After my fictional daughters split into three factions. The daughter's of the original Zachary the first and loyal daughters. The proud daughters of Godwine Irongrass my pen name. The the father's legion who formed in honor of my love for roman history. Ikkravor was a independent city. As my world has a small population roughly only forty thousand in my entire world. Ikkravor city had over three-hundred people.

However the Dulkord (lord) of Ikkravor sent couriers to all three factions. As my fictional daughter's are mary sues (I'm proud of that). Their loyalty to me is unshakeable and they have the best training in my world. First I gave the go to my daughters. What follows next was a race to Ikkravor. The daughters of Godwine came first with goods of grain and ale. While the commons loved it. The nobles and mayors wanted more. Father's legion arrived next. They sent consuls into the city to negotiate trade. Off the record they wanted the city for recruits and taxes. My daughters of the original Zachary were still tired from the 4th Doll Subjection Campaign.

Though they also sent goods and diplomats. The legion had a force of ninty outside Ikkravors city wall. The daughters of Godwine had nine thanes and forty housecarls. Along with ten scytta (archer) reserves. The daughters of the original Zachary only had one zealgern squad (team of four to nine members). Tensions were reaching a boiling point. As each faction views the other two as traitors or profligates (father's legion). Finally after what was call the nine day negotiation of Ikkravor. The proud grass made of iron flag. Rose above Ikkravor's walls. The daughters of Godwine had won.

Hope you guys liked it also as always I know their imaginary.