Fire Angel III: Personal Warfare

Chapter 5:

Point of No Return

Weeks after Spike Girl died... The snow in Gloda City melted away and the temperature was warm.

Redra talked less often than usual. In fact, he seemed to start slipping into depression.

Sure, he still got good grades and ate meals. However, he spent more time alone ever since that day.

Every night since, he seemed to want to hide in his not so secret room and watch Miracle Comics productions by himself, unless he wanted to sleep or have dinner. He figured he was preparing for eventual retribution.

Everyone else figured they had mourned enough, but not Redra.

His closest and possibly only successful girlfriend had died in action. It wasn't even his fault. He hated that most of all.

Arienie still kept her crush quiet and tried to move on to other guys to relieve herself the pain.

In that "Fire Angel: the superhero" game, Fire Angel and his remaining friends had restarted the multiplayer mode since Spike Girl could no longer be a player in it. They got through 3 rounds of it when their last quarter in high school started. For characters they chose to play as in the game, Arienie chose Dark Stalker instead of Newair, Fire Angel chose himself again, Newair chose Genudamor, and Saldi chose Knight Niveru.

In those 3 finished rounds, Redra won one, Arienie another, and Saldi won the 3rd round.

Redra wanted to find Julie for revenge since she was the cause of Spike Girl's death, but he didn't even know where she and Genudamor were.

Redra and his friends were heading for school, while Genudamor and Knight Niveru were working in the abandoned electronics workshop in the Grand Canyon from before.

Apparently, the hologram projector turret was recovered from the Tester Laboratory being destroyed for a second time, thanks to Julie. Genudamor was putting it into a network of Nebarg implants by building a Nebarg signal into the turret.

He commented chuckling, "global world domination will be ours. Even with the Experimental League out there, no one will stop us!" Julie was standing next to him.

She reminded him, "all in good time dear. We still need to retrieve a special someone to have a chance of pulling that off."

Genudamor realized, "right. Flame spike clones?"

The robots checked, "yes, Genudamor?"

Genudamor instructed, "go to Gloda City. Spike Girl should be buried there somewhere. Bring her back to me, but avoid being seen by anyone."

One of the clones asked, "wait a second. You want us to bring one of your enemies back here, at your actual headquarters?!"

Julie insisted, "oh, come on! She's dead! What harm could she do to us?"

The other robot responded, "all right already!"

The second clone asked, "how can we be sure of not being seen?"

Genudamor deduced, "simple, flame spike clones. Use these Zref bombs." He handed the flame spike clones each a Zref bomb, the robots using them to slow down time around them and disappear in a blur.

Julie thought amused, "I was about to tell them how they work, but I guess they don't need to…hopefully if this last phase works with the pieces finally coming together."

Knight Niveru was using more Zref bombs and manufacturing parts to build a vehicle.

She muttered, "almost done."

Genudamor checked, "with what?"

Knight Niveru revealed, "A car that uses a time engine, and I know just what to use it for." She placed batteries into a black car decorated with a large variety of painted clocks, her machine lighting up all over with built in lights.

Genudamor pointed out, "this was not part of the plan."

Knight Niveru suggested, "with more power, we'll be able to make sure Fire Angel doesn't get in the way. Plans can change overtime."

Genudamor protested, "true, but even when we had to rework parts of it, it worked anyway."

Knight Niveru went on, "then either way, it should work. It's time I made myself more useful around here."

Genudamor insisted, "that's very noble of you, but just because it lights up doesn't mean that…"

Knight Niveru challenged, "ok. Get in, and I'll show you it works." Genudamor and Knight Niveru got into the car.

Genudamor figured, "maybe it will." He saw circuitry all over the inside of it.

Knight Niveru replied, "that's the spirit! Buckle up, I'm giving it a test ride elsewhere."

Genudamor commented, "well, we've got nothing to lose."

Both of them were buckled in when Knight Niveru flipped a switch. A keyboard and a screen came out of the steering wheel. The keyboard was sticking out of the center, the screen right above it.

Knight Niveru suggested, "hang on!" She typed a time and place to go to, the time engine roaring to life. The vehicle seemed to phase through the hideout in a blur of frozen time to its destination.

Genudamor checked, "where are we going?"

Knight Niveru hinted with a chuckle, "to recover some past villains to increase our chances."

Genudamor started to argue, "if you're thinking of starting up the Children of Desire again…"

Knight Niveru insisted, "no, just reinforcements."

In Gloda City High's gym, parents had set up a bunch of job displays for career week.

High school students were visiting the displays, including Gravaien.

He wondered, "hmm…what career can help me pay off taxes for my mansion?"

Gravaien looked around the gym. He thought, "doctor, mechanic, photographer…no. None of these jobs allow me to use my motorcycle. Wait a minute!"

Gravaien stopped moving and turned around. He figured, "there's a paying job that can work." Gravaien went towards one of the displays.

Fire Angel checked, "you sure there's a break-in at the Time Zone and that Silver Man's too busy to send reinforcements, Newair?"

Newair insisted, "I'm sure." In a nearby hallway, Fire Angel was in his metal costume, heading for the front door.

Fire Angel wondered, "how did you figure that stuff out anyway?!" Newair was in his armor, following Fire Angel out the door.

He reminded him, "I've recently planted a satellite on the moon to contact me if it locates your old enemies after you made me your partner, Redra." Fire Angel and Newair flew into the sky.

Fire Angel started to deduce, "the Crab Brothers are still locked up, so that means…"

Newair interrupted, "yep, Genudamor and his army are back." The Dragonmen Hunters appeared.

Armoga revealed, "we found out through time that the Dragonmen will be released, so we want to see if we can keep them locked up."

Fire Angel replied with mixed feelings, "then what are we waiting for? I'm coming after you, Julie!"

Gravaien thought out loud, "yes! I got the job." He walked out of the gym and got back onto his motorcycle. He figured, "with this courier job, I'll get to use my motorcycle."

Gravaien drove his motorcycle to a post office, but on his way, the hiding flame spike clones noticed him.

One of the clones suggested, "and that's how we can get our son back to protect him."

The other robot pointed out, "but we need to bring Spike Girl back to Genudamor to ensure our future!"

The second clone figured, "then go deliver her to Genudamor or Julie while I keep an eye on Gravaien."

The other robot protested, "if anyone else finds out we're after him again, Fire Angel will rescue him in his misunderstanding of us!"

The second robot deduced, "we're being careful." One of the flame spike clones kept tailing Gravaien while the other that looked like Violet used one of their Zref bombs to bring Spike Girl back to the Grand Canyon.

The Redra flame spike clone schemed, "this should be easy. There's a great opportunity in front of us! He'll get a letter to deliver that he'll never forget."

When Fire Angel, Newair, and the Dragonmen Hunters got to the Experimental League Tower, the Dragonmen and Dark Stalker were breaking out alongside Knight Niveru's new vehicle.

Fire Angel thought, "too bad Captain United has to battle aliens on another planet with the Central Experimental League. I could use her help here, but I guess the fate of the galaxy comes first."

Dark Stalker figured, "I still have that deal to settle with Knight Niveru so I can clobber Captain United. If I dispose of Fire Angel first, it'll be easier for me to bring victory for my people! Even with my race wiped out, we can always reproduce alone with as much as it takes to become a perfect race again!"

He saw Fire Angel and recalled when Fire Angel himself and Captain United together knocked him out, but he didn't know that the Crab Brothers weren't still working for Knight Niveru anymore.

Newair called out, "it was never perfect to begin with!"

Genudamor suggested, "we should cover our escape."

He took out a super bazooka and rolled down a car window next to him. Knight Niveru did the same, except she got one hand missile launcher at the ready. She used the other hand to pilot the car. Genudamor put the other bazooka into his hands. Both villains shot rockets and missiles at the team of heroes.

Armoga commented, "let's round them up again." She and Sonard attacked the Dragonmen with their missile launching swords, the Dragonmen trying to use their fire breath to destroy the ammo. At the same time, they used their speed and reflexes to dodge them to avoid being put back into the Time Zone.

Sonard observed, "seems like they have a different strategy this time." The Dragonmen Hunters noticed the incoming missiles, ramming the spilt blades of their swords into them to blow them up in time.

Fire Angel realized in horror, "if Silver Man couldn't detect Genudamor and Newair could, then that means Genudamor never entered through the portal. But how did…?! Unless Julie teleported them there. Julie, where are you?!"

He dove towards the car faster and faster in anger.

Dark Stalker remarked, "did your metal arms finally get unscrewed?" Fire Angel glared. Dark Stalker shot a full scale assault of blades out of his body straight at him.

Fire Angel asked back, "what makes you think I won't put you back in prison?" He quickly breathed fire at the sharp daggers and used his claws to deflect them back at Dark Stalker.

Newair commented with a chuckle, "little do you know, I upgraded my armor with some more defensive measures." He put his hand on a secret panel under his system of jetpacks.

An automatic voice responded, "stun setting to lasers…spikes activated."

It came from Newair's armor's targeting computers…more specifically from a voice box built in between his system of jetpacks. Scattered pieces of the armor folded out, giving it spikes all over.

Newair went on, "fire." He shot the guns on his gauntlets at the incoming rockets and missiles. The lasers coming from them made the ammo go into flame and blow up. He flew around and dodged them.

Fire Angel thought, "Newair can handle himself, while I get to the bottom of what's going on." Dark Stalker had webbing wrapped around the deflected blades, using them as big pendulums of doom at Fire Angel.

Dark Stalker taunted, "you'll literary be dead meat!"

Fire Angel replied in disgust, "you're sick!"

He barely zipped around the pendulums, tying them all together to create a big enough explosion to knock Dark Stalker backwards. He quickly grabbed Fire Angel's neck with 2 of his tentacles and pulled.

Dark Stalker sickly commented, "catapult time!"

Fire Angel replied, "you should think twice on that."

He used his metal arms to make enough leverage against 2 more tentacles trying to wrap themselves around his arms like snakes to get his claws to come out of his fists.

He snapped the tentacles off his neck as they started growing back, just before the poison seeped onto the skin underneath the armor. He used the strength of the other 2 tentacles to swing himself over the car while kicking Dark Stalker across its top. He let go in pain. Smoke appeared from the exploding rockets around Newair and the Dragonmen. The Dragonmen used it to their advantage to lose sight of the Dragonmen Hunters and escape.

Armoga muttered, "darn it!"

Sonard pointed out, "where's Fire Angel?"

The smoke started to appear closer to the ground as Fire Angel grabbed onto the back of the car with his metal arms.

Dark Stalker threatened, "it's the end of the meat processing tour for you!"

He used his claws to hold onto the car's back when his metal arms were ripped off the vehicle by Dark Stalker. He tried to kick Dark Stalker off, but he held on with more tentacles. Dark Stalker tried to hurl the metal arms at Fire Angel. He kicked them against Dark Stalker. They attached to him, Fire Angel using the momentum of the slingshot to launch himself up the vehicle.

Fire Angel remarked, "how inhuman can you get?!"

Dark Stalker pointed out, "simple: I'm an immoral alien!"

Genudamor pointed out, "this might be a good time to be heading back."

Knight Niveru insisted, "but Fire Angel's on the vehicle! We're not prepared for him yet in this last phase of Julie's plan!"

Genudamor replied, "then I know how to make it even easier. We just have to arrive back at the hideout by the time Julie has created the crucial villain to the plan. Fire Angel alone can get crushed without much fuss!"

Knight Niveru chuckled. She figured, "that could work. We'll explain it to her later."

She made the vehicle go forward in time, with Dark Stalker and Fire Angel hitching a ride to the Grand Canyon. The vehicle disappeared from sight as the smoke cleared.

Newair wondered, "where did he go?!"

The vehicle appeared on the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Dark Stalker using blades coming out of himself to use as climbing tools on the car's roof to get to Fire Angel.

Fire Angel realized, "this landscape looks familiar." He remembered last year, when he and Spike Girl tried to stop Joliena from using stolen Zref Bombs.

Dark Stalker went on, "tonight, you're well done…Fire Angel!"

Fire Angel commented, partly amused, "remind me to send you on tours to the illegal drug factories so they could realize that coming clean is better than creating monsters of your nature!"

Dark Stalker reached Fire Angel. He tried to wrap his tentacles around him again as the car sped towards the abandoned electronics workshop's entrance.

Dark Stalker responded sarcastically, "oh, very creative." Fire Angel had to use his metal arms to attach himself to the fast vehicle, using his claws to keep back the tentacles. A familiar cave appeared from a distance.

Fire Angel realized in shock, "the secret lab…it's their hideout now!" He breathed fire at the tentacles, Dark Stalker having to tumble backwards to avoid the fire breath.

He figured, "big mistake, Dark Stalker."

Dark Stalker checked, "how so?"

Fire Angel replied, "observe and learn if you can."

He tried to kick Dark Stalker's head and instead punched him in the chest at the last minute, catching Dark Stalker unaware. Dark Stalker made spikes come out of his body, using them to hang onto an edge of the vehicle while almost being forced off.

Dark Stalker tried to point out, "this is not school, Fire Angel! This is the real deal!"

Fire Angel replied, "like I haven't heard that before." Dark Stalker pulled himself back onto the vehicle's trunk, Fire Angel crawling towards him with his metal arms on the car.

Dark Stalker chuckled amused. He threatened, "are you ready for my gym course?"

Fire Angel answered, "I'd say saving the day as a superhero brings its own workout."

Dark Stalker responded, "I meant hunting…and when I return, I'll destroy you!"

Fire Angel breathed a big breath of fire before he could go on. He let go of the vehicle to survive, shooting webbing out of himself to make a zip line to disappear. The fire hit part of the surrounding canyon due to running up the webbing. That part exploded, aflame rocks raining down on the car.

Fire Angel figured, "hmm…maybe this'll distract them, and I could find Julie before they do."

He was suddenly wacked off of the vehicle by a huge flaming pendulum of rock and webbing. He muttered, "shoot!"

The huge rock broke into pieces behind him. Fire Angel quickly kicked off of the nearby debris and swung off of the nearest rock wall to barely escape the deadly impact. Fortunately, it gave him the momentum to fly faster towards the cave up ahead of the car. Unfortunately, he couldn't locate Dark Stalker.

Genudamor and Fire Angel muttered, "my revenge will be carried out!"

Knight Niveru and Genudamor shot rockets and missiles from their weapon launchers to counteract the falling rocks above, blowing them up before they hit the car. Dark Stalker ran alongside the car. He quickly made and used another zip line out of webbing to try to catch up to Fire Angel.

Dark Stalker muttered, "it isn't over yet, Fire Angel!"

When Fire Angel got to the cave, he dove into it with Dark Stalker tailing him.

Fire Angel muttered, "not now!"

Fire Angel in anger tore at a cave wall nearby and breathed fire on the falling rocks. The cave-in halted Dark Stalker. He struggled to counteract it by ejecting out blades.

Fire Angel deduced, "that should hold him long enough, but I better hurry."

He flew past a security door torn off its hinges, throwing it with his metal arms to create another cave-in from behind.

He concluded, "just in case. Now, where's Julie?!"

Fire Angel scanned the area with his metal arms as he flew through the security doorway nearby.

He concluded, "where the Zref bombs were kept before. That's weird! There's only one's left." Fire Angel took a Zref bomb out of a nearby box. He realized, "I might need one again. Wait, someone's coming."

Fire Angel used the Zref bomb to slow down time. He looked around with his metal arms. He went on, "I've got 3 hours, and this seems to be the only Zref bomb left behind." Julie appeared with another Zref bomb in her hands. She strangely clapped. She commented, "bravo! You've gotten this far."

Fire Angel realized, "you've even planned this?!"

Julie figured, "no, but it makes it easier to get global world domination."

Fire Angel challenged, "try it, and you won't like it."

Julie battled Fire Angel in hand-to-hand combat, Julie grabbing Fire Angel's metal arms and swinging on them to dodge his fire breath. Their claws clung against each other as they both tried to attack each other with them. They tried to kick each other off, but kept missing.

After a while for who knows how long, Fire Angel kicked Julie in the chest, Julie kicked backwards through a wall across the room where Fire Angel recently got a Zref bomb. She had to use her metal suit's echolocation ability and extra muscles to remain conscious from the impact. She activated the jetpack on it to fly deeper into the hideout with Fire Angel pursuing her.

Fire Angel insisted, "get back here, I'm not finished with you!"

Fire Angel breathed huge gusts of fire at Julie, Julie barely dodging each time as she struggled to stay ahead of him.

Julie pointed out, "you weren't even invited, Fire Angel. However, it gives me a chance to test out my special agent of darkness…newly made."

She landed next to a coffin in a hallway and tapped it. Both her and Fire Angel went back into real time.

Fire Angel commented, already knowing the answer, "why don't you spend more time thinking of solutions to other peoples' problems instead of creating your own?"

Julie replied, "what better way to get others to listen than domination?! Fire Angel, meet Dragon Woman…your doom!"

Fire Angel chuckled amused. He didn't believe what he was hearing.

He challenged, "the crucial villain, huh?"

Julie attacked him again, their claws clinking together.

Suddenly, Fire Angel saw with his metal arms Knight Niveru's motorcycle behind him. He figured, "what the…?! Whoa! Someone's been busy in here."

Fire Angel used his metal arms to launch himself backwards to breathe fire at Julie. She quickly tumbled out of range. The moving motorcycle with no driver strangely had 2 metal arms attached to the front and 2 more in the back. Furthermore, each arm was equipped with a laser cannon that was firing at him.

He concluded in horror, "now that's scary."

Julie went on, "oh, we're just getting started."

The coffin opened up, a figure with long black hair and green eyes coming out of it. The figure, Dragon Woman, had metal casing over one of her hands, a helmet like Genudamor's, Spike Girl's jet-backpack, and modified spiked Dragonmen armor. Fire Angel went open eyed in shock.

Dragon Woman commented, "there's a payment I need to collect."

She made her hand wrapped in metal casing into a fist, changing it into a fire-electro smoke missile launcher. She fired it at Fire Angel.

Fire Angel realized deep in thought, "Spike Girl's equipment has been taken! Does that mean that Spike Girl's still buried…or alive?!"

He dodged lasers from the moving motorcycle while using his claws to destroy incoming missiles.

In the process, fog was created, Julie disappearing from view. With robotic implants enhancing Dragon Woman's hearing and an echolocation system built into her armor, she could still figure out where everything was.

Fire Angel deduced in amazement and horror, "according to my metal arms, the motorcycle's controlled through her helmet. There's even a secondary system of muscles and an echolocation system attached in Spike Girl's suit. Julie's certainly upgraded someone with a ton of stuff. If only I could have more time to scan. That's it! Time."

Fire Angel got an idea and flew back towards the security doorway. Julie let Dragon Woman go after him by herself on Knight Niveru's improved motorcycle.

Julie insisted, "follow your destiny."

Fire Angel figured, "if Genudamor's vehicle's a time machine, then that's how I can figure out what has happened to Violet."

Something suddenly dropped out of Spike Girl's jet-backpack. It was her cell phone. Fire Angel wondered, "huh?"

He circled back around to snatch the cell phone from the ground and did with his metal arms. However, out of nowhere, Dragon Woman got off the motorcycle and started attacking him in hand-to-hand combat with lightning reflexes before he could run.

Dragon Woman revealed, "I heard you."

She made one of her hands into a fist, a second set of claws coming out of it. She tore at him with it.

Fire Angel muttered, "shoot!"

He had to use his metal arms to flip over it not a second too soon, Dragon Woman punching her other hand into him with enough force to make him slide on the ground before he could kick her in mid-swing. He crashed into a wall back in the room he was previously in.

He thought, "did I just hear a bone crack?! No time for that."

Fire Angel had to use his metal arms to get up from the impact. He realized, "actually, there's time to worry about that. One leg bone's broken and it'll hurt too much to walk…wait a second! Why am I worrying over that? I can still fly."

Dark Stalker came towards the room, Fire Angel flying through the security doorway with Dragon Woman after him.

He called out, "get out of the way!" He breathed a big breath of fire at Dark Stalker, Dark Stalker tumbling towards the cave entrance nearby to nearly avoid being burned by it.

Fire Angel thought, "they're trying to capture or kill me! Either way, I'm not sticking around to find out."

He dove towards Knight Niveru's vehicle nearby, Knight Niveru and Genudamor shooting many rockets at him from inside of it.

Julie demanded, "Dark Stalker and Dragon Woman, finish him! Otherwise, he'll ruin the plan."

Fire Angel used his metal arms to grab onto a rocket and start launching himself from one rocket to another. He flew, using added momentum to get past a bunch of rockets without them blowing up on him. He swooped down towards the vehicle as missiles turned around to follow him. Fire Angel quickly hurled rockets with all of his arms to blow them up from behind.

Fire Angel realized in shock, "if I don't get past this mine field of rockets, I won't be around to find out what happens next."

Dragon Woman suggested, "Dark Stalker, we'll wait in the car to battle him. Then he'd have to survive 4 villains at once."

Dark Stalker nodded approvingly and swung into the vehicle along with Dragon Woman. Fire Angel just pasted the rocket field and dove through one of the car's doors before it closed.

Knight Niveru threatened, "it's time to get ready for the next life and pack, Fire Angel." Dragon Woman was controlling her motorcycle to use its metal arms to take control of the car, driving the car out of the cave and making it travel through time again.

Fire Angel thought, "my metal arms are showing me that the vehicle's a time machine. Its destination is gonna be the dragon cavern, where the last one was last destroyed."

Dark Stalker taunted with a chuckle, "today we fight for the last time! Whether you die or not Fire Angel, it doesn't matter. You're not gonna stop me from spreading my message of freedom! With Captain United busy with other things, she'll be too late to stop me in time."

Genudamor insisted, "let's just finish him! I've got a personal score to settle."

Fire Angel remarked, "neither of you will get the winning score." He tried to open one of the car's doors with his claws, the car traveling through frozen time in a blur before he could.

Dark Stalker commented, "the masquerade party's just getting started." He made a number of big spiked whips come out of his body to attack Fire Angel.

Fire Angel replied, "don't you dare tell me I'm dreaming!" He used his metal arms and claws to try to block the slashes. At the same time, he kicked the car door next to him off with both of his legs.

Dark Stalker asked, "why don't you lie down and enjoy your rite of passage?"

Genudamor and Dark Stalker chuckled as Dark Stalker wrapped the whips around Fire Angel's body. Dark Stalker pulled him towards him, flinging him against the front of the car's interior at the last minute.

Fire Angel got up, dazed. He muttered, "trusting villains…that'd be the day!"

He pushed off of the car's floor into the air with help from his metal arms to navigate. Genudamor and Knight Niveru nearby battled him in hand-to-hand combat. Knight Niveru was attacking with her great sword and missiles, Genudamor attacking with his claws. Fire Angel blocked both attacks with his metal arms and claws as he landed back on the ground. He used his metal arms to hurl missiles back at their blades, the 2 villains barely tumbling out of range of the impacts.

Dark Stalker insisted, "allow me to cut in! I want a piece of him too!"

He made webbing come out of his body and used it to try to swing kick Fire Angel. Fire Angel breathed fire on the webbing just as Dark Stalker released it and tried to kick him anyway.

Fire Angel called out angrily, "you're all misguided fools!"

He swung on the aflame webbing Dark Stalker left behind with his genetic arms, Dragon Woman and Dark Stalker in pursuit of the superhero. He used his metal arms to launch himself off of the webbing and gain enough momentum to fly out of the vehicle. The motorcycle let the wheel go. Dragon Woman steered it out of the car and into the cavern.

Dragon Woman muttered, "my turn."

Knight Niveru realized in horror, "the car's skidding like last time. We must stop it from crashing or history could change!"

She took the wheel, steering it in a fast circle around one of the caves surrounded by flames nearby. Genudamor ripped the aflame webbing from the car as it exploded in the air. A surprised Genudamor hit the ground from the impact and grabbed onto one of the vehicle's chairs to avoid sliding. The car kept moving.

Genudamor muttered, "this will take a while. At least Dark Stalker and Dragon Woman are after him."

Fire Angel landed on the ground and ran past flames scattered through the cavern. Dark Stalker was on Dragon Woman's motorcycle with a wheel up and the other touching the ground.

Dark Stalker threatened, "there's nowhere to hide, Fire Angel!"

He used tentacles and webbing coming out of his unnatural body to make a giant slingshot made of webbing right behind the wheel touching the ground. The motorcycle was pushed into the air as Dark Stalker shot blades from his skin to set the slingshot off. He shot more webbing at the cavern's ceiling above to swing while holding onto that vehicle with his legs.

Dark Stalker taunted, "come out and play, little Fire Angel!"

Fire Angel protested, "you're no human…you're a madman!"

Fire Angel flew through a cave, towards Knight Niveru's speeding car. Out of nowhere, a fire-electro smoke missile took down part of the cave wall. Fire Angel quickly tumbled out of range right before a bunch of rubble, smoke, and dust suffocated him. He started taking deep breaths.

Genudamor pointed out, "Fire Angel's after us! We have to lose him now, or he'll hitchhike."

He drove the car in a fury.

Knight Niveru reminded him, "what about Dark Stalker and Dragon Woman?"

Genudamor deduced, "they'll be after Fire Angel, they're too busy to notice."

Knight Niveru pointed out, "then that means we'll have to get out of their view before we time travel, so no one catches on to what we're trying to do. Are you sure about this?"

Genudamor explained, "exactly the plan, Knight Niveru. The whole point of getting those two into the action was to eliminate Fire Angel. Worst comes to worst, Dragon Woman's smart enough to make her own time machine! Start shooting rockets, this place is gonna collapse anyway."

Knight Niveru started chuckling as she rolled down a nearby car window and shot missiles from her metal cased hands at Fire Angel. Fire Angel breathed fire on the missiles to destroy them as he used his metal arms to see through the smoke. He was still flying after the car.

Dark Stalker muttered with a sick chuckle, "A new toy, wonder what it can do."

He aimed the laser cannons on the motorcycle's metal arms at Fire Angel up ahead. The motorcycle landed back on the ground when the cannons started firing.

Fire Angel taunted, "come on! Is that the best you've got, madman?!"

He dodged the lasers along with axes coming out of Dark Stalker's tentacles. Dragon Woman dove towards Fire Angel from the front and shot more fire electro-smoke missiles from one of her hands at him.

Fire Angel sighed. He muttered, "I just had to ask."

Dragon Woman replied coldly, "ask and you receive." Fire Angel blew up incoming missiles with his claws. An axe hit him in one of his shoulders and knocked him out of balance in midair.

Fire Angel cried in pain as he fell towards a nearby rock face.

He quickly took out an antidote canteen that Newair developed and drank some of it. He was kind of relieved that Newair thought of this scenario already.

Ahead of the car speeding through a maze of flames and caves were 4 Dragonmen chasing after 2 dragons.

One of the dragons suggested, "run! They killed our mother by touching her with their fire breath, they could kill us too." The dragons had purple scales, big wings, little horns, sharp teeth, and sharp claws. The Dragonmen breathed fire at the dragons and kept missing. The flames grew bigger around them.

Fire Angel thought, "if I don't get out of here soon, I'm a goner!"

He quickly put the flask back into a compartment, Dark Stalker nearly hitting it with the motorcycle's lasers. He used his metal arms to grab the cave wall he was about to crash into. He pushed off with his legs to fly towards the car again. The laser fire barely missed him as it hit the wall, flames spreading from it. Dragon Woman caught up to him, her reflexes helping her dodge the axes and lasers coming from Dark Stalker. He was gaining speed himself.

Fire Angel muttered, "I've got no time for this!" He breathed fire on Dragon Woman with no success.

Dragon Woman threatened, "your time is up, Fire Angel!"

Dragon Woman quickly kicked him with both legs in mid-air, using Spike Girl's jet-backpack to hover. Fire Angel fell onto the ground and used his metal arms to catch himself. The flask fell out of the compartment as Dark Stalker shot it to pieces. Fire Angel quickly tumbled out of range and went back on his feet.

Dragon Woman called out, "get back here!"

Fire Angel started running on foot towards the car with his metal arms acting as extra legs to go as fast as the broken leg. Dragon Woman flew after Fire Angel while shooting a lot more fire electro-smoke missiles at him. Some flames blew up some of the cave walls nearby with help from the impacts. The cave that Fire Angel was running through had its ceiling fall down on him and his pursuers. Dark Stalker hurled his axes at Fire Angel desperately, having to somersault with help from his metal arms to dodge.

Fire Angel thought worried, "I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it, but I can't stop now or I'll never catch up to the car and get out of here in time!"

Dark Stalker shot webbing at the other side of the shrinking cave and pulled. He used that webbing to gain speed while shooting lasers from Dragon Woman's motorcycle and more axes from his tentacles at the running superhero.

Fire Angel was dodging the missiles from Dragon Woman while dodging the other weapons that tried to hit him with more somersaults and mid-air flips. He put all of his regaining strength into running after the car. He had a big bruise on his chest where Dragon Woman kicked him and a big cut on one of his shoulders where Dark Stalker cut him between the armor plating.

When Fire Angel got out of the destroyed cave, Dragon Woman just barely got out of it while Dark Stalker was crawling his way out of the cave's ruins.

The motorcycle was controlled by Dragon Woman's mind again. Fire Angel kept running towards the car, the car speeding up.

Fire Angel noticed to his shock Spike Girl throw an electro-smoke bomb at the flame spike clones behind her. She shot a fire missile at it. She hid from sight as the Dragonmen turned around to look at the cloud of smoke.

Fire Angel realized in alarm, "I can't let her see me, it could change the past!"

He ran as fast as he could and leaped towards the car. With the Dragonmen distracted, Spike Girl threw another electro-smoke bomb at them. This gave the dragons enough time to get out of the Dragonmen's sights and Spike Girl to follow them.

Dragon Woman muttered, "no you don't!"

She shot more fire electro-smoke missiles at him, Fire Angel destroying them with his claws.

Suddenly, Dragon Woman shot a trail of missiles down with her lasers before Fire Angel had the chance to destroy them. The impact almost knocked him against a cave wall as he used his metal arms to run up the surface like a giant spider. Explosions from all directions sounded around him.

When the smoke cleared, Fire Angel was still chasing the car. Dark Stalker crawled out of the ruins as Dragon Woman hid in a cave nearby to avoid being seen herself. The flame spike clones and the Dragonmen realized that Spike Girl and the 2 dragons were gone.

One of the dragon mutants insisted, "they couldn't have gone far. You go back that way, and we Dragonmen will look through the rest of this tunnel." The flame spike clones headed back towards the metal throne and a field of spikes. The Dragonmen headed for Spike Girl and the dragons while breathing fire at them.

Dark Stalker wondered angrily, "where's Fire Angel?!"

He ran through the cavern in rage, away from the flame spike clones or the Dragonmen.

One of the dragons figured, "one of the do-gooders that tried to save our father."

Spike Girl remembered about what happened quite a while ago, when Joliena tried to regain Truslin Gobet at almost any cost and how she died because of the Truslin Gobet robots that ended up becoming the flame spike clones. She thought, "they don't know how else to phrase that statement." She replied, "that's right. Why did you move away from the Tester Laboratory?"

The second dragon deduced, "we'd tell you that if we were able to escape the Dragonmen behind us."

The car was being steered out of the cavern and into the forest outside. Fire Angel tried desperately to get to it.

Genudamor suggested, "the cavern's collapsing. Let's just go back to the present now."

He made the vehicle go forward in time. Fire Angel reached and grabbed it with his genetic arms to travel in time with them, Dragon Woman and Dark Stalker grabbing his legs from behind.

Fire Angel thought, "maybe this'll be a good time to look at that cell phone. Maybe there's some clues she left behind, since she usually leaves it in her pockets and not her backpack."

He used his metal arms to take out Violet's cell phone and look through it. He realized, "no new cell phone numbers."

Fire Angel wired his handheld scanner to his metal arms' scanners, retrieving no pictures from the cell phone.

Fire Angel deduced in bitter sweet realization, "nothing! But it wouldn't have been in there unless…It was put there on purpose by Violet herself." Fire Angel smiled a little, putting away the cell phone into his pockets.

The car appeared back in the present.

Before he could move though, Dark Stalker and Dragon Woman were attacking him. The car was parking in the electronics workshop.

He muttered, "I'm gonna kill Julie! Where is she?!"

Fire Angel slid under Dark Stalker's legs, Dark Stalker's tentacles wrapping around his arms.

He called out in anger, "no!" He grabbed Dark Stalker and threw him as hard as he could into Dragon Woman. Fire Angel muttered, "I'm not going anywhere."

Fire Angel breathed a gust of fire at the floor, flying above it as Dark Stalker made a mace come out of his body. Fire Angel used his claws to break it into pieces. He flew out of sight when Dragon Woman and Dark Stalker got up.

Dark Stalker snarled, "he's gone!"

Genudamor figured with a sigh, "then we have no choice but to self destruct the place. Where's the flame spike clones?!" He got out his walkie-talkie. He checked, "flame spike clones?"

They replied, "yes, Genudamor?"

Genudamor started to order, "activate the self destruct mechanism…"

One of the robots pointed out, "we're not in the hideout."

Genudamor demanded, "then how come you won't teleport to here?"

The second clone revealed, "we got our son back…we don't have to save ourselves anymore."

Genudamor responded in fury, "what the…?! Fine helps you turned out to be!"

He crushed the walkie-talkie in his hands. He figured, "I'll have to personally activate the self destruct myself! Dark Stalker, Dragon Woman, Knight Niveru, you go eliminate Fire Angel. Julie's global world domination plan will be carried out, and my vision will be revived when this is over."

Fire Angel went back to the coffin he saw in the hideout before.

He realized in horror, "when I saw Violet dead, she didn't have the cell phone in the backpack. That's crazy, unless…she's alive after all."

Fire Angel used the Zref bomb he was carrying, going into frozen time to search for something deeper in the hideout.

He deduced, "the only way she could be brought back to life would be through Nebarg implants, which means Julie would've had to have new ones created."

Fire Angel remembered when Genudamor's Nebarg henchmen were destroyed in a junkyard around 95 years into the future. Julie flew silently above Fire Angel as he flew deeper into the workshop.

Julie realized with a chuckle, "you've caught on, Fire Angel."

She unexpectedly punched Fire Angel in the head. His metal costume reflected the claws, but the impact pushed him hard enough in midair to send him spiraling back towards the coffin.

Fire Angel deduced in horror, "I'm getting dizzy."

He spun really fast in a blur. He had to switch to his metal arms to see clearly around him, getting rid of his dizziness.

He thought, "Julie's charging at me, and I don't have much time to prepare a big fire breath at her."

Fire Angel tried to take a deep breath anyway, but felt that his breath was pushed back from the wind being created around him from flying through air at lightning speed. Julie was now matching his speed, almost within reach of him.

Fire Angel thought in fear, "I'll pass out soon at this rate by crashing into that coffin!"

He quickly left a message for Newair by using some of his metal arms to send one with his cell phone, using the rest of the metal arms to still be able to see.

Julie threatened, "after you pass out, this place will become your tomb! There's no escape, and then my husband gets what he wants at last."

Fire Angel muttered exhausted, "me dead?"

He defended himself with his claws blocking Julie's claws coming out of her metal suit.

Julie figured, "no, his vision through global world domination…but that too."

Fire Angel recalled when Genudamor tried unsuccessfully to control the U.S through making everyone into Nebarg in the future. He realized in shock Genudamor saying that he attempts to get global world domination for fun was a lie all along, just to cover up his real reason…to try to sickly make the world a better place.

Fire Angel muttered sarcastically, "great, that makes me feel loads better!"

These seemed to be his last words, before he hit the coffin and got the wind knocked out of him.

The message was finally sent to Newair.

Fire Angel used all his metal arms to see around him again, realizing that he's fallen through the coffin and into a storage room below it.

He realized in fear, "that was built into the place."

He had to use some of his metal arms to get himself to stand up in the room. Julie flew towards the hole in the coffin. Fire Angel opened his eyes as he used his metal arms to move across the floor. He hid behind a box big enough to cover him.

Fire Angel figured, "if I don't make a noise, Julie's echolocation system will bounce sound off the box and not me."

Julie landed in the storage room.

Julie taunted, "you know Fire Angel, there's no other way out of this room except for the way you came in and a door. I don't hear you heading towards either one of the exits."

While she looked around, Fire Angel used his claws to silently open the box next to him. He regained enough strength to be able to move himself into the new hole in the box.

Fire Angel deduced, "now if I use my metal arms to hold the flap in place, Julie won't find me."

Julie passed by Fire Angel's hiding place, the echolocation system not detecting him.

Julie assumed, "he must have gone through the coffin when I came in. Well, he's not getting away from me!"

Julie flew out of the dark room, Fire Angel getting out of the box after he was sure her echolocation system was too far to find him.

Fire Angel realized, "that was a close call. I need to find a way to get Violet back, and fast!"

He opened the door a little, peeking into a circular room with screens and control panels scattered all over its walls.

He summarized, "these screens show what security cameras are picking up."

Fire Angel looked at each of the screens, drawing a map of the place with spare paper and a pencil. What he didn't notice though was that his hours in frozen time were up by the time he finished. The security camera footage started to move.

He wondered, "next, what do these controls do?"

Fire Angel used his metal arms to scan them while writing down notes on what each button and switch on the control panels did.

He concluded with mixed feelings, "I think I know how to get Dragon Woman back into being Violet. If it works, I'll be out of here with both of us alive."

Fire Angel used the controls to have some of the workshop's machines create and deliver a bunch of Nebarg implants to the circular room.

By the time the Nebarg implants got to the room, Julie was flying towards the coffin with Dark Stalker, Knight Niveru, and Dragon Woman.

Dragon Woman pointed out, "we've checked everywhere else, he has to be in here!"

Fire Angel thought, "darn it! They're early."

He quickly attached the implants to himself from under his metal costume. He even pulled some wires out from behind the control panels to attach the Zref bomb to each implant.

Fire Angel thought, "I wish I had a better idea than this, but here goes nothing."

He put the Zref bomb he had in one of his fists, seeing Julie swoop down into the storage room with Dark Stalker, Knight Niveru, and Dragon Woman. They were ready to attack. Fire Angel carefully made both his hands into fists, using his claws to block Knight Niveru's great sword from hitting him. He used his flying ability to float in the air where Knight Niveru was hovering.

Dark Stalker insisted, "get him!"

He expanded his tentacles from his body and used them to pull on Fire Angel's metal arms. It had enough force to send him spinning in the air as they retracted to normal size.

Julie suggested, "allow me!" She changed her digital notebook into an energy gun and aimed it at him.

Fire Angel muttered, "if that happens, my implants will be turned off!"

He grabbed a security camera on the ceiling with his metal arms and launched himself out of the way in time. An electricity bolt hit the camera and shut it off.

Dragon Woman revealed coldly, "I have to save my sanity before this craziness becomes permanent."

Julie figured, "better idea…let her deal with him."

Dragon Woman shot a bunch of fire electro-smoke missiles at Fire Angel while having her motorcycle attack him from below with its lasers. Fire Angel used his claws and fire breath to destroy the missiles in the air.

He almost missed getting hit by all the lasers. Some lasers however hit his costume, fire spreading around it. It was making him look like a human fireball.

Fire Angel wondered confused, "is it hot in here?" The flames around him increased to a point where he had to use his metal arms to see what was going on, smoke rising from him.

Dragon Woman suggested, "Dark Stalker, I'll use the metal arms on my vehicle to launch you to him." Dark Stalker ran towards Dragon Woman's motorcycle, aflame Fire Angel flying back towards the circular room.

Dark Stalker muttered, "A little fire's not stopping me from tackling him!"

He took a fire extinguisher lying around nearby with his tentacles, just getting to Dragon Woman's motorcycle. The motorcycle's metal arms grabbed Dark Stalker. Dark Stalker got flung into the circular room and landed right in front of a surprised Fire Angel.

Dark Stalker gloated, "you're such a fireball. Well, not anymore!"

He sprayed the fire extinguisher's water at Fire Angel, Fire Angel breathing fire to counteract it. Steam filled the room as Dark Stalker kept shooting water at Fire Angel.

Dark Stalker started shooting webbing out of his body all over the room, Fire Angel diving right through the webs with the flames around his metal costume towards him.

Dragon Woman called out, "enough!"

She charged at Fire Angel with her spiked armor through aflame webbing. She shot more fire electro-smoke missiles at him while controlling her motorcycle to shoot lasers from behind her. Knight Niveru flew through the webbing right behind the motorcycle. Julie was waiting in the storage room for the battle to finish.

A computerized voice sounded, "self destruct in 10 minutes."

Fire Angel checked, "what was that?"

Julie suggested, "Genudamor pressed the self destruct mechanism, Fire Angel. You might as well just let us chase you out now."

Fire Angel challenged, "why let you?!"

Knight Niveru pointed out, "simply because if we stay in here, the place is gonna blow up on top of us with all of us in it!"

Fire Angel suggested, "good point, just give me a running start." He soared out of the maze of webs and through the coffin.

Dragon Woman insisted, "get him!"

She, Dark Stalker, Julie, and Knight Niveru flew towards the coffin, shooting everything they got at Fire Angel. Dark Stalker shot webbing at him, the webbing aflame from becoming hit by the motorcycle's lasers.

Dragon Woman and Knight Niveru with their weapon launchers shot fire electro-smoke missiles and rockets at Fire Angel at different angles. Dark Stalker twirled his webbing with his own tentacles into lassos that grabbed the rockets coming towards Fire Angel and crashed them into each other. Julie shot electricity from her energy gun at his metal arms. The webbing exploded as Dark Stalker let it all go. More missiles blew up as well as they crashed into the exploding missiles. Fire Angel got his metal arms hit by electricity, which turned them off.

Fire Angel cried, "no!"

The huge explosion was right under Fire Angel's feet, the impact destroying the rest of the coffin. He was pushed out of it and catapulted at the ceiling.

Fire Angel quickly turned on the Zref bomb in his fist and used it to slow down time around him. He muttered in relief, "3 hours and counting."

The Zref bomb being turned on activated the Nebarg implants on him, giving him good enough reflexes to quickly turn around and barely miss hitting the ceiling.

Fire Angel concluded, "this battle should only be between Dragon Woman and me…otherwise I could keep dodging those villains until we end up destroying each other!"

Fire Angel quickly flew back into the circular room and looked at the security camera footage again.

He realized in shock and horror, "according to my map, Genudamor is taking a route towards his time vehicle…probably to intercept me if I tried to get in it. Darn, I can't go back into time. Where do I go?! Something's wrong. Newair should have given me back a message by now, since his satellite can locate my old enemies anywhere…that is unless he's in trouble. I need to head back to Gloda City, and fast…or I might be too late!"

Fire Angel went back into the storage room and took Julie's Zref bomb. He threw it into Dragon Woman's hands.

Fire Angel thought out loud, "so that way the villains won't be able to regain control of Violet quick enough…at least I hope they don't. This battle with Genudamor has gone too far and it needs to stop."

Fire Angel took out his Zref bomb and was about to use it to get Dragon Woman into frozen time with him.

He realized something and froze a little before he did it. He wondered, "why am I still fighting Genudamor? He's got sanity back! That letter from Knight Niveru weeks ago said so. He can return to his job if I tell the police that he can. He'd probably prefer to be back in civilization. They'll trust me! I've saved the Gloda City police before."

Fire Angel recalled when the Crab Brothers sent the Gloda City police against them in exchange for their police chief. He remembered when the Crab Brothers struck again by using a magnetic field to raise Gloda City into the sky and try to unsuccessfully destroy the 2 superheroes with it.

Fire Angel sighed. He muttered, "if only it was enough."

Dragon Woman started to move in frozen time. Fire Angel flew out of the storage room. Dragon Woman got onto her motorcycle and chased after him down the hallway above.

Fire Angel thought, "if I could just find the Dragonmen Hunters, then maybe I could go back in time to get some Insaini."

He dove through a twisted route to a backdoor to the hideout. It led into a tunnel that spiraled upward. Dragon Woman shot lasers from her motorcycle and fire electro-smoke missiles from one of her hands at Fire Angel. Fire Angel deflected missiles from behind with his legs to ram them into each other. They exploded behind him.

Dragon Woman asked, "do you have any idea who you're dealing with?!"

Fire Angel replied with a sigh, "actually, I do...Violet."

He dodged a bunch of lasers, smoke clouds, and exploding missiles while soaring through the tunnel.

Dragon Woman sighed. She tried to point out, "it's out of our hands, Redra."

Fire Angel commented, "nothing's really set in stone."

Dragon Woman realized, "you have Nebarg implants, Fire Angel."

Fire Angel pointed out, "yes, but more implants than you do. It's evened out now."

He quickly used his reflexes and extra claws from his fingertips to block Dragon Woman's claws. They were made out of metal taken from the security camera that got turned off. He cut her across one of her arms.

Dragon Woman replied, "I wish."

She went into uncontrollable rage. She grabbed his arms and kicked him through the hole at the end of the tunnel. Dragon Woman's cut instantly healed. Fire Angel was shot like a cannon into the air, struggling to barely glide himself back towards Gloda City. Dragon Woman was tailing him…a resurrected converted ghost from the not too distant past.

Fire Angel realized startled, "fast healing factor…I only saw that injury for a minute before it vanished." He dodged more lasers and destroyed more missiles by making the ammo collide with each other.

Dragon Woman insisted, "go into hiding, before it's too late!" A missile and some lasers hit him and created an explosion. The impact made him go even faster.

Fire Angel thought, "the only question I have about this is…how do I land without my metal arms or legs?!" He insisted, "my duty is to stop Julie!"

As frozen time was expiring, Genudamor, Julie, Knight Niveru, and Dark Stalker got into the time vehicle. They disappeared just as the hideout exploded behind them.

Genudamor checked worried, "where's those Nebarg implants I was setting up?" He had the hologram projector turret in his hands.

Julie pointed out, "Genudamor, don't worry. I sold them across the U.S. already! Fire Angel's gonna go exactly where I wanted him to go all along."

When Fire Angel got to Gloda City and crash-landed, it looked abandoned. No vehicles or people were on the roads or sidewalks, except for him and Dragon Woman.

He wondered in worry, "where's everybody?! Is anybody here?!"

The time vehicle appeared, Genudamor activating the Nebarg signal built into the hologram projector turret.

Genudamor commented with a chuckle, "now with people in the heart and soul of the free world playing the game, it's time to take them to the next level." Julie smiled a little.

Fire Angel wondered in shock, "what the…?!"

He saw behind him the vehicle. Fire Angel and Dragon Woman battled each other with their claws and reflexes. The motorcycle charged at him, knocking Fire Angel onto the ground where he crashed. The road underneath him collapsed due to the impact.

The Nebarg signal had spread to the Nebarg implants on Fire Angel and Dragon Woman. It didn't stop there. Countless others built into virtual reality helmets picked up the same signal. People at their homes were using it to play something.

The world Fire Angel and Dragon Woman knew seemingly evaporated, entering another world.

Fire Angel saw to his amazement and shock the Gloda City he saw in the year 2097. It seemed like he was alone. This world had red flame spike clones in place of Nebarg soldier bots and Dragonmen instead of humans.

Fire Angel muttered, "where the heck am I? There were Nebarg in the year 2097, not Dragonmen!"

Dragon Woman and Fire Angel were still themselves. Fire Angel flew towards his house as Dragon Woman shot a ton of missiles at him out of nowhere.

Fire Angel deduced in confusion, "maybe this has been planned out, but how did I get here so fast?"

He quickly took out batteries from his cell phone and put them into his metal arms. His metal arms to his relief turned back on again as he dodged incoming fire electro-smoke missiles.

He realized in horror, "the time vehicle, both of us brought here…Genudamor owns that vehicle, and Dragon Woman and I have Nebarg implants! I'm not really here, but I can't access my implants' functions in here…they've even vanished from sight of my metal arms!"

An army of flame spike clones spotted him and followed in pursuit. Dragon Woman was on her motorcycle, soaring after him.

Fire Angel thought, "at least if they capture me, I can see who's in charge here."

Clouds of missiles and lasers were shot at Fire Angel. He used his metal arms to help himself slash at incoming missiles or kick them into more laser fire. The lasers hit some of the flame spike clone missiles and lit them aflame. Explosions appearing from all around him as he used his metal arms to see through the smoke.

Fire Angel muttered, "it's the 4th of July already?!"

He barely dodged the explosions around him. More flame spike clones appeared in front of him. Fire Angel used his metal arms to grab both flame spike clones ahead of him and bang them against each other. They were dazed enough to not mind talking.

Fire Angel checked, "is Genudamor in control?"

One of the robots pointed out, "yes, along with Julie Nera and Knight Niveru. What gave it away?"

Fire Angel asked, "what are you?" He made his claws come out of his fists and punched both of their heads into each other to daze them again before they came to.

The robots answered, "flame spike clones." Fire Angel noticed something on both of them…police badges.

Fire Angel realized, "that's where I find Genudamor."

He quickly flew backwards, dodging the recovering flame spike clones' attacks.

Dragon Woman attacked him again, shooting fire electro-smoke missiles alongside missiles and lasers shot by the red flame spike clones. Explosions from the lasers and resulting fireballs rained down onto Fire Angel, heat rising and rising.

Fire Angel figured, "something tells me I overstayed my visit here."

He landed onto the road and started running with help from his metal arms instead.

Fireballs hit and lit the road aflame. Dragonmen too tired or lazy to fly were in vehicles, speeding up to dodge the spreading fire on the road. Some of the vehicles were engulfed in flames, some crashing into each other due to traffic. Many explosions sounded behind Fire Angel with some angry Dragonmen launched out of their seats.

Some Dragonmen figured, "let's get out of the way of the police."

The survivors out of seats flew into alleys and buildings nearby to get away. The Dragonmen still on the road sped up as fast as they could regardless. Fire Angel had to use his metal arms to grab the side of a speeding car before it could crash into him. He climbed up to the roof.

The flame spike clones concluded, "we'll prepare our headquarters for him."

They teleported to the Gloda City police station and waited for Fire Angel to come. Dragon Woman chased after him, swinging onto the seat of her motorcycle and using its speed to go faster.

Fire Angel realized in horror, "wait, that's not a Dragonman in the car, it's really…oh, shoot!" Three violet cyborg versions of Dark Stalker were in the car.

They had flameproof mechanical tentacles with 2 lasers attached to each one. They came out of each of the 3 Dark Stalker cyborgs' bodies and arms. Dragon Woman landed the motorcycle on the road.

Dragon Woman sighed. She muttered, "I'm sorry." She aimed lasers at Fire Angel along with fire electro-smoke missiles while speeding the motorcycle up after the car with her jet-backpack activated.

Genudamor pointed out angrily, "you'll have to go through me and Knight Niveru first if you think I'd let you spread chaos like that! I may want global world domination, but not to corrupt others!"

Dark Stalker was in the seat next to Genudamor's in the back of the time vehicle. Knight Niveru was in the front behind the wheel. Outside, Fire Angel and Dragon Woman were physically still nearby. However, they were lying on the ground, seeming to be in a deep slumber.

Dark Stalker chuckled. He commented, "you knew who I was, Knight Niveru. You should've seen it coming, because the 2 of you won't be seen again if you stand in my way! I thought you wanted to bring the world into anarchy."

Knight Niveru sighed. She pointed out, "I used to, but if the entire world was could literary bring every living thing to extinction! Even for me, that's too chaotic!"

Dark Stalker replied with a sigh, "I thought you all knew better! If crime was actually legalized, there'd be no limits! You've got something that can tap into the minds of others, but I didn't see before that it could be this simple to spread. I can put my message of chaos into the minds of others to take out law and bring back the really old times...when there was just selfishness and conquest being the true driving force behind powerful ancient empires. Captain United will be too late when she realizes what I'm gonna do now."

Dark Stalker shot webbing from his alien body at Genudamor and Knight Niveru. Genudamor used his claws to free himself. Knight Niveru wrapped her sword around webbing coming towards her.

Knight Niveru called out, "traitor!"

Dark Stalker muttered, "no one can stop me now!" He made spikes come out of his body to get out of his seat belt, the spikes shortly afterwards retracting back in.

Genudamor cried out, "get us out of here!"

Dragonmen and the Crab Brothers were battling the Dragonmen Hunters with ammo and deflected blades, apparently moving their battle from the closest forest into Gloda City.

Knight Niveru replied, "gladly."

She sent the time vehicle into frozen time. Julie in the front was putting on a disguise.

Dark Stalker was wrestling Genudamor for the fate of the hologram projector turret. Knight Niveru nodded to Julie. She cautiously opened one of the car doors nervously and jumped out. Julie disguised as Knight Niveru took her place at the wheel.

When Dark Stalker heard the door click shut, he turned around and thought nothing changed. Genudamor unbuckled and kicked Dark Stalker's legs before Dark Stalker looked back at him. This knocked Dark Stalker off balance.

The time vehicle appeared next to Gravaien's mansion the day before it brought Fire Angel and Dark Stalker to the Grand Canyon. Knight Niveru dove into the mansion. Dark Stalker grabbed Genudamor with spiked tentacles coming out of his body. Genudamor kept slashing the tentacles to pieces to get Dark Stalker to let go as Dark Stalker tried to poison him.

Genudamor suggested nervously, "umm…A little help over here?!"

Poisoned blades started being shot at him through Dark Stalker's alien skin, Genudamor desperately deflecting them with his claws. Julie took off her costume and got out of her seat belt. She used her claws and extra muscles to knock Dark Stalker's head into a seat with a thud.

Julie suggested with regret, "I had no idea this would happen. Genudamor, when I disappear, get behind the wheel and get us back to Gloda City."

Genudamor realized what Julie planned to do as he put the hologram projector turret onto a nearby seat. Dark Stalker started to get up. Julie quickly grabbed the turret and disappeared. She reappeared right outside one of the car's doors near Dark Stalker.

Dark Stalker called out, "give it to me!" He quickly shot webbing at the turret, Julie using her claws to break the webbing before it even hit the turret.

Julie called back, "forget it!"

Dark Stalker climbed out of the time vehicle and shot a large strand of webbing at the mansion. He tried to swing after her, but Julie teleported away. Julie reappeared in the car.

She suggested, "now!"

Genudamor tried to send it back to Gloda City. Unfortunately, Dark Stalker was destroying the vehicle by shooting spikes out of his body all over one side of it. He quickly shot so much webbing onto the spikes that he could swing himself after it.

Dark Stalker threatened, "I will not rest until the age of anarchy returns!"

Genudamor suggested, "there's a gas leak. Teleport us away while we have the chance!"

Julie responded, "of course." She got ready to teleport them with one hand on one of his.

Genudamor realized in shock, "wait! I almost forgot the turret."

Julie pointed out, "we better hurry, Genudamor."

Genudamor commented, "indeed."

He grabbed the turret and put it under one arm. The gas engine exploded in flames while Dark Stalker charged at him by swinging through a side window. The window was smashed to pieces.

Genudamor whispered, "now!"

The back of the car exploded. Julie, Genudamor, and Dark Stalker were knocked forward onto the ground outside by surprise. Unfortunately, this was due to the force of the big explosion of the time vehicle blowing up before Julie could teleport.

While Dark Stalker was trying to get the turret to send his message of chaos to the people playing the deadly game, Fire Angel punched out a car window below.

He quickly swung himself through it into the car being driven by the cyborg Dark Stalkers to avoid being hit by missiles and lasers coming from Dragon Woman. Missiles being hit by the lasers on purpose created explosions that almost pushed the self-driving car off the road.

When Fire Angel got to get a closer look at the cyborg Dark Stalkers, they were labeled with familiar names.

He deduced in horror, "they're labeled Newair, Saldi…and Arienie! Does this mean that this is what happened to them?"

A young female version of a dragonman with long dark brown hair that barely touched her heels came out of nowhere. She dove into the car through the broken car window.

The dragon mutant checked in shock, "Redra, you're in here?!"

Fire Angel replied, "yeah, but who are you?" He dove and soared around lasers and tentacles from the deadly cyborgs with help from his metal arms.

The cyborg Dark Stalkers answered in creepy unison, "we're your worst nightmare…now die!"

Fire Angel answered back, "I wasn't talking to you." He used his metal arms to swing under a tentacle, a bunch more poisonous tentacles surrounding him.

The female Dragonman pointed out, "Roma." Fire Angel tried to breathe fire on the tentacles, but they were surprisingly flameproof.

Fire Angel wondered in shock, "how is that possible?!"

Roma in dragon mutant form insisted, "Redra, we've got to find a safer place. If you hurt them, so will your real friends. I'll explain later! There's not much time left. Follow me!" She soared towards the broken window.

Fire Angel pointed out, "first, give me some time to escape."

Roma replied, "ok, Redra." Fire Angel used his metal arms to launch himself straight at another window, charging at it with his metal costume as a battering ram. Roma and Fire Angel got out of the car on opposite sides.

The cyborgs cried out together, "no!" Tentacles came out of the windows as more windows were smashed open.

Fire Angel checked, "where to?"

Roma suggested, "your house in this fantasy world…no one's there."

Fire Angel started to protest, "shouldn't my father be…?! Oh, that's right. This isn't reality."

Roma deduced, "exactly. I'll tell you what happened while you were gone when we get there."

She and Fire Angel flew towards Redra's house. The cyborg Dark Stalkers halted the car and flew out of it after them. They rammed themselves through the front window. Dragon Woman by this time was next to the car, zooming off the road to barely avoid collision with one of the cyborg Dark Stalkers.

Fire Angel muttered, "that is, if we're able to live!"

Back in Gravaien's mansion back on Earth, Knight Niveru found the flame spike clones on a balcony.

Knight Niveru pointed out, "Dark Stalker is near the front entrance of the mansion, and Genudamor might not be able to survive without your help." The flame spike clones turned around and saw her.

The robots explained, "we got our son back by getting him to come to a warehouse in Warehouse Alley. If we go back to fighting others, people will suddenly realize that we faked blowing up just so we could take Gravaien from Fire Angel's friends. It's a long story, but all this time, we were trying to protect him from Joliena's son ruining Truslin Gobet, our usual way of life was taken from us…"

Knight Niveru protested, "but what about your position in the new order?!"

One of the clones deduced, "for some reason, it feels hollow. We've lived beyond normal life and death. Through all this extra time, we've realized something."

The other robot continued with a sigh, "we haven't been good parents, even when we worked for the good guys. The only way we can think of to protect our son is to disappear from action and keep an eye on him...keep him with us, homeschooled until the reporters go away. Otherwise, we may never be fully happy."

Knight Niveru protested, "I understand that, but you'll also be a target for both sides if you don't help! Either way, you'll be found out by someone at this rate. Word will spread, and people will suddenly realize that you're not gone! This is Dark Stalker we're talking about here! And all you can say is you want to hide from the rest of the world just to try to keep Gravaien protected?! Well, as honorable as your intentions are, you can't make him not get into trouble! Everyone makes mistakes. That is not news! Not only that, but you're taking him away from his friends and probably have made him even more miserable because of that! That'd be like saying "you're grounded" to him! You're his parents. Genudamor and I created your forms…and one of your masters is in trouble. As a matter of fact, we all could be in trouble with Dark Stalker if he walks onto this balcony."

The second robot checked nervously, "he's your enemy?"

Knight Niveru went on, "yes, he has recently tried to use that hologram projector turret's Nebarg signal to carry… Look! We don't have time to explain what's going on. Dark Stalker might come in here if we don't finish him off now, so you might as well help. If not for us, think of your duty to the world as Truslin Gobet agents."

This was right before heading back to the front entrance of the mansion where the car exploded outside. The flame spike clones teleported to the front of the mansion without a word.

While they were talking to Knight Niveru, Fire Angel and Roma in the fantasy world were flying through underground sewers to try to lose the cyborg Dark Stalkers and Dragon Woman chasing them. They breathed fire on missiles to keep creating explosions followed by smoke that distracted the cyborg Dark Stalkers.

Roma pointed out, "that should get them off our tail, Redra."

Waves of dirty water with garbage in it flowed through the sewers. Unfortunately, the cyborgs had the flame spike clones' hearing to find their way out of the smoke by following the sounds of rushing water.

Fire Angel realized in horror, "then again, maybe not."

He and Roma dove down a sewer tunnel to the right, another to the left, and to the left again. They dodged waves of dirty water. Dragon Woman was ahead of the cyborg Dark Stalkers, but in the same tunnel as Fire Angel and Roma were in. The cyborg Dark Stalkers were flying with jetpacks coming out of their bodies towards the 1st sewer tunnel to the right…the one Fire Angel and Roma recently went through.

One of the cyborg Dark Stalkers figured with a walkie-talkie out, "he's heading towards the Gloda City Times studio! We'll alert the Nebarg soldier bots stationed there."

They flew deeper into a labyrinth of underground sewers below Gloda City.

Dark Stalker was getting up as though the explosion was nothing. Genudamor and Julie had to use their extra muscles and echolocation systems to remain conscious. The flame spike clones appeared next to Dark Stalker.

Dark Stalker threatened, "you'll be hollow buckets if you stay in my way!"

They didn't budge. In anger, Dark Stalker tried to wrap his tentacles around one of them while making chains come out of his body to wrap around the other robot. Dark Stalker used his tentacles and chains to start squishing the flame spike clones to pieces. The robots' healing factors slowed down the process as they shot lasers at Dark Stalker's tentacles to heat them up, struggling to stay alive.

Julie wondered in amazement, "what happened to you?! You said you don't have to save your son anymore." Genudamor cautiously put aside the hologram projector turret.

One of the clones pointed out, "Dark Stalker might get to our son if we don't stop him."

Dark Stalker muttered, "human love…how inferior!"

He ran into the mansion. He punched both robots in the head with his fists and let them go before they could react. They turned off from the strength of the punches as they crashed into the staircase nearby. The chains coming out of Dark Stalker's body retracted back in.

Knight Niveru commented, "I shouldn't have rescued you from being in outer space in the first place!" She charged at Dark Stalker with her great sword.

Dark Stalker went on, "you're too simple to understand my message of chaos, how true it really pathetic!"

He made spikes come out of his skin and launched them at Knight Niveru. Genudamor and Julie got to the front entrance of the mansion, where Dark Stalker was creating and shooting spikes at Knight Niveru. Knight Niveru deflected the incoming spikes with her great sword while jumping off the ground. She dove towards Dark Stalker in hatred as she started shooting missiles to blow the spikes up.

Knight Niveru commented, "sadly, I know too well that message."

Genudamor recalled what happened to the Nebarg in the year 2097…that if he wasn't concentrating on trying to get rid of Fire Angel when it happened, he might've saved his destroyed Nebarg henchmen.

Genudamor thought, "I'm not making the same mistake again! Wait for it." Knight Niveru plunged the sword at Dark Stalker, Dark Stalker making spikes come out of his hands from his skin like claws to deflect its movements.

Genudamor whispered, "get the flame spike clones out of here!"

Julie wondered nervously, "what about you?"

Genudamor assured her, "I have a plan."

Julie whispered back, "please don't get killed Genudamor! You're all I have left."

Genudamor pointed out, "I've learned through experience that the flame spike clones are an equal match for Fire Angel and Spike Girl. If we are to get my revenge, we'll need to save them. I love you."

Julie hugged Genudamor. She teleported to the flame spike clones.

Dark Stalker grabbed Knight Niveru in the air with his tentacles, Knight Niveru desperately slashing the sword at his face. Dark Stalker didn't let go as one tentacle wrapped around the hand without the sword in it. Julie touched both of the flame spike clones and teleported away.

Genudamor was thinking fast on whether Knight Niveru was worth saving or not with his super-genius mind. Genudamor remembered the times he worked with Knight Niveru to attempt global world domination that almost worked, starting with working together to create the Reelita weapon. He also recalled the aftermath of the Tester Laboratory blowing up for the 1st time. Knight Niveru became a henchwoman of his as her way of thanking him for helping her set her brothers free. In addition, he's grown to like her over time, but still not as much as he likes Julie.

From this information, he realized that she's a good assistant and friend to him. He decided that she's worth saving to him. Genudamor rammed Dark Stalker off balance. Knight Niveru was released by Genudamor's claws slashed at Dark Stalker's tentacles with enough force to push the tentacles away.

Dark Stalker taunted, "time to ask forgiveness for judgment day!"

He shot blades from all directions, Genudamor and Knight Niveru deflecting them desperately. Dark Stalker suddenly grabbed Genudamor's head with one of his tentacles and hurled him backwards into the staircase. The staircase collapsed under the impact, on top of him. This time, Genudamor really was knocked out, Knight Niveru diving towards him.

Knight Niveru thought, "he's been my only real friend since that incident where my brothers killed themselves by accident. Those Crab Brothers weren't even worth saving after they let them die! I'm glad I stayed with him."

She took out her super bazooka with one hand and started shooting rockets at Dark Stalker in fury. She used the other hand to slash her sword into the remains of the staircase. Pieces of the staircase hit the rockets being launched with Knight Niveru's super bazooka and crashed them into each other. Explosions followed the rockets, Dark Stalker pushed backwards a little by the attack.

Knight Niveru lifted the pile of staircase parts on top of Genudamor and threw them like javelins at Dark Stalker. Dark Stalker blocked and destroyed them with his webbing and blades. Knight Niveru quickly dove into him right before Dark Stalker destroyed some of the staircase parts. Dark Stalker's head was smashed into the floor by hovering Knight Niveru with her missiles. She used her sword to deflect incoming tentacles.

Knight Niveru muttered, "now to dispose of you again, hoping you won't return!"

She carried Dark Stalker into outer space with help from borrowing Genudamor's jetpack, holding her breath as she reached it.

Knight Niveru realized in thought, "if I don't get him back in outer space in a minute, I'll be a goner!"

She threw Dark Stalker through the Earth's atmosphere and into outer space. Knight Niveru let herself fall back down to the ground to catch her breath, but at a fast speed. As she got closer to the ground, she could breathe easier and easier.

She realized, "I've got to see if he's ok."

Fire Angel and Roma have just come out of the labyrinth of underground sewers soaked. Apparently, they had eluded Dragon Woman by diving into the dirty water and holding their breath as they were carried past her. The cyborg Dark Stalkers have also caught up with Dragon Woman, having no idea where they went.

Roma suggested, "maybe we should get dried up, Redra."

Fire Angel realized, "uh oh, we've got company!"

Fire Angel's metal suit was rusted in the fantasy world, Fire Angel having to take it off to be able to move around as Redra. He noticed to his horror the Gloda City Times studio and an army of Nebarg soldier bots in front of them.

One of them suggested, "we see them…fire!" The Nebarg soldier bots shot lasers from their wrists at Roma and Redra, diving towards them at lightning speed.

Fire Angel deduced, "we can't pick them off! We have to lose them, or we'll pick up their friends."

Roma offered, "this way, Redra!" She flew past the Gloda Mall with Redra. Redra breathed fire on his metal suit and hurled it at some Nebarg soldier bots from behind. Half of the Nebarg soldier bots were destroyed by the suit crashing into them. The impact blew up more of them. Shortly after, more aflame robots exploded.

Roma pointed out in shock, "that's your suit, Redra!"

Redra commented, "yeah, but this isn't real." He and Roma quickly hid behind the Gloda Mall, the Nebarg soldier bots' scanners only seeing what was inside the mall.

They assumed, "they're gone…let's look elsewhere."

The robots left, Redra and Roma continuing to fly to Redra's house.

Knight Niveru flew slightly upwards as she approached the ground next to Gravaien's mansion. She grabbed the hologram projector turret nearby and landed next to the ruined staircase near the front entrance. Genudamor was still unconscious. Knight Niveru took out her visor scanner and placed the hologram projector turret nearby.

She concluded, "he's still breathing, but he'll be knocked out for a while."

Julie appeared back at the mansion with almost completely revived flame spike clones.

Julie figured, "I thought Genudamor would like it." She noticed unconscious Genudamor on the floor.

Knight Niveru revealed, "he'll be knocked out for hours, but he'll live."

Julie figured in relief, "thank goodness." The flame spike clones got up, their healing factor recovering the rest of their damage.

The robots wondered in alarm, "what happened?!"

Julie and Knight Niveru told them the answer to that question. The flame spike clones said they'd be back and went to look for Gravaien. Julie and Knight Niveru waited for Genudamor to awaken.

Julie thought, "this wasn't part of the plan!"

Redra and Roma got to Redra's house and dried off. They washed themselves clean from the dirt left behind from the sewer water.

When they finished, Roma explained to Redra that he only missed a day. In that day, Redra's friends, Roma herself, and Gravaien were captured by the flame spike clones with help from Zref bombs. Luckily, Roma managed to slip away by acting dead and left after the flame spike clones threw her out. Also, according to Roma, the flame spike clones were giving the chemical Insaini to Redra's friends to make them insane.

The flame spike clones got them linked into the virtual world where Redra and Roma were. It seemed like the flame spike clones destroyed themselves when they had a malfunction in their hideout…a warehouse in Warehouse Alley, where a computer that passed a virus into their network had made them self destruct.

Roma got on Redra's laptop to get into the virtual world to try to rescue them. The fantasy world was in fact the free game world of Gloda City in the "Fire Angel: the superhero" computer game.

Redra muttered, close to tears, "I'm losing everything! How do we rescue them?!"

Roma replied, "I'm afraid I don't know how."

Redra checked, "wait! Is there still a laptop in my room in this world?"

Roma figured, "yeah Redra, there is. Why do you ask?"

Redra concluded, "I was just thinking if info on the chemical Insaini was mentioned in this world." He went into his room and used his laptop to do a web search on Insaini. Roma handed him a tissue.

Redra responded, "thanks." He wiped his eyes with it.

Roma replied, "you're welcome."

Back at Gloda City, the Dragonmen hunters were still battling the Crab Brothers, the Dragonmen army knocked out on the ground.

Sonard checked, "how did you get out of the Time Zone?"

Helm revealed with a chuckled, "we blended in with them…they don't even know about us being the Crab Brothers!" Cy-Krom rammed Sonard with his spiked body, Helm charging towards Armoga in mid-air.

Armoga realized in shock, "so you just followed them out and they didn't do anything?!"

She and Sonard started shooting missiles from their missile launching swords at the Crab Brothers. The Crab Brothers breathed fire at the Dragonmen Hunters as they charged at them with their claws spinning into drills. The Dragonmen Hunters saw Fire Angel and Dragon Woman sleeping on the ground.

Armoga whispered, "he's back, but we can't let the Crab Brothers get to him before we figure out what's going on!"

Redra found out that unlike the laptop he had at his real home, the one he was using to look for info on the chemical Insaini just had a single website to use.

He realized in horror, "it's as though Julie expected me to get this far…information on the chemical Insaini is all on a single page of this website."

Roma hinted, "that's not all that's strange here, Redra."

Redra looked at something Roma was holding. It was a computer game strangely called "Fire Angel's nightmare battle".

She revealed, "I found it in the closet. The rest of the closet is empty."

Redra realized in horror, "Julie must have planned it. Could I see the instructions?"

Roma offered, "here you go."

She took out a folded piece of paper from a thin box labeled "Fire Angel's nightmare battle". On it was a picture of a long endless underground tunnel aflame, with Fire Angel in his metal costume running through it on the box. Redra unfolded the instructions and started to be close to tears again.

Roma checked concerned, "Redra?"

Redra revealed sadly, "according to these instructions, in order to be able to escape, the only way out will be shown if I win this game. The objective is to destroy the cyborg Dark Stalkers."

Roma replied, "that's terrible if they're the same ones."

Redra went on, "the instructions also say one more thing: If I put this game into the laptop, the programming of this world in my Nebarg implants will alter to match with the game's programming. She even saw that one coming!"

Roma realized in shock, "you have Nebarg implants?!"

Redra answered yes and told Roma what has happened to him while he was gone…what he discovered.

Roma deduced, "you've been through a lot, Redra. Is there a way out?"

Redra figured in sorrow, "I have. However, Julie knew I would rather stay here than get rid of my friends, even with them insane. She's done it. Julie's gotten rid of Fire Angel and Spike Girl by getting them both exiled, stuck to fight each other. Dragon Woman will eventually find me along with the cyborg Dark Stalkers. My friends will keep battling me until I'm gone!"

Roma pointed out, "not all of them. I didn't stay with the flame spike clones long enough to get the chemical Insaini. I watched from a distance through a window the flame spike clones blew up." She gave Redra another tissue. He smiled a little as he wiped tears from his face with it. Roma smiled a little too.

Redra concluded, "there's still hope. I think I know how to reverse the insanity."

Roma checked, "how, Redra?"

Redra pointed out, "according to the website, the chemical Insaini was created by Cy-Krom to replace molecules in the brain at a fast enough rate to make the drinker become sane. However, when someone drinks it while sane, brain molecules get replaced at the same rate, having the victim become insane when it was already sane. I think that's why the chemical made almost all my friends insane. Giving them the chemical again should restore their sanity!"

Roma deduced, "that could work, but you'll have to find the chemical and get them to drink it to do that."

Redra recalled, "Dragon Woman/Spike Girl said there was a payment she had to collect. She purposely left that clue that she's alive in her jet-backpack back at the Grand Canyon hideout. She wanted me to secretly know and wants to get something from Julie in exchange for doing something for Julie herself. Genudamor said Julie created the crucial villain to her plan. She must have created her, since Julie was at the hideout before the other villains besides the flame spike clones returned there. Also, according to those security cameras in the hideout, I saw that the flame spike clones weren't there. The only new villain there was Dragon Woman, so Dragon Woman was the crucial villain. Her task was to kill me since she attacked me for a while. There'd be only one thing someone would want to have when insane, which is sanity. That means that Julie might still have some Insaini stored somewhere."

Roma wondered, "but where?!"

Redra pointed out, "I suspect that there's none here, or the cyborg Dark Stalkers would've recovered by now."

Roma suggested, "yeah, but I have an idea of how to get you out."

Redra checked, "how?"

Roma offered, "I'm not stuck here. I can get out of this world and search for the chemical, but it'd be very risky."

Redra pointed out, "so is being stuck here." Roma nodded and hugged Redra.

Roma assured him, "I'll do my best. Bye."

Redra replied, "bye. I'm counting on you."

Roma responded, "I know." She waved to him and vanished from the fantasy world.

Redra muttered, "I may never see reality again." He put his head in his hands, crying.

Roma, as a dog in the real world, shook a virtual reality helmet off and left it on the floor. It was one of the helmets that people at their homes across the United States were using to play in the "Fire Angel: the superhero" game's virtual world.

She ran out of Redra's house. Roma hurried through quiet and empty streets of Gloda City, towards Warehouse Alley.

She thought, "the flame spike clones might've left some Insaini in that warehouse where Newair, Saldi, and Arienie probably still are. I've got to hurry!"

The flame spike clones came back to unconscious Genudamor.

Knight Niveru pointed out with a sigh, "it's been an hour already."

One of the robots revealed, "that's not the only bad news."

Julie checked in alarm, "what happened?"

The second clone deduced, "Gravaien has run away."

Knight Niveru hinted, "I think you know why."

The robots sighed. They revealed, "we didn't know he cared this much about staying here. We were gonna move the next day, and we've only been here for a year! He didn't try to run away when he was at our old house that used to be in the forest near Gloda City for 7 years…or in California for 8 years. That place was ancient with cobwebs and worn down, but it was all we could afford at the time."

Julie suggested, "then it isn't the place's conditions that made him run away."

One of the clones checked, "and you know why?"

Julie hinted, "I think it's for the same reason I went into hiding and became a supervillain…to find a lover."

The clones deduced, "when he faked being sick to allow himself to sneak out on us to help us with our taxes and bills last year, he was with Saldi. He loves her, or he wouldn't have run away now…or called her when we 1st tried to get him back to us days before he went into 10th grade! We've become his enemies by standing in his way."

Knight Niveru pointed out gravely, "before I got the time vehicle out of Gloda City, I saw Dragonmen and the Crab Brothers attacking the Dragonmen Hunters…your son could be walking into it!"

The robots realized, "then we've got to find him! He's still our son." They teleported away.

Julie pointed out confused, "wait a minute. Why would the Crab Brothers attack the Dragonmen Hunters?"

Knight Niveru suggested, "I've been with them for a while. I think they're trying to get rid of Fire Angel if he's still affected from the hologram projector turret, but the only way we'll know for certain is to investigate."

Julie checked, "what about Genudamor?"

Knight Niveru offered, "you can come back to him, but maybe you could drop me off at Gloda City first?" She took the hologram projector turret off the ground. She went on, "I might be able to continue your plan myself in his honor."

Julie replied, "thank you." She put a hand on one of Knight Niveru's shoulders and teleported with Knight Niveru herself to Gloda City. Knight Niveru carried the hologram projector turret with her.

Helm and Armoga were knocked out. Cy-Krom and Sonard were battling each other near Fire Angel and Dragon Woman, who were still sleeping. Their ammo blew up at each other as they tumbled out of the way.

Cy-Krom suggested, "just let me dispose of Fire Angel, and I'll walk away."

Sonard insisted, "not gonna happen!"

Cy-Krom replied with a sigh, "oh, it will."

He used a magnetic field on Sonard and released it to hurl him into clouds above before he could react. Cy-Krom muttered, "now I get rid of the person that tried to grind my life's work to a halt!"

He shot lightning from his fingertips at Fire Angel's metal costume, disabling the entire suit. Cy-Krom turned his hands into drills and breathed fire on them. He lowered the flaming drills towards Fire Angel. Gravaien appeared nearby on his motorcycle. He saw in horror Cy-Krom as he sped up his motorcycle.

Gravaien protested angrily, "no friend of Saldi's going to get hurt on my watch!"

He tilted and pushed his motorcycle upwards. The vehicle soared into the sky and hit Cy-Krom on the head with its back wheel. The motorcycle bounced off of Cy-Krom's head and landed back onto the road below.

In rage, Cy-Krom rammed one of his arms into Gravaien's motorcycle while attempting to drill the metal costume apart with his other hand. One of his aflame drills crashed into and destroyed the motorcycle. Gravaien jumped off of it right before it blew up.

Cy-Krom threatened, "no one interrupts me!"

He created another magnetic field to lift Fire Angel and spin him into Gravaien. Gravaien was knocked out of the sky. Things started getting blurry around him as he hit the road, with aches all over his back.

Gravaien struggled to say, "I…can't get…up, too…painful…"

He lost consciousness, but the flame spike clones appeared.

The flame spike clones cried, "no!"

They attacked Cy-Krom with missiles. Cy-Krom shot lighting bolts at the robots from his fingertips as they kept teleporting out of the way. He used magnetic spikes to destroy the incoming missiles with his other hand.

Cy-Krom muttered, "stay still!"

He switched to using magnetic fields to pull the flame spike clones towards him, teleporting with them. He pointed out, "teleporting won't help now." The flame spike clones realized that they couldn't attack him while being in magnetic fields. Missiles would be stuck in the magnetic fields with them, and Cy-Krom's armor is flameproof.

The robots muttered, "let's just get our son and get out of here! You've won for now, Cy-Krom." They retreated, touching their son and taking him back to Gravaien's mansion.

Cy-Krom chuckled while he turned off the magnetic fields on them. He started drilling Fire Angel's metal costume into pieces. He muttered, "my revenge will be carried out…then global world domination at last!"

Roma was in the warehouse, where Saldi, Newair, and Arienie were using virtual reality helmets to control the cyborg Dark Stalkers. They were attacking Redra outside of his house in the other world.

Roma realized, "they didn't even hear me come in."

She saw 4 canisters of Insaini nearby.

She concluded, "they're empty, except for the one that the flame spike clones were gonna use on me. The empty ones can help save Redra."

Roma quickly charged at the 3 empty canisters nearby, knocking all of them into Newair. He fell backwards as his virtual reality helmet shut from hitting the ground. Roma climbed onto Newair. She jumped off of him and onto Arienie. This knocked Arienie and Saldi backwards, seconds before Redra was about to be finished off by the cyborg Dark Stalkers. Both Arienie and Saldi's virtual reality helmets turned off from hitting the floor, the cyborg Dark Stalkers disappearing from the virtual world. Saldi, Arienie, and Newair were knocked out.

Roma figured, "all I have to do now is carry the container with Insaini in it and use it to give them their sanity back." She used her claws to open the container a little and picked it up in her mouth.

Redra realized with relief, "you saved me, Roma…now I can go home!"

He was on top of the roof of his house in the fantasy world.

Redra dove back to the laptop in his room in the virtual world. He put the "Fire Angel's nightmare battle" game into it. He assumed, "with no cyborg Dark Stalkers in this fantasy world, there'll be none to battle in the game."

Redra saw the world he was in evaporate, another one appearing in front of him. He was in a tunnel with his metal costume as Fire Angel. Fire spread around him.

He sighed nervously. He muttered, "here I go."

He ran deeper and deeper into the tunnel, waves of lava coming after him from behind.

Fire Angel deduced, "the exit's collapsing! Time to fly."

Fire Angel flew towards a metal door with the word exit above it. The cave collapsed around him as lava flowed from behind.

He realized, "it's gonna be close."

Fire Angel grabbed the ceiling with his metal arms, flinging himself faster towards the exit. He tumbled across the cave floor.

He insisted, "come on!"

Fire Angel pushed off the floor. He swooped down through the metal door with his hands in front of him to pry it open. The tunnel evaporated around him, Gloda City and Cy-Krom appearing as he regained consciousness in reality with mixed feelings.

Redra deduced in horror, "you took my suit apart!" He tumbled out of the way of Cy-Krom's drills.

Cy-Krom commented, "I've been waiting for this day for so long."

Redra quickly tripped him with his legs from the ground. Both of their reflexes blocked each other as they battled with their blades and limbs. Roma showed up, followed by Saldi, armored Newair, and Arienie.

Newair assured him, "Redra, I'm here to assist."

He used his system of jetpacks to fly towards Cy-Krom, setting his guns to stun.

Knight Niveru appeared with the hologram projector turret in her hands. She used her hacking skills to alter the Nebarg signal. Redra quickly tumbled backwards to punch and kick nearby implants. This disabled all of his and Dragon Woman's Nebarg implants. The Nebarg signal had no affect on them while Redra and Dragon Woman lost their improved reflexes.

Knight Niveru cried, "attack Fire Angel, Gloda City Police!" The Gloda City Police controlled by the hologram projector turret appeared in helicopters and police cars, shooting bazookas at Redra and Newair.

Redra muttered, "not again!"

Tried Cy-Krom figured, "I'm not gonna stick around to find out how it ends. The Crab Brothers need a break from crime for a day, but will return!"

He flew away, carrying Helm in his arms. Sonard smiled a little as he landed on the ground below. He noticed the Crab Brothers flee. Sonard touched the Dragonmen, teleporting them back to the Time Zone with him and Armoga.

Sonard suggested beforehand, "I'll brief you later, but I think Fire Angel can handle this."

Redra suggested, "Newair, could you get Dragon Woman to a safe place? She's Violet! I'll tell you later."

Newair nodded. He swooped down towards sleeping Dragon Woman and carried her while flying away. Redra breathed fire on incoming rockets, dodging explosions around him. He dove after Knight Niveru. Redra insisted, "get back to my house, you'll be safe there!" He passed by Roma, Arienie, and Saldi in pursuit of Knight Niveru.

Saldi and Arienie responded, "good luck, Redra."

They and Roma ran to Redra's house. Newair headed for his own house, carrying unconscious Violet. Knight Niveru flew off the ground and into the clouds. Redra soared after her in fury. Police helicopters chased after him while firing rockets from bazookas at him. Knight Niveru could only carry the hologram projector turret in both hands, so she couldn't take out her bazooka, hand missile launchers, or great sword.

Knight Niveru muttered sarcastically, "great." She glided around and through clouds in the sky above Gloda City. A ton of rockets tailed Redra, coming from the police helicopters from behind. Redra pursued Knight Niveru.

Genudamor was recovering, getting up next to Julie in Gravaien's mansion.

He wondered in confusion, "what did I miss?"

Julie answered calmly, "I'll tell you, dear." The flame spike clones and Gravaien were talking to each other nearby, Julie telling Genudamor what has happened while he was unconscious.

The flame spike clones revealed, "we're sorry that we almost isolated you from Saldi. We know now what the consequences of our actions are, so we won't do any of it again. We're not moving. We've realized that Fire Angel and Spike Girl weren't after us in the first place. With nothing left to do for us, we'll be leaving you."

Gravaien checked in shock, "forever?!"

One of the robots explained, "Truslin Gobet's gone, our hatred for Fire Angel gone. We got everything we wanted, so there's nothing to live for anymore to us robots."

Gravaien replied a little shaken, "you sure?"

One of the clones answered, "bye."

Both clones shot so many missiles at each other that their healing factors couldn't heal them quick enough. Gravaien gasped in horror as both of them blew up. Gravaien barely tumbled out of range.

Gravaien realized close to tears, "they are gone…forever." He walked slowly into his bedroom to rest until his back felt better, deeply in sorrow.

Knight Niveru flew into the Gloda City Arcade with Redra right behind her. To Redra's horror, the police helicopters bombed the arcade with too many rockets to stop.

Redra warned, "get out of here! The place is gonna blow!"

Everyone else in the building besides Knight Niveru heard Redra, knowing that he's also Fire Angel.

They ran out screaming, not looking back.

Explosion after explosion and collapse after collapse occurred around Redra and Knight Niveru.

Redra punched Knight Niveru into an arcade game with anger, the machine busted from the impact. Knight Niveru dropped the hologram projector turret, Redra taking it. Knight Niveru got up, Knight Niveru tackling Redra for the turret.

Knight Niveru warned, "give me the turret or die, Redra!"

Redra pointed out, "let's move it outside first. We'll both die if we don't!"

Knight Niveru realized, "unfortunately, a good point." Both of them soared out of the building, the Gloda City Arcade blowing up behind them.

Redra deduced in anger, "we finish this now!" Redra quickly breathed fire on the hologram projector turret, Knight Niveru having to drop it to avoid being burned up by the fireball.

Knight Niveru called out, "you'll pay for this, Redra!"

Redra pointed out, "I already did."

The hologram projector turret blew up, the police returning to normal. Suddenly, the Dragonmen Hunters appeared. Redra wondered, getting calmer, "what took you so long?"

Armoga pointed out, "we had to put the Dragonmen back where they belong first."

Knight Niveru protested angrily, "when Julie comes up with another plan, it will work! This is far from over." She flew away.

Sonard checked, "where were you yourself?"

Redra sighed. He pointed out, "it's a long story. I'm going back home. After what's happened, I know now Genudamor and Julie would never listen to me if I told them there was a way to give them back their old lives. They'd just think I'd be trying to trick them into making them suffer. The Crab Brothers probably think the same way."

Redra told the Dragonmen Hunters what he'd recently suffered through.

Julie and Genudamor were in the warehouse where Roma saved Newair, Saldi, and Arienie from insanity. They were watching the news of Redra's recent battle in Gloda City, where the Gloda City Arcade was destroyed.

Julie realized with mixed feelings, "my plan didn't work, but at least Fire Angel suffered a lot."

Genudamor replied, "yeah, but this war between me and Fire Angel's gang isn't over yet. In fact, it's only begun."

Julie deduced, "it's too bad that the flame spike clones destroyed themselves, but over time we can make more powerful robots to destroy them."

Genudamor chuckled. He figured, "yes, we can…and since we're reunited, we can win." Julie and Genudamor took off their helmets sickly smiling.

Julie assured him, "no matter what happens, I'll be with you always. You'll never have to leave me again." She and Genudamor got close to each other and kissed each other on the lips.

Genudamor corrected her, "I won't leave you again."

With the remaining Insaini left in the container Roma found at that warehouse, Dragon Woman regained sanity and returned to being Spike Girl.

Newair lost his job because the Gloda City Arcade blew up. He realized that Julie must have had Knight Niveru hack into the "Fire Angel: the superhero" game's programming to create the virtual prison Fire Angel was trapped in.

Newair decided to get a new job: Being in charge of Fire Angel and Spike Girl merchandising to be able to do more than just game testing and to be sure history doesn't repeat. Newair got the virtual reality helmets fixed and returned them so people could still be in a fantasy world in virtual reality. He even changed it to be better than ever.

Spike Girl used most of the money she had collected from her job at the Gloda City Mall's food court to surgically remove Nebarg implants from Fire Angel and Spike Girl's bodies to ensure that they couldn't be controlled by Nebarg signals. That is, if Genudamor tried to control them that way again.

However, Spike Girl rebuilt her and Fire Angel's metal costumes with help from the Nebarg implants and most of Dragon Woman's equipment.

Gravaien had realized that it's too dangerous for him to try to help Fire Angel. He decided not to interfere with villains anymore, but kept his courier job.

His message delivered to the mayor of Gloda City motivated her to spread out the virtual helmets across the U.S.

Gravaien didn't forget his parents. He wasn't as happy as he was before his replacement parents the flame spike clones blew each other up.

Spike Girl was back to being Fire Angel's superhero sidekick. Newair's satellite on the moon wasn't discarded and was kept there just in case.

Fire Angel's physical wounds healed over time. But, he didn't just want revenge on Julie for trapping him in that fantasy world and for torturing him with his own friends: Fire Angel also wanted revenge on Genudamor since he was the reason why Julie tortured Fire Angel so much.

From being knocked out, Armoga's time machine was broken.

The Dragonmen were in the Time Zone again and have realized that the Crab Brothers aren't really Dragonmen. The Crab Brothers couldn't blend in successfully with them again.

Weeks later, Fire Angel and his closest friends graduated from 10th grade along with Gravaien.

Within those weeks, the Gloda City Police had to prove their innocence. They showed the wreckage of the hologram projector turret to the court to prove that they were being controlled by it.

Some Gloda City policemen that were affected by the Nebarg signal were monitoring the fantasy world with the same virtual reality helmets to double check if the "Fire Angel: the superhero" game's virtual world had any more bad side effects.

The Gloda City Police were considered innocent, but their pride was hurt.

In response, they put up wanted ads around town that offered a reward of $100,000 just for pointing out where Knight Niveru was located…twice as much if brought to them unconscious.

Fire Angel's closest friends and Fire Angel had to stay after school to make up for the classes they missed during the missing day.

Fire Angel and Spike Girl's metal costumes both had the same features they had before, and more. They had built-in reflexes and extra muscle systems linked to computers in their helmets. There were retractable spikes all over Spike Girl's costume linked to her helmet's computer.

Newair's armor was kept in the TV room underneath Redra's bedroom to remind himself about what happened.

It was clear as day to Redra that the day the Gloda City Arcade blew up was the point of no return…for his remaining revenge-seeking villains.

When personal problems take hold long enough...there's almost no going back.

The End