My order has protected the family for years.
We saw generation after generation, following the general idea of peace in these lands.
They were not really warriors, just simple people in a harsh land. Trying to make something out of their lives.
We were ordered by the Gods to give our lives for them, if necessary.
"Be fierce," they commanded me, "Be just," they advised me.
And so, for nearly four hundred years, me and my brothers were their guards.

Time passed and the family kept flourishing. They owned these lands. Being far and wide, fertile and prosperous to everyone who sowed upon it.
Our order was in peace, the lands were in peace. And nothing seemed to change that…

One day, a girl was born in the family.
A rarity, since this family was cursed to only produce male offspring.
She proved to be exceptionally talented in her ways of ruling these lands.
All plants bared fruits, the rivers were filled with fish and the cattle was healthy and plenty.
The people could feast all they wanted, but did so sparsely.
Our new queen was loved by all. Including us brothers, whom had sworn only to protect.
Love was something new entirely to us.

It was dangerous. I could feel it deep within my bones.
I asked the Gods what should be done. They did not reply.
We had to continue our watch whilst feeling heavy of love.

Me and my brothers could only watch the reign of our queen for a little while.
Dark clouds already gathered at the horizon. We had to take up arms once more.
After being quiet for so many years, the men from over the hills had come.
They destroyed the lands in their way. They slaughtered the people and the beasts. They poisoned our rivers.
And with their destruction, they poisoned our minds.
They wanted our new queen for themselves. They must be stopped!

We fought for over a week, it did not matter.
The enemy had gathered in too large a number. And many of my brethren fell at the tips of swords and spears.

Finally, I gave the order to retreat to the castle. There, we would be safe behind the walls.
We lasted little over two weeks.

The soldiers finally found a breach in our already weakened defence. They climbed over the walls and fought everyone in the courtyards they encountered.
I was left with only six of my brothers.

Our queen stood between us, guarded by her most loyal men.

Arrows, that is all I can remember.

It hit my brothers on my left, it felled my brothers on my right.
The last arrow came at me, and I deflected it with my sword instantly.

It was now only me and my queen.

She looked at my fallen brothers. Tears quickly covered her cheeks.
It was a sight I saw more than once these last few weeks. And a terrible sight it was.
My heart raged.
My brothers were all gone and dead. My queen was endangered. The enemy was approaching, threatening both me and my queen.

I took up my sword in my right hand. My left hand reached for my spear, which was on the ground.
I stepped forward, telling my queen to take cover in the corner behind us.

There was the enemy!
They were not to triumph today!
I hacked with my sword, I threw my spear.

Blood covered my hands and armour.
The white fabrics soon turned red as I made my way across my enemies.

My queen could only watch from her hideout.

I felt her shivering, seeing me fight.
I did this for her, and her alone.

The enemy kept coming at me.
With each wave, my anger grew, however, my powers were nearly at their end.

Just a little longer I begged the Gods. Provide me with the strength I need. No answer came.

Again those arrows came.
I deflected them once more and they fell beside me.

Suddenly, a scream from a woman.
My queen!

One arrow had escaped my attention and found a way behind me.

I paid no more attention to my enemy, instead I dropped every weapon I owned and rushed to my queen.

There she laid, her white and yellow dress covered in blood.
Her eyes stared into the infinity of the skies.

I kneeled beside her and held her hands.
"Go," she said, "save yourself my brave warrior."
"No," I replied, holding her hands even more tight, "my orders are to protect you. Even with my life."
She kissed the hands I was holding her with.

A tear.
I could spare nothing more than a tear, for we both knew what came after this.
We had lost the battle...

In the meantime, the enemy had surrounded us.
They all had drawn their swords and readied their bows.

Fifty times, one hundred times, or even more.
I don't know anymore how many times we got stabbed, hacked or sliced.

We were left for dead.
My queen was dead, and I laid atop of her, protecting her corpse with my last breath...


A pure light came from the skies, my pain was relieved instantly.
The Gods had come, finally taking us away from this once beautiful place.

Was my life worth the sacrifice I made? Or was it all in vain?
Was it my destiny to die like this?

It matters not anymore, for I ... have found rest...