Author's Notes: A challenge to write a "feel good" story and this was the result. I've been told the story is endearing and resembles a fantasy which has encouraged me to post it. So I humbly offer a simple story about music, friendship and magic. Enjoy.


Long ago, before technology and towering skyscrapers, a simpler world existed. A world where nothing but green fields full of wild flowers grew, where the sky was always clear blue and the air so crisp and clean it tasted sweet on your very tongue.

A small village hid behind majestic trees and mountains, where simple folk would dance around to beat of hollowed wood hit with sticks, and sing joyfully from the heart the most beautiful folk songs ever to caress your ears.

A young girl was washing by the lake, just humming to herself as birds flew by. When in the corner of her eye she noticed a strange creature sat on a boulder, no bigger than a frog. He resembled a small elf with arms and legs but completely hair less and with the most unusual features. His hands were like feathers, soft and colourful, but not made for flight. His eyes were wide yet narrowed like a sunset horizon. She was instantly enchanted by the creature who silently wept into the flowing water.

She approached with caution and began to talk to the creature softly. Sensing her good nature, he told her how he had fallen from a great height into this world and was lost and afraid. The girl felt sorrow for him and offered him refuge. He sat in her pocket and she took him home, but dared not tell the town folk as they often ate or ward off any creatures. And he was mighty strange so she feared they would dislike him.

Soon the two became great friends, exploring the valleys and learning of one another's worlds with wonderment and excitement. However, one rainy night the creature got ill. The poor thing was shaking and quivering in fever, eyes dull and grey like fog. The girl wrapped him up in his makeshift bed and knitted quilt and sang to him all night. The creature felt soothed by her soft gentle tone and was thankfully better by morning.

Much later, the girl injured herself when her arm was burnt by the cooking fire. She suffered in pain as her mother tended to her. Poor creature could do nothing but hide in her sock drawer worrying about his dear friend. Once mother left, creature quickly came to her side and began singing to her. His tone was more beautiful than a thousand cuddles, more warming than sunlight, more quenching than rain. And something strange started to happen. The girls arm began to heal. Within the hour there wasn't even a mark! Creature was indeed a marvellous being.

The girl had to explain how she healed following speculation becoming rife in town and her parents accused of witchcraft. So, she told them about her creature. Thankfully the villagers were happy to keep creature if he promised to heal the sick and injured with his voice. He was more than happy to oblige. A few blissful months passed by this way and all were content. Singing and dancing each night was more magical when creature sang. His voice would make the stars twinkle brighter, lovers embrace tighter, and laughter reign over the valley until morn.

As winter fell on the town, a dark man rode into the village. He belonged to the ruler of all valleys and had heard about a magical creature who could heal. The village was torn apart in search for him. Eventually, they found creature hiding in the girl's pocket and took him away. The girl cried and screamed, but soon her voice was drowned out by the hammering of the horses and howling winds as they rode him away into the night.

The ruler locked creature in a dark dungeon, afraid his enemies would try to steal him. He demanded creature heal his army after battle and afraid creature did as instructed. But he deeply missed the girl and his village, even sunlight on his faceā€¦ and soon his heart blackened.

One night, as creature sang to a wounded solider, the solider became black with venom and poison. The ruler was outraged and outcast creature almost killing him before a kind Knight rode him safely into the forest. Unable to find the village, creature lived alone in the forest. He hid for many thousands of years this way and never dared to sing again.

One day a girl singing in the forest caught his ear. Creature sang back because her song was so deeply moving it melted his heart. She soon learnt everything about creature and what had happened to him. He taught her his healing song saying, "Within these words is power so great, it repairs the very essence."

The girl returned the next day but never found creature again. Today her song is beloved by the world and a faint hint of the magic heals all who hear it. The Eternal Song lives in the hearts of those who never forget it.

The End