My fear is a solid shield
My love is a simple sword
And I thought my heart was too weak
To beat in a flutter of excitement

Arms dedicated for time unknown
Wielded for few but the self
Forever battling the emptiness
Of having nothing to fight for

Armor cracked and chipped
Weighs heavy on solemn shoulders
Legs that quake with efforts of exhaustion
Muscles burning to grip the fury of love and fear

On this time and countless times past
I've cut myself up – I've cut myself out
Through lifelong conflict my heart still beats
It was all over as if it was already done

Stripping away that which has sheltered me
Piece by piece hurling the rusting iron
Forever from my bones to rot and be gone
There is none around to grasp its meaning

Bare and barren minded now
I vow to carry on with need
I swear on my bitter life
My sword will find the heart of dedication

A/N: Part one of three. I haven't decided yet if I will be adding the others here or posting them separately.