The young man sat near his table at the back of the restaurant, it was a modest place but always bubbling with people. It was obvious to him that they respected the modesty of the setting as their octaves never left discreetness. 7:47 p.m. He lowered his eyes away from the clock and looked out towards the road, his reflection immersed in the red and green that decorated the running cars, she should be here any minute. ''Are you ready to order, sir?''

''Umm, not yet. I'm waiting for someone.''

''Alrighty, let me know if you need anything,'' she flashed him a swift smile and moved onto the next table, that was the second time since he's been there. He wondered if she ever meant any of her smiles or did they just come to her involuntarily as a nervous twitch.

The young man's fingers danced around the embroidered table top like a stag marking his territory, albeit his manner suggested this must've been the work of a nervous stag. The gentle ring of the bell at the door flashed in his eyes like a thunderbolt, his fingers never left his side. She beamed with the moonlight that reflected on her from head to toe, as she walked towards him, he felt for a moment that the light he saw was emitting from her body, that it was she who gave life to the feeble light that pour through, he inhaled a quick breath. ''You look smaller than usual'' enthralled still he spoke with his usual tone and she replied with her easy going charm and he was content once again. A different waitress ran over and addressed the all too familiar dilemma, the young man wanted to respect his lady's tastes so he ordered a vegetarian meal, not to appease her but that was what he desired when he was with his beloved. She didn't take notice or even if she did, she wasn't the type to openly express awe.

The dinner went by mixed in with their usual conversations, not a moment felt wasted. When they left the restaurant, the young man walking beside her. He had convinced her to go to the park and ever a woman to appreciate the beauty of greater things than self preservation, she agreed. His beloved was a peculiar girl, bereft of the usual pains most girls went through, she remained an upstanding and sensible woman, worthy of being called one. She wasn't faultless, but her greater qualities more than made up for it.

Walking side by side under the dimmed lamp lights, largely drowned out by the precociously glittering sky, the young man was aware of the nervousness that remained unlit in his beloved's heart. The serenity that spread across the park seemed to calm him enough but still he walked by her, in silence, taking it all in. Summoning up his senses, he held her right hand in his left one, she looked up at him as if a reflex, he met her eyes and she yielded. When they finally stopped walking, they were under the shades of a big oak tree, as if part of unified decision they turned to face each other with her back to the tree.

A delicate breeze lingered, it brushed a few hair strands to her face but she didn't seemed to notice. Their eyes remained locked on each other's faces, the shadow of the leaves above danced across her face, his eyes strained to behold her beauty, it was a sight that will keep him awake for nights to come. Her fragrance intermingled with the breeze and confounded the young man, as if compelled he moved in towards the small frame of his beloved. Her eyes widened as she looked up at his face, she seemed to understand. His hands moved to her slender waist and wrapped around it in embrace, with her hands firmly clutching the youngman's chest she raised herself as he leaned forward to kiss her tender lips. The warm softness of her flaming lips clutched him tight and he couldn't let go, neither could she. The tight embrace, the contact that set fire to their receptors, all of it, a string of dreamy moments weaved in reality's most careless corners. ''I love you'' still leaning, he whipered as his lips detracted itself.

''Love you, too,'' she replied in the softest of voices.