A/N: Today's sentence is "It's true. The world as we know it has ended... and it was all due to selfies." Btw, I am in need of more sentences. Thank you!

December 1, 2045

Dear Aunt Elaina,

Today I saw the strangest thing. There was a little girl, about two or three, pushing her mother around in a stroller instead of the other way around. Although I suppose that does not hold a candle to the other things I have seen lately.

Oh, you know, life is the same as always. Animals running businesses, hotels, inventing new things. Oh, by the way, Aunt Elaina, my boss, Scrappy, the dog, just became a father. We had a party for him at work.

Well, I suppose "we" is not the right word. I wasn't invited, because I'm only a lowly human of course. Remember how it used to be? Humans ruled the world, and animals were kept in cages.

It's true. The world as we know it has ended... and it was all due to selfies.

Those stupid phones. Once animals got ahold of them, they started taking selfies, and learning, and bang. The world as we knew it was over.

Remember the Animal Rights War? Cousin Henry looked so handsome in his uniform. But, alas, we were no match for the animals with our inferior technology, and all the animal's advertising. Millions of brave soldiers joined their side. But who could possibly blame them? Who could resist their commercial with the sad puppy dog eyes?

By the way, how is Henry doing these days? I have heard rumors about what is left of the humans starting an underground society. Some people have already moved in.

Hope this is finding you in good health. Rations are so small these days.


Your Niece, Anna