Fire Angel II: Fire Angel Returns

Chapter 5:


The time machine appeared in the Experimental Tower, Captain United and Wave Board awaiting their arrival. Silver Man, Fire Angel and Spike Girl got out of the machine, Genudamor spying on them. Fire Angel left the Experimental Tower and headed towards Gloda City, carrying Joliena's body with him. Spike Girl waved goodbye to Silver Man, Captain United, and Wave Board. She followed Fire Angel back to Gloda City.

Captain United wondered, "umm…what do we do with it?"

Silver Man pointed out as he handed Wave Board a suitcase full of money, "your decision, captain. I'll be back soon." He left the room.

Wave Board commented, "looks like my work's done here, reward for the day in my pockets." He saluted as he disappeared from sight. Genudamor shrunk himself to try to get into the time machine. Captain United's insight detected him though. She opened the time machine.

She ordered, "put your hands up and step away from the machine!" Genudamor returned to full size.

He chuckled. He responded, "have it your way."

Genudamor kicked Captain United as he grabbed onto the doorframe and swung out of the machine. She almost crashed through a nearby window, but at the last minute flew at Genudamor in a charge. Genudamor shrunk himself, being able to easily dodge her arms as she tried to restrain him.

Captain United responded in fury, "you're time grounded!" She quickly shot multiple webbing at the time machine, holding onto it and ready to hurl it out of the window to be smashed to pieces below.

Genudamor replied, "I'm old enough to take care of myself." He enlarged himself in front of Captain United. She quickly shifted the webbing to her metal arms as she flip kicked Genudamor backwards into the air.

Captain United pointed out, "you should be in a mental hospital!" Genudamor grabbed one of the metal arms and got ready to cut it to pieces. Captain United kicked from behind, hurling Genudamor into the huge horizontal web attached to the time engine.

Genudamor insisted, "I've got bigger plans in mind."

Captain United quickly used her arms to spin the webbing into a cocoon that encased Genudamor head to toe. She hurled them both at the nearest window, the window shattering to pieces. The glass shards disconnected the cocoon from Captain United as it plunged to Genudamor's doom. She dove down towards the nearby forest below as the impact broke the time machine to pieces, the metal pieces and tree branches tearing the cocoon apart. To her surprise though, no blood or sign of life came from it.

Captain United wondered worried, "where'd he go?"

Genudamor was gone. But...something even more powerful would arrive soon.

Knight Niveru found her way back to the entrance of the cavern from before, accompanied by the Crab Brothers and with no armor of any kind on her. She realized with a groan, "the time machine's not here."

Helm checked, "so, what now?"

Knight Niveru revealed, "I have a backup plan."

She took out her visor and looked at the sky, using the visor to scan into outer space.

Knight Niveru realized, "bingo! Cy-Krom, think you could make a magnetic field in outer space at that exact point?" She pointed somewhere at the sky. She went on, "there's a metallic asteroid out there, aim for it."

Knight Niveru handed the visor to Cy-Krom, Cy-Krom putting it up to his eyes.

He figured, "I see it."

Knight Niveru suggested, "see something dark silver within the space rock?"

Cy-Krom started to say, "yeah..."

Knight Niveru instructed, "make sure that that metallic asteroid carries the dark red thing down here, any way you can."

Cy-Krom looked confused, but he created a magnetic field and pulled the metallic asteroid towards him so that it carried the strange object from outer space along with it.

Helm wondered, "why do you want that object?"

Knight Niveru explained, "that object's an enemy of Captain United called Dark Stalker…people even say that because he's like a humanoid chameleon, even to insight, no one can detect or defeat him without extra help…unless he wants to be. After he disposes of the leader of the Experimental League and gets his wishes, he'll probably help me in return by eliminating Fire Angel and Spike Girl."

Helm pointed out, "but isn't he a dangerous murderer, even by our standards?!"

Knight Niveru revealed, "yes, but his personal attack vessel was destroyed by the Experimental League. He escaped by shape-changing into an asteroid. Due to the nature of space in the asteroid field we know of, it collected enough tiny asteroids in orbit to make a prison of rock over time…space cryogenics. At least that's what he believed would save him from the Experimental League. We're going to revive him."

Cy-Krom pointed out, "he's been floating long enough to die already."

Knight Niveru assured him, "we'll find out soon enough." The metallic asteroid crashed into the ground, Dark Stalker falling out of the burning up rock shell.

Helm checked, "Cy- Krom, he's conscious?"

Cy-Krom revealed to his surprise, "slowly becoming so."

Knight Niveru wondered, "how so?"

Cy-Krom explained further, "he's regenerating."

Knight Niveru realized, "well, how in space is he...?! This might be easier if I use them myself." She took her visor back from Cy-Krom. She deduced amused, "seems like his race the Anars has a healing factor."

Helm wondered, "what exactly is a Anar?"

Knight Niveru explained, "you don't read comics? Never mind. An Anar is just a humanoid alien being that is usually a slave to a member of a parasite race called the Lav. The government on their homeworld unites both races through mating and producing hybrid offspring in a huge attempt to conquer every other race they come across through combined power. We'll make sure that we're not victims ourselves. In the meantime, we wait."

Meanwhile, next to Redra's house, recently put up, was a tombstone with the words "Joliena Roggur" carved on it. Redra was standing next to it with his father, Saldi, and Violet. A while ago, the former members of Truslin Gobet and Newair left the official funeral to go to their jobs. Truslin Gobet's remaining former members have recently joined police forces and secret services across the country. The funeral had ended a half hour ago. Redra wondered, "what do you think, dad?"

His dad solemnly responded, "Joliena would be pleased." Violet's cell phone rang.

Violet realized, "sorry, it's my cell phone. Violet Jayen here."

One of her parents called out over the phone, "we need you at home, now!"

Violet responded, "I'm on my way. Hope to see you all later." Violet activated her jet-backpack and started flying home, Saldi and Redra waving at her.

Saldi checked, "need some time alone?"

Redra answered, trying to hold back tears, "thanks, I'd like that." Saldi nodded and accompanied Redra's dad into the house. Redra muttered to himself sadly, "to have Joliena die twice, to be there to see both happen..." Redra sat next to the tombstone in grave silence.

When Violet got to her apartment building, her parents were waiting for her. She started to ask confused, "why did you...?" Violet saw her jet-backpack and two other suitcases packed up nearby.

Her dad revealed, "we've decided it would be better for you to move to the Experimental Tower."

Violet demanded, almost in tears, "why?!"

Her mom explained, "for our safety, now that everyone knows you are Spike Girl. We're still responsible for you and don't want you to be killed in your sleep by a villain."

Violet pointed out upset, "come on, I've proven that I could take care of myself more than once!"

Her dad went on, "sorry, but if you were 18, it'd be a different story. You need superhero supervision. We've already packed your things, we move to the Experimental Tower tomorrow." Violet took the jet-backpack and got her Spike Girl spiked armor out of a closet.

She pointed out, "not if I move out by myself. I'm going to prove my point, no matter what it takes!" Violet put on the spiked armor and her jet-backpack and flew straight through a window, glass falling into the building. When it stopped falling, Spike Girl disappeared from sight. Her parents sighed in frustration.

After a while of crying, being upset, and thinking hard about what to do, Violet's mom pointed out, "Fire Angel might be able to help us find her." She dialed Redra's cell phone number.

Redra started to head into his house, when his cell phone rang. He checked, "Redra here, who's calling?"

A familiar voice answered worried, "Violet's parents…Violet is missing!"

Redra responded, "you're kidding, right? Oh, you're not? Sorry. Wait, I've got another call. Who's calling?"

Another familiar voice answered, "Newair. A mysteriously returning Dark Stalker is wreaking havoc in New York."

Redra pointed out, "doesn't Captain United's league take care of her villains, and Violet and I take care of ours?"

Newair explained, "but the Crab Brothers are with him."

Redra replied sadly, "oh no. I'm on it, Newair."

Newair checked, "what about Violet?"

Redra revealed, "she's gone missing, think you could locate her?"

Newair replied, "I'd have to hack into satellites without anyone else knowing, but that's not a problem."

Redra responded worried, "call me if you find her."

Newair replied confidently, "you can count on me Redra." He hung up.

Redra went on, "I'll be sure to call you when I find Violet."

Violet's dad replied, "we appreciate it." Both of Violet's parents hung up. Redra changed into his Fire Angel costume and flew towards New York.

He realized in shock, "Dark Stalker, who's one of Captain United's most murderous adversaries and not dead after all, working for Knight Niveru?! It must be a nightmare, but in that case, where's Knight Niveru herself?"

To answer that question, Knight Niveru, who still had no armor on, was in the abandoned Truslin Gobet Headquarters of Massachusetts with Genudamor. He checked, "what's the progress of the Crab Brothers so far?"

Knight Niveru responded, "I'll need one of those Truslin Gobet cards first."

Genudamor sighed. He replied, "very well." Genudamor handed a Truslin Gobet card to Knight Niveru, Knight Niveru using it to gain access to the Truslin Gobet view screen.

She responded as she checked the card, "good…very good. Got the time engine?"

Genudamor revealed, "yeah, but it's been damaged."

Knight Niveru checked nervously, "how damaged is it? My master plan depends on that engine!"

Genudamor explained further, "let's just say that 2 days later, the time engine might be repaired without any spare parts." A bag of webbing made out of the broken cocoon from earlier held the remains of the time machine.

Knight Niveru checked, "and if you get new parts?"

Genudamor pointed out, "then it'll be finished sooner."

Knight Niveru sighed. She went on, "I didn't need to ask to know that! I'll deal with it later then." She put the card into the database. Knight Niveru asked it, "where's Doctor Cy-Krom located?"

The database responded, "searching...Searching..." The Truslin Gobet view screen made a window appear that showed a picture of the state of New York. A little dot on the picture with the words "Doctor Cy-Krom" was next to it.

Knight Niveru instructed, "show who matches the dot." Another window appeared next to the previous one, showing a picture of Doctor Cy-Krom himself.

Knight Niveru went on, "it's him. Magnify the background around the dot." A third window appeared below the other two, which showed the Crab Brothers and Dark Stalker in Times Square in New York. She revealed, "their progress will be seen here. If they return here with the parts needed for that hologram projector you told me about, I just might be able to search for those spare parts." Knight Niveru chuckled, her long red hair touching her hips.

Genudamor responded, "then I should get a list started." He took out a pencil and paper and began writing names of parts on the piece of paper. He pointed out, "but you know something? I could've located Cy-Krom myself."

Knight Niveru groaned. She reminded him, "we're supposed to be partners if this plan is going to work."

Genudamor sighed. He responded, "very well." Suddenly, 2 Kram Bots came into the Truslin Gobet headquarters, carrying unconscious Spike Girl with them.

Knight Niveru realized, "wait a minute, I thought all of the Kram Bots were destroyed."

One of the Kram Bots hinted, "remember the Truslin Gobet robots you tried to scrap?"

Knight Niveru gulped.

Genudamor sighed. He commented, "this isn't going to be as easy as I thought."

In Times Square, Dark Stalker and the Crab Brothers were battling Captain United and Fire Angel, potential hologram projector parts hidden nearby. Policemen were trying to shoot down Dark Stalker and the Crab Brothers, but gave up when they realized that they might hit Captain United and Fire Angel due to Dark Stalker confusing them with his shape changing. He first shape changed into a small kid to sneak attack a bunch of police. His next shape changing stunt was killing even more police by being disguised as one of them. When Captain United and Fire Angel arrived though, he decided to help the Crab Brothers due to the police giving up the shooting and the fact that the Crab Brothers got defeated before by superheroes more often than himself.

Captain United wondered, "Fire Angel, what happened to Spike Girl?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "even I don't know the answer to that myself."

Captain United protested, "I can't battle Dark Stalker alone. Even with the Experimental League, he's only been defeated once or twice."

Fire Angel suggested, "then together."

Captain United pointed out, "what about the Crab Brothers?"

Fire Angel insisted, "that's exactly why we should team up." He took a deep breath and breathed fire at a billboard nearby, the sign falling towards the supervillains.

Cy-Krom called out, "quick, get the parts!" The Crab Brothers had to ram past some policemen to get out of the way of the falling sign, the sign blowing up and lighting the sidewalk on fire. Dark Stalker was knocked backwards from the impact, tumbling on purpose into the smoke to shape change again.

Fire Angel chuckled. He commented, "they'll be kept here for a while."

Captain United pointed out worried, "did you even think about the flames?!"

Fire Angel groaned.

Captain United replied, "I'll take that as a no. Haven't your parents taught you not to play with fire?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "not when it's put to the good use of battling supervillains."

Captain United sighed. Policemen started shooting tasers at the Crab Brothers, the Crab Brothers using their spiked metal suits to ram cars out of the way and off the road.

Fire Angel suggested, "I'll take care of Dark Stalker, you go after the Crab Brothers."

Captain United pointed out, "are you crazy?! It took the help of the entire Experimental League for me just to capture him!"

Fire Angel argued, "he hasn't dealt with me though." He noticed Spike Girl to his surprise.

Dark Stalker disguised as Spike Girl replied, "you're right, but I'm always looking for more victims."

He shape changed to his true form to Fire Angel's horror. He had dark silver skin with moving tentacles scattered over most of his body. He had unnatural glowing red eyes as big as stretched-out goggles. Even his arms were tentacles. He had box-shaped tentacles for legs. No other features showed on his body. He shot bright-red webbing to swing towards and kick Fire Angel towards the growing flames below.

He went on, "I've heard about you already, Fire Angel…or should I call you Redra?"

Fire Angel had to cling to another billboard to swing himself out of harm's way.

He muttered, "common knowledge." Fire Angel breathed fire at Dark Stalker in the air, Dark Stalker quickly shooting webbing straight for Fire Angel to block the fire. It was as thick as a big tree.

Dark Stalker threatened, "and about your friends?"

He hurled the aflame webbing to act like a bola, Fire Angel just barely able to dodge it by pushing off of the exploding billboard behind him with his feet. The impact knocked both of them to the ground below, Fire Angel knocked unconscious. Captain United quickly shot webbing at a fire hydrant and pulled, the fire hydrant spraying water on the fire. Dark Stalker ejected bright red blades out of himself in a cloud-like formation, Captain United having to put up a shield of webbing to counteract it.

Dark Stalker taunted, "what makes you think you're good enough to stop me?!"

Captain United saw the fire hydrant thrown by Dark Stalker toward her as he web slung around it to try to knock her out.

Captain United pointed out, "knowledge is enough power."

She tried to lunge at Dark Stalker, but he swung off the hydrant quick enough. Captain United exclaimed, "shoot!" She crashed head first through the empty hydrant, the hydrant shattered to pieces.

Dark Stalker went on, "you seem to have lost your touch."

He kicked Captain United from where the hydrant used to be further into the air. She grabbed onto him with her metal arms and punched him fiercely in the chest, in mid-air. Dark Stalker chuckled amused as he let himself fall towards the road below and kicked into Captain United's side unexpectedly. She crashed through the road below as a result of Dark Stalker using his arms to hurl her to the ground below.

The Crab Brothers ran past more cars, policemen chasing after them. The tasers hit other cars by accident, smashing nearby side windows as a traffic jam started to occur around them. Dark Stalker jumped down towards unconscious Captain United below.

Dark Stalker threatened, "end of the line, captain!"

Fire Angel got up and ran towards him, dodging crashing vehicles around him.

He concluded, "Knight Niveru must be back in business." His cell phone rang. Fire Angel checked, "who's calling?"

Newair answered,"Redra, I've located Violet."

Fire Angel asked relieved, "good, where is she?"

Newair revealed, "the Truslin Gobet Headquarters in Massachusetts."

Fire Angel suggested, "I didn't think I'd say this before, but you'll have to rescue her."

Newair started to protest, "but isn't it you who...?"

Fire Angel explained, "Dark Stalker is back and working for Knight Niveru, but it seems like he wants Captain United."

Newair concluded, "probably for revenge. Captain United has stopped him in the past, but why would he ...?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "that is a mystery, but Dark Stalker has an unnaturally huge criminal record for murdering. I've got to save Captain United! Who knows what Knight Niveru's planning this time?"

Newair responded confidently, "say no more, I'm on it." Fire Angel hung up on him and jumped into the exposed sewer below.

Dark Stalker taunted, "Redra…why don't you back away like a good boy and let the adults decide the fate of the world?" Captain United used her arms to block Dark Stalker's attempts to tackle her. She kicked off from his back to get out of range, Dark Stalker tumbling back to his feet with a groan.

Fire Angel pointed out, "don't have much choice, do I?"

Fire Angel breathed fire at Dark Stalker, Dark Stalker making blades come out of himself to block himself from being hit by the blast. Thirty seconds later, the blades blew up in front of Captain United and Fire Angel, both of them pushed deeper into the sewers by the impact.

Fire Angel wondered, "why did you...? I almost forgot…I was knocked out."

Captain United pointed out, "you're welcome, but he won't stop until I'm finished. Let's go."

Policemen were still shooting at the Crab Brothers while chasing them in motorcycles and police cars.

Helm suggested, "in order for Knight Niveru's plan to work, we have to lose these guys first."

Cy-Krom commented, "no problem."

He made armor around his hands fold into his spiked metal suit and shot bolts of lightning at the pursuing vehicles. Police cars and motorcycles ground to a halt as nearby cars crashed into them, the vehicles tumbling off the ground. They exploded as policemen tumbled out of their seats. Cy-Krom made magnetic fields to pull some motorcycles to him.

He instructed, "hop on!"

Helm commented, "but they're useless!"

Cy-Krom sighed as he made the magnetic fields go away and shot bolts of lightning at the hijacked vehicles.

Cy-Krom commented, "amateur." The Crab Brothers got onto the reactivated motorcycles and used them to head towards Gloda City faster.

Helm tried to point out, "all too easy all the same." Helicopters flew towards the Crab Brothers and started shooting at them with bullets, other policemen forced to watch the Crab Brothers disappear.

Newair was wielding his red scanner glasses into a helmet.

He commented, "if Violet can create equipment, so can I."

Newair put on the metal helmet. The red glasses were reshaped into a visor and built into the helmet. He took out a couple of gauntlets and placed them over his hands. Shortly after, he took out a pile of metal plates and attached them over the rest of his body with chains and hooks.

He muttered to himself, "the finishing touches."

Newair put a couple of rocket engines on his back, both of them with built-in side vents and tubes. The flameproof tubes that were attached to his heels were connected to each engine, big wings folded into the back of his armor like an antenna. Newair attached a couple of stun ray guns with targeting computers to each of his gauntlets' cup holder shaped compartments.

He realized nervously, "all set."

Newair opened a window and ran towards it. He jumped out of the new opening. He activated the rocket engines and wings to start flying towards the Truslin Gobet Headquarters of Massachusetts. Newair used the scanner visor to locate it.

He muttered, "Knight Niveru's gonna pay for this!"

Back in Times Square, Captain United and Fire Angel were still fighting Dark Stalker, no longer in the sewers. Dark Stalker was web slinging up a theater of Broadway, ripping more bright signs off of buildings nearby with his bare hands. He taunted, "like using fire now, Fire Angel?!" Fire Angel caught some of the signs and hurled them back at him. Captain United started soaring towards Dark Stalker above.

Fire Angel commented, "as a matter of fact, I do." He breathed fire on one of the signs and used his claws to break it to pieces. He threw all the pieces aflame at Dark Stalker.

Dark Stalker taunted, "you've got skill, but not enough. I'm gonna enjoy killing you." He made a swing line come out of his body and used it to dodge the flaming pieces. The flaming pieces exploded into the theater of Broadway, the theater starting to go into flames. Dark Stalker went on, "bow down to the king of the afterlife and pray!" A crowd of people came out of the theater, the fire spreading. Fire trucks headed towards the burning theater.

Fire Angel suggested, "Captain United, make Dark Stalker follow you into the burning building. Dark Stalker will burn up when exposed to the heat, and you've been in fires before, right?"

Captain United asked back worried, "but what will you do?"

Fire Angel responded, "I'll see if I can get the Crab Brothers. This is your villain, not mine."

Captain United nodded. She ran into the burning building, Dark Stalker halting in mid-air when he realized that it was too hot for him to enter.

Fire Angel exclaimed, "surprise!"

He kicked Dark Stalker from behind, Dark Stalker grabbing and pulling Fire Angel towards him. One tentacle hung him from webbing above, using it to ram Fire Angel into a skyscraper window nearby. He tried to fly away from another incoming window, but still crashed through it as Dark Stalker punched him in the back of the head.

Dark Stalker threatened, "you'll be the next one to die!"

Fire Angel muttered in dizziness and nausea, "not even close."

He grabbed Dark Stalker and tried to hurl him into a garbage bin below, his vision blurred. Dark Stalker's tentacles were too strong for him as they started choking Fire Angel and dragging him with himself. Fire Angel kicked his legs under the tentacles, letting loose his arms.

Dark Stalker commented darkly, "nice try."

He made blades shoot upwards out of his tentacles, Fire Angel deflecting them with his claws. He quickly slashed at more tentacles, but they just grew back.

Dark Stalker threatened, "do you think of this as easy as a video game? Well, you're dead wrong!"

He used webbing to tie Fire Angel's legs and head in webbing. Fire Angel struggled to rip it off his face without hurting himself, finding it hard to breathe or speak. Dark Stalker hurled him towards the theater below. Captain United flew out of the burning building.

Captain United realized in horror, "he didn't... come." She used her arms to catch and set Fire Angel free in mid-air. Captain United cried out in disbelief, "I can't believe you did that!"

Fire Angel pointed out, "then how come you were willing to go after the Crab Brothers?"

Captain United sighed. Just as Fire Angel started flying again, Dark Stalker tried to reel him in with more webbing.

She insisted, "you'll have to go through me first."

Dark Stalker responded, "with pleasure…two for the price of one."

Fire Angel saw some damaged cars due to the monstrous traffic jam below, people trapped in them.

They called out, "help!"

Fire Angel ripped off the webbing with his claws, the webbing snapping backwards like a slingshot. He quickly breathed fire on it. Dark Stalker was knocked backwards from the surprise impact, using his regenerating tentacles to block the flames. Fire Angel dove towards the nearby damaged vehicles and ripped off parts of them to allow people to get out.

The freed citizens echoed, "thanks, Fire Angel…it's Fire Angel!"

Fire Angel kept replying, "not a problem." Dark Stalker tried to choke Captain United in mid-air while web swinging from building to building. Captain United used her arms and webbing to deflect his tentacles, the webbing temporarily pinning his tentacles to an apartment building wall.

Dark Stalker chuckled evilly as he launched a full scale assault of blades from his entire body. Captain United tried to block them with another web shield, but the blades were bigger this time and threatened to kill her. She let herself fall out of the path of the blades as they stopped partway through the webbing. Fire Angel struggled to pick up one of the abandoned cars and threw it at Dark Stalker. Dark Stalker blocked the car from crashing into him, but Captain United was able to hurl the sharp remains of the web shield from behind with her metal arms.

Dark Stalker started to ask in confusion, "what the...?!"

Fire Angel soared towards Dark Stalker, Dark Stalker making blades come out of his body from both directions.

Dark Stalker taunted darkly, "welcome to the slaughter house!"

Fire Angel commented, "then we're closing it down."

He flew towards the top of a skyscraper, struggling to deflect a storm worth of blades with his claws from below. Captain United grappled onto the nearest wall with her metal arms and pushed off from it, nearly missing being hit by another storm of blades. Dark Stalker was busy trying to get Captain United, when Fire Angel fell unnoticed by him.

Captain United noticed though and chuckled to herself. As the impact from a mindless swarm of blades hit the nearby apartment building wall, an entire room worth of the wall crumpled towards Dark Stalker below. Fire Angel kicked Dark Stalker from below before he could react. Dark Stalker crashed through brick after brick with more blades coming out of his body on reflex. He faked being knocked out as he let himself fall towards the road below.

Captain United warned, "get out of range!"

She and Fire Angel tried to get out of the way, but a cloud of dust from the crumpling bricks fell on them before they could. Fire Angel closed his eyes as he tried to guess where to go, but the floor underneath him fell back into the sewers below with both him and Dark Stalker. Captain United got out of range, just in time to see a taxi head towards the hole. She dove towards it. In the sewers, the dust cloud was clearing. She called out, "come on!" Captain United dove under the taxi and hurled it over the hole. The taxi broke free from her grip as it landed with a thud back on the road and kept going as though it never happened.

The taxi driver wondered, "what was that?" Captain United looked down into the sewers, seeing Dark Stalker running after Fire Angel.

Captain United muttered, "I left Dark Stalker running."

Captain United dove into the sewers and flew towards him. Dark Stalker kept shooting random blades at Fire Angel, Fire Angel tumbling out of the way. He was getting too tired to fly.

Dark Stalker commented, "you should've stayed at home kid." He snuck attack Fire Angel with a kick in mid-swing with more webbing.

Fire Angel groaned in pain as he hit a sewer wall and fell to the sewer water below. He tried to get up, coughing and exhausted. Dark Stalker lifted him up like a puppet as he wrapped his tentacles around Fire Angel. He made a small wicked blade come out of one of them to barely touch Fire Angel's throat. Fire Angel still had cuts and bruises all over, his costume with holes in it.

Dark Stalker explained, "Knight Niveru gave me life, so this will make us even. Besides, I kill people as a hobby, and did I mention I'm getting bored?!"

Fire Angel struggled to say, "one question…Didn't you want to kill Captain United though?" Dark Stalker's tentacles wrapped tighter around Fire Angel, Fire Angel struggling to break free.

Dark Stalker went on, "Knight Niveru told me who you are, and who Captain United really is. We made a deal after she got me back down to Earth…that if she found a way for me to kill Captain United, I'll kill you and your sidekick Spike Girl. Saves me a bunch of time."

Fire Angel commented, "you need another hobby." Dark Stalker dug the blade into one of Fire Angel's shoulders, Fire Angel moving a little so that it wouldn't get rid of his neck as he tried to hold back a scream. Captain United was now a foot away from Dark Stalker.

Dark Stalker threatened, "attack me, and your naïve friend here gets it!"

Captain United asked, "you don't expect me to trust you on that, do you?"

Dark Stalker growled. He argued, "superheroes are the only people that stand in the way of my glorious vision, but neither of you will live to see it."

Dark Stalker started shooting blades out of his body, Captain United tumbling past them just in time. Fire Angel quickly breathed fire at Dark Stalker, Dark Stalker ducking to avoid the blast. Fire Angel slipped out of his grasp as the sewer water put out the flames in sickly steam.

Captain United commented, "hope that prison the Ward Field locks you up better this time, menace!" Captain United quickly shot webbing into the sunken blades and hurled them at Dark Stalker. He shot more webbing at them, using it as a slingshot to hurl himself at her.

Fire Angel muttered, "consider yourself in prison." He tried to push off of the ground with his arms to kick Dark Stalker in the chest with both feet.

Dark Stalker commented, "is that the best you can come up with?" His tentacles grabbed him and hurled him towards the hanging blades.

Fire Angel called out, "he's yours!"

Captain United used her regular arms and extra arms to pin Dark Stalker's tentacles against the suspended web below, Dark Stalker getting ready to surprise attack her. Fire Angel used his claws to push off of the hanging blades and launch himself in the air.

He warned, "watch out!"

Captain United quickly tumbled to dodge Dark Stalker's kick. The kick instead tore through the webbing, the web closing in on Dark Stalker like a giant venus flytrap. Fire Angel quickly punched Dark Stalker in the head and swung off of him to gain enough momentum to escape the trap Dark Stalker created.

Captain United warned, "get out of the way!"

She threw Fire Angel out of range as she barely flew out of harm's way. The giant web wrapped around unconscious Dark Stalker, the blades sticking out in a ring-like formation. The two barely alive superheroes landed next to it.

Fire Angel commented with a chuckle, "he's knocked out, and I didn't even have to bring the Experimental League with me! Silver Man won't believe this one."

Captain United agreed, "he won't."

Fire Angel checked, "you need a hospital bed?"

Captain United answered, "no thanks, but you might."

Fire Angel suggested, "if Dark Stalker strikes again, I'll give you a call."

Captain United nodded. She commented, "you know, I was wrong to underestimate you. I'm glad you're on our side." She patted him on the uninjured shoulder. Fire Angel smiled weakly, due to the extent of his injuries. Captain United carried unconscious Dark Stalker out of the sewers.

After a short while, Fire Angel flew around Manhattan in New York to search for the Crab Brothers, when his cell phone rang again. He checked, "Redra here, who's calling?"

Saldi answered worried, "Saldi…Newair has vanished!"

Fire Angel realized in horror, "I have a hunch of where he vanished to. Thanks though."

Saldi wondered, "where to?"

Fire Angel revealed with a sigh, "an abandoned Truslin Gobet Headquarters, and to top that off, Violet and Newair are both in trouble."

Saldi commented, "this is bad."

Fire Angel concluded, "think it's time for me to talk to Silver Man, he's helped before. Captain United's bringing an unconscious Dark Stalker to that prison for super villains the Ward Field, and I'm not sure that the Warlords team will help again."

Saldi reminded him, "why won't they help? They can auction off super villains' work for the government."

Fire Angel pointed out, "they tried to with Knight Niveru, need I go on? They wouldn't help."

Saldi thought out loud, "wonder if that prison the Ward Field can hold your super villain enemies."

Fire Angel commented, "it'd be worth it to have them trapped powerless in there. Then I and Violet could have a well deserved break. I'll see you at home." He hung up. Fire Angel kept flying towards home, out of ideas.

When Redra got home, his dad had lunch waiting for him. After he and Saldi finished eating, Saldi's cell phone rang. She responded, "hold on. Saldi Cy-Krom here, who's calling?"

A familiar voice sounded over the phone, "Gravaien here. My parents have returned and are trying to..."

He was cut off.

Saldi asked worried, "Gravaien? Gravaien?!"

Redra deduced, "the Kram Bots! I've got to get over there fast." He went into a bathroom to change into Fire Angel. He asked, "which would be where?"

Saldi responded, "I'll show you where, but I'll need your car."

Fire Angel pointed out, "that won't be necessary." Roma went upstairs to play that game "Villain/Superhero Battle". Redra finished getting back into costume, Saldi following Fire Angel out of the house.

Saldi wondered, "how so?"

Fire Angel hinted, "climb onto my back, and I'll show you." Saldi remembered the first time she rode his back in some caverns beyond the city.

Saldi replied, "okay." She went onto Fire Angel's back, Fire Angel flying into the air.

Fire Angel suggested, "you know where this big mansion is, so you can point out the way while I follow." Saldi pointed towards Times Square, Fire Angel zooming towards it.

Fire Angel and Saldi eventually got to the mansion, Fire Angel taking out his scanner. Saldi wondered, "why do you have cuts and bruises all over you?"

Fire Angel revealed, "long story. I found Gravaien and the Kram Bots: They're in a large hedge maze behind the building." He and Saldi ran to the back of the mansion. They saw 2 Kram Bots chase after and shoot stun ray guns at Gravaien on his motorcycle. The Kram Bots and Gravaien went deeper into the hedge maze. Fire Angel checked, "know where Gravaien's probably heading?"

Saldi concluded, "towards us." Fire Angel scanned the maze.

He realized, "he is." Fire Angel hid behind a hedge as Gravaien came into sight, taking a deep breath. Saldi knew what he was up to and ran right past his hiding spot. Gravaien headed for it. Fire Angel tried to breathe fire on the Kram Bots, but the Kram Bots simply teleported out of the way. They started shooting stun ray guns in front of Gravaien.

One of the robots instructed, "you're not to see Saldi."

Gravaien realized, "how did you know about...? You're my replacement parents."

The other robot concluded, "Saldi lives with that no good Fire Angel! We're just making sure the son of that crazy former leader of Truslin Gobet, Joliena Roggur, doesn't kill you. The only reason we worked for Joliena was for money, but we had to kill Fire Angel when her work was about to be all for nothing. Joliena stood in our way though, and we ended up killing her by accident."

Fire Angel deduced, "they think I tricked them to kill Joliena when I revealed my secret identity to her myself. They captured Saldi as bait for me back at that old house to give them another chance to get revenge on me. They know I'm still alive though?"

A sinister voice replied, "yes, Knight Niveru told us that you were." Fire Angel turned around to see the Kram Bots next to him in horror. One of them knocked Saldi out with a stun ray gun's metal like a club.

Fire Angel pointed out, "but Knight Niveru tried to scrap you!"

The other robot revealed with a chuckle, "simple. We gave Spike Girl to Knight Niveru in person, and we told her how we killed Joliena by accident."

Fire Angel figured, "then that means you're working with her?!"

The same robot pointed out, "she said if we tried to capture Gravaien, we'd have the chance to kill you. We'd be even." Gravaien turned around and steered his motorcycle towards the Kram Bots.

Fire Angel demanded, "where's Violet?!"

The other robot pointed out, "why would we tell you?"

Fire Angel sighed. He commented, "thought so." The Kram Bots changed their stun ray guns to missile launchers and hovered above Fire Angel. Gravaien was almost able to ram his motorcycle into one of them.

Gravaien muttered, "no!" He tried to steer his motorcycle out of the way of a hedge, but the vehicle still crashed into it. Gravaien was thrown off of the vehicle and onto the back of one of the Kram Bots. The impact knocked him out.

The same Kram Bot cried, "you won't get involved!" He threw Gravaien off of his back. Fire Angel caught Gravaien and put him back on the ground gently.

The other Kram Bot exclaimed angrily, "Fire Angel, how dare you touch our son!"

Both Kram Bots shot missiles at Fire Angel, Fire Angel using his claws to destroy them. He took a huge breath and breathed a big ray of fire at the Kram Bots. A bunch of missiles blew up in mid-air.

He realized frustrated, "or not."

The Kram Bots landed next to Fire Angel and grabbed him. They had teleported out of range beforehand. Fire Angel pushed off from the ground. He quickly spun around to kick one robot into the other. He spun them around with his arms to try to hurl them at a great enough impact to smash them to pieces. The Kram Bots had to teleport to avoid that fate, Fire Angel teleporting with them. Gravaien saw Fire Angel and the 2 Kram Bots disappear as he woke up.

He muttered in disbelief, "he's... vanished. They used me as bait, those insane robots!"

Gravaien saw Saldi on the ground and borrowed a scanner that fell out of her pockets.

He realized in relief, "just unconscious."

Gravaien put the scanner back into Saldi's pockets and waited for her to wake up. He sighed. Luckily, no bushes were harmed.

Fire Angel and the 2 Kram Bots appeared on the roof of the Tester Laboratory. The dizzy threesome fell to the familiar flat rooftop with a thud, quickly regaining normal vision. A sign was on the front door of the building that said the place was closed. The building had scientists trapped in cylinder-shaped containers. Genudamor and Knight Niveru were on the roof putting the time engine into a gun turret. Countless wires were attaching the big gun turret to the Tester Laboratory's database of computers.

Fire Angel realized in disbelief and horror, "Genudamor and Knight Niveru, together?!"

Knight Niveru tried to point out, "he gets fun in his life by trying to take over the world…taking over the world would be the only way to legalize crime in our shared vision of true anarchy! At last, my family's name restored! You're the only thing standing in our way now. Kram Bots, kill him!" The Kram Bots and Fire Angel got back on their feet.

Genudamor commented, "we've both been waiting to do this for a long time."

Fire Angel protested, "the only time you have the slightest change of killing me is when I pass away!"

Knight Niveru responded cruelly, "we can speed up the process." The Crab Brothers arrived on motorcycles, on the streets below.

Cy-Krom called out, "we've got the spare parts! Good thing we lost those helicopters back there!"

Knight Niveru ordered, "bring them up here!"

Genudamor insisted, "kill him, now!"

The Kram Bots shot more missiles that almost surrounded Fire Angel completely. He realized he had to get off the roof to survive as he tumbled off its edge. Once off the roof, Fire Angel hovered in the air, using his claws and fire breath to destroy incoming missiles. The exploding missiles crashed into and blew up more missiles from behind, a cloud of smoke blocking Fire Angel from view. The Kram Bots kept shooting missiles, Fire Angel using fire breath to quickly destroy half of them in rage. The Crab Brothers used elevators to get to the roof and gave the spare parts to Genudamor. Genudamor went over his list of parts.

He deduced, "everything's here."

Fire Angel took out his scanner. At the same time, he had to fly farther away from the roof to avoid being hit by a cloud worth of missiles.

Fire Angel commented, "do those guys ever run out of missiles?! I can't find Violet, but Newair's on the 2nd floor. He has to know where Violet is recently being kept. Her location was probably changed by those criminals to try to keep an upper hand."

He put the scanner away and covered his head as he flew head first through a glass window. Missiles were destroyed by falling glass crashing into them from behind him, another chain reaction destroying even more.

Fire Angel figured, "that'll hold the missiles off for a while. What in the name of Fire Angel is that contraption they're building?!"

A familiar voice asked, "how about you get me out of here first?"

Fire Angel realized with relief, "Newair." He saw Newair trapped in a cylinder-shaped container, Newair's suit of armor still on him.

Newair explained, "I tried to save Violet, but Genudamor snuck up behind me and knocked me out with my own stun guns." Newair showed the stun guns on the gauntlets of his armor.

Fire Angel commented approvingly, "not bad." He used his claws to create a hole in the container that was big enough for Newair to escape. He used his rocket engines to hover in the air.

Newair responded, "thanks, made the whole suit myself."

Fire Angel asked, "where's Violet?"

Newair revealed, "Knight Niveru and Genudamor used a teleportation device in that Truslin Gobet Headquarters from earlier to teleport her to that castle in the North Pole."

Fire Angel checked hopeful, "it hasn't sunk to the bottom?"

Newair pointed out, "I wasn't there when Spike Girl was a month ago."

Fire Angel instructed, "get out of here, I'll meet you outside." Fire Angel began freeing the scientists by creating holes in more cylinder shaped containers with his claws.

Newair argued, "not a chance! Someone has to fill in for Violet's job as your partner, just look at all your injuries." Fire Angel looked at himself by using pieces of glass on the floor as a mirror.

Fire Angel realized with a sigh, "almost forgot."

Newair insisted, "I'll make sure nothing sneaks up on us."

Fire Angel suggested, "Knight Niveru and Genudamor will think that I'm gone, which gives us lots of time. We finish this chore today." Fire Angel went back to freeing scientists from cylinder-shaped containers, Newair nervously scanning everything around him without a moment's pause.

When Fire Angel freed all the scientists from the 2nd floor, he went downstairs to free all the scientists from the 1st floor, Newair following Fire Angel. He was still scanning everything around him like a probe.

After Fire Angel freed the scientists on the 1st floor, he ripped the front door open so they could escape. Fire Angel called out, "you're all free, go quickly!"

Scientists ran out of the Tester Laboratory without saying a word, not looking back at the building as they went to inform the police. Fire Angel cautiously flew up to the 3rd and 4th floors. Newair continued to check for incoming traps or villains as Fire Angel freed scientists from both floors above. Fire Angel told the other scientists to leave. The pattern of exiting repeated itself. Fire Angel remembered something.

He asked, "Newair, think you could pick up Saldi and drop her off at my house? I left her at Gravaien's mansion and I need to talk to Silver Man soon."

Newair checked, "where's that?"

Fire Angel told him where Gravaien's mansion was.

Newair started to point out, "isn't Gravaien that student who..."

Fire Angel responded, "long story. I'll tell you later."

Newair replied, "no problem Redra, but why do you want to talk to..."

Fire Angel insisted, "I have the feeling that I'll need it soon…the sooner, the better."

Newair responded worried, "I'll see you later, Redra." Newair flew towards Gravaien's mansion, Fire Angel flying towards the Experimental Tower.

Cy-Krom muttered in disbelief, "he's still standing!"

Knight Niveru tried to point out, "don't worry, we'll still have victory. When this gun turret is finished, Fire Angel will wish he was never born."

When Fire Angel got to the Experimental Tower, he saw Silver Man and Captain United on a balcony. Night had fallen. Fire Angel thought, "maybe he'll be able to talk to me now."

He hovered above the balcony, listening in on a conversation that Silver Man and Captain United were having, "listen to me, captain. I was thinking about the good of the team, and I want you to head out to Los Angeles for a while on my behalf."

Captain United protested, "why in Los Angeles and not here?!"

Silver Man tried to explain, "I'm preparing a new program that I've met and discussed personally with the president called the United Heroes. It'll spread out the entire Experimental League across the entire country to make sure we have fewer accidents in the future. I'll need your help out there. I also think it would be good for you to get away from here for a while, would give you a break..."

Captain United argued furiously, "I don't need a break! Why didn't you suggest it to the rest of the team first, especially me?! For years, I've always been the leader. You can't just undermine my authority like that! It's that kind of thinking that could get us all killed!"

Silver Man went on more seriously, "...and help you see reality. As a matter of fact, I told everyone else on the team but you. We've known each other for years, for better or worse, but it's time to think more about the greater good if we're going to put a quicker stop to this war."

Captain United asked, trying to remain calm, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Silver Man explained with a sigh, "because I've talked with the rest of the team myself, and we've decided that you've become too prideful and immature over the years to truly be our leader due to your unusually successful life. Even before the Experimental League, you were always the popular kid."

Captain United protested teary eyed, "you can't do this to me! What about my family…my friends?! What am I supposed to call myself now, Mrs. United when my team's overthrowing me behind my back?! And what's your name gonna be, Captain Silver?!"

Silver Man insisted agitated, "don't worry about them. As long as they're in New York, where I am, they're safe. I have some things to do tonight, but I'll have my people prepare a jet for you to leave for California 1st thing tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I don't like your attitude. You're grounded for the night. I've placed security guards all over the tower…a gift from the government."

Silver Man used his Jetboots to rocket into the air and off the balcony. Captain United walked into the tower, slamming the door to the balcony behind her.

Silver Man responded to Fire Angel's appearance, "Fire Angel, I'm not sure if this is a good time. I've got things to do, as you can see."

Fire Angel responded, trying to hide his hatred of the way Silver Man undermined his leader, "I've heard, but I've got problems of my own that I need a little help on."

Silver Man insisted, "I've got places to be, another attack from the Vigilante League is about to go off!"

Fire Angel suggested, "then could we talk along the way? It's superhero business."

Silver Man responded more relieved, "why didn't you say so in the first place? I'm sorry for blowing up at you, but apparently, it hasn't been a good day for either of us. Let's talk. You sure you don't need a hospital though?"

Fire Angel answered, "nothing your healing factor can't fix."

Silver Man healed Fire Angel's injuries with a single touch from his atom-rearranging technology. Fire Angel's physique was restored to normal.

Silver Man checked, "that better?"

Fire Angel commented, "much better. Violet's disappeared, and since I found out that you developed that cool hi-tech suit for Captain United, I thought it would help for me to have one…to have fewer accidents."

Silver Man chuckled a little. He checked, "an exact copy of that suit?"

Fire Angel thought out loud, "hmm... just a black metal flameproof costume with flames painted on it that could also be used as a coat. However, it would be nice if 4 of those arms with additional scanning functions were attached."

Silver Man replied confidently, "I'll see if my people can work on that tomorrow morning also, but it should be no problem."

Fire Angel pointed out, "sorry, but I might not be alive for tomorrow at this rate."

Silver Man checked, "villain team-up?"

Fire Angel answered, "yep."

Silver Man responded, "I'll see what I can do."

Fire Angel replied, "I appreciate it. I almost forgot to ask you this, but shouldn't you apologize for what you did to Captain United?"

Silver Man sighed. He revealed, "it's more complicated than that Redra. You see, the villains and superheroes that don't register permanently go to a special prison of my own creation called the Time Zone. Like I told Captain United, no normal place is safe to hold them…"

Fire Angel guessed, "and she doesn't think that's fair either?"

Silver Man answered glumly, "yes. To be honest though, if there was another less cruel way to keep them in check, I'd take it. Their minds are more deadly and tough than ordinary criminals though, or regular law enforcement for that matter. However, I've designed it to be like paradise, in hopes that they wouldn't try to escape."

Fire Angel pointed out, "it's still a prison, but all others should be that lucky. Does that mean that Dark Stalker is trapped in that pocket dimension too?"

Silver Man started to explain, "yep, that previous prison of my design the Ward Field is out of business, so…"

He suddenly paused. He deduced, "Captain United's gonna turn on me. I'll make sure that your costume's made soon, I at least owe you that. I'll inform the rest of the Experimental League of the Vigilante attack so they can hold them off to buy me time."

Fire Angel muttered, "what have I done?"

Silver Man flew towards the Experimental Tower fast, Fire Angel chasing after him.

When Silver Man got to the Experimental Tower, he paused. He instructed, "wait here, I'll be right back."

Silver Man went into the Experimental Tower and came back out a couple of minutes later with the exact metal costume that Fire Angel was hoping for.

Fire Angel wondered in amazement, "how did you make it so fast?"

Silver Man explained, "I brought some tools and supplies to make it in the Time Zone."

Fire Angel realized, "by using the time differences in the Time Zone to do it faster than it would've taken to make it here on Earth."

Silver Man responded, "exactly. Try it on, you've earned it."

Fire Angel replied, trying to remain calm, "just tell me if it fits."

He took his former costume off and put the metal costume on. The 4 arms attached to it moved, all controlled by Fire Angel's own thoughts. He was thinking bitter sweetly about the situation, which was kind of scary for him.

Silver Man realized satisfied, "it fits, good. If you'll excuse me, I've got something to settle with Captain United. There's a more serious battle to be fought."

He charged towards a running Captain United and disappeared out of sight before Fire Angel could catch up to them.

Fire Angel sighed. He commented, "might as well give this suit a test run. The world probably needs saving again. Those two have gotten out of tough situations like this before anyway. Yeah, they probably won't mind handling this one themselves. After hearing their recent conversation, their personal conflict was inevitable, even if I hadn't pointed it out myself. Besides, I've still have some unfinished business with Knight Niveru and Genudamor."

Fire Angel, with help from the built-in scanners in his new metal arms, flew to the North Pole.

When he got to the North Pole, he saw a familiar castle halfway sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and jammed between fallen shards of ice.

Fire Angel wondered, "how do you activate the coat function?"

Padding quickly came out of compartments from inside the metal costume in response to his thoughts.

He realized amazed, "exactly what I hoped. Maybe I'll check with Silver Man after I'm done here to see how the war's going."

His arms scanned the place. The only thing or person out of place was Spike Girl or her equipment in the castle. Fire Angel deduced in horror, "the castle encased in ice, inside and out…with Violet in it."

He landed on ice that surrounded the ice-covered castle from above, not even shivering.

He muttered, "at least this isn't going anywhere."

The shards of ice that surrounded the castle from below suddenly broke under the added weight of Fire Angel, the castle starting to sink lower into ice-cold water. He responded with a sigh, "never mind."

Fire Angel curled his fists, holes automatically appearing in the costume to allow the claws to come out.

He commented, "nice touch."

Fire Angel cut a big piece of ice off the castle, quickly using his claws to dig a tunnel into the frozen castle.

He exclaimed in impatience and worry, "come on!"

Fire Angel kept digging, until his metal arms were able to directly discover Spike Girl frozen in ice. Water rushed into the tunnel from right behind Fire Angel.

He concluded in fear, "the castle's completely in the water, and we're about to drown in it."

Fire Angel took out huge pieces of ice he carved out recently, lying on the side. He quickly placed them in front of the rushing water behind him to plug it up.

He figured, "that'll buy us some time, now to get out of here."

Fire Angel flew back up the tunnel, carrying Spike Girl with him on his back. Water smashed the ice blocking it, water starting to rush down the tunnel from above.

Fire Angel muttered in frustration, "not now!" He rammed Spike Girl's spiked suit into ice, forming another tunnel up ahead. He insisted worried, "please be all right."

The new tunnel went upward, Fire Angel breathing fire as he flew up the new tunnel. Fire spread throughout both of the tunnels. More ice broke apart. More water filled up the tunnels like a collapsing dam. Fire Angel thought out loud, "if I go any further, water will drown me…Unless..."

He used his metal arms to find a castle room still intact, a tidal wave equivalent of water rushing down from above. He rammed Spike Girl into more ice on the side to make another tunnel, the tunnel spiraling towards the intact room.

When they got to the intact room, Fire Angel rammed Spike Girl's spiked suit into a wall of the room while carrying Spike Girl through it. He assumed, "her healing factor will take care of any damage."

Fire Angel quickly used his claws and strength to make the floor and ceiling disconnect from the rest of the room due to collapsed supports. He muttered to himself, "out of my mind."

He breathed fire on the floor, flames rising around them. Spike Girl started to become conscious.

She checked, "is that you, Redra?"

Fire Angel replied relieved, "yep. Silver Man made this suit for me so I could rescue you." He let Spike Girl down gently as she got up from the floor.

She responded, "then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Fire Angel suggested, "this way! I'll tell you what you missed when we're safely out."

He and Spike Girl grabbed onto the ceiling, struggling to keep it up as it came down on their shoulders.

He suggested, "hold on and hold your breath, it's gonna be a wild ride."

The floor exploded, ice breaking underneath it. The ice turned to ice-cold water, water and steam coming into the room. Ice turned to more ice-cold water around the room, the castle's walls beyond the room collapsing under the force of the rushing water, the ice above the room starting to break apart.

After a short while, the water level thinned out. Fire Angel realized, "we've got to bend the ceiling, and fast!"

Spike Girl thought to herself, "I think I have the plan figured out."

She and Fire Angel used their combined strength to carefully bend the ceiling into the collapsing floor to make a circular dome around them.

She pointed out relieved, "we did it."

The castle exploded around the recently made covered dome, the covered dome being pushed from all directions. Spike Girl quickly made ice disappear from above by lifting the dome up a little to release fire missiles to melt it. She quickly put the dome back into place right after a huge puddle worth of water put out the fire from within. The entire dome was surrounded by water and sinking towards the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Fire Angel quickly used his arms to scan the area outside of the covered dome and saw that only the castle floor below remained. This was after it became a sunken wreck from earlier.

Spike Girl realized, "so, now we wait for someone to pick us up?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "well, got any better ideas?"

The covered dome flipped over and slid across the Atlantic Ocean floor. Fire Angel used his metal arms to lock the floor into place. It hit an underwater mountain range called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. He and Spike Girl had to use their strength to stop the dome from collapsing on the ridge.

Fire Angel realized, "there's an island above us."

Spike Girl wondered in shock, "how did you figure that out?! You didn't even take out your scanner."

Fire Angel revealed, "not my only scanner. These robotic arms can be used to scan as well as hear and see things at the same time."

Spike Girl suggested, "impressive, your costume waterproof?"

Fire Angel responded, "I'll check." He took out his handheld scanner and scanned his metal suit. He concluded with a sigh, "it isn't, but it is flameproof. Maybe when we get back to Gloda City, Newair could make another suit of the same design for you to wear."

Spike Girl pointed out, "except he should add spikes to it. One question though: Why Newair when Silver Man could make another?"

Fire Angel replied, "it's time I start from the beginning. After all, who knows how long we'll be stuck here?"

Spike Girl pointed out, "we've been through tough spots before."

Fire Angel replied, "true." He told Spike Girl about what happened while she was trapped in that frozen castle.

After Fire Angel finished, Spike Girl checked worried, "what happened to Silver Man and Captain United?"

Fire Angel reminded her with a sigh, "personal issues."

Spike Girl checked alarmed, "you think the same kind of thing will happen to us?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "didn't I see past the popular part before?"

Spike Girl responded relieved, "you got a point." A beam of light suddenly hit Fire Angel and Spike Girl. They had to cover their eyes to avoid becoming blind.

Fire Angel exclaimed, "what the...?!" The beam of light teleported him and Spike Girl to the Tester Laboratory. Knight Niveru, Genudamor, the Crab Brothers, and the 2 remaining Kram Bots were waiting on the roof for them.

Knight Niveru deduced menacingly, "our new invention works. We can summon you whenever we like it." Spike Girl and Fire Angel glared at them.

She checked doubtfully, "and what exactly is your so-called invention?"

Genudamor insisted, "you think we don't have an invention? Behold!" He pointed to a familiar-looking functional gun turret attached to the Tester Laboratory's database of computers. Fire Angel started to scan the weapon unnoticed with his metal arms. Spike Girl was stalling for time while they thought of a plan.

She challenged, "Knight Niveru, Fire Angel and I persuaded the Gloda City police to move your locked-up brothers to that dimension the Time Zone. How are you gonna get them out?"

Knight Niveru revealed calmly to her horror, "the Reelita weapon changes pictures into reality. Allow me to demonstrate."

She took out a pencil and drew a picture of her brothers being teleported to the Tester Laboratory's roof on a piece of paper. Knight Niveru put it into a slot built into the Reelita weapon. The turret shot a bright light ray into storm clouds forming from above. Fire Angel used his metal arms to see what the weapon was doing.

Cy-Krom taunted, "seems like melting all that ice a month ago is gonna backfire any minute now, Redra!" Suddenly, Knight Niveru's brothers appeared on the Tester Laboratory's roof.

One of them asked, "what did you do this time, sis?"

Knight Niveru responded coolly, "just watch the show, brothers, and relax. My true legacy begins now by storm."

Helm insisted, "let me do this one."

Knight Niveru responded, "oh, very well." Helm drew another picture and put it into the Reelita weapon. The weapon struck the clouds above with a flash of lightning. The Tester Laboratory rose above the clouds. The storm clouds below released lots of rain, thunder, lightning, and strong winds down on Gloda City.

She went on, "I've got what I wanted. Now Genudamor, it's your turn."

Genudamor chuckled and gladly drew a picture of an army of Nebarg soldier bots and put the picture into the slot in the Reelita weapon. Right away, Nebarg soldier bots from Genudamor's twisted future came out of the weapon to the superheroes' horrors. Fire Angel breathed fire at them, but they shrunk to avoid it. Meanwhile, Cy-Krom put a picture of his own into the weapon. An army of revived Kram Bots came out of the weapon.

He responded, "shoot! Violet, see if you can make sure those Nebarg soldier bots don't leave. I'll deal with the Kram Bots."

Spike Girl replied, "got it."

Fire Angel muttered, "now to get to that Reelita weapon." He flew over Knight Niveru, Kram Bots all around him randomly shooting missiles and stun ray guns at him. Fire Angel was able to easily dodge the missiles and stun rays by using his arms as a guide. He circled around in tight turns to make their own missiles blow each other up.

Spike Girl held off the Nebarg soldier bots with clinging claws and fire missiles. Every time she destroyed one though, another robot came out of the weapon to take its place. Every time Fire Angel destroyed a Kram Bot, another came back.

Spike Girl deduced, "the weapon must have some way to figure out what's happening around it, but how?"

Fire Angel got to the Reelita weapon's picture slot. Genudamor drew a picture and was about to put it into the slot. Fire Angel called out in anger, "Genudamor!" Genudamor turned around. Fire Angel destroyed more missiles with his claws. He dodged more stun rays with help from his arms as they almost hit Genudamor.

Genudamor threatened, "step away from the Reelita weapon, and you'll be lucky to be in a nice prison in the Time Zone in the new order!"

Fire Angel insisted, "no." Genudamor quickly made his claws come out and tripped Fire Angel unexpectedly by kicking one of his legs. He used his jetpack to avoid falling from a kick from Fire Angel. Fire Angel slid across the roof, using his strength and arms to push himself off of the roof. He flew back towards the Reelita weapon.

Spike Girl chuckled. She concluded amused, "what if I let the whole army come first?"

She jumped off the Tester Laboratory and made her claws come out. She dug them into a glass window and held onto the remaining window's windowsill. Knight Niveru looked down, Spike Girl having to throw an electro-smoke bomb onto the windowsill to conceal herself. The instant Spike Girl threw the bomb though, one of her hands slipped and she crashed through brick wall. Her spiked suit crumpled a section of it to pieces and a hole was left behind on the wall. As the smoke cleared, a cloud of red dust took its place. The weapon finished making the army of Nebarg soldier bots and the army of Kram Bots.

One of the Nebarg robots pointed out, "Spike Girl tried to destroy us, and now we have to destroy her before she's successful."

The Nebarg soldier bots used their scanner eyes to find her. They used their shrinking ability to speed up their jetpacks as they flew after her. Knight Niveru smiled darkly, thinking that the Nebarg soldier bots will definitely destroy Spike Girl. She went to assist Genudamor. The hole in the wall was held by a couple of empty cylinder-shaped containers, the wall not collapsing on itself.

Knight Niveru got onto her motorcycle and put on her scanner visor as she headed towards the Reelita weapon. Fire Angel was also racing towards the weapon, hacking and slashing at incoming Kram Bots. When one blew up near him, he pushed off from the impact to gain more momentum. Regardless, Genudamor put his picture into the slot, just when Fire Angel and Knight Niveru got to the weapon.

He exclaimed, "nothing can stop us now, Fire Angel! Nothing!"

The Reelita weapon quickly shot many lightning bolts down towards the clouds. Strangely, the storm stopped and the dark clouds disappeared.

Knight Niveru revealed, "Genudamor teleported those clouds to the Time Zone."

Fire Angel realized gravely, "and when those clouds become a portal to it, the Time Zone will expand into Earth. Time as we know it will never be the same, and many other villains will break free. You're both mad!"

Genudamor chuckled. He pointed out menacingly, "perhaps, but what perfect villains for the Children of Desire to resurface from, with a team as big as the Experimental League to truly take over the world?"

Fire Angel tried to point out, "what makes you so sure that I and Violet won't stop that future once more?" A portal suddenly appeared in the sky, above the Tester Laboratory.

Knight Niveru chuckled. She responded, "you can try, for all the good that it does you." Fire Angel tried to punch Genudamor in the chest, Genudamor quickly flipping over it. Fire Angel flipped over Genudamor with his metal arms, right before Genudamor tried to kick him. He landed back on the roof with Genudamor.

Genudamor called out, "kill him!" The remaining 2 Kram Bots ran towards Fire Angel, shooting more missiles at him. The Crab Brothers led Niveru's brothers into the Tester Laboratory to find out what was going on in there.

Cy-Krom started to realized in horror, "if the whole place collapses..."

Helm finished the sentence, "we could be next."

In the Tester Laboratory, Spike Girl was fighting off Nebarg soldier bots. The Nebarg soldier bots shot laser cannons at her, the place starting to burn up in flames. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb in front of a laser cannon, the bomb exploding next to a couple of Nebarg soldier bots. They were destroyed in the process. The Crab Brothers and Niveru's brothers saw Spike Girl battling the remaining 30 Nebarg soldier bots and the place aflame.

One of Knight Niveru's brothers concluded, "this place is gonna blow!"

The other brother cried, "let's get out of here!"

Niveru's brothers took some jetpacks lying on the floor that came from destroyed Nebarg soldier bots and put them on. They tried to fly out of the Tester Laboratory, but crashed into some cylinder-shaped containers holding up the wall with the hole in it.

To their horror, they fell down towards the ground below the building with disabled jetpacks.

They called out, "ahhh! We're going down!"

Niveru's brothers disappeared out of sight, their screams becoming harder and harder to hear. The wall with the hole in it collapsed on itself, bricks raining down on the Nebarg soldier bots and Spike Girl.

The Crab Brothers ran back up to the roof to warn Knight Niveru, Spike Girl still battling the Nebarg soldier bots. Spike Girl tore one of them apart with her claws and rammed her suit into another. Some bricks fell towards her.

Spike Girl tried to fly out of the way, but more bricks fell onto her. She crashed through the floor she was in and fell into the 3rd floor. The Nebarg soldier bots flew after her. A couple more crashed into each other and blew up due to falling bricks.

Fire Angel used his claws to destroy the incoming missiles. He used his metal arms to block Knight Niveru's attacks and knock her aside. Genudamor grabbed Fire Angel from behind and kicked him to the ground. He hurled Fire Angel towards Gloda City below.

Fire Angel saw the Time Zone start to appear and clouds begin to move faster. He figured to his shock, "everything's starting to speed up. That means..."

Fire Angel zoomed towards the Tester Laboratory, noticing that rocket engines have been attached under the building by the Reelita weapon.

He deduced amused, "all the weapon does is teleporting things from time and scan around itself every single minute."

Spike Girl flew out of a window, glass falling from it. More of the Tester Laboratory's walls started collapsing. The ceiling of the 3rd floor fell down and crushed the rest of the Nebarg soldier bots to their deaths. The remaining 3 floors of the building began to collapse, the floor right under the roof starting to go on fire. The Crab Brothers got up to the roof by then. The elevators were cut off by the wiring in the collapsing walls cutting out.

Helm notified Knight Niveru, "the place is collapsing. We've got to get out of here!"

Knight Niveru got a wicked idea. She responded, "we'll have to restore time first, with your permission."

Genudamor nodded. Knight Niveru quickly drew a picture and put it into the Reelita weapon. The Time Zone went back into the portal, the fire disappearing to Fire Angel and Spike Girl's relief. Their expressions changed when Dark Stalker appeared next to Knight Niveru herself shortly after.

Spike Girl muttered, "oh, boy."

Fire Angel cried out in rage, "you immoral criminals!"

Cy-Krom pointed out sickly amused, "this is news to you?! Who did you expect to come across, elementary bullies from Gloda High?! Welcome to the real world of crime!"

Fire Angel and Spike Girl glared at the villains from the past above them.

Dark Stalker started to ask, "what the…?!"

Knight Niveru replied, "don't worry, you're in one piece." Dark Stalker saw Fire Angel and Spike Girl soaring towards the roof.

Dark Stalker tried to explain, "I tried to get rid of Captain United, but Fire Angel teamed up with her, and the combination of..."

Genudamor offered, "you can still prove your worth to us by getting rid of those two. Then, you can take down Captain United's forces with our help and the Reelita weapon by our side to plunge the free world into the golden age of all time." Dark Stalker grinned. Fire Angel and Spike Girl landed on the roof.

Knight Niveru chuckled. She responded, "good luck, Dark Stalker. We'll make sure not to get in the way."

Spike Girl protested, "no!"

Genudamor instructed, "hold them off!"

Dark Stalker chuckled. He responded, "with pleasure."

He shot huge webs of webbing around the two superheroes, knocking them with their backs on the roof from the impact. They were trapped like flies, struggling to cut themselves free with their claws. Knight Niveru drew another picture and put it into the Reelita weapon, the superheroes getting their limbs free. Knight Niveru, Genudamor, the Kram bots, and the Crab Brothers started to disappear from the place.

Knight Niveru realized with a groan, "darn! I forgot to get the Reelita weapon to teleport with us."

Genudamor pointed out, "too late."

Knight Niveru, Genudamor, the Kram bots and the Crab Brothers disappeared. Dark Stalker, Fire Angel, and Spike Girl were the only ones left on the building. The two superheroes finally broke free and got to their feet.

Spike Girl concluded in shock, "Dark Stalker…with that weapon?!"

Fire Angel pointed out, "he doesn't know what it can do."

Spike Girl figured, "seems like he's more focused on us to notice it."

Dark Stalker pointed out darkly, "don't you get it? As long as you die, this weapon doesn't even matter! It'd just be a bonus to the Children of Desire." Dark Stalker started shooting blades from his entire body at Fire Angel and Spike Girl. Fire Angel and Spike Girl deflected them with their claws from above while soaring into the air.

Fire Angel insisted, "not if you go down before that happens!"

Spike Girl threw an electro- smoke bomb at Dark Stalker, Dark Stalker quickly running out of the way of the cloud of smoke that formed from it. Fire Angel dove towards Dark Stalker, Spike Girl charging towards him from behind.

Dark Stalker chuckled evilly as he started shooting webbing from all over his body. He used his tentacles to make them latch onto falling blades, making an upside down dome similar to the web trap from earlier. This time though, most of the webbing had deadly blades sticking out. Fire Angel and Spike Girl tried to dodge flung blades as Dark Stalker launched more blades from his body to unleash one rising blade after another.

Fire Angel had to use his metal arms to dodge them at such close range, Spike Girl deflecting them with her spiked suit. Dark Stalker grabbed a struggling Fire Angel with his moving tentacles from behind while he was using the trap's potential as a distraction.

Fire angel cried out as the tentacles started to close on his neck, "get him!" Dark Stalker quickly shot sword-sized blades out of the back of his body at Spike Girl.

Spike Girl cried in anger, "put down my boyfriend!" She kept charging towards Dark Stalker, using her armor and claws to bounce the blades away.

Dark Stalker threatened, "your life will end soon, Fire Angel."

Fire Angel protested, "don't think so."

Dark Stalker started ejecting blades into Fire Angel's body all over, Fire Angel crying out in pain. Spike Girl rammed Dark Stalker off the roof from behind with her suit by surprise. She kicked him into outer space before he could react. Dark Stalker stopped shooting blades and cried in pain. Fire Angel was breathing fire at his tentacles to get him to let go. His flying ability was gone when Dark Stalker injured him to a bigger degree. All he could do was hope that Spike Girl would save him once more, or was that all he could do?

Dark Stalker responded darkly, "say hello to Hades for me." Fire Angel tried to knock him out as they headed towards outer space, using his metal arms to get ready to slingshot himself to safety.

Spike Girl concluded worried, "that's not like Redra." Spike Girl quickly took out her scanner and scanned Fire Angel from the Tester Laboratory roof below.

Fire Angel cried out in fury, "I'd much rather die falling than be stuck to the likes of you!"

Dark Stalker responded sickly calm, "have it your way."

He shot webbing out of his shoulders to shoot Fire Angel's metal arms off, shooting more blades out of himself to launch him back towards Earth below while kicking off of him. Fire Angel punched Dark Stalker's tentacles away and kicked him with both of his legs at the same time. Dark Stalker vanished into outer space once more.

Fire Angel commented, "irony."

He looked down. He commented with a sigh, "not even skydivers of today would dare get this far."

Fire Angel fell towards Gloda City below like a meteorite, finding it hard to breathe as the sky around him passed by at alarming speed.

Spike Girl deduced, "he can't fly, but I don't know what's causing it. He said something about the weapon only being able to teleport things and scan things around it every minute. Probably the recent injures caused by Dark Stalker followed the same principle, which means I need to compare with a previous scan. Saldi and Newair know about him, and their help's needed if Fire Angel is to recover and survive."

Fire Angel dug his claws into a window, glass falling out of it as he pulled himself towards the windowsill. His remaining strength made the windowsill start to break, the glass pieces blocked from interfering with him by using his metal arms as a shield.

He muttered, "for the greater good."

Fire Angel took a deep breath and breathed a big gust of fire at some of the rocket engines under the Tester Laboratory, blowing up half of the rocket engines in the process. The exploding rocket engines started to set the place on fire again, the other rocket engines blowing up by the spreading fire. The Tester Laboratory started to fall towards Gloda City below.

Spike Girl realized, "I can save him, but I also have a chance to recover one of his powers too."

She drew a picture of Saldi and Newair on the Tester Laboratory's roof and put it into the Reelita weapon. Saldi and Newair teleported to the roof of the Tester Laboratory, Spike Girl waiting for them.

Saldi wondered, "how did we get here?"

Spike Girl insisted, "there's little time to explain."

Fire Angel pulled himself on top of the windowsill and into the 1st floor of the Tester Laboratory. The windowsill behind him crumpled to pieces.

He realized, "the database is collapsing."

Giant machines blew up next to Fire Angel, the elevator blocked off by the growing flames.

He recalled, "I'll have to take the stairs to where Spike Girl and I got Cy-Krom captured for the 1st time."

Fire Angel ripped a fallen elevator door out of the way and ran up some stairs. The rest of the 1st floor's floor and windows started to go aflame.

Spike Girl explained vaguely, "Fire Angel lost his flying ability! I need to compare this to a scan of when he did have all his powers to find a way to fix it."

Spike Girl showed Newair and Saldi the recent readout on her scanner.

Newair deduced, "compared to that readout, Redra's missing a lot of molecules, which must be crucial to allowing him to fly in the 1st place."

Spike Girl checked, "which are called?"

Saldi recalled from her first scan of Redra's powers, "they're microscopic dragon wings, spread and hidden all over his skin."

Newair figured amused, "similar to nanobots."

Spike Girl quickly drew a picture of Fire Angel having replacement microscopic dragon wings and put it into the slot in the Reelita weapon. The weapon took longer than earlier to do the task.

Spike Girl realized in horror, "the database is disconnecting from the weapon! It has to work this time or not at all."

Fire Angel got to the 2nd floor, the 1st floor exploding underneath him. He concluded, "if I can get back up to the roof...Spike Girl could get me out of here."

Fire Angel grabbed a cylinder-shaped container and swung off it before his strength broke it. The fire blew up the door to the stairs below and began to spread into the 2nd floor.

Fire Angel crashed through 2 more cylinder-shaped containers and started gliding around to his amazement.

He exclaimed relieved, "I'm flying! Fire Angel's back in business!" Fire Angel landed on the floor and used his arms to scan the area.

He deduced in surprise, "Violet's on the roof, with Saldi and Newair? Time's running out!"

Fire Angel charged towards a window and covered his head as he flew towards the roof. The window smashed to pieces. The 2nd floor blew up behind Fire Angel, Fire Angel landing next to Spike Girl.

She pointed out, "Redra, I'm glad you regained your flying ability, but we've got to get out of here! The place can blow up any second, and the floor underneath us is on fire right now."

Fire Angel realized, "so I did lose it for a while."

Newair pointed out, "and the Reelita weapon was able to restore it."

Fire Angel suggested, "maybe you should explain it now."

Spike Girl insisted, "we will on the way down." The floor exploded underneath them, the roof set on fire.

Fire Angel concluded, "we don't have time to use the Reelita weapon, we have to leave!"

Spike Girl checked, "are you wearing your suit of armor, Newair?"

Newair responded, "is that a trick question?"

Spike Girl chuckled. She suggested, "see if you can save the Tester Laboratory."

Newair calculated, "even if it was, it would take at least a year to fix it and retrieve lost information."

Fire Angel realized in shock, "wait, Violet. It's not worth it, don't you see? Only failures were made in the Tester Laboratory, including creating Helm and Cy-Krom into real menaces."

Saldi protested, "the Reelita weapon isn't a failure though."

Fire Angel explained further, "if everyone had one of those, there'd be no need for superheroes. Knight Niveru and Genudamor would have a better chance of getting their hands on one again. Everyone would become in danger from the power of them and huge chaos would follow."

Spike Girl sighed. She concluded, "you know something? You're right. I thought I and Newair were the only geniuses around here."

Fire Angel suggested, "get on my back again, our next stop's Gloda City." Saldi got onto Fire Angel's back as the Reelita weapon exploded. Fire Angel pushed off of the roof with Spike Girl and Newair, using the impact of the roof exploding below them as momentum.

Spike Girl went on, "we'll start from the beginning."

When Redra and Violet finished telling Newair and Saldi about the Reelita weapon and how Fire Angel rescued Spike Girl from that castle that used to be in the North Pole, they were back in Redra's house. Redra wondered, "so, what happened to Gravaien?"

Saldi revealed, "he's back in his mansion, safe and sound."

Newair commented, "that's good to know." An orange car pulled up next to Redra's house.

Violet realized with a sigh, "my parents." She saw her parents in that car. She checked, "you did put my car back where it was?"

Newair pointed out, "yes, I did." Teary eyed Violet looked back at Saldi, Newair and Redra.

Violet concluded sadly, "hope you'll still get to send me that metal suit, Newair. Guess I'm heading for New York, guys. I'll write to you whenever possible."

Redra pointed out, "least we can always save the world as Fire Angel and Spike Girl. We'll probably meet up again, since Knight Niveru and Genudamor will be back to try to take over eventually." Violet smiled bitter sweetly.

She commented, "hope that'll be soon." Violet kissed Redra on the lips. She started to leave Redra's house and head towards her parents, waving back at her closest friends.

Saldi pointed out, "we'll never forget you."

Violet replied, "thanks." Redra, Saldi, and Newair waved back. Violet went up to the car.

Her mom pointed out, "we need to sort something out with you, Violet."

Violet sighed. She responded, "then go ahead, I'm right here."

Her dad explained, "when we heard from Redra himself on the phone that you helped him save the world from that Reelita weapon, we decided that we don't have to worry about what happens to you…that you can take care of yourself and don't need more supervision to be safe. We're all the supervision you need. We were also thinking about our opinions, not yours, and we apologize."

Violet realized hopefully, "so, we're not moving?"

Her mom answered with a warm chuckle, "nope. We heard the news and were driving towards the ruins of the Tester Laboratory out of guilt. Then we saw you go towards Redra's house, so we changed direction."

Violet responded relieved, "thanks."

Her dad replied, "no problem, but you haven't had dinner yet."

Violet realized, "now that you mention it, I am kind of hungry."

Her mom pointed out, "we haven't eaten yet either. We were searching the entire town for you, worried sick. However, maybe we're too overprotective for our own good."

Violet realized something with a chuckle. She responded, "wait a minute, I'll be back soon." She went back to Redra's house, smiling again. She revealed, "it turns out I'm not really moving."

Redra checked amazed, "you're not?"

Violet answered, "I'm not."

Saldi replied relieved, "then welcome back."

Newair pointed out, "in a couple of weeks, it's hard to believe that we'll be back in school after what has happened." Violet took out her costume from Redra's room and handed it to Newair.

Violet pointed out, "you can still make me a new metal suit. I'll see you all later." Violet went into the orange car. Redra, Saldi, and Newair waved back as she left.

Newair realized, "guess I'd better go too, or my parents will start searching for me too." Saldi and Fire Angel chuckled as they saw Newair rocket away into the night sky above with his jetpack.

Saldi pointed out, "wait, where are Knight Niveru's brothers?"

Redra suggested, "the Gloda City police would know."

His dad pointed out, "time for dinner, Saldi and Redra."

Redra thought out loud, "I'll pay a visit to the Gloda City police afterwards."

After he had dinner, he flew to the Gloda City police station as Fire Angel. He called out, "chief of police, Fire Angel here! Open up, I need to talk to you." A policeman opened the front door to the police station.

The officer replied, "she's not here, but whatever the chief knows, I do."

Fire Angel wondered, "where are Knight Niveru's brothers? I saw them fall from the Tester Laboratory before it blew up."

The officer revealed gravely, "they died."

Fire Angel pointed out, "but I saw them with jetpacks on their backs."

The officer explained further, "they were disabled, and Knight Niveru's brothers were dead before the fire department got there." Fire Angel saw some construction workers nearby.

Fire Angel wondered, "why the construction workers?"

The officer commented, "oh, so you've noticed. The jail cells are being removed."

Fire Angel insisted, "there has to be a reason, but I don't know what that is."

The officer continued, "when Truslin Gobet was in business years ago, they were full of criminals. Now that Knight Niveru's brothers are dead, and since Knight Niveru, Genudamor, those 2 Kram bots, and the Crab Brothers are to be put in prison cells in the Time Zone when they're arrested, this police station doesn't need those jail cells anymore. The government wants all supervillains in that prison, and now only supervillains seem to appear here. In fact, thanks to you and Spike Girl becoming indirect role models to fans, supervillains might be the only ones around this town."

Fire Angel figured, "makes sense. I got to go."

He left. The officer went back into the police station.

Fire Angel concluded, "if my villains return, I'll be ready for them with Violet. Hopefully, some things will never change."

Fire Angel flew back to his house to rest...after possibly the longest day of his life.

The End