Fire Angel II: Fire Angel Returns

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2011

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:

Niveru Strikes

In the Gloda City police station were two particular jail cells next to each other. Each one had a teenage boy in it. These boys were Niveru's brothers. One of them asked, "know the plan, brother?" The other boy nodded and started to fake-choke in his cell, catching the attention of a guard nearby.

The guard asked worried, "what's wrong?"

The faking boy cried, "help me!" He threw himself onto the floor and closed his eyes.

The guard asked, "what did you eat?" As he opened the cell door, the other brother took a spare key from the guard's pocket without a sound.

The faker lied, "I'm fine now, some food almost went the wrong tube." The faking boy stopped choking and got up. The other boy put the key into the lock on his cell and walked out of it.

The other boy suggested, "behind you." The guard turned around, but was too late to dodge a blow dealt to his head by the boy out of his cell, the guard falling unconscious to the floor.

A voice asked, "what's going on? Back to your cells!" The boy out of his cell took a can of mace from the unconscious guard and threw it at a nearby group of policemen. Another police officer realized, "the boys are trying to escape!" The policemen were temporarily blinded and confused by the mace.

One of the boys realized, "we're getting out of here." Policemen lay conscious on the ground, one of the boys using the spare key to free the other boy.

The other boy suggested, "phase 2." The boys took off some of the policemen's uniforms and disguised themselves as them, knocking them unconscious before they could defend themselves. They took some walkie-talkies. The same boy lied, "we've managed to put those troublesome boys back into their cells."

The Gloda City chief of police responded, "you sound strange."

The other boy fibbed, "the mace made us a little hoarse, but our voices will return."

The chief of police responded convinced, "then keep watching them."

The same boy responded, "we will, over and out." Both boys then smashed the walkie-talkies to bits with their guard shoes.

The chief of police tried to respond, "what's going on… you're… breaking… up…"

Outside of the police station were Fire Angel and Spike Girl, thanks to Newair tracing the static of the broken walkie-talkies. Fire Angel commented, "how many times is that police station going to break apart?"

Spike Girl answered, "that's why we're part of the Gloda City police organization in the first place, so we couldn't be viewed as a threat to society anymore and still continue to serve Gloda City without question."

Fire Angel asked confused, "but why did citizens begin to despise us days ago?"

Spike Girl answered, "I don't know, but we'll find out later. Come on!" She and Fire Angel flew into the police station. They saw two policemen heading into a kitchen. Spike Girl checked, "since when do policemen visit the kitchen?"

Fire Angel answered, "they don't, only prisoners enjoy…"

Spike Girl realized, "empty cells nearby. Those must be the escapers we're looking for."

Fire Angel responded, "well, it is our jobs to serve in law enforcement."

Spike Girl insisted, "then come on!"

Fire Angel responded, "sorry." He and Spike Girl went into the kitchen and saw workers nearby tied-up and gagged.

Spike Girl reported over walkie-talkie, "chief, the prisoners came through the kitchen and left gagged people in here."

The chief of police asked, "no sight of them?"

Fire Angel answered, "none, sir."

The chief of police responded, "then the gagged people might be able to tell us where he went. The criminals were Niveru's brothers."

Spike Girl responded, "thanks for the info, over." She and Fire Angel untied the workers.

Fire Angel asked, "what happened?"

One of the workers explained, "two policemen, or what we thought were policemen, gagged us and left through the backdoor." Fire Angel and Spike Girl went through the backdoor and saw a helicopter take off.

Spike Girl realized, "according to my scanner, the criminals are on that helicopter." She and Fire Angel flew towards the helicopter, bullets shooting from it.

Fire Angel suggested, "quick!" Fire Angel put a hand on Spike Girl.

She checked, "ready?"

Fire Angel answered, "yep." He used his suit to go into the fast dimension with Spike Girl.

Spike Girl gestured, "this way!" She and Fire Angel flew into the helicopter.

Fire Angel suggested, "we're steering this back." He piloted the helicopter towards a landing pad, pushing the criminal at the controls aside as if he were just a statue.

Spike Girl pointed out, "Redra, look out the window." Fire Angel saw out a window of the helicopter Captain United and Silver Man in their powered suits.

Captain United realized, "seems like Sentinel was right, this is a good time to talk to you."

Fire Angel asked curiously, "why?"

Sentinel commented, "I see you work for the government already."

Spike Girl responded, "we work for the Gloda City police, if that counts."

Captain United checked in shock, "only?! How about the United States Government?"

Fire Angel revealed, "not sure at the moment. Spike Girl, you take control of the helicopter. Tell the police that I've got homework to take care of."

Spike Girl responded, "good luck." Fire Angel kissed her. He next flew out of the helicopter.

Fire Angel realized in shock, "the rumors are true? There really is planetary war going on for Earth?!"

Captain United answered, "afraid so, Fire Angel. We need to go someplace safe to talk. There are other superheroes with those powered suits."

Fire Angel checked, "like where?"

Sentinel revealed, "Washington D.C."

Fire Angel realized in surprise, "you work for the United States president?!"

Sentinel answered, "yes, Captain United and me. Follow us."

Fire Angel followed Captain United and Silver Man to the White House in Washington D.C. Captain United revealed, "we're about to go back to real time." She and Silver Man led Fire Angel into the empty oval office. They sat in nearby chairs, but none of them dared to sit in the president's chair.

Sentinel offered, "would you like something to eat or drink?"

Fire Angel answered, "no thanks. I'm not in the mood."

Captain United responded, "suit yourself." Sentinel took out some water bottles filled with coffee and gave one of them to Captain United.

Sentinel suggested, "then to the war at hand."

The 2 nearby Experimental League members unscrewed the tops and drank some. Fire Angel couldn't comprehend why someone would drink something like that. He knew that at least some friends at his high school enjoyed it, but he guessed that they used it to help them catch up on stacking homework. He started realizing how lucky he and his closest friends really are.

Fire Angel thought, "focus on the upcoming battles Redra, or you and the world won't be so lucky anymore. The truly deadly price of being a superhero." He asked out loud, "how did this happen?" Captain United and Sentinel put the drinks away in hidden compartments within their armor.

Sentinel checked, "did you hear about Dark Stalker?"

Fire Angel answered, "from the comics, he was a mutant alien that could potentially kill anyone with poisonous tentacles just by touching their skin. He looked and acted like a cross between a black octopus, a shapechanger, and a serial killer."

Captain United responded, "well, surprisingly, the comics are usually never wrong. He killed a number of politicians recently. Our government decided they had enough."

Fire Angel realized in horror, "so that event did occur."

Sentinel added, "it did, which led to the Defender Registration Act. Want to sign?"

Fire Angel, hoping it wasn't what he thought it was, asked, "for what?"

Captain United explained further, "to agree to the Defender Registration Act."

Fire Angel replied in horror, "I don't want to unmask myself. That's the whole reason I and Spike Girl joined the Gloda City police department."

Sentinel checked, "what was that reason?"

Fire Angel revealed, "the only difference, compared to this, was the option not to have to unmask myself. Gloda City is where I had my childhood, and it's the most flexible police force I know of."

Captain United tried to persuade him, "but you won't just be accepted by Gloda City. You won't have to worry about being mobbed or arrested anywhere else in this country if you register like us."

Fire Angel checked in shock, "what do you mean by mobbed?!"

Sentinel explained solemnly, "that's what happened to one of our members named Red Lantern. Don't you see? The government wants to separate the alien invaders from the real superheroes. They've gotten more paranoid and cautious ever since Dark Stalker's recent kills, but at the same time want to find out who the real superheroes are so they can be trusted to defend the world from criminals. They've realized the same theory could apply to super beings on Earth, so you can just imagine how the line got drawn."

Fire Angel, trying to remain calm, replied, "I'll think it over, that I can promise."

Sentinel responded, "that's all we ask."

A voice sounded from his walkie-talkie, "Fire Angel, come in!"

Fire Angel checked, "yes, what is it, chief?"

The chief of police explained, "Niveru came to the police station with Cy-Krom and Helm."

Fire Angel checked in alarm, "when?"

The police chief started to answered, "they're…"

Fire Angel asked in fear, "Chief? Chief?!" He heard static. He explained, "got to go save the day again. I'll decide on my decision as soon as I can."

Captain United threatened, "you know where to find us. We'll be waiting here. Just keep in mind…if you're not with us, you're against the country."

At the police station in Gloda City, Spike Girl was trying to hold off Knight Niveru, with Cy-Krom and Helm in their powered suits. Niveru's brothers were still in the helicopter and started to take off, policemen firing at them. The police chief ordered over walkie-talkies, "don't let them escape!"

Spike Girl reminded the chief, "I have my hands full stopping these trespassers, over." She threw an electro-smoke bomb at the Crab Brothers.

Knight Niveru exclaimed, "my brothers will be free!"

She had an upgraded suit of armor on, spikes over her shoulders, spiked kneepads, spiked elbows, spiked rocket boots, and a spiked jetpack. Knight Niveru insisted, "you're not getting past me." Spike Girl shot fire missiles at her, Knight Niveru turning her hands into missile launchers to shoot missiles in counterattacks, explosions echoing in the sky.

Spike Girl realized in shock, "you've inherited Joliena's set of metal hands."

Knight Niveru took out her great sword and tried to scrape Spike Girl's neck with it between her armor plating. Spike Girl used her jet-backpack to save herself from falling from the balcony railing directly behind her as she ran backwards to avoid being killed.

Joliena muttered, "time to use my rocket-motorcycle."

Spike Girl realized in surprise, "you built that from Newair's rocket-bike?!"

Knight Niveru answered, "I had help." She jumped onto a dark-green motorcycle on the side of the remaining balcony.

Spike Girl asked curiously, "leaving already?"

Knight Niveru answered, "nope." She pressed a button on the rocket-motorcycle, wings coming out of its sides, rockets coming out of its back. The Crab Brothers shot spinning magnetic spikes at the balcony, the smoke cleared as it fell towards Spike Girl.

Fire Angel pointed out, "I've got this one." He swooped down towards the collapsing balcony and threw it at Knight Niveru.

Spike Girl commented, "perfect timing." Knight Niveru started the rocket-motorcycle and steered it towards the helicopter, the vehicle flying towards the helicopter. The balcony smashed into pieces on the ground.

Spike Girl instructed, "I'll go after Knight Niveru, you hold off Cy-Krom and Helm." Fire Angel nodded.

Spike Girl shot more fire missiles at Knight Niveru. She nearly missed Knight Niveru as she spiraled the rocket-motorcycle around them with one hand and blew them up by piercing the spikes on her armor into them. The criminals in the fleeing helicopter shot at policemen shooting at them from a distance, policemen falling into the police station dead from the shots. Cy-Krom and Helm shot spinning magnetic spikes at them, Fire Angel using his strength to throw the spikes at the helicopter's blades.

One of Niveru's brothers exclaimed, "prepare to jump!" Niveru's brothers jumped onto the police station's roof below from the exploding helicopter, the explosion knocking them faster towards it as their weapons fell to the ground below. Knight Niveru steered the rocket-motorbike towards the roof, but was blocked by Spike Girl.

Spike Girl insisted, "you're not going anywhere." Knight Niveru sped up her rocket-motorcycle and punched Spike Girl in the head with one hand. She fell to the ground below, knocked unconscious. What nobody saw was Genudamor watching the scene from a treetop.

He muttered, "Fire Angel and Spike Girl have to have at least one weakness." The Nebarg were also in the same treetop, watching with Genudamor.

A police officer realized, "you've saved us."

Fire Angel realized, "their weapons are gone, but we're not done here yet."

He swooped down and grabbed Niveru's brothers in the air, only to be hit by the rocket-motorcycle. Fire Angel used his claws to slow down and push off the roof towards Spike Girl, but Niveru's brothers slid from his grasp, down the roof, and onto a high balcony. Spike Girl regained consciousness and flew towards Niveru's brothers. Knight Niveru shot missiles at Spike Girl and Fire Angel while they used their claws and fire power to get through the cloud of missiles. Niveru's brothers got up. They quickly jumped from balcony to balcony, behind unsuspecting policemen's sights, and into a treetop with the chaos around them acting as an invisibility cloak.

One of Niveru's brothers commented, "no one will find us in…oww!" A Nebarg member knocked him out from behind.

The other asked, "no time for a truce?"

Genudamor responded amused, "nice try, but there's no time to create more Nebarg, and we can't be seen." He knocked out the remaining conscious brother of Niveru.

Aygnoe asked, "what do we do with them now?" Genudamor looked at the former Truslin Gobet ID cards of Niveru's parents that he found among Niveru's brothers' processions.

He realized, "they might know how to get into Truslin Gobet. We could reactivate one of their headquarters and use it to track down Fire Angel and Spike Girl, perhaps even any member of the old and new Experimental Leagues. That game show plan will be the last plan of mine they stop. We'll carry those people to my warehouse for questioning. There's nothing left to do here."

Genudamor and the Nebarg flew alongside treetops, concealed in forest and heading towards Warehouse Alley.

Knight Niveru realized, "probably my brothers escaped already."

She landed the rocket-motorcycle on the ground. She instructed, "hop on! My brothers already escaped."

Cy-Krom and Helm went onto the back of the rocket-motorcycle, Fire Angel breathing fire at it. She suggested, "hang on." Knight Niveru steered the rocket-motorcycle to dodge the short bursts of flame. It started to fly into the air. Fire Angel and Spike Girl then saw Genudamor, far away and almost out of sight.

Fire Angel realized, "Genudamor's over there. I'll go after him."

Spike Girl nodded as Fire Angel used his powered suit to follow Genudamor. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb in front of the rocket-motorbike, but Knight Niveru put Joliena's visor on and used the visor to go through it. Spike Girl, not knowing this, went into the cloud of smoke. When the cloud of smoke went away, the rocket-motorbike was gone.

She realized as she took out her walkie-talkie, "my electro-smoke bombs don't work on her anymore, just hope Fire Angel found Genudamor by now. Chief, the prisoners escaped!"

The police chief responded, "I know, Genudamor has them."

Spike Girl asked in disbelief, "what?!"

The police chief revealed, "I saw him with his creations, the Nebarg, carrying the prisoners."

Spike Girl asked, "know where they are now?"

The police chief responded, "not yet, but Fire Angel will find him. You and Fire Angel have always done the best you could for this city."

Spike Girl replied, "thanks for the complement. It means a lot to us. Fire Angel, did you hear?"

Fire Angel responded by walkie-talkie, "yes, Genudamor has the prisoners. I'll see if I can get them out."

Spike Girl checked, "of where?"

Fire Angel revealed, "Warehouse Alley."

Spike Girl responded, "I'll get there as soon as I can."

The police chief replied, "good to know. May God have mercy on our souls." Fire Angel was in Warehouse Alley, keeping his eye on Genudamor as he went into one of the warehouses. He hid behind a trashcan when the Nebarg looked around, until they too went inside.

He muttered to himself, "that was close. Maybe I can figure out what Genudamor's up to before I rescue the prisoners." Fire Angel flew onto the rooftop of the warehouse. He realized, "I can hear their footsteps."

Fire Angel walked on the rooftop towards the sound of the footsteps, until the noise stopped. He figured out, "they're in here."

Fire Angel took out his scanner and scanned the warehouse. He muttered, "there they are." Fire Angel quietly used his claws to open a small hole into the roof, tossing the sliced roof part aside towards another warehouse's roof to avoid this tactic from being discovered easily. The hole opened into a room, where Genudamor and the Nebarg were questioning Niveru's brothers. Fire Angel listened in on Genudamor's conversation.

One of Niveru's brothers was saying, "they were our parents, not us."

Genudamor asked impatiently, "then how did you get those Truslin Gobet ID cards?!"

The other sibling responded, "they gave them to us before they died in World War II."

Sabrhel realized, "then you must at least know something about Truslin Gobet."

The same sibling replied, "our parents told us stories about it, mainly how they tried to stop World War II, but they weren't successful."

Genudamor demanded, "we'll break it down this way for you two: Where is the Truslin Gobet Headquarters around here?"

The other sibling explained, "underground in the sewers, there's an entire headquarters there. Will you let us go now?"

Fire Angel realized, "they're in trouble. Genudamor, let them go!" He widened the hole with his fire breath and swung into the dim-lit room. The Nebarg's claws, ready to kill, surrounded the Niveru's brothers' throats.

Genudamor responded smugly, "Fire Angel, what an unexpected visit." Spike Girl flew into the room.

She reminded him, "you almost forgot Spike Girl."

Genudamor responded, "whatever." Spike Girl groaned, Fire Angel taking a deep breath.

Fire Angel reminded him, "trying to kill people?! That isn't what you do."

Genudamor threatened, "always time for a first time for anything." He dove towards Fire Angel, dodging a blast of fire from him. Fire Angel tumbled out of his way, Genudamor flying towards him with his jetpack. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb at the Nebarg and saw Niveru's brothers run for it.

She commented, "not this time." Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb at Niveru's brothers, the two tripping over a set of stairs and falling unconscious onto the floor. Fire Angel saw the room go ablaze around him.

He commented, "do we always have to have a fire appear?" The Nebarg took out fire extinguishers and used them to try to stop the fire, Fire Angel smiling as he saw Spike Girl fly out of the warehouse with Niveru's brothers in her arms.

Spike Girl reported over her walkie-talkie, "Chief, I've got the prisoners, over."

The police chief responded, "congratulations. Bring them to us." Spike Girl flew to the Gloda City police station and put them back in their cells. The police chief asked in person, "but where's Fire Angel?"

Spike Girl realized in nervousness, "still at the…warehouse. Fire Angel, come in. Fire Angel?!"

Fire Angel replied over his walkie-talkie, "I'll be at the police station soon."

He tried to fly out of the warehouse, but the Nebarg pulled him with their combined strength back into it. He muttered, "this is just not my day."

Fire Angel used his claws to grab onto the hole in the ceiling, bringing a piece of the ceiling crashing down into half of the Nebarg members. He cut a hole into a nearby fire extinguisher, making the fire extinguisher crash into another Nebarg member as he hurled it at him. A burst of water came out of the fire extinguisher's hole, forcing it to move. The two remaining conscious Nebarg members tried to restrain Fire Angel, but he crashed them into each other with his fists, knocking them out.

Genudamor commented, "hard-headed, aren't you?"

He shrunk himself. Fire Angel tried to use his scanner to find him, but he enlarged himself under Fire Angel before he could, Fire Angel using his claws to avoid collapsing on the ground while pulling himself through the hole in the ceiling. Genudamor flew after Fire Angel and punched one of his shoulders, Fire Angel using one of his hands to check to see if the banged-up shoulder was all right. Genudamor grabbed the arm attached to that hand and whammed him into the roof, collapsing it under both, Genudamor and Fire Angel having to fly to avoid falling.

Fire Angel insisted, "you're not getting away from me so easily. I just wanted to avoid property damage if I can help it."

Genudamor tried to punch him, but missed. Fire Angel tried to throw him off, but Genudamor shrunk before he could. A reviving Nebarg member then hit Fire Angel in the back and used his claws to throw him towards the warehouse. Genudamor took out his claws and threw him towards the building even faster.

Fire Angel smiled as he went into the fast dimension, nearly crashing into the room. He commented, "I love the fast dimension, but that was close. I need to think on the 1st war of super beings."

Fire Angel pushed off from the ground and flew away from the warehouse. He realized, "hmm…I've got some free time."

Fire Angel flew to his house and used the laptop computer in his room to search information on 2006 comics. He discovered, "civil war…that explains it all."

Fire Angel searched through the Internet, taking notes down on paper. He deduced, "hmm…Captain United's leading one side called the Reborn Experimental League, while a former member of the Experimental League I haven't heard of before named Captain Country is leading the other in a superhero team called the League of Freedom. Spider Sorceress is a double agent for both sides, Captain United is working with Silver Man to bring down those who refuse to register, Silver Man is against Captain Country, Sentinel registered…A lot of information to sort through, but which side should I take if what Silver Man and Captain United said was true? I still have 2 hours left to find out if the Red Lantern is really in a hospital bed."

Fire Angel flew into New York in search of a hospital. He figured out, "the Red Lantern is in there."

Fire Angel used his claws to unlock the front door to a nearby hospital and ran down the hallways in a panic, searching for the Red Lantern. He muttered nervously, "I hope he's still alive."

Fire Angel jumped over time frozen carts, nurses, and doctors, too scared to even use flying to avoid the obstacles. When he found the Red Lantern, she was lying in a hospital bed, but breathing. He realized teary eyed, "Silver Man and Captain United weren't lying. What do we do?"

Fire Angel flew out of the hospital and back to the police station, going back to real time. He found Spike Girl shortly after and whispered, "Violet, we need to talk."

Violet asked in fear, "you mean, there really is a war going on between superheroes?"

Redra answered, "afraid so, but what side do we choose to be on? Silver Man and Captain United want an answer soon." Fire Angel and Spike Girl had taken off their costumes in Violet's car, out of sight of the policemen from the Gloda City police station.

Violet realized, "if we decide to register, a lot of aliens and other super villains will be against us. If we don't, the Reborn Experimental League will hunt us down. Even I don't think it's an easy choice." Redra and Violet's thoughts were interrupted by sounds coming from their cell phones. They asked, "who's calling?"

A voice answered mysteriously, "Redra and Violet, look out the window." Redra and Violet looked through a window nearby.

The voice continued, "not that window, in front of you."

Redra asked, "wait a minute, how did you…?" Newair waved to Redra and Violet next to the car.

Violet realized amused, "you were there all this time?" Newair nodded.

He revealed, "Knight Niveru and the Crab Brothers have been spotted at the White House. I've hacked into their security cameras." Newair showed Redra and Violet through his cell phone Knight Niveru and the Crab Brothers walking into the Oval Office of the president of the United States.

Spike Girl realized, "Washington D.C."

Newair heard a noise come from his cell phone. He responded, "who is it? Oh. Redra, Violet, sorry I can't help further, but I have to get to my game-testing job. See you two later." Violet and Redra waved as Newair left. They shortly after changed into Fire Angel and Spike Girl. Fire Angel activated his powered suit again, Violet's car going into the fast dimension.

Fire Angel recalled, "I think I remember the path I took to get to the White House before. If I have the path right, we'll get to the White House in time."

Spike Girl suggested, "then take the wheel."

Fire Angel replied, "thanks." He steered the car to the White House.

When they got to the White House, Fire Angel and Spike Girl parked the car in a parking lot close by. Spike Girl realized, "10 minutes left."

Fire Angel realized, "I remember the route I used to get to the Oval Office, follow me!" He and Spike Girl flew past still policemen and halls, until they saw the Oval Office.

She realized, "made it." Clouds began to move.

A short while earlier, in the Oval Office…

Silver Man asked suspiciously, "Niveru, how did you get in here?"

Knight Niveru replied, "I took care of some policemen on my way, and it's Knight Niveru." Cy-Krom and Helm snuck behind Silver Man. Knight Niveru asked, "where's Captain United?"

Silver Man asked back, "why should I tell you?" Helm quickly pinned him to the ground. Cy-Krom made his metal gloves fold into his powered suit, revealing his cyborg-like crab fingers.

Knight Niveru answered darkly, "or he electrocutes you. If you try to contact anyone or escape, same thing happens."

Spike Girl responded, "party's over, Knight Niveru." Knight Niveru turned around to see her and Fire Angel enter the room.

Cy-Krom insisted, "the party's just begun, Fire Angel and Spike Girl." He shot a magnetic field above Silver Man when he tried to break free, making him trapped on the ceiling as Helm let him go.

Helm offered, "tell us where Captain United is, and we'll spare your life."

Silver Man replied smiling, "she's in the Experimental Tower…for all the good that'll do you." Fire Angel dove towards Knight Niveru, the two wrestling each other in mid-air. Knight Niveru took out her sword, blocked his claws with it, and used her spiked rocket boots to swing into Fire Angel. She knocked Fire Angel off balance and out on the floor before he could return to the fast dimension.

Spike Girl cried out, "Fire Angel!" Suddenly, Kram Bots stormed into the room.

Cy-Krom ordered, "dispose of Spike Girl." Spike Girl picked up Fire Angel and ran for it, Kram Bots chasing her as she ran.

Helm reminded him, "let Silver Man go, as agreed."

Cy-Krom replied darkly, "fine with me. Just because we physically did doesn't mean that the Kram Bots have to." He disabled the magnetic field high above, Silver Man using his Jetboots to land safely on the ground.

Knight Niveru instructed, "let's go." Silver Man used his suit of armor to connect to cellular phones of policemen, warning them of the intruders.

Policemen threatened, "we've got you surrounded! You can't escape." Doors closed behind Knight Niveru and her henchmen, policemen aiming guns at them.

Knight Niveru responded, "think again."

She and Cy-Krom shot missiles from their hands to destroy the surrounding bullets, creating a huge cloud of smoke and explosions around them. The Crab Brothers and Knight Niveru ran out of the White House and escaped by using the rocket-motorcycle. When the smoke cleared up, the police couldn't find them.

A police officer wondered, "where'd they go?"

Genudamor, after failing to find Fire Angel, led the Nebarg into the Gloda City sewers through a manhole cover. He muttered, "if they were right…" Genudamor carved a hole into the side of a sewer pipe, revealing dirt.

Aygnoe pointed out, "but Genudamor, didn't they say under the sewers?"

Genudamor explained, "I don't think we should create a flood if a Truslin Gobet Headquarters is there. We'll destroy our chance of reactivating it if we do. How about we start digging a tunnel around it?"

Another Nebarg member realized, "I get it now. We're going into the headquarters itself in a crescent-shaped tunnel, if it really is down there."

Genudamor replied evilly, "right, Sabrhel. Start digging to our victory, my children."

The Nebarg used their claws and extraordinary muscles to start creating a hole through the dirt, Genudamor unscrewing pieces of the sewer pipes with his extra muscles and using them to hold the enlarging hole in place. However, he was careful to only unscrew parts that were higher than the sewer water to make sure they weren't discovered easily.

Spike Girl was still being hunted down by Kram Bots. She realized, "I'm so tired, but I can't stop." The robot army chased her over the White House Pool, Spike Girl disappearing into a cloud above. The Kram Bots shot stun rays at her, Spike Girl being hit by enough of them to fall unconscious herself. She fell out of the cloud, but Fire Angel luckily woke up at the same time.

He asked himself, "where am I?"

Fire Angel saw the cloud above him, Kram Bots shooting missiles at them, himself lying in Spike Girl's arms.

He checked, "Spike Girl? Spike Girl?! Unconscious."

Fire Angel felt her arms drop from underneath him. He quickly breathed fire at a wall of missiles that headed towards them and caught Spike Girl as she fell.

He commented relieved, "whew."

Fire Angel didn't realize that he was right above the pool though. When he destroyed another missile with his fire breath, the impact from the explosion pushed him towards the water. He pushed off of an edge of the pool with his feet, almost crashing into another missile while flying at a good speed. People watched and screamed in panic as Fire Angel flew into nearby clouds. The Kram Bots still chased after him and his girlfriend, continuously shooting missiles and stun rays at the two superheroes as Fire Angel zigzagged and spiraled randomly around the robots. More of the robots got destroyed by their own missiles colliding into them, but other than that, nothing much seemed to change in the chaos in the sky.

The Nebarg and Genudamor used their spiked suits to finish the tunnel, ending up in an abandoned and dark place beyond the sewers above. One of the Nebarg wondered, "where's a light switch?" Genudamor used his helmet's echolocation sensors to find one.

Genudamor realized, "here."

Genudamor flipped a switch nearby, revealing the place to be a closed-up Truslin Gobet room.

He continued, "we found the place we were looking for…now to find their database." Genudamor led the Nebarg through a hallway, searching from room to room.

The remaining Kram Bots chased him, Fire Angel dodging and destroying missiles with his fire breath while his arms were occupied. Eventually though, he was able to lose them by going through a path of clouds.

Once out of their sight, Fire Angel went back into the fast dimension and laid Spike Girl onto a park bench in President's Park, Ellipse. Spike Girl was still knocked out.

Fire Angel thought out loud, knowing no one else can really hear him at this point:

I not only have to worry about this war, I also have an army of Kram Bots chasing me, not to mention the other supervillains from Gloda City.

I can't avoid deciding, but which side do I choose? For people I know, the other side has a bunch of aliens from other planets, and at least 5 or so former members from Earth of the Experimental League working for a team called the League of Freedom, nicknamed the Vigilante League. The Pro-Registration side is the Reborn Experimental League.

If I don't register, I'll only be accepted as a member of society in Gloda City, Captain United and her recently formed superhero team will hunt me down, I have to worry about getting mobbed and arrested elsewhere when in costume, but I don't have to reveal that I am Redra Roggur to anyone because the Gloda City police is more optimistic in comparison to the rest of the government.

The only explanation for that I can think of is the official spy organization Truslin Gobet helping to protect my hometown originally, then expanding over the years to the rest of America. It'd also explain why the government allowed the Experimental League to go free for so long.

However, when Joliena turned on the world because of me taking over protecting the city, it started a pessimistic wave throughout the country, making the government as a whole become more cautious due to the dark events of this summer.

If I register though, I'll be accepted as a member of society anywhere, but I'd have to reveal that I am Redra Roggur to the public, Kram Bots and other villains of any kind could find me much easier, everyone would know I'm responsible for my mother's death, and I'd have to follow the rules of the government. In this case, is it the choice of death or taxes...or death and taxes either way you go?

He thought long and hard...until he realized what to do.

Fire Angel came to the conclusion, "if I destroy those Kram Bots, I don't have to worry about them. Why didn't we think of that before?"

Fire Angel breathed fire and used his claws to destroy as many Kram Bots frozen in time as fast as humanly possibly. He realized, "1 minute left."

Fire Angel destroyed a path of missiles as he flew towards the last eight Kram Bots, not realizing the clouds were moving around him. Before he had a chance to destroy them, the remaining hovering robots punched him backwards. Fire Angel didn't have a chance to go to the fast dimension when they shot missiles at him. He breathed fire at them, but the impact of the explosion hurled him onto the back of a moving school bus.

He realized, "at least the students and teachers that came with that bus went inside already."

The bus driver looked behind her, Fire Angel quickly pulling himself onto the roof.

She muttered, "nah." The bus driver ignored him and decided to lie in her seat instead. Fire Angel flew away from the bus, but a couple of missiles were chasing him, the last Kram Bots following him.

He realized in surprise, "Spike Girl…she's still on that bench."

Fire Angel circled back to where he left Spike Girl, but she regained consciousness.

Spike Girl asked, "what's happening?"

Fire Angel instructed, "quick, this way!" He and Spike Girl zigzagged across the sky, missiles and Kram Bots chasing them.

She suggested, "spilt up!"

Fire Angel sped through alley ways and city streets behind the nearby citizens' sights while Spike Girl soared upward into clouds. Half of the Kram Bots chased Fire Angel, half of them went after Spike Girl.

He breathed fire at some incoming missiles, making a big explosion around him as he flipped in mid-air to push off of some of the robots into a couple of more missiles with his legs. As a result, he gained more momentum and blew up 2 enemy robots from behind.

Fire Angel zoomed over rooftops and spiraled into the clouds, Kram Bots shooting at him with stun rays, him dodging the rays left and right. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb in front of the four Kram Bots chasing her that created a cloud of smoke and then shot fire missiles at them, blowing them up.

She exclaimed, "score!"

Fire Angel went into the cloud of smoke, the two Kram bots left chasing him into it. Spike Girl scanned the cloud of smoke around her.

She realized, "Fire Angel."

The cloud of smoke faded away, the Kram bots shooting stun rays at Fire Angel and Spike Girl. The two Kram Bots strangled Fire Angel with their metallic arms, who was caught off guard.

He cried, "get off!"

Fire Angel kicked them in between their legs from behind, launching them off. He dug his claws into some of their legs, swinging himself above them as the missiles behind him created an explosion that blew up the robots below. As he tried to fly around the explosion, the impact pushed Fire Angel with enough force to almost crash land into a dumpster. He pushed his feet off of its open lid.

Fire Angel soared upwards, leaving the alleyway below to avoid being seen by citizens. He tried to make a sharp turn when he saw he was close to crashing into a nearby helicopter above, the speed accelerating him towards the pool as he turned. Fire Angel pulled himself away from the pool and turned sharply away from the White House. He quickly used his claws to avoid crashing into a nearby water fountain, but fell into it from the impact of stopping at such a fast speed, short-circuiting his powered suit as a big splash followed.

He exclaimed in frustration, "perfect!" Fire Angel got up, took off the useless powered suit with its emergency button, and hurled it into a nearby trashcan upset. Spike Girl landed on the ground next to him.

She asked concerned in a whisper, "something wrong, Redra?"

Fire Angel responded, trying to remain calm, "look in the trashcan over there."

Spike Girl realized in horror, "your powered suit."

Fire Angel replied angrily, "short-circuited! No matter what side we choose, we can't go on without something like this. First my mother, now this! It's going to be pretty hard to survive against either side now, unless we choose one, and soon."

Spike Girl pointed out, "that's not important right now. Our old enemies are up to no good, as usual. We stop them once more, and we'll regain our honor as superheroes, no matter what others think of us, for better or worse. Even if we die for peace, or if something else terrible happens, it's usually for the greater good because evil will never win unless we give up hope. Now, where's Knight Niveru?"

Fire Angel reminded her, slightly relieved, "probably on her way to the Experimental Tower, remember that she asked where Captain United is?"

Spike Girl realized in horror, "we've got to warn her."

She and Fire Angel went back into her car. Spike Girl piloted it to the Experimental Tower before Silver Man could find them. He looked around the White House, but he couldn't find them.

Silver Man realized, "guess they'll decide when to tell me. I've got to get home anyway, to help my leader." He used his Jetboots to head to the Experimental Tower, but little did he know that Fire Angel and Spike Girl was both heading to the Experimental Tower as well.

Genudamor realized in amazement, "the Truslin Gobet view screen." The Nebarg went into a control room, seeing that he found what he was looking for.

Aygnoe asked, "how does it work?"

Genudamor responded, "hmm…"

Aygnoe realized amused, "you don't know how it works, do you?"

Genudamor responded, "no, but maybe we'll get some ideas if we look around." He and the Nebarg zoomed around the room in an intense search, until Sabrhel found something on the ground.

Sabrhel pointed out, "a pile of broken controls and circuitry."

Genudamor instructed, "stand back! Daddy will handle this one." He fixed the pile by turning it into a control module with his claws and knowledge. He pounded it in frustration.

Genudamor muttered, "it doesn't work. Why?!"

Another Nebarg member asked back, "Genudamor?"

He replied, "what?!"

The Nebarg member answered, "you forgot its antenna."

Genudamor responded calmly, "oh. Thank you." He handed the antenna to Genudamor. He begged, "work this time, please!" Genudamor inserted the antenna into the control panel and flipped an "On/Off" switch, the huge view screen turning from black to blue.

Sabrhel realized satisfied, "we're making progress." Genudamor pressed a button on the control panel.

He asked the database, "where's Fire Angel located?"

An emotionless voice sounded, "ID card required."

He realized, "wait a minute." Genudamor took out one of the Truslin Gobet ID cards from his pockets and inserted it into a slot in the control panel on the control module.

The database responded, "welcome to Truslin Gobet, Damson Atcam."

Genudamor asked, "where's Fire Angel located?"

A computer voice responded, "searching…Searching…" The blue view screen showed a window in its center, showing a mini piece of metal on Fire Angel's costume that used to be a micro-camera installed on him by Joliena's work. The voice continued, "tracing…Tracing…" The screen showed the window spilt into two windows: One still showed the mini piece of metal, the other showed a moving picture of Fire Angel himself.

Aygnoe realized in surprise, "in a flying car?! How come we never came across one?"

Genudamor suggested, "maybe it's just one of those things that can slip under the radar." A third window appeared above the previous two, showing a blue car with wings flying through clouds.

The computerized voice continued, "searching for destination…" A fourth window appeared underneath the other three, showing a states map of North America and the flying car. Shortly after, the fourth window showed a line from the car to New York. It showed a circle around a certain spot on New York, and showed a tower with an arrow next to it pointing at the circled spot.

Genudamor ordered the database, "match this tower with a known building."

The computerized voice went on, "matching…Matching…The Experimental Tower."

Genudamor went on, "look up the Experimental Tower through the internet."

The database responded, "looking…Looking…A tower owned by Troy Grindo (Silver Man), located in Manhattan, New York."

Genudamor continued, "plot the quickest route from this building to the Experimental Tower."

The computer asked, "which building are you in?"

Genudamor answered, "Truslin Gobet Headquarters in Massachusetts."

The computer replied, "plotting course…" A fifth window appeared left of the fourth window, showing a list of road directions. Genudamor smiled evilly.

He ordered, "print list." A slot appeared below the view screen and a piece of paper filled with road directions came out of it.

Genudamor revealed, "we've got what we came for." He took out the ID card and put it back into his pockets. He went on, "you can guide the rest of us to the Experimental Tower with this." Genudamor handed Nebarg member Aygnoe the list of directions.

Aygnoe commented sarcastically, "oh, goody." Genudamor and the Nebarg flew back outside by using the way they came in and zoomed towards the Experimental Tower with their jetpacks.

Fire Angel and Spike Girl parked the car next to the Experimental Tower and got out. Spike Girl realized, "Knight Niveru." She pointed at the rocket-motorcycle, which was landing on the roof of the giant tower.

Fire Angel pointed out, "it's going to take a while to get up there." Genudamor and the Nebarg hovered in a cloud next to the giant tower.

He pointed out, "there they are, Fire Angel and Spike Girl." Captain United had an entirely red full body suit on with her codename across its chest and three mechanical arms attached to her. Captain United's insight detected Knight Niveru and the Crab Brothers on top of the Experimental Tower.

She realized, "Niveru." Captain United smashed a window open with one of her arms, flew through it and another window on the other side, and flew alongside a wall of the tower.

Helm checked, "what now?"

Knight Niveru answered darkly, "we don't find Captain United, she'll come to us."

Fire Angel realized, "Captain United." He and Spike Girl flew up alongside the tower.

Spike Girl wondered, "what's she doing?"

Fire Angel commented, "we'll definitely find out soon, won't we?" Silver Man soon after landed on the ground.

He asked himself, "what's going on?"

Silver Man scanned the tower with his helmet.

He realized, "Niveru."

Silver Man used his Jetboots to fly towards the roof. Captain United shot some webbing at the top of the tower and swung herself upwards, disconnecting the webbing and launching herself towards the top of the tower with flying as a way to speed up even further. When she reached the top, Knight Niveru shot missiles at her. Captain United hovered in mid-air, spun around on her side, and web shot the missiles at the same time to collide them into each other. The explosion knocked her back to the roof as she landed on her feet.

Captain United asked, "shouldn't you be in prison, where you're probably going to end up anyway?"

Knight Niveru threatened, "not when I'm the mastermind this time."

Captain United used all of her arms and fists to try to knock out Knight Niveru, she using her sword and spiked parts of her armor to block all five attacks. Fire Angel and Spike Girl reached the top of the tower.

Cy-Krom commented, "great, a little reunion."

Fire Angel replied, "not as great as the celebration that'll follow when you're back behind bars."

Helm chuckled. The Crab Brothers shot magnetic spinning spikes at them, Fire Angel and Spike Girl tumbling out of their path. Genudamor took out a bag of popcorn and watched the fighting scene on the tower.

He asked, "want some? I got it from that Truslin Gobet Headquarters cafeteria before I left."

One of them responded strangely amused, "sure."

The Nebarg ate popcorn and watched the fighting scene as well. Knight Niveru used her rocket boots to flip kick Captain United towards a huge metal balcony many feet below, Captain United using webbing to try to slow her descent. Knight Niveru cut it with her sword. Captain United had to fly and grab onto the nearest wall with her extra limbs, just barely sliding down onto the balcony on her feet as a result. Silver Man saw Captain United flying off of that balcony.

He muttered, "hang on."

Silver Man used a couple of missile launchers built into his chest plating to shoot missiles at Knight Niveru as he used his Jetboots to fly towards the top. Knight Niveru lit her sword on one of her rocket boots and used the aflame weapon to slice the missiles up in half before they touched her, the explosion almost knocking Knight Niveru over as she tried to balance on the edge of the tower's top. Cy-Krom made his gloves go into his powered suit, Helm wrestling with Spike Girl. Fire Angel breathed fire at Cy-Krom, him shooting a magnetic field at another distant balcony below and jumping towards it to escape Fire Angel's fire breath.

Fire Angel muttered, "darn it!"

The magnetic field also attracted Captain United's arms to the field, Knight Niveru using her jetpack and rocket boots to avoid being caught in it. Captain United used her arms to cushion the impact, Cy-Krom's concentration broken and the magnetic field collapsed shortly after. He fell and almost didn't grab the balcony's railing, barely pulling himself up onto it. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb in front of Helm, but it didn't bother him. Helm slammed his arm into her hard, Spike Girl falling past the closest balcony and towards another distant one below.

She commented, "this is getting too old, I should be ready for this kind of thing by now. After all, I'm a super-genius."

Spike Girl used her jet-backpack to fly back up. When she got back up to the top of the tower, Helm rolled up into a shell and bounced her high into the air, almost going into outer space.

Spike Girl's breath was taken away by it and she lost consciousness again as she fell faster and faster towards the tower. Captain United was back on her feet and charging towards Cy-Krom while Knight Niveru was shooting missiles against missiles that Silver Man was shooting at her.

Explosion after explosion went on around the top of the huge tower. Cy-Krom shot magnetic metal spikes at Captain United. She zigzagged through the air and used her metal arms to flip over each spike directly in front of her to dodge them. Fire Angel tried to dive towards Cy-Krom, but Helm grabbed him and swung his own chest into him, bouncing Fire Angel into a tree a long distance below as Helm let go of him.

The impact of the bounce made him tumble over the edge of the top of the tower, having to cling to it with both hands to avoid falling. Fire Angel used his claws to quickly swing from tree branch to tree branch while seeing Spike Girl head towards the ground like a comet.

He muttered, "not now!"

Fire Angel swung off the last branch of the tree to give him enough momentum to catch Spike Girl once more. He pushed off of the ground with his feet and soared upward back towards the top. Cy-Krom shot bolts of lightning at Captain United, Captain United using the metal arms to save herself. It resulted in disabling the arms in the process. Knight Niveru used her jetpack and rocket boots to reach Silver Man and then blew up missiles in his face with her flaming sword, knocking Silver Man out of the air as he concentrated on healing his head. Knight Niveru flew back to her rocket-motorcycle and got onto it, steering it in mid-air towards Captain United below.

She instructed, "create a magnetic field, we've got her now."

Cy-Krom created a magnetic field next to the rocket-motorcycle, Helm, Captain United, and Cy-Krom pulled towards it. When Fire Angel got to the top, he saw that the rocket-motorcycle was moving away from the tower. Captain United was knocked out and tied up to the back of the rocket-motorcycle, with the Crab Brothers and Knight Niveru on it.

She suggested, "Cy-Krom, you can drive."

Knight Niveru took out a water bottle and squirted some of its water onto her sword to put out the flames around it, before the flames continued down her arm. She took out a big pistol, with a black and white cone built into its front and a sturdy trigger.

Knight Niveru warned, "don't try to chase us, or I'll suck your soul out with this!" The rocket-motorcycle disappeared out of sight as Spike Girl woke up.

Spike Girl realized, "she got away?"

Fire Angel responded, "afraid so. Let's go see if Silver Man's okay, I saw him fall towards the ground when I tried to fly back up here."

Spike Girl checked as Fire Angel let her down onto the roof, "you didn't help him back up here?"

Fire Angel answered as Spike Girl got up, "I had my hands full." He and Spike Girl dove back to the ground below, where they saw Silver Man ready to walk into the tower.

Spike Girl checked worried, "you okay?"

Sliver Man replied, "don't worry about me, I've got a good healing factor, but enough about me. Given the circumstances, which side are you on, Fire Angel and Spike Girl?"

Fire Angel glanced at Spike Girl. He slowly turned to face Silver Man.

He sighed. Fire Angel answered a little intimidated, "depends on which side Spike Girl's on. No matter what happens, I don't want to have to have to fight her in this war. As a matter of fact, I don't want to lose her either if I can help it, and I know she has the same thoughts about me."

Spike Girl responded, "thank you. Hmm…back when the Experimental League helped us go into that cave, if it wasn't for your powered suits, we wouldn't have the chance to stop Joliena. Seems like you need help this time, according to what we just witnessed here and now, and Captain United helped us two times in the past. We'll help you get Captain United back, no other superhero knows more about Knight Niveru than we do."

Silver Man started asking, "does that mean you'll…?"

Spike Girl realized, "register? I'm sure I will. Not sure about Fire Angel though."

Fire Angel responded, "it'll be hard, I admit, but my father has a right to know. I deserve the consequences for telling the world who I am because I didn't tell him what happened a month or so ago when I should have. I just wish I could've told him earlier the day my mother died for the greater good, it would've been easier to tell him then."

Silver Man was reminded that his 1st girlfriend died a year or so ago.

He revealed sympathetically, "I know what it's like to lose someone."

Spike Girl led Silver Man and Fire Angel to her car. Silver Man used his self-repairing helmet to notify Captain United's family in the Experimental Tower through communications about Knight Niveru kidnapping her. Genudamor threw the empty bag towards a trashcan, but just missed it.

He muttered, "shoot!" Fire Angel noticed the bag.

He responded, "wait, I'll get that."

Fire Angel was about to put the bag into a trashcan, when he saw one of the Truslin Gobet ID cards in it.

He asked himself confused, "where did this come from?" Fire Angel took out the ID card and put it in his pockets. Fire Angel put the greasy bag into the trash and went back into the car.

He suggested as he took out the ID card, "look at what I found."

Spike Girl commented, "weird, never heard of him."

Silver Man pointed out, "but isn't Damson Atcam dead?"

Fire Angel started to ask, "how did you know about…?"

Silver Man answered, "the president told me about Truslin Gobet, it went out of business weeks ago though." Spike Girl scanned it with his scanner, realizing it was a real ID card.

She asked over the phone, "wait a minute. Newair?"

Newair responded, "talk fast, I'm supposed to be game-testing in a couple of minutes."

Spike Girl asked, "do you think you could find Damson Atcam in Truslin Gobet files?"

A miscellaneous voice sounded over the phone, "game-testing "Experimental League Rivals" starts now."

Newair realized, "got to go, I'll find out later." He hung up.

Spike Girl revealed, "we'll have to wait for a reply."

Silver Man reminded them, "and in the meantime, if you want to register, you have to reveal your identities to the government." Fire Angel gulped and nodded.

Spike replied, "we're ready."

Silver Man suggested, "then let's pay a visit to Washington D.C." He steered the car back to the White House in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile...what happened to Captain United? The answer is here.

She woke up in a cave, with Knight Niveru aiming the pistol at her. Knight Niveru instructed, "get up! Try to escape and I'll use this soul gun to kill you." Cy-Krom and Helm were alongside her. Captain United only had her civilian clothes on, her long red hair down to her waist.

She asked startled, "what happened to my…?!"

Knight Niveru revealed, "powered suit? It's disassembled. I've got a job for you, prisoner."

Captain United asked angrily, "what is it?!"

Knight Niveru explained further, "make me a time machine out of this pile of parts I have..."

She gestured towards a huge pile of pieces of circuitry and materials behind her, Captain United turning around to see it.

Knight Niveru challenged, "…by midnight. Too hard for a genius?"

Captain United began building, glaring at her beforehand. Knight Niveru ordered, "keep an eye on her Helm, in case she tries something." She handed the soul gun to Helm and walked out of Captain United's new work area with Cy-Krom.

Cy-Krom checked, "think she can make it?"

Knight Niveru theorized, "if slowing and speeding time is possible, I think it's possible to create a time machine."

Cy-Krom pointed out, "couldn't you program one after I built it?"

Knight Niveru chuckled evilly. She explained, "it would be less fun than having Captain United do it for us."

Knight Niveru sat on a metal throne, her cat shortly after sitting in her lap. She petted the cat and looked at a monitor near the throne, the monitor showing Captain United still building a time machine and Helm keeping an eye on her.

The following night, Fire Angel and Spike Girl revealed their identities to the world in a press conference from Washington D.C. Shortly after the press conference, they dropped Silver Man at the Experimental Tower. Fire Angel revealed, "we'll call you if we find Captain United."

Silver Man responded, "here's my phone number." Spike Girl and Fire Angel noted the number down. Spike Girl waved to Silver Man and was about to drop Fire Angel at his house. Their phones rang.

Newair revealed over the phone, "hey guys. I'm sorry for calling so late, but I found Damson Atcam's profile."

Spike Girl asked, "good, could you brief us on him?"

Newair answered, "look on the laptop computer in Redra's room, I'm downloading the profile onto it. You are near his house, right?"

Fire Angel started to ask, "how did you…?"

Newair answered, "simple, I used the nearest orbiting satellites to track you down."

Fire Angel responded with a chuckle, "at least some things don't change."

Spike Girl responded, "right now though is probably a good time to go to bed after such a hard day, so good night Newair."

Newair responded, "good night." He hung up.

Fire Angel and Spike Girl flew into Fire Angel's room. Spike Girl realized, "he's right, there's the file on the screen."

Fire Angel asked nervously, "umm…Violet?"

Spike Girl asked back, "yeah?"

Fire Angel realized in horror, "Saldi's supposed to be sleeping in this room. She's missing." A sleeping bag was on the floor, empty and out of place.

Spike Girl deduced, "more like kidnapped."

Fire Angel realized, "oh no. Well, whoever they are, the kidnappers didn't go through this window. Come on!" He led Spike Girl downstairs, where they saw a backdoor ripped off its hinges.

Spike Girl pointed out, "Knight Niveru and the Crab Brothers aren't this barbaric."

Fire Angel asked, "then who's behind this?" He led Spike Girl through the backdoor's doorway, seeing that his dog Roma was jumping over a backyard fence. He realized, "the kidnappers can't be far, we've still got a chance. Roma, what's going on?"

Roma answered, "two figures have Saldi."

Fire Angel suggested, "lead the way." Roma led him and Spike Girl to the entrance to an old abandoned house in the forest with cobwebs all over it.

Spike Girl guessed, "A haunted house?"

Fire Angel realized, "look, there are the two figures." He scanned them. He realized in shock, "they're Kram Bots?!"

Spike Girl pointed out, "but didn't we destroy them all?"

Fire Angel realized, "there's only one way to find out." The two truly last Kram Bots carried sleeping Saldi into the house, closing the front door behind them.

Spike Girl commented, "come on out, we've got you." She opened the door, but saw that the two Kram Bots disappeared from sight in nearly pure darkness.

Fire Angel wondered, "where are they?"

Spike Girl realized, "wait, footsteps." She and Fire Angel flew towards the sound, the sound getting louder as they ran up a flight of stairs.

A spooky voice called out, "who dares walk into our home?!" It echoed loudly throughout the house, bats moving out and into bat houses next to open windows around Fire Angel and Spike Girl, many cobwebs spread across corners and ceilings. A door then opened and closed.

Fire Angel realized, "over there." He, Spike Girl, and Roma went through a nearby door, finding the two Kram Bots scanning Saldi, Saldi's limbs bound to a table by handcuffs, leg irons, and chains.

Spike Girl exclaimed, "let her go!"

One of the robots responded, "Fire Angel, and Spike Girl. We were expecting you."

Fire Angel pointed out, "I thought Kram Bots don't usually talk."

The other robot asked, "don't you recognize our voices, Fire Angel?"

Fire Angel realized in horror, "you're the Truslin Gobet robots that killed my mother?!"

The same robot explained further, "we stored our memory banks and data into a couple of Kram Bots, before Niveru scraped our former bodies. After realizing who you were from the news recently, we looked up your bio from a Truslin Gobet Headquarters…"

Spike Girl realized glumly, "and captured one of our friends to lure us here."

The other robot responded, "exactly." The two Kram Bots pressed a button, the table disappearing through a huge slot by a fast conveyor belt, Saldi disappearing with it.

Fire Angel called out, "Saldi!"

The same robot exclaimed evilly, "payback time!" The two Kram Bots shot missiles at Fire Angel and Spike Girl, Fire Angel and Spike Girl using their claws and fire power to destroy them.

Spike Girl insisted, "it'll be quicker and less painful if you just give up."

The other robot revealed, "we have a backup." The 2nd Kram Bot flipped a switch, sending a high-pitched noise echoing across the house that the two superheroes had to cover their ears from to avoid going deaf.

The same robot revealed to their horror, "Saldi is being scanned right now, feeding information into us and telling about your fears, Fire Angel."

Fire Angel dared, "then name them."

The other robot revealed, "losing your powers."

Spike Girl responded, "typical of a superhero, you can do better than that."

The same robot continued, "that you can breathe fire, yet you can burn up in it… that you're afraid of failing at your job as a superhero, of your father's future actions, losing everyone that you love…"

Fire Angel commented, "big deal, you got that from the profile."

The other robot replied, "ughh…forget it, it's time for judgment day!"

The Kram Bots pulled down some levers, creating a fire in the room and setting the place to self-destruct in 10 minutes.

The same robot continued, "well, Fire Angel and Spike Girl, guess we won't see you two again."

The two Kram Bots teleported out of the house, the room ablaze closing in on the two superheroes. A door started to close on them. Windows were sealing off around them by metal plating sliding in front of them.

Spike Girl suggested, "I'll get Saldi."

She rammed herself into a wall making the slot even bigger. Fire Angel held the door open, the metal door threatening to crush Fire Angel.

Spike Girl realized relieved, "she's still here."

She pulled out the table from the slot, the table falling out of it and skidding across a maze of flames on the floor. Fire Angel ripped the door off with strength he didn't realize he had, the skidding table crashing into him and pushing him backwards onto the fallen door.

Fire Angel responded, "sorry about that." He pushed off of the metal door and swung in front of the doorframe behind him, landing onto the sliding table below.

Spike Girl theorized, "this'll hold off the fire for a while." She used her feet to stop the table from sliding, but her strength made the hallway start to snap under the weight of the table, Saldi, Fire Angel, and Spike Girl, creating a growing hole in the hallway's floor.

Fire Angel pointed out, "we don't have much time. They set the whole place to detonate, and we only have 6 minutes left!" Spike Girl used her spikes to rip Saldi free and carry her away from the falling table. Saldi then woke up from a crashing noise from below.

Saldi asked confused, "what am I doing out of bed?"

Fire Angel responded, "no time to explain!" Suddenly, the table hit the concealed detonator downstairs, causing the 1st floor to go aflame.

Saldi realized, "we'll have to call firefighters to put out this fire."

Spike Girl pointed out, "then we might as well get out of here, this place will blow up very soon." Fire Angel saw a swarm of mice and rats run outside to get away from the fire by using a backdoor.

He realized in desperation, "those rodents might show us a way out." Fire Angel, Spike Girl, Saldi, and Roma followed the mice and rats to a mouse hole on the 1st floor.

Saldi responded, "so much for that idea."

Fire Angel guessed, "wait. Know where there's another way out?"

One of the rodents answered, "A large opening, next to the staircase to your right."

Fire Angel replied, "thanks."

Spike Girl responded, "let's hope we don't have to resort to that again." She, Fire Angel, Saldi, and Roma saw a large hole in a wall where the detonator used to be.

Fire Angel realized, "there it is!" Flames grew bigger.

Saldi pointed out, "seems like we can't walk through it without burning up."

Spike Girl realized, "then we'll just have to fly over it, hold on!" She flew towards the hole, carrying Saldi past random flames. Fire Angel followed Spike Girl, carrying Roma through the hole the same way.

Saldi revealed, "the firefighters are on their way, I just called them." She put away her cell phone. The house blew up behind them, the fire spreading throughout the forest around them.

Fire Angel muttered, "they'd better hurry." Some trees fell in front of his and Spike Girl's path, Fire Angel and Spike Girl dodging fire left and right. Fire trucks came. He commented, "perfect timing! Now let's get out of here."

Spike Girl thought to herself, "wonder if this is the last time we'll see those Kram Bots." She and Fire Angel dodged bursts of water and fire to escape, tired once out of the forest.

Saldi pointed out, "I think we'll walk after that little adventure." Fire Angel, Saldi, and Roma went home while Spike Girl went back to her apartment.

The next day, Captain United had finished building the time machine. Knight Niveru schemed, "think it's time to give Fire Angel and Spike Girl a message." She pressed a button on her throne and a second monitor appeared next to the throne, which showed the word "SENDING" across its screen.

When Redra and Saldi woke up, Redra found on his laptop a window which showed the words "Printing finished" and also an OK button in it.

He clicked on the button with the computer mouse. Redra realized confused, "I never had my laptop print something last night." He looked at a printer nearby and saw a piece of paper sticking out of a slot on top of it. Redra thought, "hmm…" He took out the piece of paper and saw that it was a letter which said:

Redra Roggur/Fire Angel,

Since you're working for the U.S government, I suppose you want Captain United back. You want to see her again, you'll have to pay my price. Get a weapon that sucks electricity and transfers it into any machine that can be connected to it by a single wire. Bring that weapon to my cavern at noon this Friday, or you'll never see Captain United again!

Knight Niveru.

He realized, "maybe Newair or Violet could make it." There was a knock on Redra's bedroom door.

A voice sounded, "Redra, I need to talk to you." Redra's dad opened the door.

Redra asked, "what about?"

His dad asked anxiously, "do you know what happened to Joliena?"

Redra asked back, already knowing what's coming, "why do you ask?"

His dad answered, "I've heard that you're Fire Angel, so I thought you might've known."

Redra solemnly revealed with a sigh, "she was killed by robots."

His dad suggested, "at least we could give her a proper burial."

Redra revealed further, "sorry, but her body's missing."

His dad asked worried, "what do you mean?"

Redra answered, "her body is still in a cavern. I'll see if I can recover the body, dad."

His dad responded wisely, "I hope you can. Even though I know she went crazy, I think Joliena would appreciate a proper burial. You did what you had to do. Breakfast is ready downstairs."

Redra nodded, and asked Newair to build the kind of weapon described in the letter after his father left the room. Newair started working on it when Redra went downstairs to eat.

After breakfast, Redra started reading Damson Atcam's file on his laptop.

He realized, "he had two sons and a daughter. I wonder…there are pictures." Redra looked at a couple of pictures on separate windows. He figured out in shock, "his sons look like…Niveru's brothers, and their daughter is probably Niveru herself. This file says that their parents died trying to stop World War II as spies for Truslin Gobet. Beforehand, they left them in an orphanage…that exploded due to an enemy attack on America. That explains why they became homeless."

Redra closed the file with a sigh. He heard the doorbell ring. Redra looked out a window and saw Violet's car parked outside. He called out, "I'll get it!"

Redra went downstairs and opened the front door, seeing Violet on the other side of it.

Violet revealed, "Silver Man wants to talk to us at the Experimental Tower A.S.A.P." She and Redra changed into Spike Girl and Fire Angel and got into Violet's car. Spike Girl flew the car towards the Experimental Tower.

Fire Angel started to ask, "what did your parents do when they heard that…?"

Spike Girl revealed with regret, "they got scared out of their minds."

He wondered, "what do you think they'll do?"

Spike Girl revealed with a sigh, "I don't know yet. How did your dad take it?"

Fire Angel answered vaguely, "let's just say I didn't get grounded or something."

Spike Girl commented, "at least one of us isn't."

When they got to the Experimental Tower, they saw Silver Man waiting for them in front of the Experimental Tower. He pointed out, "before we go in, do you know about the latest team of super beings that just started to get noticed?"

Spike Girl realized in shock, "you mean the…Warlords?"

Fire Angel asked back in horror, "the small but powerful neutral team that's bringing long-time supervillains and superheroes from both sides to their team, their services to the highest bidder, or to death?!"

Silver Man revealed, "the same one that surprisingly wants to help. This way."

He led Fire Angel and Spike Girl into the Experimental Tower and showed them another former member of the Experimental League named Wave Board.

Fire Angel asked curiously, "wait a minute, what happened to the rest of your team?"

Wave Board revealed, "they're busy, and I decided to help myself for a price in millions."

Silver Man explained, "desperate times, desperate measures…and I had the cash."

Spike Girl realized, "except you? You must be the Warlords' leader."

Wave Board responded amused, "and you must be Fire Angel and Spike Girl. I viewed as possible future events that Niveru might travel through time and Captain United might get captured, so I came to the Experimental Tower to see if an event happened already."

Fire Angel realized in surprise, "Niveru has a time machine?! Now I've hear everything."

Silver Man explained further, "I told him that Captain United was captured."

Fire Angel asked over his phone, "Newair, did you finish making the weapon? We only have 10 minutes left."

Wave Board wondered, "what are you talking about?" Fire Angel handed the letter he got from Knight Niveru to Wave Board.

Newair answered happily, "all finished."

Wave Board asked, "hmm…where is this cavern?"

Spike Girl answered, "we know where it is, but can we trust you?"

Wave Board responded, "when someone pays for my services, I follow it to the letter, no tricks. It's just good business. That's why I and my team are called the Warlords. We help make serious changes that shape the future of the world, and we get our rewards ahead of time because we're beings of our word. We're purely neutral, only influencing the world for hire. All that motivates us is cash and power. If we were to go back on our word, we'd be out of business. I suggest you show me."

Fire Angel and Spike Girl went back into the car with Wave Board and Silver Man following.

Wave Board revealed, "I'll beam the weapon to you."

Fire Angel pointed out, "then couldn't you just beam us into the cavern?"

Wave Board revealed, "I can only beam items. Accidents can happen if I use it on beings. How else do we kill super beings that disagree with our other options?"

Fire Angel nodded in fear as a gun appeared next to him. Silver Man tried to hold back signs of disgust.

Spike Girl commented, "forget we asked."

Fire Angel realized, "we're late?!" Wave Board then viewed another possible event, that Captain United might be murdered.

When they got to the cavern, Wave Board transported the car back in time to 11:55 a.m. Silver Man asked, "what did you do?"

Wave Board revealed calmly, "I just transported us through time."

Spike Girl pointed out, "you never told us you could do that."

Wave Board pointed out, "we don't reveal much of our powers to others to catch possible enemies off guard."

Fire Angel realized, "5 minutes left." They got out of the car. He and Spike Girl scanned the cavern and found Knight Niveru deep within it.

Spike Girl realized, "this way, fast!" Silver Man, Wave Board, Fire Angel, and Spike Girl located Knight Niveru.

Silver Man pointed out, "Knight Niveru, we've got your weapon."

Knight Niveru responded, "then give it to me! No tricks, or Captain United gets killed." She pressed a button on her throne, lowering a chained-up Captain United towards a field of spikes right next to the cave where the throne was.

Fire Angel responded, "here's your weapon." He threw the gun to Knight Niveru.

She pointed out, "I see that you've brought Silver Man and Wave Board with you."

Knight Niveru pulled a lever, releasing a black dragon into the cave.

She revealed darkly, "I've made a robot from the remains of that dragon, I just gave it a paint job and a new brain. I'm going to kill you anyway. Destroy Fire Angel and Spike Girl!"

The dragon robot charged towards Fire Angel, the horns in front of its head aimed at him. He flew out of the way, the dragon robot knocking Silver Man over by accident. Helm and Cy-Krom then walked into the room.

Knight Niveru insisted, "kill them!"

Cy-Krom shot a bolt of lightning at Wave, Wave hovering out of its way. Knight Niveru then pressed a button, lowering Captain United towards the spiked field.

Wave Board muttered, "no you don't!" He flew towards Captain United, but Helm shot spinning magnetic spikes at stalactites above. Wave was knocked towards the spikes, him barely missing them.

Cy-Krom responded coldly, "you're not winning today."

He shot a bolt of lightning at Wave Board, catching him off guard. Silver Man flew towards him, Knight Niveru using the gun and a targeting system to suck power from the remaining gun turrets on the moon. The energy transferred from the gun to the time machine. Silver Man used his missile launching chest plate to destroy Captain United's chains, Captain United flying in random patterns to avoid the spikes.

She commented, "good time to come, Silver Man." Wave fell into the spikes, Silver Man trying to heal him. Captain United's insight showed Cy-Krom about to hit him. She dodged his attack, Cy-Krom and Helm flying towards her. Silver Man carried Wave Board out of the cavern. Fire Angel and Spike Girl were wrestling with the robot dragon.

Knight Niveru called out, "this way!" Knight Niveru went into the time machine with her cat and the Crab Brothers.

Spike Girl realized, "the time machine." She and Fire Angel tried to swing their way past the robot dragon with claws and flying power, but it whacked them onto the time machine.

Fire Angel responded, "hold on!" He and Spike Girl pulled themselves towards the door of the machine, the time machine shaped like a square box.

Spike Girl pointed out, "is this thing vibrating?" Captain United tried to get to the time machine, Silver Man trying to heal Wave Board. The time machine started to fade. It disappeared. Captain United spiraled in mid-air to avoid spikes again.

She realized in surprise, "they went with the time machine."