Author Notes: This is my first attempt at making a gothic story. I simply wrote this for fun. Warning: the story contains a little bit of shoujo-a content. It also contains touchy subjects like incest, and a startling scene of child abuse. Now, please read and enjoy.

"We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren't acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst."

William Hill

"Eleanor, get over here!"

The golden blonde girl heard the angry voice calling her from her room. She slowly made her way into the kitchen, where her father was waiting.

"What is the meaning of this mess?"

The father pointed at the kitchen stove. There were small pieces of uncooked ramen noodles underneath the heater.

"Why didn't you clean this up?"

"I was in the middle of eating, dad." the girl answered. "I couldn't clean up right away. I didn't have anything to eat all day. I was hungry."

"If you're not going to keep the kitchen clean," the father scolded. "then what good are you?"

"Why did you call me out here?" the teen asked, frowning. "I thought it was important."

"Don't act smart with me, you stupid shit! When I tell you something, you do it without talking back!"

"I'm so tired of you yelling at me, too! I'm your daughter, not your dog."

Not wanting to deal with another pointless shouting match, the blonde girl tried to walk away. Suddenly, she felt her hair being tugged in a rough manner. Her father slammed her to the wall.

"D-Dad!" She croaked in shock. "What are you doing?!"

"Teaching you a goddammn lesson," the father growled with deadly glare in his eyes.

He proceeded to kick her in the face against the wall. Luckily, the girl dodged fast enough to get away. However, the middle aged man grabbed hold of her arm tightly. With a heavy hand, he backhand slapped his daughter right across the face, causing her to fall to the kitchen floor once again.

She couldn't believe what was happening. Her own father was attacking her! Why?! How could he? Was the stress finally getting the best of him? Had he finally lost his mind? Regardless of that, the girl couldn't do anything. She was paralyzed with fear. Her lips were trembling, eyes were misty as her father slowly approached her with menace and hatred.


The seventeen year old girl opened her blue eyes, frantically. As she regained her composure, the girl looked around. She was now at the bench, near the bus stop pole.

"Ugh...I must've dozed off while waiting for the bus. What a nightmare..."

She was heading to the school dorm, which was twenty minutes away. All she needed was the bus to get there. She had to escape her home... or else "he" would destroy her.

While the young girl waited at the bus stop, her long, curly golden hair danced gracefully with the hallow wind. Her hair reached down to her waist like silk. The girl's skin was smooth and pale, like the finest marble. Her blue eyes were pure, filled with innocent and naïve wonder. As the teenage girl walked inside the bus, she began to contemplate her decision: was this something she wanted to do? Could she really afford living alone with no one to depend on? If the golden blonde was serious about moving away, then she had to stick to it till the end. A moment later, the bus had finally arrived. The young teen went inside, refusing to look back at her home. She knew she would only suffer more from it.

It was a ten minute ride to the school dorm, simple and easy. After stopping at her destination, the girl was now in front of her high school. Yet, still no sign on the dormitory. The blonde girl groaned in irritation, realizing she still needed to walk more. There was an unsettlingly dark atmosphere around her. The grey clouds, chilly wind, and silent surroundings were never this frequent. Then again, today was October twenty-fifth. The girl dusted her coat and tugged at her scarf before continuing on her walk.

Being as naïve as she was, the teen wasn't very good with directions. She ended up taking an unknown route that lead to a construction area. She looked around, bewildered and unsure. Everything was as silent as the grave. Who knows what kind of trouble was lurking here if she wasn't careful.

"Great," she spoke with dismay. "I'm lost now."

Suddenly, she saw a figure in the distance. Perhaps this person, whoever it was, can point her to the right direction. She ran closer towards said figure; it was another girl, standing on a mountain of rubble.

"Excuse me, miss?" The blue-eyed teen called out. "I think I'm lost. Do you know where the school dorm is from here?"

The other girl turned around, revealing a very odd beauty. Her skin was as pale as pottery. Her eyes were red, like shiny fresh cut ruby jewels. And her raven black hair was straight and slightly unkempt, reaching down to her shoulders. She wore a black ruffle blouse, knee-high boots, and flared skirt under her long coat. This older girl had a curvaceous figure that was well prominent, even the clothing itself served to further enhance it. The blonde girl blushed at such strange beauty standing before her. Her unique and slightly haunting appearance brought chills down the other's spine. It was as if this beauty was straight out of a gothic movie she had seen recently.

"Are you a student at Sultana high school?" asked the grey skinned girl.

"Y-yes...I am," the blonde answered, snapping herself back to reality.

"The dorm is over yonder," the grey girl answered, pointing the opposite direction. The blue-eyed girl turned her head to the direction.

"Oh, so I was going the wrong way."

"It's getting late. You should hurry before it gets too dark here."

"Oh, yes. Thank you, miss," said the golden blonde. However, as she turned around, the other girl was already gone. "Hmmm...that's weird. She was just here."

She looked at her wrist watch. It was already 7:35pm. Heeding the warning, she walked away.

Little did she know, the grey skinned beauty had just felt a sudden...need for human flesh. Her eyes were closed tight, both hands holding her head as she was growling like a deranged animal. She was surpassing something dangerous from within. A dark urge clawing out to be initiated. A feral beast trying to gain control. Sharp teeth were beginning to form.

It was certainly a good thing that the blonde girl left when she did. Otherwise... she would've been her next prey.

Now, the golden haired teen was finally at the school dormitory. Slightly anxious, she stood near the front desk, waiting for a clerk to assist her with finding a room. The dorm had more light and a little bit of a warm welcoming vibe. Some refurbished furniture was placed on the right side of the main room. A medium sized coffee table was in the center facing all four seats. She could use a warm greeting right now, if that was possible.

"Eleanor?" said a voice from the distance.

The blue-eyed teen turned around and saw a familiar face. She had dark red hair resembling a bowl and light brown droopy eyes of a puppy. She had on some average pajamas with poka dots on them.

"I wasn't expecting to see you here."

Both girls exchanged hugs like a pair of long lost sisters who had just found each other after years of separation.

"Hi Ava!" Eleanor greeted. "It's so good to see you again."

"Likewise. Are you waiting for the clerk?"

"Yes, I am. I've been standing here for a few minutes now. Maybe his shift is over..."

"Well, you did show up a little late. How about assigning yourself to my room?" Ava offered, "I could use some good company, anyway."

"Oh, thank you so much! That would save me the trouble of having to pay for a room."

"No need to thank me, girl! I'm your best friend after all."

The redhead girl ushered Eleanor to follow her upstairs to the second floor, where the dorm rooms were.

There were four doors on each side of the second floor. Eleanor was quite surprised. She thought the dormitory looked a lot bigger than the outside of it. They both stopped at the third door to the left. Ava unlocked the door to her room and entered inside with Eleanor following behind. Eleanor placed her suitcase down on her bed and looked around. It was a well-lit room for two people. There were two beds, two computer desks, and two dressers on each side. There was also a 32 inch Samsung television and DVD/VCR combo all set up on a small movable table.

On Ava's side of the room, there were many personal adornments lining on the beige walls. A bouquets of various types of flowers. Many charming photographs of her and some of her relatives, parents included. Many of them featured them smiling, embracing, laughing, and goofing about. Eleanor couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy and resentment over Ava's countless amount of family photos. To Eleanor, Ava had a better family than she did.

"So," Ava asked Eleanor. "did you find the place okay?"

"Yes, I did, though I didn't think the dorm would be this far away from the school."

"And how is everything on your end?"

The blonde girl looked down at her shoes and the carpet floor, as silent as the dead. It was enough to communicate the ordeals ongoing at the house. Ava frowned with worry.

"It's not getting any better, is it?"

"Not really," Eleanor admitted, sullenly. "I had a fall-out with my father and now I'm living here. Apparently, I'm not good enough to keep everything clean."

Ava crossed her arms, disapproving with such a terrible predicament.

"Seriously? That's terrible," Ava exclaimed, quite angry with her friend's father and his irrational behavior. "Who does he think he is? A damn dictator?"

"He's just stressed out," Eleanor insisted. "Mama is still sick and it's not really the same without her back at the house. We are both doing whatever we can to try and make the best of the situation."

"I don't care! No parent should force their child to leave their own home! It's inexcusable! He needs to remember appreciation when it comes to women!"

"You're right. But, he'll come around eventually, I'm sure of it. So, what's it like living at the dorms?"

"It's not too shabby, really," Ava commented. "You'll get used to it in a few days."

"I sure hope so," Eleanor sighed. "I'm not going back home until mom gets out of the hospital."

"Only time will tell, y'know. But, are you sure you'll be alright? Assuming from what you told me, it seems like you're still conflicted."

The blue eyed girl was expecting that question from her friend. Running away doesn't always solve problems. She knew it would be risky. However, enough was enough. She had to get away from her father for the time being. She had to save herself and retain parts of her sanity.

"Papa will come back to his senses. But, until then, I'm staying here."

"So, you've made up your mind?"

Eleanor nodded firmly to herself, making a silent vow.

"Well, I'm glad!" Ava responded with delight. "That means I get to harass you more than usual."

The blonde girl rolled her eyes, "Great..."

"Anyways, all jokes aside. If there's anything you need, let me know. I'm your roommate now. So, I need to make sure you feel as comfortable here as possible."

Eleanor smiled brightly at her dearest friend. Ava understood her so well and she had no doubts of her promise.

"Thank you, Ava. I appreciate that."

After their chat was over, Eleanor placed her suitcase on her bed and began unpacking. Now was finally the time to set up her side of the room.

Day 1

School had begun as all the boys and girls walked towards gates. Some students were reluctant; many were neutral. Either way, education was important to them. They had to earn good grades if they were to succeed with their dreams and future goals. Sultana high school stood tall for an average academic building. Even after 20 years, it was still looking solidly new and refreshing.

The golden blond and redhead made their way up the hallway to get to homeroom on time. Suddenly, a familiar person came walking pass both girls. Eleanor instantly recognized her. It was the same pale skinned beauty from yesterday. This time, she was wearing a modified version of the school uniform, consisting almost entirely of black. The uniform usually consists of white, green and brown. For a split second, both Eleanor's and the grey girl's eyes met. Piercing ruby orbs staring at pure blue ones. And then, after a few brief moments, she walked past the blonde girl, along with a few squealing admirers running after her.

"Eleanor?" Ava asked, waving a hand towards the blonde's face, "Hello?"

"Huh?" Eleanor shook her head and gave Ava a look of confusion.

"Were you staring at Yumi just now?"

"Yumi...?" the other girl echoed, "So, that's her name."

"Oh, I get it..." Ava chuckled, smirking playfully like a cat.

"W-what? What's with that creepy expression?"

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all..."

As the hours went by like a passing breeze, 4th period class had begun. Eleanor and Ava were at P.E. together. The gym teacher advised the class to take four laps around the park. Afterwards, they took a 10 minute break. Today was oddly warm despite it being nearly the end of October. No matter, the two close friends sat down at a large tree with the best shade possible.

"Catch!" Eleanor threw her classmate a small bottle of water. Ava caught it with ease and began to guzzle it down.

"Finally," Ava relaxed on the grass, "A break! Gym teachers these days treat us like rookie boxers. We're still teenagers, dammit..."

Before drinking her own water, the golden blond girl noticed an unfamiliar figure. It was standing near the water fountain in the distance. It was a tall and slender man in his late twenties. He had neck length, straight dirty blond hair and burnt orange eyes. His attire was simply a white shirt over a black vest and leather pants.

Just then Yumi, arrived outside to greet him. Both the boy and girl began engaging in conversation right away. Eleanor was quite curious as to what they were even talking about. Judging by their body language, the boy and girl seemed like good acquaintances, friends even. Suddenly, Ava hug tackled her classmate, causing her fall down on the soft green grass.

"Ava! You scared me!"

"Heh, sorry. You had me worried, staring off into space like that."

"I was not staring off into space!"

"Then, what's up?" Ava asked, confused.

Eleanor carefully pointed towards the boy at the fountain, chatting with Yumi.

Who's that guy? I've never seen him before, either."

"Yukio, the guidance counselor, duh."

Eleanor glanced at Ava, raising an eyebrow.

"Wait, what? But, I thought the guidance counselor was a woman."

Ava placed a hand under her chin, thinking.

"Really? I don't remember. Maybe she took another job somewhere?"

"Maybe she did..."

Eleanor's blue eyes focused on the girl in black once again.

"And that girl over there is Yumi?"

"Yup. She transferred to this school yesterday."

Both girls watched Yumi and the guidance counselor go back inside the building together.

"They seem quite comfortable with each other," Eleanor commented. "Are those two dating?"

"What?! Are you nuts!" Ava answered, exasperated by Eleanor's absurd question. "They're siblings! And besides, Yukio is interested with girls who are cute, energetic, and outgoing."

"You sound rather defensive..." the other girl smiled in a teasing manner, "do you have a crush on this guy?"

Ava face went red as a ripe tomato. Her light brown eyes went wide like a pair of Frisbees. The golden blonde had just exposed the secret. Damn her for being so perceptive! Becoming embarrassed and enraged, the Spanish girl proceeded to suffocate Eleanor with her infamous bear hug.

"Aww,qué gracioso! Is Eleanor jealous?! I never thought you were crushing on Yumi!"

"H-hey! I never said anything!" Eleanor exclaimed, struggling to break free of Ava's wrath.

"Whatever!" Ava continued squeezing the daylights out of her friend. "Your love interest has just settled in, so, we'll meet her and Yukio after school tomorrow. Wait until then, eh?!"

"All right! Uncle, uncle!"

Eleanor managed to break free just as the P.E teacher was calling for them. And with that, all of the students returned to the school building. Boys and girls entered into their separate locker rooms to change back into their school uniforms. However, when Eleanor was removing her P.E. gear, Ava noticed something on the side of her friend's right shoulder. It was a small bruise. She never seen something like that before. Without a doubt, it was definitely caused by the golden blonde's father.

Ava kept quiet about it for the time being. She didn't want to press the issue just yet. But, eventually, they both would have to discuss it. Eleanor would have to face her father again sooner or later, in the near future.

Eleanor, now in her white nightgown, was laying down on the bed. She wrote something down on a piece of lined paper. Ava, wearing a plain red tank top and pajama short pants, was reading a comic book until she noticed what her friend was up to.

"Hey, Elle, what are you up to?"

"Oh, I'm just writing a letter."

"To who?"

"To my older sister," the other girl answered as she continued to write, "I'm filling her in on what I've been doing."

"Aww," Ava cooed, teasingly, "that's so cute~!"

Embarrassed, Eleanor threw a pillow at her classmate. The last thing she wanted was to be babied by her.

"Shut up! Unlike you, I didn't have a lot of friends back where I use to live. Most of them had to move away. Besides, I looked up to Elizabeth before she left us. She's always supported me in any way she could. It feels so weird adjusting to this campus thing."

"Oh, Chin up there, girl. You just started here. Patience is the key."

"I guess so..." Eleanor admitted, her head resting on a pillow.

After bookmarking her comic book, Ava looked at the clock on the wall.

"Wow, 8:00pm already," Ava commented. "Time for lockdown."

The shorter girl jumped out of her bed. She grabbed the keys and locked her door tight.

"Lockdown?" Eleanor asked in confusion.

"You didn't know? The principle issued a new rule: all campus kids have to stay in their dorm rooms by 8:00pm."

"Why's that?"

The red haired girl looked at Eleanor with a puzzled expression, as if the other girl had three heads. Suddenly, she realized something. Her classmate was completely oblivious to the circumstances.

Oh, I see," Ava said with her arms crossed,"None of the faculty ever bothered telling you about...them?"

Eleanor hesitantly shook her head, "No, what do you mean?"

Ava took a seat at a computer chair and began to tell a tale. A tale that would explain why the lockdown rule was established.

"Well, you see, a few days ago, there had been reports about missing high-schoolers disappearing at night during a full moon. The most common victims were delinquents returning to school in the middle of the night, way past curfew. But, there was this one guy who survived the attack though."

Intrigued and nervous, Eleanor asked. "R-really? What did he say?"

"He said that he was being stalked... by vampires."

Eleanor's blue eyes nearly bulged out of her sockets at the mere mention of such a term.


"That's right," Ava nodded. "They're real monsters that only show up in the night. But these weren't regular vampires you've see on television. They were..."

Suddenly, there was a loud thud that scared both girls right out of their wits.

Ava cowered behind Eleanor. "What was that?"

Eleanor looked behind her. Someone was pounding on the window, begging to be let in.

Ava," the girl shouted. "Are you awake? It's me, Daisy! Let me in, will ya?!"

"Daisy? Forget it! She got herself in trouble! She's on her own."

"No, Ava," Eleanor disagreed vehemently. "we have to let her in!"

Eleanor ran up to the window and lifted up the blinds. It revealed a seventeen year old girl with a sunglow-dark complexion. She had raven black hair in a long ponytail, and pointy black eyes. She was wearing some lightly colored short jacket with blue stripes and accents over a white tanktop. Her black short shorts were held up by a brown belt while her legs were covered in tight black and white boots.

Once Eleanor opened the window, the girl jumped inside, falling over face-first on the carpet floor. She raised up slowly to compose herself. There was a small bead of sweat on her forehead, as if she had just ran an Olympic track.

"Whew, thank goodness. I was so close to being spotted," the girl sighed with relief. "Thanks for the save."

"Your welcome," Eleanor replied. "So, I caught your name was Daisy?"

"That's right. And who might you be, my valiant savior?"

"Eh? Oh, I'm Eleanor."

"So, anyway, why were you outside during curfew?"

"Yeah, Daisy," Ava raised an eyebrow, "What were you up to at this hour? You know there are vampires wondering around."

Daisy flinched and answered the question, flailing her arms around, "Oh, I-I was just taking a night stroll down the park. I couldn't stand staying at my dorm for so long. So, I wanted to get some fresh air, you see? A-a-and then, there was something coming from the bushes. So, I took a beeline out of there!"

Ava had a skeptical expression. She had a feeling Daisy was up to something unusual. "When there's a new rule at school, nothing won't stop you unless your ass gets caught."

"Ah, put a sock in it, Shrimp," Daisy flatly told the shorter girl. "I was just enjoying the night air. Is that a crime? Still though, that was too close."

"I can see now that Ava wasn't joking around," Eleanor spoke. "But, umm, if these vampires are that dangerous, then, how come nobody tries to get rid of them?"

"Well," Ava took a wild guess, "at least they keep the students in line during curfew."

"I'm heading back to my room," she said "Sorry for imposing on you at this hour. Thanks, girls."

And with that, the raven haired girl left.

It was at the moment, Eleanor had a frightening realization. On the day when she was heading over to the dormitory, Yumi warned her to leave before it got too dark out. Perhaps...perhaps this is what the older girl was talking about.

"I have to be careful too."

Earlier that night...

It was 7:50pm. It was almost time for patrol.

After dressing into her school attire, Daisy went to her closet, obtaining her weapon of choice. It was a pair of two giant pistols. She looked at herself in the mirror for a brief moment. Tonight was going to be different. Just like those many other nights. There had been no incidents since two weeks ago. The dark haired teen wanted it to stay that way. Unfortunately, things weren't going to be easy as that. Daisy knew better. She carefully proceeded to leave the dormitory without making too much noise. Once the dark skinned girl was outside, she pulled out a small communication device from one of her pockets.

"Walter, are you ready?"

After a moment of silence, there was an immediate response.

"Yeah, I hear you," Walter responded. "let's get this over with."

"Where are you right now?" Daisy asked, beginning her walk to the school.

"I've just left the boys dormitory."

"Good," Daisy replied. "I'll meet you at the school in a few minutes."

Daisy looked at her wrist-watch. It was now 8:00pm. There was a full moon shining quietly up in the night sky. The grey clouds, chilly wind, and silent surroundings made Daisy tense. More tense than she should be. The dark skinned girl knew she had to stay calm yet the feeling of dread still lingered on. Her feet firmly trotted on the ground as she entered the gates of the now empty Sultana high school. She began her patrol by scanning her eyes for anything suspicious while traveling around many areas. So far, there was nothing. This was worrisome.

"Maybe, they're planning a different attack for us this time."

Suddenly, Daisy heard something from the bushes. Out of instinct, she ran over to the spot, readying for a fight. "Who goes there?"

Unfortunately, it wasn't what she was expecting. It was the noise of two sophomore girls. Both of them wore punk rock clothing of sorts. From the looks of it, they may have just returned from a concert.

"What are the both of you doing out here so late?" Daisy questioned them with exasperation.

"We're not doing anything suspicious," said one of the girls. "We promise!"

"Y-yeah, don't confuse us for one of those monsters!" the pink haired girl told Daisy, "We had just came back from a concert!

The dark haired girl shook her head in disbelief. "And you went there knowing it was a school night?"

"It was Jennifer's idea," the orange haired girl pointed at her friend, "She knew the rules but she insisted on it!"

"What?" the pink haired girl glared at her classmate. "Kate, you traitor!"

"But it's true!"

"You're not suppose to say anything!"

"Shh!" Daisy told the squabbling girls. "Keep quiet. Come on, I'll take you back to the dormitory."

"And how do we know you won't snitch on us?" asked the defiant pink haired girl, putting her hands on her hips.

"Of course one of them has to rebel. Typical freshmen."

"If you do as I say," Daisy offered. "Then, I'll let this slide, just this once."

The two other girls sighed with relief, knowing they were in good hands. However, a voice crept within the darkness.

Daisy, sensing something in the shadows, turned around and wielded her giant pistols. "Who is there?! Come out."

The unknown figure presented itself to the group of three, however, not in the way they were anticipating. The shadow changed into something twisted and feral. Slowly, the once human figure appeared from out of the darkness as a wolf-like demon with sharp teeth and claws to match. Drops of drool came from the sides of the werewolf's mouth as it stared at its prey.

The two other girls' faces were as white as sheets, watching the monster with horrified eyes.

"YAAAHH! MONSTER!" Kate screamed.

Jennifer simply fainted, overwhelmed by the size of such a demonic creature

"I smell fresh food my way," snarled the monster with a feral voice. "and I'm getting hungry just looking at them!"

The dark skinned girl held the demon at gun point.

"Don't even think about coming near us!" Daisy asserted, trying to sound as threatening as possible.

The demon wolf laughed menacingly through sharp teeth and proceeded to charge towards the gun wielding hunter. Suddenly, a young man leaped up and blocked the killing blow with his katana. He was a eighteen year old with short snow white colored hair and sideburns. He wore the school uniform with the jacket wrapped to his toned waist. He possessed lime green eyes.

"Took you long enough, Walter!" Daisy commented, as she got up from the ground.

"Geez, your welcome!" Walter dodged a claw attack and inflicted a scratch on the werewolf's arm.

The dark skinned teenager turned her attention to Kate, who was holding her unconscious friend in her arms.

"Both of you get back inside and stay in your dorms!" Daisy ordered the both of them.

Without any hesitation, Kate took Jennifer and ran back to the dormitory.

Once the civilians were out of sight, Daisy loaded her pistols. Then she joined Walter in the fight against the werewolf. Walter managed to block a few claw attacks. His sword managed to deliver a painful cut on the its chest before being knocked down by the raven fur monster. Daisy shot a couple of bullets at the beast but to no avail. It managed to dodge every single one of them. However, the bullets boomeranged themselves back and struck the demon in the back. Once the werewolf was distracted by the pain, Walter used his katana to cut its arm clean. Even though the fatal wound didn't last for long, the young man managed to inflict some damage on the demonic enemy.

"Tell me right now!" Daisy asked the beast. "Why are you targeting people at night?"

Seconds later, the beast's arm regenerated.

"These freaks are getting stronger..." Daisy stated out of astonishment.

"Come on," Walter insisted as he grabbed his partner's arm. "Let's get out of here."

Before they could escape, another demon appeared right behind them. However, it wasn't a hideous, monstrous type like the wolf. This one had more of a humanoid form. It had fur covering its arms, legs and "sensitive" areas. The beast also had paws and a bushy tail. She also had her black hair in a wild and unruly style, stopping just down her collarbone. Her piercing crimson eyes looked down upon her prey.

"Shit!" the white haired boy exclaimed. "Not her!"

The half beast dashed towards Walter and delivered a kick to his stomach. Lucky for him, he managed to guard the blow with his katana. As a consequence, the strong impact of the kick caused the blade to break.

"Back off!" shouted Daisy as she took a few shots at the humanoid beast. Out of sheer luck, one bullet connected through her ankle.

Once the demon was occupied with healing it, Daisy shot a flash bomb towards both monsters.

It wasn't much but it gave the duo time to escape. Together, they took swift retreat for their lives. Both hunters were running towards separate paths now. The girl looked around outside the dorm building, looking for a way in. Most of the windows were shut. Noticing a light on one of the windows, Daisy climbed up on the building, desperate to get away from the monsters if it meant valuing her life.

She climbed up the window and started to pound on it. She was begging to be let in.

Ava," the girl shouted. "Are you awake? It's me, Daisy! Let me in, will ya?!"

Someone had immediately opened the window and Daisy jumped inside, falling over face-first on the carpet floor. After calming down a bit, Daisy left Ava's dorm. She was so lucky and glad that she escaped with skin and organs intact. She pressed on her ear piece, concerned for her partner's well-being.

"Walt, it's me. Where are you?"

She waited for a response. There was a long silence.


"Yeah, yeah, I heard you," the young man responded. "Sorry it took so long. I had to catch my breath."

"It's fine. Are you safe?" Daisy asked, entering her own dorm.

"Yes, how about you?"

"I'm fine," the dark haired girl answered, "I'm just glad those girls took my advice and left before things got messy."

"So, how are we going to explain this to the principal?"

The girl winced at the thought of having to listen to the principal's complaints. Both she and Walter didn't get along much with the snobby man. He didn't take lightly to failed attempts or bad news.

"Let's just be thankful we made it out alive."

"Damn right," the boy agreed. "Let's call it a night. We'll worry about him tomorrow."