Final Battle

part 3

March 13, – 1:00 P.M.

Behind The Bunker on the Hill

T-6 had managed to remove Farrah from Bolt's chest. "Damage critical. All organs intact. Beginning system repair. Operations estimated to be functional in five minutes." Bolts body announced to T-6. Breach ran over to the two of them. "I-I tried. I swear I did, but he just. I looked I couldn't see. It was just, I mean."

"Calm down," T-6 told him as he placed his hand on his shoulder. "What are you talking about?"

"Ares, he tackled Hangman off the cliff. I tried to teleport him back up, but I … I messed up man." T-6's eyes widened as the reality of what Breach was rambling on about hit him. He ran over to the cliff with Breach close in tow. He looked over at the misty clouds below and saw nothing. "Can't you go down there or something?"

"Don't you think I've tried? I can't teleport where I don't know or haven't seen. I tried everything I could I swear." T-6 turned and tackled Breach to the ground. He raised his fist and hit him. "Go get him!" He landed another punch before Bolt stopped his last swing. "Cease action. We do not wage war on each other."

"You don't get it, Ares went over the cliff and this ass didn't save him."

"I told you I tried. It's not like I pushed him off. He jumped." Breach yelled back at him, blood sprinkling out of his mouth as he did. Bolt lifted T-6 off of Breach by the wrist he was holding and placed him down next to him. "Even so, fighting won't solve anything." Bolt looked over the cliff and began scanning the area. "My readings are being interrupted by the water vapor's in the air, but I'm not seeing any life signs."

Across the way, Photon could see disarray between his fellow members. "Can you tell me what's going on?" He asked Tina who was beside him. She focused on the team and invaded their minds. Reading the thoughts they were having. "Something about Ares going over the cliff edge and Breach tried saving him? They can't find him." Photon's face went white as a ghost. His friend of many years, his ally, his brother. This couldn't be. "Greyson, wake Shadow up now! Get to your feet, everyone." He ran off across the field to see if what Tina had said was true. As he was making his way across, blinded by tunnel vision, he was struck in the chest. Air pummeling out of his lungs. Fox had stopped him halfway. Photon came up with a powerful uppercut. One that would have made Ares proud. Fox fell to his back Photon grabbed his Asp and heeled it's cold steel against the warm neck of Fox. "It is over. No more fighting, no more death, just no more. Do you understand me? I'm telling you to concede. This fight is finished." Fox smirked up at him. "It's never over Photon. Not until one of us dies." He pressed a button on a small device that was hidden in his palm and laughed. Photon looked around him as the ground came to life. Hundreds of small compartments opening up. The ground tearing apart as robotic machines surfaced from their bunkers below.

Breach who was finally making his way to his feet spoke first. "Is it me, or do those look a lot like." He was interrupted as Bolt stepped forward. "Scans indicate multiple similarities between these builds and myself. Yet they seem, more advanced."

"Great just what we needed" T-6 added in.

Bolt hesitated no longer. Withdrawing two large pistols from his thighs he unleashed a hellish barrage on the robots. "Don't you feel the least bit sad you're doing that?" Breach asked him as he was laughing at the sight of Bolt going full auto. "Oh well," he shrugged and off he went. Teleporting into the fight. Landing on a robot's head and vanishing again taking the limb with him. Only to reappear moments later and use it as a projectile to disrupt another bot. T-6 met up with Photon and tossed him a semi auto weapon. "I'm sorry about Ares," he said as the gun left his hand. Photon caught it and spoke back. "Let's just make them pay for it. Each and every last damn one of them." They stood back to back and fired bullets in all directions. Taking down lifeless robot after robot. Veil had managed to get her hands on the rubber part of a gun and turned her body into the same substance. "Greyson" she yelled out! "Yell at me." He was confused for a moment until he realized her plan. Taking a deep breath he roared at her as loud as he could. The sonic sound waves hit her elastic body and like a child's ball to a wall, bounced off. Reverberating across the battlefield and sending the robots into a sparking frenzy. Shadow stood watch over Tina and using his pistol took out whatever robot managed to stumble his way. Tina helped him by speaking to him telepathically about where some of them were trying to sneak by. For a brief and quite passing it seemed as if the team was victorious. That they had, in fact, won the day. That they had honored their fallen friend in some way. The moment was quick though as more and more robot's rose from the ground. Crawled out of the woods and exited from the Bunker on the Hill. The team member's fought them off as best they could, but soon found themselves overwhelmed and surrounded. Huddled into a group they held their ground center stage. All of them surrounding Tina as they fought off what metal attackers they could. "I just want to say thank you for being a family to me." Veil told them as a tear ran down her cheek. She grabbed on tightly to Greyson's hand. "I'm proud to have been apart of this. Even if it was for a short time." He said to them. "Photon" Breach yelled over his shoulder! "I really am sorry about Ares. I tried so hard to catch him. I hope you know that. I know how close you two were and well I'm just sorry okay."

"You have nothing to be sorry about. All of you stop talking like that. Kick ass Ares style. We can do this."

"I'm not sure we can Photon" T-6 spoke next. Bringing some realistic clarity to the severity of the situation. Bolt agreed with him. "Probability indicates that we are not walking out of this alive." Shadow put his hand on T-6's shoulder. "Family" is all he said. T-6 put his hand on Bolt's shoulder who in turn touched Photon. Breach was next followed by Greyson and Veil. They all stopped fighting and let destiny take its course as a robot after robot washed upon them like a sea of metal engulfing the shore.

The silence of the fight was broken by the sound of helicopter blades cutting through the air. Over the treetops came swopping in an old military helicopter of sorts. Fox looked up at it in confusion. Not recognizing the markings. It circled around the center of the field before maintaining altitude above the raving. Its side panel was wide open and standing there looking out was an old man. His hair short and gray like his stubbly beard. Wearing a nice dressed suite he balanced himself on a cane. To his right was a young boy. Only sixteen or so. He had medium length shaggy hair and a pair of goggles over his eyes. His outfit was that of a super hero's. Tight leather and cool red markings. His right arm, robotic and metal. To the old man's left was a young woman. Somewhere in her mid-twenties. She wore a red dress and had dirty blond hair flowing down past her breasts. The old man struck his cane to the Helicopter floor. "Rockid, take the robots. Clear the way. Sybil, extract them immediately." Listening to the words of the man Rockid jumped out of the airplane. As he was about to hit the ground he burst forward like a bullet. His metal fist plowing and shredding through the robots. Sending their parts and gears into the air. His feet hit the ground, for only a moment, and he was off again. Like a lance cutting through a soldier, he shreds robot skin once again.

Sybil floated off the helicopter. Her body encased in an auburn glow. Her hands floated through the air with mesmerizing movements. Lifting heap after heap of robots off the ground and tossing them aside like old toys. Her fingers wiggling and dancing. Each one like it's own separate entity yet all of them working together with her hands. One by one she lifted the group up into the air. Then gently placed them on the helicopter. "Sybil if you would, please?" The old man asked her. She lifted Rockid up and tossed him into the air. His little body vanishing in the dusk light. Then like a meteor from the heavens, he slammed into the ground. The force was so immense the Bunker and cliff began to crack and fall into the ravine. Miles, Fox, and the others scurried to safety as Sybil and Rockid made their way onto the helicopter. The door closing and the transport flying into a cloud and out of sight. The old man made his way to the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot seat. He looked over to the one flying the plane. "We got them. Now take us home."