Tempora mutantur - The times are changing

To dreams and nightmares all the same,

To sanity and insanity in a single frame

To fear and hope, abandoned and scarred,

To the living and dead, their corpses marred.

We once marched with our heads held high

We took pride as they told us the lie

Of glory, of fervour and of a painless quick death

Foolish and ignorant to the torture of a last breath

Lungs that bleed, mine eyes do see

Lights dulled by death, from eyes that plea

A plot of land lay covered in ash

A plot of land infected by human rash.

Days pass, lives lost, more in terms of significance

Some cry, others scream, and we lay in indifference

"They'll get used to it", we say

And their hearts do pray

For ones we've lost, for those they've lost,

We were sold to war, at a single cost

Once young souls bursting with emotion

Old age and young, mingle as one,

We are set forward into motion.

For this foolish quest our youth is put on hold

For our country, we have grown old.

We await death, and see its omens in every corner.

We have killed, moved into desperation, a mourner.

A single crack, brings on surges of memories,

Feelings, faces and we are lost without remedy.

Instinct now overrides every emotion,

We are soldiers, set only forward into motion.

To withered youth, and hardened hearts

To tattered souls, and piercing darts

To the foul green smoke filling the air

Are we alive? We no longer care.

Tempora mutantur

The times are changing

Et nos mutamur in illis

And we change within them