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On the world of Galatan, the wolf runs rampant and free.

Set decades after Sion and Julia's union, their son was born with a streak of silver hair. Ten years after his birth, their son could control the beast blood and transform into a werewolf at will. Sion and Julia both died peacefully in their sleep almost a full thirty years later, as united in death as they were in life.

Sion however wasn't the only one who had been given the gift of the wolf.

All across the world dozens of children were being born with this power, but they had no control and like rats they gnawed at the structure of the Celestial Kingdom and its allies…until nothing on the world could stop them. Until a group of miners discovered the metal known as Enzer…..a powerful substance that could be molded into blades that could carve stone, armor that could turn aside all but the mightiest of blows, and arrows that could tear through walls and armor like they were paper.

Soon the struggle with the wolves was forgotten as armies raised to seize control of the vast Enzer deposits and make weapons of untold power. A bloody civil war broke out between several kingdoms and self-proclaimed warlords and only a threat from above could make them cease

After ten years of civil conflict, an enemy unknown made its way onto Galatan. Calling itself Enzer, it proclaimed itself to be the spirit of the metal, and the planet's new god.

The kingdoms and warlords put aside their squabble, and joined forces with the wolves in order to drive the mad god off of their world. They sealed the being into his own metal and cast him deep into the earth, along with the cursed metal that shared his name.

A rare age of peace came for the blood soaked lands and war weary people of Galatan, although many simply saw it as a gathering of arms for the next conflict between man and wolf…or man and man.

Sadly, those people were right.

Men uncovered the Enzer, and secretly created and armed themselves with the powerful weapons, fearing they were needed if the wolves rose up in power again. However the spirit of the dark god was powerful and corrupted their hearts, driving them to war on their neighbors and filling them with an all-consuming lust for the metal.

The race for Enzer was renewed anew and the Celestial kingdom fell during the opening shots of the conflict. Five new kingdoms rose from the ashes of the old, and they waged a new war across their wasteland of a world. They painted, then repainted their borders in blood and they abandoned all hope in honor and the rules of combat…..the glory of the kill was all that they respected.

Then man did something unheard of, they turned to the wolves for aid….accepting them into their armies and interbreeding with them; hoping to create an army of loyal wolf soldiers.

Man and wolf fought alongside one another against their brothers, but due to the passage of time the amount of warrior children born with the wolf blood was slowly decreasing.

This is the story of a child, born with the curse of the wolf blood, and how he changed the world.

But first we must see how he came to be


A warrior that time knows as Malachi was one of the fiercest barbarians that could ever grace a battlefield. A legend with sword, bow, and spear…no prey had outrun him, no man had outfought him, and his name was enough to make warriors tremble in fear. He was strong, but still he craved power.

His father had been born with the wolf blood roaring in his veins, and his mother was a pureblooded human. However he had been born without the gift, and it haunted him.

He was the strongest among the humans, but the wolves seemed to taunt him at every turn. They were better, faster, and stronger, they could fight for much longer than he could…..and that would never change. However he did have one chance, one chance to become better…..

That chance was in the form of an heir.

He could have any woman he wanted, that much he knew. The ones with the wolf blood however, had already been claimed by wolves or members of other barbarian tribes. The other women didn't matter, he needed a woman with wolf blood…..and he needed her now!

So he turned to the Gods for aid, even though they had been long forgotten by the mortals of the world. He prepared an ancient ritual and prayed for two days and nights…praying for a woman with wolf blood.

He stood in the mountains, staring at a traced symbol in the ground. "Please O Lords, please aid me and give me the power to become the strongest one their is! I need to be stronger than the wolves, please I need to train an heir with wolf blood...please, show me where to find one, please deliver me one, please...I beg of you O Lords." He remained knelt in a prone position for two days, letting neither weather nor hunger dissuade him from his mission of prayer.

Two days later, as the ritual was complete, the moon shone down on Malachi and a woman walked out of the woods. She was clothed in white and her hair was braided and trailed down her back.

This woman was named Luna, and Malachi brought her back to his camp and taught her the ways of the world. He found that she was impressed with his battle prowess and was a great strategist in her own right, often thinking up new ways for him to win battles….making him more popular as a result.

He in turn could feel a new side of him opening up…..he was beginning to see her as a suitable wife, and not just because of her blood. No, he was falling in love with her.

Three months after she appeared to Malachi, they were married in a large ceremony, and the night of the wedding Malachi was confident he would gain an heir with wolf blood….and gain a family.

Nine months after the wedding a son was born, and Malachi became confident that his son would have a streak of silver hair.

However three days after the birth of the son, Luna left.

She vanished without a trace, and despite massive effort by Malachi and his men, she was never seen again on the world.

"What do you mean she is gone!" He roared at his men "She can't just up and disappear!"

His men visibly quivered at their leader's displeasure "Sir, she was a gift from the Gods...maybe they decided to take her back."

"GET OUT!" Malachi roared at them, shoving them towards the door. "Get out!" He slammed the door to his hut, only to hear crying from the next room. He rushed into the room to see Brevan crying and Malachi scooped his son up holding him softly. "Hey...hey's okay, your daddy is here for you. I'll never leave you, I promise."

A part of Malachi died that day….and he became obsessed with watching his son. At one month his hair was as black as night, same at three, and five. As one year approached the father realized the truth, his son didn't possess the wolf blood.

Instantly a rage hardened his heart, and he cursed Luna with all his might and cursed his son hating them both. Hated them both for denying him love….and a chance to be what he never could.

Still he decided that his son would be the finest warrior this planet had ever seen, and the other kingdoms would tremble before him.

That son was named Brevan, and this is his story…..


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