Fire Angel III: Personal Warfare

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2011

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:

Key Robots

A month after the Tester Laboratory was destroyed, Violet and Redra were back in Gloda City High.

They now both had black metal costumes with bright flames painted on them. They each had 4 arms equipped with built-in scanner functions, Spike Girl's suit having spikes all over it. They thought they had a vacation from villains. Not really, for Genudamor and Knight Niveru were up to something in Warehouse Alley.

Genudamor pointed out, "the flame spike clones are finished."

He was standing next to two cylinder-shaped containers, each with a bright-orange humanoid robot in it. A great sword was resting on a wall nearby. It was to replace the one that was destroyed when Knight Niveru created her alternate reality and Fire Angel stopped it around a month ago.

Knight Niveru commented with a sigh, "what else is new?" She was ironically reading a Fire Angel comic book.

Genudamor insisted, "then explain why these robots' eyes are glowing, ye of little faith."

Knight Niveru replied satisfied, "now it gets interesting." She put the comic book down and walked up to the containers after putting her scanner visor on. She deduced, "hmm…you altered the two Kram Bots, didn't you?"

Genudamor pointed out, "the only ways to make sure these robots don't turn on us." He opened the containers. The two bright-orange familiar-looking robots walked out of them.

One of them commented, "we were unsure this experiment on us would work."

Genudamor pointed out, "it already has, Kram Bots, or should I say flame spike clones?"

The other robot responded, "we'll see, Genudamor. What can we altered robots do?"

Genudamor insisted, "more than you know. Fire Angel and Spike Girl will die by your hands!"

Knight Niveru chuckled. She commented sarcastically, "great, now we're using robots for the main plan. What could go wrong?"

Genudamor glared at her.

The Crab Brothers watched the scene from a nearby room, the flame spike clones hearing them with enhanced senses. Cy-Krom checked, "did you hear that, Helm?"

Helm guessed, "we'll actually be able to take over the world for once?"

Cy-Krom muttered, "fool! Don't you get it? Genudamor and Knight Niveru won't need us anymore, which means…"

Helm realized glumly, "…even if they take over the world, we'll still have to fight our way to have a part in it."

Cy-Krom pointed out, "exactly, but I might have a plan to make sure that doesn't happen to us." He and Helm ran out of the room they were in, the bright-orange robots flying towards them with rockets under their feet and jetpacks on their backs.

One of the robots called out, "halt, betrayers! We heard every word you two said."

Helm called back, "it's called beating you to the punch!" When Cy-Krom and Helm looked behind them, they saw the bright-orange robots. Genudamor and Knight Niveru ran towards the flame spike clones.

Knight Niveru checked, "what's going on here?!" The flame spike clones turned around towards Genudamor and Knight Niveru.

The other robot revealed, "we heard the Crab Brothers planning to take the world for themselves."

Cy-Krom checked, "wait a minute, how do you know us?"

The same robot pointed out, "we used to be the Kram Bots that fought alongside you on the Tester Laboratory, the day the building blew up." Each jetpack on the flame spike clones' backs started shooting missiles from a turret attached to the top of it at Cy-Krom and Helm.

Helm realized, "oh, those ungrateful metal shells."

Cy-Krom tried to point out, "no one can go through the Crab Brothers' armor. You machines don't stand a chance!"

The two robots in unison replied, "we have a connected mind, not two separate minds. You'll pay for trying to overthrow our creators and masters Genudamor and Knight Niveru."

Knight Niveru commented, "I like the sound of that."

Genudamor suggested, "now to see how well they do in combat, Knight Niveru. Take a seat." He pressed a button on a wall. A pair of blue seats rose from the ground and a television set lowered from the ceiling. He offered, "popcorn?" Genudamor sat down in one of the seats and pressed a yellow button on an armrest on his chair.

Knight Niveru replied, "don't mind if I do." Knight Niveru sat down in the other seat, a filled big bag of popcorn dropping from the ceiling onto Genudamor's lap. The television set showed the scene from security cameras within the warehouse they were in. The Crab Brothers split up and ran deeper into Warehouse Alley.

Genudamor checked, "better than cable?"

Knight Niveru replied, "no, but entertaining all the same." The flame spike clones each teleported from above to being right in front of one of the Crab Brothers, the Crab Brothers ramming their crab shell armor into the flame spike clones and pushing them aside. The flame spike clones quickly recovered, chasing after the Crab Brothers once again. Knight Niveru started to ask, "how did they…?"

Genudamor answered, "I programmed and attached little robots into their circuitry to repair any injury as quick as possible, simulating a healing factor like Spike Girl has."

Knight Niveru started to conclude, "nanobots you stole from…"

Genudamor chuckled. He revealed, "not exactly, they are shrunken robots using this device made by myself from the ruins of the Tester Laboratory."

Knight Niveru started protesting, "but how could you…?" Genudamor took out a gun from his pockets. Knight Niveru realized in amazement, "A shrink ray gun made from your suit's technology."

Genudamor went on, "correct, but I stole the robots from a factory."

Knight Niveru wondered, "where's this factory?"

Genudamor revealed, "I sent the Crab Brothers to steal them from several Michigan car manufacturing factories, why do you ask?"

Knight Niveru pointed out, "won't Fire Angel and Spike Girl find out?"

Genudamor muttered, "shoot!" The flame spike clones changed their hands into missile launchers, shooting missiles out of both their hands and jetpacks at the Crab Brothers.

Knight Niveru realized in shock, "you scanned my missile launchers when I wasn't looking?!"

Genudamor pointed out, "technically, you stole them." Cy-Krom made lightning come out of his fingertips, making missiles explode in mid-air.

Cy-Krom called out, "that the best you've got?!" Helm ran faster when lasers came out of one of the flame spike clones' set of robotic eyes. Fire started spreading through Warehouse Alley from the laser blasts.

Genudamor pointed out alarmed, "the firefighters will be here soon, let's get out of here before Fire Angel and Spike Girl arrive!"

Knight Niveru responded, "right behind you." Genudamor made the seats and television set go back into the floor and ceiling. The warehouse they were in started to go aflame. Genudamor and Knight Niveru ran from the warehouse as it exploded around them. Genudamor pulled out a walkie-talkie.

Genudamor instructed over the walkie-talkie, "hope this works. Kram Bots, this is Genudamor speaking to you. You're now flame spike clones. Give up the pursuit immediately! I have a more important assignment for you."

They replied in unison, "we're listening." The flame spike clones halted in mid-air and headed back towards the warehouse. The Crab Brothers ran from Warehouse Alley. Helm commented, "that was close." The Crab Brothers noticed the spreading fire.

Cy-Krom pointed out, "that's the least of our worries. We left our powered armor back at that warehouse! What's that in front of us?"

Helm realized, "oh."

Meanwhile...Gloda City High was about to change.

Redra checked, "Newair, are these rumors we've been hearing true?"

Newair asked back, "about a rich student from who knows where, transferring here? It's true, Redra."

Redra commented, "what is this school turning into, Celebrity High?"

Saldi pointed out with a chuckle, "when you become publically known superheroes, things like this happen."

Spike Girl wondered, "what the…? What's a crowd doing here in the middle of the hallway?! It's like all the students are clustered!"

Newair suggested, "guess we could check it out, we do have study hall anyway."

Redra pointed out with a chuckle, "you should know, you hacked into the schedules again."

Newair suggested, "just don't tell the teachers, or I'll be in detention."

Redra replied, "deal."

Saldi, Newair, Violet, and Redra heard, "it's the transfer student!" Confusion came from the crowd right in front of them, including unauthorized paparazzi snapping photos.

Saldi pointed out, "is that even legal?"

Redra deduced, "almost lunch, and students are all of a sudden treating the new student like a celebrity. It's so shallow!"

Violet pointed out, "remember when that happened to us weeks ago, when we returned for our second year?"

Redra sighed. He realized, "yeah, I kind of miss it."

Newair figured, "the nature of fads." A teenage girl with curly golden-brown hair and gold earrings emerged from the crowd.

She responded, "glad you admire me, but you'll be late in 4 minutes if you don't hurry to your classes." The crowd groaned as they walked away.

Violet deduced, "and that means we might be late for ours."

Newair suggested, "you think she's taken?"

Redra commented, "good for you, you finally broke out of your shell."

Saldi and Violet exclaimed in shock, "Redra!" Newair, Saldi, Redra, and Violet headed towards a set of stairs nearby, when Redra and Violet's cell phones started ringing.

Redra checked, "hello?"

Violet responded, "Violet Jayen here."

The police chief replied, "Fire Angel and Spike Girl, this is the Gloda City Police." The teenage girl with curly golden-brown hair, whose name was Arienie, stopped walking when she heard this.

She muttered to herself, "Fire Angel…the real reason why I came to this school." Arienie took out a map that showed blueprints to Gloda City High and silently followed Fire Angel.

Redra replied, "Fire Angel here."

The police chief revealed, "there's a fire spreading in Warehouse Alley, and according to firefighters, people are trapped in there."

The two superheroes replied, "on our way." Arienie watched Fire Angel and Spike Girl go into restrooms to change into their metal costumes. Saldi and Newair continued on their way to study hall. Arienie saw Fire Angel and Spike Girl open a window near the restrooms and fly away.

She muttered, "shoot, just missed him. I'll try again later." Arienie went to the cafeteria to relax and eat.

When Fire Angel and Spike Girl got to Warehouse Alley, Knight Niveru and Genudamor were nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, so were the flame spike clones. Firefighters turned around.

One of them commented, "good, you're here. We can only concentrate on this massive fire if we have a chance of stopping it, so you have to see if anyone's trapped in this alley. We'll try to stay out of your way with the fire hoses."

Spike Girl replied, "we appreciate it." She and Fire Angel looked around with their metal arms while flying around Warehouse Alley.

Fire Angel called out, "people trapped, in the warehouse to the left!"

Spike Girl replied, "lead the way, Redra." She and Fire Angel flew to a burning warehouse, the flame spike clones teleporting around them continually from behind to avoid detection from the arms. Spike Girl figured, "I thought there was something behind…probably nothing."

Citizens cried from below, "help!"

Fire Angel deduced, "the trapped people."

Water was putting out flames around the warehouse, where people were trapped. Meanwhile, Fire Angel and Spike Girl swung from warehouse to warehouse using their strength and claws to make sure the random appearance of water coming out of fire hoses didn't knock them out of the sky. He figured worried, "at this rate, the warehouse with the trapped people will explode before the fire's out!"

Spike Girl insisted, "maybe not." She stopped swinging from warehouse to warehouse. She used her arms and strength to launch herself above the water coming out of fire hoses, swooping down towards the center of their destination. Fire Angel did the same, diving fast towards their destination.

Fire Angel suggested, "we'll get there faster if we drop. See if you can cushion the fall."

Spike Girl replied, "I'll try."

Fire Angel checked, "ready?"

Spike Girl answered, "ready."

Fire Angel called out, "drop!" He and Spike Girl stopped flying, falling faster towards the warehouse below them.

Spike Girl checked, "are we ready for impact?"

Fire Angel concluded, "too late!"

Spike Girl commented, "when are you gonna be more positive? What happened to the Redra I met a year ago?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "when you see realities where the villains win, you'll understand." Fire Angel and Spike Girl fell straight through the ceiling of the warehouse below them. Fire Angel used his claws and strength to lessen the impact, Spike Girl ramming her spikes into the ceiling to make holes big enough for them to fall through.

Spike Girl concluded, "according to our arms, people are trapped behind a fallen set of shelves under a fallen crane."

Fire Angel commented, "this is bad." He and Spike Girl crashed into another set of storage shelves below, the shelves crashing onto the floor with a bang as its contents exploded from the flames below.

Spike Girl cried out, "shield your eyes!" She and Fire Angel were suddenly kicked off of the exploding shelf by the flame spike clones, the flame spike clones not trying to hide themselves from Fire Angel and Spike Girl.

Fire Angel wondered, "what the…?!" He and Spike Girl crashed into a pile of miscellaneous boxes nearby.

Spike Girl suggested, "it'll get better, trust me."

The robots replied, "oh, it will. We're now called the flame spike clones by Knight Niveru and Genudamor…the 2nd time we've been altered."

Fire Angel realized in shock, "Gravaien's parents?! Looking like us?! Some serious boundaries are being crossed here."

The flame spike clones responded in creepy unison, "very good, but we've become more than those Kram Bots we used to be...We've a connected mind and not two separate minds. We won't rest until you and Saldi leave our son Gravaien alone."

Spike Girl insisted, "over our dead bodies!"

One of the robots replied, "then we'll be happy to grant your wish."

The flame spike clones looked like Redra and Violet in their old superhero costumes in almost every detail, except for them being bright orange painted. They started shooting missiles from their hands and jetpacks along with the lasers built into their eyes.

Spike Girl deduced, "yep, they're telling the truth."

Fire Angel checked, "how can you be so sure?"

Spike Girl started to explain, "according to my arms, the flame spike clones are partly built of Kram Bot parts. The only surviving Kram Bots a month ago were…"

Fire Angel realized, "Gravaien's parents, but we still have to save those people."

Spike Girl suggested, "simple, you can save them while I handle these clones. Someone has to make sure these robots don't get in the way of us working for the Gloda City Police, or Silver Man will think we've left him like Captain United."

Spike Girl decided to hold off the flame spike clones by shooting fire missiles to counteract their weapons. Fire Angel went in search of the trapped people. He found some coughing workers running from an explosion.

He suggested, "calm down, I'm gonna get you out of here." The workers halted as two more sets of shelves exploded because of the spreading fire. Fire Angel hurled the set of shelves falling towards the workers at the explosions. He hurled another off of the back of some more workers nearby, the set of shelves crashing into a nearby wall.

One of them commented, "we thought we'd be goners for sure, but now that you're here…"

Fire Angel insisted, "we'll be goners if we don't hurry. That way, away from the smoke!"

He pointed to a clear path to a backdoor to the warehouse. He called out, "hurry, the place is gonna blow up!"

The workers nodded and ran for it. A thick layer of smoke rose around Fire Angel, Fire Angel having to use his arms to see through it.

He called out, "Spike Girl, where are you?!"

Spike Girl responded, "over here! I can't hold them off by myself. You won't believe this, but they have a healing factor."

Fire Angel called out, "but that's impossible!"

Spike Girl pointed out, "so was the dragon in that cavern." Fire Angel flew towards the sound of Spike Girl's voice, checking the time on his cell phone.

He realized, "Violet, we can only stay here for at most 9 minutes before heading back to school, or we'll miss lunch."

Spike Girl pointed out, "not to mention this warehouse blowing up before the firefighters put out the fire."

Fire Angel replied, "good point." He found Spike Girl with the flame spike clone that looked like Spike Girl on top of her. Spike Girl activated an electro-smoke bomb and put it in front of the flame spike clone's lasers. The bomb exploded. Spike Girl used this as a distraction long enough for her to escape the clone's grasp by kicking her off.

She called out, "let's go!" The flame spike clone that looked like a bright-orange painted Fire Angel attacked Fire Angel with its bare hands. He tried to destroy him with his fire breath, but the flames didn't even phase the clone.

Fire Angel thought, "they have flame-proof armor…so did the Kram Bots. Fire breath would never work on them. Violet must've figured that out too." He slammed the flame spike clone onto the ground with a thud and a surprise kick. He deduced, "we've got a slim chance of getting out of here alive and on time with those lasers."

Spike Girl suggested, "spilt up and head towards that opening over there! I know how we can lose them and get back to school on time."

Fire Angel called out, "let's do it!"

Spike Girl flew towards the holes in the roof of the warehouse while using her claws to destroy missiles coming from the flame spike clone that looked like her. Fire Angel flew towards a hole in a wall that exploded nearby. This was while dodging eye laser gun blasts coming from the flame spike clone that looked like him, who was getting up.

He called out, "crazy criminals! You'll never get rid of us, and neither did Joliena!" Fire Angel and Spike Girl flew out of the exploding warehouse, the flame spike clones teleporting to get out of the way of the explosion.

Fire Angel commented, "ironic how the good and bad sides have similar methods."

Spike Girl met up with Fire Angel shortly after. She realized, "it worked! Let's get back to school."

Fire Angel added, "too bad we can't see the looks on their faces when they come back and find nothing." He and Spike Girl chuckled as they flew back to school, the flame spike clones appearing too late.

One of them wondered, "where'd they go?!"

The other responded, "darn it!" The Crab Brothers appeared next to where the warehouse that exploded used to be, the fire gone.

Cy-Krom called out in rage, "you'll pay for making Knight Niveru fire us!" He and Helm tried to attack the flame spike clones with their drill-like arms, the flame spike clones simply teleporting away.

Helm insisted, "Cy-Krom, forget about them! What's your plan?"

Cy-Krom revealed vaguely, "to get them on our side by controlling them with a tool we've got to get our hands on. We'll attempt to steal it tonight." The Crab Brothers left the scene unnoticed.

When Fire Angel and Spike Girl got back to school, they changed back into regular clothes. When they had to go eat lunch, Arienie heard the bell.

She figured, "I've got study hall…my second chance to find him."

Arienie quickly went into a classroom and signed out, saying she was going to the bathroom. She thought, "not really."

Seeing Redra walk towards the cafeteria, Arienie silently followed him, patting a hall pass in her pockets. Violet, Saldi and Newair were already in the cafeteria getting lunch.

Arienie asked, "hi, umm…got a minute?"

Redra turned around to face her in surprise.

Redra asked, "sure, what's up?"

Arienie went on as she took out a pocket notebook, "think I could have an autograph?"

Redra checked, "sure…I'm guessing you're a fan? Wait, you're the transfer student too?"

Arienie chuckled. She responded, "yes to both questions, but I do have a name."

Redra replied embarrassed, "sorry, what's your name?"

Arienie replied, "Arienie."

Saldi called out, "Redra, you coming?!"

Redra went on, "here's that autograph."

Arienie replied mysteriously, "thanks, we'll probably meet again."

Redra waved back as Arienie went back to her study hall. She pocketed the autograph on the way. She thought strangely, "now I know what his handwriting looks like, I might be able to do some research on his school assignments tonight." Redra went into the cafeteria to sit down with Violet, Newair, and Saldi.

Newair wondered, "what did the transfer student want?"

Redra revealed, "for your information, her name's Arienie, even asked for my autograph."

Violet suggested, "surprised she didn't asked me for one, since I'm Spike Girl."

Saldi suggested, "A fan of Fire Angel, could that be the reason why she transferred here?"

Violet answered, "it's possible."

Redra responded, "there's only one way to find out for sure. Newair, see if you can find out more about Arienie."

Violet commented, "you worry too much."

Redra pointed out, "maybe, but it wouldn't hurt to double check. It's triple checking that's a sign of paranoia."

Newair replied, "I'll get started on it when I get home, Redra. Maybe less talking and more eating. I'm starving!" They began to have lunch, not knowing the flame spike clones were watching them from the almost empty halls beyond the cafeteria.

One of them protested, "I can't wait any longer!"

The other replied calmly, "then we do it tonight."

The following night, Fire Angel and Spike Girl heard from Newair that there had been a break-in at Gloda High. When they got to the high school, they still didn't notice the flame spike clones watching over them.

One of them commented, "once they go into the building, this assassination will be easy."

Spike Girl checked over the phone, "one question, Newair. How did you find out about it?"

Newair answered to their shock, "hidden security cameras in Gloda High."

Redra checked, "they've got security cameras?! Was this before we were revealed as superheroes?"

Newair replied, "calm down Redra. Since last year, it turns out this school was a former Truslin Gobet base. Fortunately, no one else but them knew."

Spike Girl protested, "then how come our scanners didn't find them?"

Newair asked back, "have you even checked the school with your scanners until now? Wait, the Gloda City Police want to talk to you. It's urgent."

Fire Angel commented, "twice in one day? This'll be a long night. Hello?"

The chief of police replied, "Gloda City Police. We've gotten word from another police chief that there's a break-in at a manufacturing factory. A similar break-in happened there before."

He checked, "and where's this factory?"

The police officer revealed, "in Detroit, Michigan. We have footage from that break-in, but no one has had time to investigate the crime scene yet due to more serious cases."

Fire Angel checked, "there's another break-in we need to take care of, so what do we do now, Violet?"

Spike Girl replied, "give me a minute. Chief, what did the footage show?"

The chief revealed, "the criminals that broke into this factory before and now are the Crab Brothers."

Fire Angel suggested, "the break-in at this school won't be a problem for me, so maybe you could get the Crab Brothers instead."

Spike Girl replied, "all right, good luck, Redra. However, we don't know where the flame spike clones have disappeared to yet, and they might kill us if we're not careful."

Fire Angel responded confidently, "I know, but we've faced worse."

Spike Girl commented, "that's the Redra I know." Fire Angel and Spike Girl kissed, right before Spike Girl left waving. Fire Angel waved back.

One of the robots instructed, "one of us will follow Fire Angel, the other will follow Spike Girl. When both are out of sight from others, kill them."

The other suggested to the other's sick amusement, "of course, it'd catch them off guard if we were to seem like certain superheroes in the dark and then attack."

The flame spike clone that looked like Violet followed Fire Angel into the high school while the flame spike clone that looked like Redra followed Spike Girl. Fire Angel tried to get into Gloda High, but the front door was locked.

He figured, "odd, the lock on it hasn't been tampered with. How could someone get into the school otherwise?" Fire Angel saw a grappling hook hooked onto an open window nearby. He realized, "that's how."

Fire Angel flew through the window, the flame spike clone looking like Violet following him cautiously.

Meanwhile, Spike Girl got to Detroit, a busy metropolis full of crime. She wondered while walking on a sidewalk, "now where's that factory?"

A kind civilian revealed, "it's the United States Steel Corporation, near a place called Woodmere Cemetery."

Spike Girl replied, "thanks."

The civilian replied as she left, "glad to help."

Spike Girl thought, "maybe there's hope for this city after all. Now, how am I gonna find the factory?" She flew into the air, passing skyscraper after skyscraper searching for Woodmere Cemetery with help from her arms' scanner functions.

She commented, "nice buildings."

Back at Gloda High, Arienie was strangely in a school office, looking through file cabinets. She muttered to herself, "only one Redra on records…a Redra Roggur. All A's, perfect." Arienie closed a shelf built into one of the cabinets, making notes on her notebook. She figured mysteriously, "I got what I came for."

Fire Angel figured, "if I could figure out where the hidden wires are connecting the security cameras with help from these arms, I might be able to find the person who has broken in."

A familiar voice wondered, "and how do you plan to do that?"

Fire Angel checked, "Violet, you're back already?"

Spike Girl replied, "it was a false alarm, but let's get back to the task at hand."

Fire Angel commented, "guess the Gloda City police had too many night shifts lately."

He couldn't tell who he thought was Violet at the time, because it was too dark to tell if it was a clone or not. The clone followed him, ready to attack him when it could. The clone thought darkly, "little does Fire Angel know what awaits him when he gets to the source of those security cameras."

Back at Detroit, Spike Girl found the factory at last, seeing the Crab Brothers carrying robot parts with them. Cy-Krom suggested, "we know how those flame spike clones were created, and that knowledge will give us a device even Fire Angel and Spike Girl can't stop."

Spike Girl interrupted, "I wouldn't be so sure about that, Crab Brothers." The bright-orange flame spike clone that looked like Redra suddenly came out of hiding.

The clone exclaimed in frustration, "you'll do no such thing, hard-headed head cases!"

Cy-Krom asked, "we're crab mutants, what else is new?"

Helm pointed out, "harsh talk coming from something that looks like an animatronic robot." The Crab Brothers and the flame spike clone got ready to fire at each other with exchanged glares.

Spike Girl interrupted, "wait a minute boys! Time out! I thought you all worked for Genudamor and Knight Niveru."

Helm revealed amused, "Spike Girl, you're smarter than we thought. We knew Genudamor and Knight Niveru wouldn't need us anymore since we overheard them say that you and Fire Angel wouldn't be able to stop the flame spike clones. We knew they were gonna turn on us and we turned on them first."

Spike Girl checked in shock, "but why are you telling me this?"

Cy-Krom answered, "because we want the flame spike clones defeated as much as Fire Angel and you do. As much as it pains me to admit it, we might stand a better chance against them if we team up."

Spike Girl revealed, "Fire Angel's occupied with another break-in."

Helm suggested, "in that case, you've got a choice. You can either team up with us and tell Fire Angel later, or fight against the rest of us."

Spike Girl sighed. She decided, "then I choose to team up, but only for this purpose and no other! You got that?"

Cy-Krom muttered, "understood."

Spike Girl commented, "Fire Angel won't believe this when I tell him."

The clone revealed to her horror, "he won't survive to tell the tale. While I was following you to Detroit, the other clone followed Fire Angel. Both of us flame spike clones have a linked mind, so I'll tell the other to kill him the instant I begin to die. Our assignment will be carried out, which will be to kill you and Fire Angel. You see, Spike Girl, there's no choice."

Spike Girl sighed. She replied, "you can try."

The flame spike clone chuckled evilly as he quickly shot laser fire at the Crab Brother's armor. He called out, "with pleasure!"

The lasers bounced off at a good enough angle to hit a nearby skyscraper, glass threatening to kill civilians below. Spike Girl soared towards the pieces, ripping them into harmless pieces with her claws. The clone shot a ton of missiles at Spike Girl above. Cy-Krom tried to counteract them with his spinning spikes, but the clone kicked Helm into the line of fire to act as a shield.

The clone muttered, "we finish this now."

Spike Girl shot down the incoming missiles with her fire missiles while descending back towards the factory. She used her metal arms to use some missiles as extra propulsion to get a better angle to shoot down and slash at even more missiles.

Cy-Krom replied, "gladly."

He swung off of Helm's falling body to kick the flame spike clone into one of the factory's walls. Spike Girl quickly hurled the three missiles on her metal arms at the remaining missiles, blowing them up as the impact sent her on a crash course back to the factory. When the robot was dazed by the surprise attack, Cy-Krom electrocuted the flame spike clone that looked like Redra by shooting lightning from his fingertips. It fell to the ground as Cy-Krom quickly used a magnetic field from his fingertips to slow Spike Girl's descent.

Spike Girl commented as she got to his feet, "the enemy of my enemy…my friend. Thank you for saving me. Keep it occupied, it might be stunned only for a little while."

Helm checked as he got back to his feet a little dazed, "how so?"

Spike Girl revealed, "it has a way of healing itself."

Cy-Krom suggested, "then go and help Fire Angel while we hold it off. There's another clone after him, remember?"

Spike Girl commented amused, "you know, I never thought I'd see the day when the Crab Brothers would actually assist."

Helm chuckled a little. He commented, "neither did we, but these are dangerous times. Go while you still have time."

Spike Girl replied, "right."

She flew back to Gloda High. Cy-Krom used his magnetic fields to hurl himself into the air with the flame spike clone that looked like Redra, him towards nearby water with help from his own arms. This seemed to be working, due to metal parts hidden under Cy-Krom's crab armor. The clone suddenly started to go back online, saving itself by hovering over the great lake below.

Cy-Krom instructed as he used the magnetic field to pull himself towards the flame spike clone, "Helm, get that remote built while I hold the clone off."

Helm protested, "but we said…"

Cy-Krom insisted, "if that remote works, we'll defeat them since that clone's linked to the other through their minds, and through the clones get Fire Angel and Spike Girl for good."

Helm nodded chuckling at the thought of that plan. Cy-Krom made magnetic fields come out of his fingers to crash missiles coming from the clone that looked like Redra into each other. Police arrived at the scene.

At Gloda High, Fire Angel found that the wires lead to a room with a Truslin Gobet database that showed security camera scenes throughout the school.

He realized, "bingo! A figure's feet were just shown disappearing into the ceiling in the school office where they keep student records." The fake Violet locked the only door in the room behind them. Fire Angel checked in alarm, "what are you doing?!"

The clone revealed to his shock, "disposing of you." It moved closer to the glow coming from the database's screen.

Fire Angel figured, "flame spike clone."

The clone went on, "no one will see us down here when I kill you, officially ending the assignment given to our clever mind…we are one!"

The clone started shooting missiles from its hands and jetpack. Lasers came out of its eyes. Fire Angel destroyed the missiles with his fire breath and dodged the laser blasts by flying at and kicking off of the walls. The explosions of the missiles knocked the clone against the door and Fire Angel onto the ground. The laser blasts started a fire in the secret room. The door broke under the clone's weight, the clone hovering just before it was to land on the floor. It flew towards a fire extinguisher nearby as Fire Angel got to his feet.

The clone insisted, "I won't let you escape as easily as before, and Spike Girl on her way to try to save you won't cut it."

Fire Angel realized in shock, "Spike Girl is trying to save me? How did she…?!"

The clone turned on the fire extinguisher and used it to start filling the room, shooting missiles from its jetpack and lasers from its eyes. Fire Angel used his metal arms to see in the chaos, orbiting past incoming laser fire. At the same time, he hacked and slashed at missiles.

The clone threatened, "there's no escape now." He punched Fire Angel from behind, knocking him to the ground below with a thud. Arienie paused her climbing and headed back towards the office she had snuck into in shock as she heard Fire Angel and the flame spike clone below.

She realized, "I've got to save him."

While Fire Angel was in danger, Cy-Krom and the flame spike clone that looked like Redra had taken their fight to Belle Isle in the Detroit River in Michigan, at its large marble lighthouse.

People watched the fight scene from below amazed. Cy-Krom used his crab armor to bounce into the air and fight the flame spike clone hovering next to the lighthouse itself. Helm was in his shell floating on the Detroit River, secretly working on building the remote for the flame spike clones.

He commented, "now I know how turtles feel. It feels like summer in here."

Helm swam towards the big marble lighthouse, where Cy-Krom was shooting spikes to destroy missiles coming from the flame spike clone that looked like Redra. He even used magnetic fields to carry his own shelled chest in the path of lasers coming from the clone as often as possible, using a magnetic field to stay afloat near the lighthouse's metal frame.

Cy-Krom called out, "where's that remote?!"

Helm called back, "we'll have to find a hideout to hopefully give us more time to finish it!"

Cy-Krom complained, "perfect time to tell me something has gone wrong, when it's a long way down from here!"

A couple of minutes later, Cy-Krom grabbed onto the clone to avoid falling to the ground out of partial exhaustion. Both of them were wrestling with each other in the air as the clone tried to continue to hover with its jetpack and rockets under its feet with little success. Down below, Helm was spotted by police. In response, he curled up in his shell to avoid capture so easily. Policemen in helicopters were flying towards the mid-air battle, next to the big marble lighthouse.

One of them suggested, "we'll have to find 2 nets, if we can even get a chance of capturing the Crab Brothers."

Another pointed out, "but won't that take time?"

The other recalled, "from Fire Angel's and Spike Girl's experience with the Crab Brothers, it seems to be the only way to capture them."

Some helicopters started heading away from the battle to try to get nets. Helm saw Cy-Krom and the clone fall towards the ground. Cy-Krom bounced his armor against the flame spike clone wrestling with him, curling up into his shell to bounce quick enough to reach a helicopter above. The flame spike clone was knocked towards the water below.

A police officer commented, "I have a feeling that it's not over yet." That policeman was right. The flame spike clone that looked like Redra hovered onto the ground safely, Cy-Krom grabbing onto the helicopter he got onto.

Another officer realized, "we've got some added weight."

One of the other officers figured in horror, "it's Cy-Krom, one of the Crab Brothers! Let's get out of here!"

Another wondered, "where are superheroes when you need them?"

A fourth one pointed out, "if we had superheroes handle every crime, we'd be out of business."

The other figured with a sigh, "true."

Helm called out, "you'll be defeated in the end, flame spike clone!"

The clone challenged, "prove it!"

Helm replied, "bring it on, useless machine."

He and the flame spike clone that looked like Redra started fighting with missiles and drill-like hands, civilians sadly thinking of it as entertainment and watching below. The impact of the explosions knocked them backwards into nearby trees.

Spike Girl almost found her way out of Michigan, when she got a call from Newair.

Newair notified her, "Spike Girl, trouble up on Belle Isle in the Detroit River, and you're closer to that place than Fire Angel. Fire Angel's probably still occupied with that break-in."

Spike Girl sighed. She insisted, "listen to me, Newair. You've got to call the Gloda City Police to save Redra and fast! He hasn't called me in a while, which is very odd. Even worse than that, I've heard that the flame spike clone that looks like me plans to kill him!"

Newair replied alarmed, "I didn't know that…I'll do what I can. I'll call you again if I find out anything else about Redra's situation."

Spike Girl replied, "I knew I could count on you, but will it be stopped in time?"

At Gloda High, Arienie got back to the school records and picked the lock to the office where the records were kept. Fire Angel tried to take out his cell phone, but had to destroy missiles with his claws and dodge laser beams instead to survive.

The clone realized, "wait, I've got a better idea."

The flame spike clone that looked like Violet put down the fire extinguisher and kicked it towards Arienie, Arienie flipping over it easily with help from her arms. The extinguisher fell to the ground.

The clone insisted, "there'll be no witnesses!"

Arienie wondered, "we?!"

Fire Angel thought in shock, "Arienie broke into Gloda High?! Why can't I have more normal friends for a change?" He responded, "Arienie, I'll explain later. It's not what you think!"

The clone replied sickly amused, "you know this young lady, Fire Angel? Then I'll give her a proper greeting."

Fire Angel called out as he charged at the clone, "no!"

The clone threatened, "I'll kill you both! No one else will know."

At the last minute, Fire Angel flipped over the clone with his metal arms right before it kicked him backwards. He kicked the clone from behind and let go. The robot crashed into the database's viewscreen, a gust of flame coming out of the explosion of the glass that followed. It soon after hovered after Fire Angel in anger as he ran out of the room. He zipped past more laser blasts and destroyed more missiles with his claws.

The clone insisted, "we end this now."

The flame spike clone that looked like Spike Girl shot missiles and lasers at Arienie and Fire Angel. Fire Angel used the fire extinguisher to block the lasers and his fire breath to destroy the missiles as a cloud of steam spread over the door frame.

The clone muttered, "I leave you two to your doom."

It shot lasers at the ground, fire spreading as the clone flew through the elevator shaft nearby.

Arienie checked nervously, "okay, what was that robot talking about?"

Fire Angel revealed, "its mind's linked with another robot, and both robots are after me and Spike Girl."

Arienie wondered, "and those robots are working for who?"

Fire Angel suggested, "in order for you to understand that, I'd have to tell about my former adventures as a superhero for it to make sense. For now, we've got to get out of here alive. Get on my back, and I'll fly us up to the top of that elevator shaft so I could hopefully capture that robot."

Arienie nodded, the fire extinguisher's liquids extinguishing the flames around them in small waves.

He instructed, "hold on!" Fire Angel flew into the elevator shaft after the flame spike clone that looked like Violet.

Back in Michigan, Spike Girl found something suspicious on her way to Belle Isle. A helicopter with the Crab Brothers inside of it was flying in the air.

The flame spike clone that looked like Redra was soaring towards them while shooting missiles and lasers at them from behind. Cy-Krom kept blowing up missiles with lightning from his fingertips. Helm kept controlling the helicopter in order to dodge the lasers.

Spike Girl thought hopefully, "it hasn't seen me yet."

She set up an electro-smoke bomb onto the top of the helicopter and aimed a fire missile at the flame spike clone attacking the vehicle.

She muttered, "I'll have a better chance to capture these Crab Brothers, if I make sure there is no interference."

A cloud of smoke surrounded the helicopter as the bomb sat on the center of its main propeller, the flame spike clone nearby confused.

Cy-Krom assumed, "probably just a cloud, nothing to worry about. Keep moving the helicopter, Helm. Anywhere would be safer than being in Michigan now."

Helm replied, "of course." A fire missile from Spike Girl, hidden within the cloud, hit the flame spike clone nearby. The clone spun fast enough to get rid of the flames surrounding it while healing itself.

Spike Girl figured, "to make sure to lose it."

She picked up the electro-smoke bomb from the top of the helicopter and hurled it directly at the clone. She quickly hit the bomb with another fire missile, the impact of the two exploding in front of the clone. It fell out of range from the helicopter, too confused and injured to continue pursuit. The robot decided to head back to Gloda City.

The clone realized in frustration, "I've lost them!"

Helm realized as he looked up, "Spike Girl's on board."

Cy-Krom muttered, "not anymore." He used a magnetic field to shift Spike Girl off the helicopter like a puppet, Spike Girl barely hovering in the night sky. He ordered, "steer the helicopter straight at her."

Helm asked, "what?!"

Cy-Krom exclaimed, "do it!"

Helm steered the helicopter right at Spike Girl. She had to use her metal arms to avoid being hit by it by pulling herself under the helicopter. She quickly pushed off with her legs to escape. Cy-Krom used that as a way for him and Helm to escape.

Spike Girl muttered, "they may've won for now, but I think it's more important to see if Fire Angel's all right." She flew towards Gloda City in a hurry.

At Gloda High, Arienie and Fire Angel just got out of the elevator shaft and on their feet in a school hallway. Fire Angel checked, "why did you break in?"

Arienie sighed. She revealed vaguely, "I just needed to find out some info I couldn't find if teachers were around, and there weren't any tonight."

Fire Angel checked alarmed, "and it wasn't dangerous?"

Arienie responded calmly, "no." The flame spike clone that looked like Violet appeared, and so did the other flame spike clone, followed by Spike Girl.

The Violet flame spike clone called out, "get them all! No witnesses!"

Fire Angel warned, "Arienie, run for it!" Arienie nodded and disappeared out of sight, deeper into the darkness. Sirens went off outside. Fire Angel revealed, "there are policemen outside."

Spike Girl wondered, "how did…? Come on, we might have to fight them later." The flame spike clones flew past the policemen outside the high school, dodging bullets easily by teleporting out of the way.

Fire Angel called out, "the only place you're going to is the Time Zone!" He and Spike Girl flew after the flame spike clones.

Spike Girl called out, "excuse us, coming through!"

She and Fire Angel chased the flame spike clones to the Gloda Arcade. The flame spike clones hovered over it while shooting missiles and lasers at Fire Angel and Spike Girl. One of the clones muttered, "forget about there being any witnesses, we'll let everyone watch as long as we do the assignment."

Fire Angel concluded, "I think the assignment they were given was to kill us."

Spike Girl pointed out, "all our supervillains give themselves that one." Fire Angel breathed fire at a bunch of missiles, Spike Girl shooting fire missiles to counteract the missiles coming from the flame spike clones. They both dodged laser blasts by circling around the robots in random patterns.

The other clone threatened, "but this time, we'll finish it." The lasers started a fire, policemen nearby calling firemen to put it out.

Spike Girl commented, "good, we can still concentrate on these robots." She threw an electro-smoke bomb at the flame spike clones, Fire Angel and Spike Girl sneaking up on them while a cloud of smoke formed around the flame spike clones.

Fire Angel checked, "wait, what happened to that other break-in?"

Spike Girl suggested, "they escaped, but we'll deal with that later." Fire Angel and Spike Girl tried to attack them with their arms and claws, but the flame spike clones teleported away.

One of the clones muttered, "we'll finish this later."

Spike Girl suggested, "in that case, we can search for the Crab Brothers now."

Fire Angel checked, "they're really involved in the other break-in?"

Spike Girl answered, "yep, and it turns out they don't work for Knight Niveru and Genudamor anymore."

Fire Angel deduced, "hmm…I know exactly how we can find the Crab Brothers fast, but we have to get back to Gloda High. They've got a Truslin Gobet database in there, but it could use some repairs."

When Fire Angel and Spike Girl found the database in Gloda High, they used it to search for the Crab Brothers soon after Spike Girl fixed it. Fire Angel recalled, "I figured out how these databases work when I went back in time to that Truslin Gobet headquarters right…when Knight Niveru turned off the power in Gloda City."

Spike Girl figured, "according to the database, the Crab Brothers are in a Truslin Gobet Headquarters in Michigan."

Fire Angel realized, "they're up to something."

Spike Girl pointed out, "and we have to get to the bottom of it, as usual." She and Fire Angel flew towards Michigan with lightning speed, but were intercepted by the reappearing flame spike clones.

Fire Angel checked in anger, "what do you want?!"

The flame spike clones laughed.

Cy-Krom's voice sounded from them, "now that we've built a remote to control these flame spike clones, Knight Niveru and Genudamor themselves can't stop us. Their not so secret weapon is in our hands, they're all the way back in Gloda City, and haven't even seen what is happening to be able to stop us in time."

Spike Girl realized in horror, "Crab Brothers."

Cy-Krom's voice went on from the robots, "you two get a C…you've managed to get so close to stopping us and yet let that chance slip past you." The stolen helicopter came back with the Crab Brothers in it.

Helm revealed from the cockpit, "you see, we Crab Brothers have outsmarted you pathetic superheroes. Once we get you out of the way, Genudamor and Knight Niveru will beg us to give their flame spike clones back. We'll only do that, as long as they take over the world for us."

Spike Girl challenged, "they could always make new ones, ones that could resist your remote if we tell them how." Fire Angel got an idea and took out his cell phone.

Helm and Cy-Krom laughed. Helm insisted, "you can't be serious! You can barely handle 2 of those robots on your own."

Fire Angel pointed out, "but they'll try to destroy you first. After all, you know more about them than we do and will consider you more as a threat than us superheroes."

He started dialing random numbers with the cell phone turned off, Spike Girl trying her best not to chuckle at the sight of the Crab Brothers actually believing the trick.

Fire Angel asked, "hello, is Genudamor there?"

The Crab Brothers were open-mouthed as they finally gave in.

Cy-Krom suggested, "alright, hang up! We'll do what you want this once if you do." Fire Angel faked hanging up and put the cell phone into his pockets.

Spike Girl offered, "then go to jail where you belong." The flame spike clones closed on the helicopter, making sure it wouldn't move.

Helm insisted, "I can't steer it when they're this close."

One of the clones called out, "stop! Fire Angel lies!" Cy-Krom turned around to see the flame spike clones.

He suggested, "be more specific, clones."

The other revealed, "we've seen him fake that call to Genudamor." The Crab Brothers' faces became red at this piece of information.

Cy-Krom replied furiously, "we've been tricked by something so simple?! Attack!"

The flame spike clones started shooting missiles and lasers again at Fire Angel and Spike Girl in mid-air. Cy-Krom himself attacked Fire Angel and Spike Girl by shooting lightning and spikes at them. He was even using magnetic fields to create bigger exploding missiles and move them anywhere he wants them to go.

Helm made the helicopter circle around the scene randomly. Fire Angel and Spike Girl zipped past lightning bolts and lasers. Fire Angel used his fire breath to destroy the huge missiles. He used his metal arms to swing around missiles the size of helicopters to dodge them as they self-destructed from behind. The impacts pushed him even harder towards one huge missile after another, almost crashing into them in the process. Spike Girl used her spiked suit and metal arms to deflect the metal spikes while chasing after the helicopter.

Spike Girl concluded, "I get to them, I stop them from controlling the robots."

The flame spike clones teleported in front of Spike Girl to her frustration. She had to fight them in hand-to-hand combat while deflecting more metal spikes, using her metal arms to swing around the robots as the spikes almost managed to damage them. All this time, she was trying to tail the helicopter.

Fire Angel realized in horror, "these huge missiles just keep coming towards me, and those metal spikes keep heading towards Violet…both a pattern."

Spike Girl struggled in the grip of one of the clones as the other got ready to knock her out. She had to use an electro-smoke bomb to get the flame spike clones confused enough to let her go, shooting fire missiles at them to cover herself from being seen by the explosions.

The robots wondered, "where's Spike Girl?!" When Spike Girl got close enough to the helicopter, she shot a fire missile right at its propeller and threw an electro-smoke bomb at it at the same time.

Cy-Krom started to ask, "what the…?!"

Helm cried in alarm, "we're going down!"

Cy-Krom insisted, "we can still control the flame spike clones. Since it has 2 monitors, one for each clone's vision, we'll still get them. Can you still steer the helicopter?"

Helm revealed in shock, "nope, controls are offline. Even worse, a fire has started…"

The helicopter's controls burst into flame, the flames bouncing off Helm as he got out of his seat. The flame spike clones spilt up, one heading towards Fire Angel and the other towards the source of a trail of fire missiles. A couple of huge missiles were still standing, both heading towards Gloda City.

Spike Girl figured in horror, "he's attacking our hometown." She called the Michigan police to attempt to arrest the Crab Brothers, using her trail of exploding fire missiles to get the flame spike clone that looked like Redra to follow the falling helicopter.

Helm suggested, "the police won't think of arresting us if we make sure they don't get close."

The nearby flame spike clone shot missiles to counteract the fire missiles. Cy-Krom smiled evilly as he created a magnetic field to collide them even faster. The explosion knocked Spike Girl into the helicopter from the impact, the helicopter skidding towards the water near the manufacturing factory from before. Cy-Krom started shooting continuous metal spikes at some police cars, making the cars blow up below. Policemen evacuated them by tumbling out of their seat in the nick of time.

They cried, "get out of the way!"

Other police cars struggled to go around the random explosions while policemen in them shot bullets at the helicopter. The flame spike clone that looked like Violet teleported above Fire Angel, the clone shooting missiles and lasers at one of the huge missiles under Fire Angel's feet. He tumbled out of the way. He destroyed more nearby missiles with his claws as he used his metal arms to climb the huge missile's side. Fire Angel tried to get out of the way of the huge missile blowing up near him while dodging lots of laser blasts by pushing off of the explosive with his legs and letting go. He zipped past more lasers. Spike Girl got up and ran from the exploding descending helicopter as firefighters came towards it.

Cy-Krom figured, "hmm…the only way for us to get back to Gloda City now will be to reach their Truslin Gobet headquarters."

Helm suggested, "what about riding on the flame spike clones?"

Cy-Krom pointed out, "and almost fall like I did with that flame spike clone back at Belle Isle?!"

Helm replied, "never mind. Wait a minute! Didn't we find another Truslin Gobet headquarters near Belle Isle?"

Cy-Krom answered amused, "yeah, but I know of a shortcut. It's this way, follow me!" The Crab Brothers jumped off of the helicopter and headed deeper into Detroit below, retracting into their shells to lessen the impact. Cy-Krom checked as they got up and extended their limbs, "where's the remote?"

Helm realized in shock, "we left it at the…helicopter."

Cy-Krom groaned. He muttered, "shoot!"

The flame spike clones thought, "where are those Crab Brothers?" Spike Girl saw Fire Angel get pushed by the impact of the huge exploding missile to the other huge missile. He landed on the only remaining huge missile hard and got knocked out.

Spike Girl realized worried, "Redra."

She threw an electro-smoke bomb in front of the flame spike clone that looked like Redra and quickly flew towards the remaining huge missile. She kept shooting fire missiles at the flame spike clone that looked like Redra, a cloud of smoke engulfing it. The flame spike clone that looked like Redra chased after Spike Girl regardless. The Crab Brothers barely escaped the police and ran into the Truslin Gobet headquarters in Michigan.

Helm suggested, "phew…maybe we should just wait until things settle down."

When Spike Girl got to the unconscious Fire Angel, the flame spike clones were blowing up the huge missile with laser blasts around him to her horror. The huge missile itself was diving towards Gloda City below at incredible speed. She figured horrified, "if it touches Gloda City, it'll make a crater out of the city!" Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb at the flame spike clones, the flame spike clones disappearing.

They commented in unison, "too bad we can't watch the destruction of this city: Least we'll get rid of you in the process."

Spike Girl thought out loud worried, "please be ok."

She ripped an unaffected chunk of the missile to shreds with her claws and kicked off of it. She carried Fire Angel away from the explosion of the missile collapsing on itself. She shifted her gun to her metal arms to quickly destroy the chunk behind them with a couple of fire missiles, hoping to lessen the overall impact.

She muttered, "for the greater good."

Spike Girl and Fire Angel were regardless pushed with so much force by the explosion of the huge missile that they crashed straight through a fire hydrant. Spike Girl got the wind knocked out of herself by a burst of water coming from where the fire hydrant used to be, which slammed her against an apartment building. She fell unconscious to the sidewalk below, knocked out Fire Angel tumbling for the road as her arms unconsciously let go.

When they woke up, they were back in their beds at their houses with help from Gloda City police who found them. They both had thought they were goners. Redra thought, "it must have been a dream."

When he got to school though, Redra wouldn't think of last night as a dream any longer. Arienie wondered, "Redra, I'm relieved that you and Spike Girl are all right. Think you could tell me about those past adventures of yours?"

The adventures of last night came flooding back to his mind. He responded, "oh, here's my cell phone number. Call me after school, and I'll tell you."

Arienie replied, "works for me. I've been busy lately myself, so I'll see what I can do." She took a small piece of paper with Redra's cell phone number written on it and put it in her pockets as she waved.

Redra replied in shock, "talk to you later then." Arienie left. Violet, Saldi, and Newair caught up with Redra.

Newair revealed, "by the way Redra, the only stuff I could find out about Arienie is that she transferred here from a New York school and is 18. Sorry, but there's mostly blanks. It's kind of strange."

Redra replied, "thanks anyway. I have a feeling Arienie is the least of our worries. One question Violet: How did I get back in bed if I was knocked out?"

Violet revealed, "the Gloda City Police found us and brought us back to our houses. Our parents were worried about us since we returned later then expected."

Redra wondered, "ah, but what about the Crab Brothers and the flame spike clones?"

Saldi revealed, "gone missing."

Redra figured with a sigh, "they're still out there."

Newair pointed out, "come on. We can't be late for our homerooms." Redra, Saldi and Newair headed towards one classroom while Violet headed towards another.