meet some metal things that flowed by him but at no point did they stop and say hi. After awhile he thought it was enough. He would never meet any more stars to be with.

Suddenly he heard a cry from the Earth below. "I wish there were more stars!" Said the voice.

Soon after many more voices were heard wishing for the same thing. Lone star was happy he was not the only one who wanted more stars but he was so tired he drifted off to sleep.

When he awoke he was surprised to hear the word, "Hello" coming from someone he never meet before.

He looked around and to his amazement all around him there were stars. Big stars, little stars, stars that were far and stars that were near. He was so happy he greeted everyone with a loud hello. So loud he woke up the moon.

"What is going…" But before he could finish he saw all the stars who greeted him. He did not look happy. "OH...Great." Then he drifted off to sleep again.

Lone star was now happy and glad to know he is not the only star in the sky. He spent his whole live happily with the other stars.