Serena rushed towards the sounds of sword fighting, forcing her tired muscles to go on as Brevan's Warband followed her. They were all following the same feeling deep within their hearts, that their friend was there, and alive.

As the earth wobbled and rocks crumbled around her, she kept going, leaping over any debris in her way as she heard the sword fight end, seeing Kronar run even faster than her. Then they saw it, the ground cracking and shaking as one side fell into the chasm below, and the other remaining upright.

"Brevan!" She screamed, seeing a form falling into the void along with all the rocks and boulders, before turning towards a second form that was lying motionless. Her mind prayed to every deity she could think of while her heart pounded endlessly, hoping that it was her mate that was lying there, and not anyone else.

Kronar rushed towards the figure, laying his gore and blood-spattered axe to the side as he smiled, throwing his mighty head back in a cheer. "He's alive!" He roared, gathering Brevan up like a babe and carefully carrying his friend towards his tearstained mate.

"Thank you," Serena whispered, reaching out with a hand to rub her lover's forehead, seeing him slightly react to the touch as his eyes fluttered open.

"Enzer, Malachi, they're all dead." He whispered, giving his mate a soft smile as he looked up at Kronar, Romir, Kixx, and G'nock. "What's happening to the world?"

"We'll figure it out in time love," Serena answered, softly closing her hand over his. "It might not look like it, but we won, and like you said. This time we can build a world that's worth fighting for."

Brevan nodded, taking a deep breath as he gazed at the rest of the army that was starting to follow them. "Then let's go back to Merith. Let's go home and rebuild."

So they began the long walk back home, none of them knowing what was to come, but the world would have to be rebuilt, and it would be better than ever.

The survivors of the battle walked towards them, barely a quarter of what they had come here with, and none of them without wounds. There were no cheers or cries of victory or even any spoken words as the army smiled at their wounded leader.

"Ina?" How asked, breaking the silence as he and Paws were lifted by King Marcus to see her better. "We win? Everything gonna be okay?"

"Yes How." Serena smiled, unsure how much faith she could put in that promise. "Somehow, everything is going to be okay."

Then she turned and leading her army and with her love by her side, began the long walk back home.


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