Deadline day was looming once again and still, at the other end of the darkened room, the word document on the laptop was blank.

No inspiration. Not yet anyway.

"Man," I sighed. I was pushing it again. I kept doing this and I knew I that I really shouldn't. But I had no love for this job anymore, I couldn't even deny it. At first, it was my dream come true - I was writing for a large-scale magazine! Wow! Thing's couldn't get bigger! In this age, it's clear that print is dying out and strict regulations were digging its grave but no one could have foreseen it back then though.

Recently I downgraded to a local magazine and I had acquired a grand new boss who gave me stiff deadlines and ridiculous lofty expectations. I swear he was on a mission to get me fired and out of his office already. But then who else would write the horoscopes? It's not exactly a job with much calling. That was, in fact, the reason I got the job with such little difficulty. Most people think it's all hokum bullshit. It is though.

Horoscopes are all nonsense. They have to be vague in order to apply to all the people who read them. Us writers, even the best, are not like Jesus Christ; we can't make five loaves and two fish feed five thousand. I don't have it so bad now. I think there's just short of fifteen thousand in the area. Yes, when I said local I meant town local. And no, it's not that much of a kick in the teeth. It could be worst, I could be unemployed and homeless in some horrible city all alone.

The day will start out rather sluggish and even a bit frustrating, but don't worry yourself. Towards the afternoon, the pace will pick up and productivity will regain again. You will be much more in tune with those around you, giving you a wonderful jump-start to the work week ahead.

Mondays are like that for everyone. Or in my case, Saturdays… I was such a boring bugger. No wonder I was lacking inspiration. Maybe I should call one of the non-douchey guys from the office, see if they fancy a pint or something. Jim was a nice lad, around my own age, an aspiring Leo who could actually be a good manager one day, given the right set of chances to succeed.

Engage other people in witty, light-hearted conversation, whether you are at your workplace or not. Your mind is swarming with ideas and witty remarks so share them with others and you will be the hit of the crowd - regardless of where you are.

He was very much like the typical Leo but he was the new kid, turning up just after me. Maybe, come Monday he'll take the advice from 'the stars'. It's sort of aimed specifically at him, but still vague enough to cover my own ass with every other Leo out there who could be reading. It was advice everyone could put to good use.

Your sense of self is shaken up thanks to those who are trying to use their power to control you. Be confident and don't let others have the upper hand - especially since you know you are right. Don't back down, even though the pressure will be great.

Hah. Slowly but surely, this thing was writing itself. I knew it would just take some time then I would literally see the words type themselves. It always worked this way, just hours before my deadline, it was like being back at school again. Rushing literally the night before to get that essay finished to hand in the next morning. Things never changed really.

You may need to take the day off to replenish your soul, Aries. (General advice, everyone can do with a day off) You've been working exceptionally hard lately. While your output is impressive, it's coming at a high personal cost. (Flattery keeps everyone happy.) Take some time today to let your mind and body rest and relax. Cuddle up in your favorite chair with a book, some tea, and a quilt. (Who doesn't enjoy all that from time to time?) Let your mind wander. You may be surprised where it lands. (People come to the most… interesting thoughts this way. Let them explore it.)

Alright, enough work. I need a break now. I'll go again after I have had that drink with Leo… I mean Jim.