Jan. 29, – 7:00 A.M.

Unknown Location, Chicago

Chicago, the windy city, nuzzled gently on the edge of Lake Michigan. A marvelous testimony to what mankind can accomplish. The city a blend of old and new. The future and the past. Within the industrial section sits an abandoned train station. One of many that saw it's demise with the revolution of the automobile. Deteriorated box cars sit rusted on their tracks. Behind them the sky is eclipsed by buildings reaching to the heavens. A testament to mankind attempting to claw it's way out of the chaos. The lights of offices acting like artificial stars. Softly the door light of an old train office building illuminates the rail yard. The wood on the outer walls is rotted and falling off. The roof warn down and shingles missing. Inside noises can be heard as a very secretive meeting is taking place.

The shades are drawn down making the inside even darker then the outside. There is a large table in the center of the room standing about four feet. Composed of a light metal with the top being a thin plastic. It was a monitor of some sort giving off technical data and brightening the faces of the individuals standing around it. Six people looked down at it reading the schematics and discussing what they saw. They are not any different from a normal person you would meet on the street. They all stand attentively as they listen to a man who is talking to them trough the monitor. A man they call Contract.

With an electronically masked voice he speaks "As you are all well aware of I would not be here talking to you if It was not important. We have word that the Criminal Organization for Paranormal Science otherwise refereed to as C.O.R.P.S. Has manufactured some sort of bomb. We do not know what it's used for or why they have built it. What we do know is that by it's size it could easily take out an entire city. Currently C.O.R.P.S. Is storing this bomb in a warehouse in Will County. It is due for transit within forty-eight hours and will be moving to an unobtainable location. That means that you six need to acquire this bomb and A.S.A.P. Once it is in your possession deliver it to the usual rendezvous location. I trust you all know that this mission must be kept under the radar and out of the eyes of the general public. I understand this is your very first field mission, but you have trained for this." With that the screen went black.

Jan. 30, - 10:02 A.M.

Will County, Chicago

A large pickup truck pulled up to the intersection of an ally and a side street. It looked like that of a covert ops vehicle. Jet black paint with tinted windows. Handles missing on the doors. It was raised off the ground and had reinforced paneling adorning it. To anyone looking at it from the outside it would seem like the military was in town. The bed was covered with a black ultra thick tarp. The doors opened and five men stepped out. All of them tense and alert. Looking about and scoping out their surroundings, they were alone. They were all wearing gray pants. Thick black military grade boots. Their chests were protected by futuristic looking body armor strapped tightly down. Each piece housing four led circlets. One of the men had on a trench coat that led down to his calves. His hair was short and close to his head military grade. White strands fell over his face and reflected on his sunglasses. His name was T-6 . He looked back at the other four and said "give me ten" then he left.

Walking down the ally to the main street he prepared himself. He came out to the main road that ran parallel to the side street. To his right was a large brick building. It had a metal roof and no windows with just one large shipping door and a smaller steel door beside it. The front wall was marked with spray painted words saying warehouse 2B. T-6 was watching the street. Noticing the people who walked by him on their way to here and there. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was concentrating on the minds of everyone he could reach. Like a sponge filling up with water T-6 could feel their emotions slowly being absorbed. Then he rung the water out. Sending all of their emotions back to them, but slightly different. He was feeding them thoughts. Feeding them feelings of uncomfortableness. Slowly one by one the crowds walked away from the warehouse. Cars began taking alternate routes to avoid it. It was so subtle no one even noticed that within minutes the streets around the warehouse were like a ghost town. T-6 using his gifts had successfully induced mild fear into all near him. Giving them a bad vibe about the warehouse and nonchalantly giving them the idea to avoid it.

Meanwhile back at the truck Ares the largest and tallest of all five men looked down at his watch. The second hand clicked and he rose his gaze to the others. His muscles visible to the others thanks to him having no sleeves, a design he and only he could pull off, bulged. His veins acting like little roads mapping out a strong city.

"It's time." he said out loud spinning his head. His ponytail thwiping and landing on his shoulder.

They all walked closer to the warehouse. Ares continued to talk. "Now are you sure you can do this Breach?"

Breach was the second shortest of the bunch. He had short hair with long bangs that hung in face. He stroked his hand trough them and rubbed the back of his head as a stall tactic. He wasn't exactly sure how he was going to answer. "Yea I can do this."

"You better be positive." Ares retaliated.

"I'm sure, I've studied the blue prints. Then I studied them again." With more of an emphasis he added. "I can do this."

Ares raised his eyebrow. Proof was better then a stern tone of voice. A fact Breach new all to well. He placed his hand on the wall and stroked his fingers across it. Then he rubbed them together. Like how an inspector checks for dust. No one knew why he did this. Every time they asked he just replied with, for luck. He looked back at Ares who nodded.

"Photon, is he clear?" Photon was another one of the men. He was stocky and had a goatee on his face. His hair bushy and spiked up. He took his index finger and lowered his sunglasses down so his eyes were visible. His eyes different from a normal persons. They were pure white with a faint glow. Like they radiated light. He looked at the wall with concentration. Soon the bricks disintegrated. Everything behind it became visible to him and only him.

"Clear, no one is in there" he said as he raised his sun glasses back up. Breach looked back at the wall and faster then the blink of an eye he was gone. All that was left in the wake was a fine red smoke and warmth. Ares, Photon, and the last member of the team Shadow closed there eyes. When they opened them all four men were inside the warehouse.

Shadow was the smallest of all the men. Wearing the same gear as the others his major difference was a beret he wore around his head. He stumbled a bit before stating "I can never get use to teleporting." Ares threw his hand up to signal silence. He looked around the room then to Photon. Photon was putting his sunglasses in his pocket when he looked around the room and smirked back to Ares.

"Okay so were in, now we need to find where the bomb is being kept." Photon walked over to Shadow. "Your turn. We need you to find the security room. Once in, contact us and I'll tell you what to do."

Shadow nodded and walked over to the door. He opened it and left. A few hallways later Shadow had found the security room. It was being watched over by three guards carrying automatic weapons their suits clearly marking them as members of C.O.R.P.S. Shadow waited a second. Then he ran down the hallway to the first guard who had his back to Shadow. The man never moved even though Shadow was in a full blown run. A hand appeared on his shoulder and the guard yelled in surprise. Shadow punched him full force knocking him out. The other two guards remained unaware even thought the man screamed in shock. Shadow grabbed the second in a choke hold and squeezed until he fell to the floor unconscious. As Shadow turned to engage the third guard he turned to see Shadow standing above his downed fellow guards. "What the" he said as he raised his gun up. Taking a second to fix his eyes on the safety checking if it was off. The gun came to chin level and Shadow was gone. The guard looked around then went to broadcast over his walkie-talkie that there was an intruder when he felt a strong jab in his throat followed by a knee to the head. It was Shadow who had cloaked himself from being seen by the guard. He entered the security room and spoke over the com-link "I'm in."

"Good" Photon responded. "Get on the computer. I need you to search the security map of the building." "Okay, got it up. What am I looking for?"

"You need to find a room. It should have one door, no windows, and it will be the one with the most walls separating it from the outside."

"I got two of those."

Photon took a second then responded. "Bring up the maintenance map. Which room has the most electricity running to it?"

Shadow did as he was told. "Found it, it's about three floors below you. I'll guide you."

Ares, Photon, and Breach left the room and headed down the hall to a stairwell. They climbed down three flights of stairs to the appropriate door. Photon looked through the walls and it was clear. They went through the door and onto floor B3. They ran down hallways checking each intersection for resistance. They came to a door. "Through there and strait ahead is the target I-." The com-link went silent. The three exchanged looks filled with sorrow, wonder, realization, determination, revenge, and acceptance. Ares in a rage opened the door before Photon could look through. The hallway was filled with guards. They all opened fire. Bullets flew down the hall towards Ares. One by one they tinged off his body and fell to the floor. The guards kept firing. Photon whispered in Ares' ear "close your eyes" as he placed his hand palm showing and fingers extended over Ares' shoulder. A bright flash of light illuminated the room temporally blinding the guards and causing them to stop firing. Breach teleported appearing next to one of the guards and grabbing their weapon. Then vanishing and appearing next to another grabbing his weapon. One by one, second by second Breach had disarmed them all and made it to the other side of the hallway. When he appeared for the last time all the guns came with him and fell to the floor. Ares moved and Photon followed. With the sound of crushing bones Ares punched the first guard in the face. Photon had pulled out a collapsible asp from his pocket and extended it. Thwacking it into the second guards kneecap, then skull. The third guard ran at Ares who picked him up and threw him like a rag doll at guard number four. Breach materialized above both of them punching them out before vanishing again. Photon had thrown his asp at guard number five. It pegged him in the skull and bounced into the air. Breach had caught it mid teleportation. He appeared behind guard number seven and started using the asp to choke him. Ares who had already subdued guard six jabbed guard seven as Breach gave the asp back to Photon. They got to the locked vault door. Ares placed his hand on the doors locking mechanism. Slowly it fused into the door. Like dipping your hand into murky water. Slowly he forced it in. Once his whole hand was withing the door Photon and Breach heard a click noise. Ares pulled his hand out and opened the door.

Inside the vault was the bomb Contract had debriefed them on. Sure enough is was inactive. "Any ideas on how this is getting out of here" Photon asked?

The bomb was maybe the size of a washing machine. About just as heavy too. Ares spoke next. "Breach cant you just teleport it out."

"No, no way. It's weight and all the layered walls between here and outside. I just can't."

"Photon" Ares looked over "Find me an elevator now." Photon ran down the hall and found one, then he called for it with a press of a button. "What are you planning" Breach asked? Ares bent down and wrapped his arms around the bomb. He squatted his legs and with a grunt filled thrust stood strait up. As he walked out of the vault Photon yelled down the hall. Ares followed his voice. Breach walked backwards making sure they were not out flanked. They got onto the elevator and headed up to the ground floor. Photon stepped out first. He pierced the walls looking for the truck and found it. "This way" Photon ran down the hall Ares and the bomb followed. Breach took up the rear. As they come out into a larger room they were ambushed. Thirty or so guards all had there weapons drawn and pointed at the heads of Photon, Ares, and Breach.

"What now" Ares whined in discontent.

"Were surrounded" Breach reported.

Just then the guards all began looking around in disbelief. "Where did they go?"

"Go, go, go"

"Find them god dammit."

Photon looked to his right and saw Shadow standing there his hands out stretched, his eyes closed, his mind concentrating on hiding the rest of the team from being seen.

"I know this room" Breach threw out "I remember this from the blue prints. I know exactly were we are. I bet I can teleport us out." Ares' grip slipped a little. "Then would you mind" he spoke with sarcasm. Breach grabbed hold of Ares and the bomb. Then with the puff of fine red smoke they were gone. He reappeared next to Photon. Puff gone again. He entered the warehouse one last time next to Shadow. Breach was sweating and breathing heavy. Slowly he placed his hand on Shadow and they were gone.

Outside upon materializing Breach fainted. Shadow caught him and dragged him to the truck. Photon who had removed the bed's cover helped get him in. Ares had placed the bomb in the bed of the truck and was also in the vehicle. Shadow hopped into the drivers seat and started the truck up. They drove down the street and took a turn. Stopping in front of the warehouse to pick up T-6 before leaving the scene.

Across the street in a larger building with glass windows stood a slender man. He wore an expensive tailored suite. His face was hidden in the darkness of the room. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. Placing it up to his ear he spoke into it with a calm tone.

"They took the bomb, just like you predicted."

He turned around to see a janitor standing there watching him.

"What do you want old man? Mind your buisness." As he walked by he shoved his shoulder into the janitor. With speed a quick procision the nighty year old cleaner spun the guy to the ground. With a quick chop to the side of the head he was knocked unconscious. Then the janitor took off his jumpsuit to reveal the body of a young woman, probably in her early twenty's. She had on grey pants like the others. They followed her slim legs and covered her feet with firm soles all in one seemless design. She wore a pink tanktop wich matched a short one sided skirt that flowed off her right hip from under her belt. Covering the tanktop and arms was a black and gray jacket. Her face digitized like a computer rendering to reveal her real face. "Hey cutie " she said with sarcasim. She was slender with a natural beauty. A mocca color like a fine coffee with an attitude just as bitter. Her hair black, wild and untaimed covered bits of her face. They called her Veil and she was the sixth and final member of the team. Intrusted with locating anyone of interest and helping keep anyone away that T-6 couldn't. She grabbed the phone to see if it had any information on it, but it had allready burned from the inside out. She looked back at the man to wake him. An interrogation would yield some results. However the man was bleeding from his eyes. She knelt down to investigate further. A fail safe was implemented in case he was attacked. It had erupted and killed him. "Damn it" she said in faustrtion. "The guy's arn't going to like this."