When the weight I bore became too much
And the strength I harbored was not enough
The shield I held turned to a heavy burden
And my sword laid hidden in a rusted sheath

Guilds, Guardians and Gods had set the path
But they could not walk it
Alone I have burned through the fires
And drowned in the frigid waters

On my knees, at the ground
I cannot bare to hold the sword
Spent and simply clutching the shield
To protect myself from the inevitable

There was little more I'd like
Than to keep fighting, keep trying
But I've watched my dreams keep dying
The meaning? THERE IS NONE

For all that has been sacrificed
And the years that have been bled
There is nothing.
Nothing but need still.

The cause
The effort
All wasted.

But beyond, from a path near and far
One who also bares the scars of battle
Came to me in vivid waking dreams
Breathing in and turning out

The Spirit of Life.

With her head settled over mine
She reached out
And touched my heart.
Dedication delivered.

And her hands held out my sword so that I may see
What all of this really means
And with a kiss of her lips she gives it back to me
So that I may see, I see

I see you.
And you see me.

An angel, a light
A cause I can carry
Pulls at my burdens of fear
With a soul-bound promise

That this soul shall be my shield
For this... it is my life
And now I carry you.
And I let you carry me.

I am the watcher
I am the world walker
I am the dragon
And I do not fight alone