fter the sudden return of Vengel and surviving her second assassination attempt, Kreedon took us straight back to the school. His parting words were "Eight o clock, Classroom C, Don't be late."

Kreedon was just a charming god, wasn't he?

We got back kinda late, so immediately I went straight to sleep. As I closed my eyes, I felt like someone was pulling my body backwards slowly as I drifted to sleep.

My eyes were closed for only a second when a sudden kick jerked them back upon.

First all I saw was darkness. I was weightless, floating midair against a chilling slow breeze. All I heard was a soft static. Then my eyes focused. I could see darker shapes against the black. Planets. Well a planet and two moons. I was floating in goddamn space. Except, where were all the stars?

Then I noticed a shape that didn't belong. A long rectangular prism about as tall as the planet itself. It floated there, but not silently. Under the static, I could roars of anger and rage with screams of agony and pain. Then every hair on my body stood end on end, as a dark malicious feeling swept across me. Somebody was watching and all they thought of me was anger.

I still floated there, crept out beyond all reason. Maybe if I thought I didn't move, it wouldn't see me. Wait, where did that make sense? This is a dream. Or is it the Ley? All this magic stuff was starting to come to me.

Well it noticed me cause it talked. Its voice was dark and full of hate. "I can sense you there. My Usurper's son, the key of my return. I must thank you. Without you and the daughter of that arson maniac, all of this would not be possible. Now I can destroy those who would dare oppress this beautiful universe."

My gut fell when a shockwave passed over me. The voice boomed. "REJOICE! Rejoice all who would free our worlds from the regime of these so called gods! Join me as the End of the Gods is here! The beginning of a free universe has awaken! JOIN ME!"

The voice turned back to me. "Join me, Son of a false Death. With you and her by my side, your most precious ideal, your liberty, can be finally here! We will change this universe! The gods have no love for you. They are divided between their hate for you and their want to use you to better themselves. You can take your father's throne, as he did mine. The Dead will be free to wonder the universe again in spirit, to see their loved ones in the living! Not imprisoned on that formless world I used to call home. Join me and your greatest wish can be granted, she can be by your side. The Gods lie to you, Tod. They hold back their greatest secrets. They will not tell you everything, even if they claim to be on your side."

What the hell was this thing talking about? But still something didn't feel right.

A warm glow radiated behind me. The malicious voice disappeared. Glancing behind me, I saw a torch, with gold handles and wreath designs around the top. A blue flame burned brilliantly. It was falling, but yet it didn't seem to be moving at all. The flame started to die off, flickering in decay till it was only a tiny candle light left. Suddenly a pool of azure water appeared out of nowhere and swallowed the torch whole. A flash of green light left the symbol of curled whip with eight tails. Then nothing. Everything was dark again.

And then I woke up to a pounding on my door.

"Tod?! Its almost time for class!" It was Hilary. Shit. I overslept. In a quick rush, I threw on my clothes and grabbed the prepacked backpack from last night, although everything I had was still in the package and the bag I had it in.

Stepping out, still hazy and my stomach growling from lack of food, I was greeted by Hilary and Ruby. James was no where to be seen.

"We have ten minutes still." Ruby said, walking out the door. Her ladybug backpack was slightly more full than ours, also her twin swords hung off her belt. So you get to bring weapons to class to. Cool.

Today was Hilary's and I first day at School for Demigods, and I still had no idea why I was doing this. This was crazy? Then again, everything that happened the past two days had pushed my sanity into another dimension. First was getting shot at by a crazy girl, then finding out your best friend was your guardian angel, the giant robot FROM THE MOON, me having dreams about dragons and space, then there was the talking cat that told your parents were the gods of death and fire. Thinking again, after all that, this probably made the most sense.

The classrooms were all on the first floor, the Dorms were on the third. We passed everyone from the ages of six to eighteen rushing to get last minute classes. All of them were carrying weapons, from pistols to swords to hammers. Wonder when we will get ours? I wonder what will I use?

Fortunately, I got the answers to those question immediately cause our first class was Combat. Taught by none other than Kreedon himself. All the students were in their late teens except for one who looked ten or twelve. I spotted Dara immediately, already glaring at me, and James chatting next to her. Every other student spotted us first. The heat of two dozen stares seemed to burn my skin. The students started whispering amongst themselves, some sneering, others grinning like they wanted to rip us in two, the rest excited. This was going to be fun.

Kreedon clapped his hands. "Enough! I know quite the controversy about our two latest students, but in this class there will be none of that. Today you are here to learn how to fight, and gossip isn't useful when you trying to save the world." I felt like the save the world bit was directed at us. "Now, before we break off in pairs for sparing practice, I know we are eager to see what skills Tod and Hilary can bring to the table if they want to be Vicegods." the students cheered. "Mr. Avragotti, Ms. Borst if you will."

"Oh no." Ruby said as Hilary and an olive skinned kid with short slick black hair, brown eyes and smirk stepped into the center of the room.

"What?" I asked.

"Thats Samuel. Technically he is your Uncle." Ruby said.


"Well, its tricky, you don't have to think of him as your uncle, all the gods are related in some way, but you don't extend you godly family past your immediate parents. Its just easier, but that's not the point." She explained as the two squared off, Hilary's forearms and hands burned. I still which she told me of her powers before. "The point is, Master Kreedon just pit Fire and Ice against each other."

"I am guessing his dad is an ice god?" I was half right, about the Ice thing. Immediately, Samuel stomped his foot down and a trail of pale blue spikes shot up from under neath Hilary, who narrowly dodged it with a side step and fired a blast off that exploded against a quick ice wall.

"Goddess, actually." Hilary rushed Samuel to deliver a falcon punch of charged pyro energy. The ring exploded, but I was the only one who flinched when the flames reached a golden barrier in closing the fight. Samuel was fine, covered in steaming ice armor. "His mom is Agria, Goddess of Winter. Well really Fall, Spring and Winter, but Winter is her more predominant trait."

"Then why did you say he was my uncle?" I asked as the two combatants exchanged a volley of fire and icy spikes. Hilary was surprisingly tough, and seemed to be holding her own for this being her first fight.

"Agria is your dad's mom. They don't like each other though, something about Zin Zang being a disappoint to her."

I rolled my eyes. Who actually like our parents would probably be a shorter list.

The ring exploded again this time in a blue light as ice covered the floor. Hilary's feet were trapped in a block of ice. She seethed in rage as her flames melted the frost. She swung a flaming fist but Samuel trapped it and deliver a series of uppercuts to her ribcage. It was like watching a Mortal Kombat fight. Hilary was tough, and burning with rage, but Samuel was clearer the better fighter. Samuel swept his leg under Hilary, knocking her on her ass, and placing his boot on her stomach. Hilary shot a flame upwards, but Samuel just leaned left to avoid it. A icy saber formed in his hand.

"How disappointing." He sighed.

"YIELD!" Kreedon shouted!

The saber dissipated as well as the gold force field and the personal snowstorm. Samuel reached out his hand. Hilary took it, her own fires subsiding. "Better luck next time, little girl."

"Yeah, maybe next time I will burn off your legs. See how tall you are then." She said half playfully, half out of spite.

Samuel faked shock and hurt. "Oh is that a challenge, Rival?"

The entire class oohed and ahhed and began to chant. "Rival-ry! Rival-ry!"

I had no idea what they were talking about, and neither did Hilary.

Kreedon looked like he was actually smiling. It was hard to tell. "Mr. Avrogotti, if you and Ms. Borst want to engage in a Rivalry, please see Master Bowsner after school."

Samuel bowed, and Hilary followed suite. She returned over to me and Ruby. "What just happened?"

Ruby grinned. "You and Samuel just initiated a Rivalry. Its like a friendly personal competition between two students in the Predally Games. It gets you alot of bragging rights. It also may help with your reputation here so, I would suggest it."

"Rivalry, huh." Hilary thought for a moment. "I don't know about you, but that was awesome. It was like my body knew everything!"

"that was your Combat Instinct." Ruby explained. "Remember we are warriors for the gods. We are born with the instincts to fight. To kill. its in our DNA."

"Mr. Mooring! Ms. Pembunuh. If you please." Kreedon said.

Nervously I stepped into the ring. My gut sank when I saw Dara also step in, twin silver guns drawn. Great how am I supposed to deal with that?! All I had were my fists. But nobody seemed to be tossing me a weapon. Was I really supposed to fight her defenseless?

Apparently so cause the golden force field went up. I took a deep breath and a soothing calm swept across my skin. Dara cocked back the hammers of her pistols.

"Students ready?!"

Dara nodded. I was still prepping my battle plan. Maybe if I blocked one gun with my arm and swing with a quick jab to the gut, possibly disarm her? No she will get another shot off and I have no idea if she intended to kill me or not. This was crazy what sort of combat class was this?!


With a single cry, my whole attitude changed. My subconsciousness kicked my fears to the curb. That spark surged in me again, the same battle cry, death, death, death, only this time it was darker, harsher, not like before. My body began to change again, only this time I was awake for it. But not in control, though, only I was giving directions, some one else was at the helm. My legs went weightless, like they weren't even there. My skin and muscles felt like they were melting. I looked down to see them disappear into bone. Something, a dark purple cloak I think, draped over me. With a flick of my wrist, twin crescent bone blades the size of tires formed out nowhere.

It is good to be back, don't you think little lordling. Something echoed in my mind. It sounded like it was a demonic voice from a movie. One more time, don't you think?

Dara fired first before she could even register what I had become. Everything for me was happening ten times slower, I could see the bullets as they flew towards me. With a glee that wasn't my own, I sliced them apart like they were nothing.

Then time snapped back to reality. Kreedon was upon me in a instant, a black and gold pistol pressed against my bone skull. Dara dropped her pistols in fear and the rest of the students panicked. What are they so afraid of? How come they get strange powers and mine get me attacked by gods.

"Well this is interesting." The same scratching voice echoed out of me. "Kreedon. It has been along time, old friend. Penance Gate was it? Didn't you lead the charge to sake the Gate?"

Kreedon grimaced. "Negamlakk, abandon this boy. He is not your host."

The other voice laughed. "But oh Kreedon, he isn't my host. He is my Skinwalker."

Kreedon looked shocked. And as quickly as my transformation came upon me, it vanished. And again, I passed. Man, this high school sucks.