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My eyes slowly opened, and quickly shut at the bright sunlight that escaped the blinds. I sighed softly, and forced them open again, now expecting the light. With a yawn, I pushed myself up, and out of the bed, letting the warm covers fall with a soft thump. I stood, stretching, and glanced at the clock...

"My alarm didn't go off!" I cried, and raced towards the bathroom. I flung the door open, causing it to slam into the wall, and grabbed the brush to yank it through my hair. Then I jumped into the shower, literally. I soon found it was a terrible idea, as I ended up flat on the ground. I groaned in pain, but pushed myself up again, trying to ignore the ache all over my body. That would leave a bruise or two.

Somehow managing to finish in five minuets without any more problems, I stepped out of the shower, and into the cold bathroom air. Shivering, I reached for my towel, only to find it wasn't there. I stood in confusion for a while, before it hit me. I forgot my towel! With a sigh, I forced myself to walk out of the room with jerky movements due to the cold air, and grabbed a towel from the shelf outside of the door. Why was that built there? Did the person that designed this place have no common-sense, or did he not expect someone so forgetful to move in?

Sighing at this thought, I turned my gaze to the bathroom's mirror. I was met with the stare of tired, light golden-brown, almost amber eyes. My eyes reminded me of honey, while my hair reminded me of caramel, being a very light brown like my eyes. My skin wasn't too light or too dark, but it was obvious I didn't get much sun. That didn't mean I don't go outside, I just prefer to do so at night. That had gotten a few people to call me a vampire. I don't turn into ashes during the day, or have fangs, but that wouldn't convince them. They'll take any reason to mess with me. I shook my head and left the bathroom, struggling to pull my clothing onto my still damp body.

Soon I was dressed and running down stairs to get food. I made toast, and began to eat it as I ran out the front door... and ran back in for my things.

"Today is turning out fine so far." I muttered, trying to stay positive. It didn't ever work, but I could at least pretend it did.

I ran towards the bus stop, wishing I had brought a water bottle. My breath came in short labored pants, reminding me that I needed to exercise more. My tired pant stopped completely when the bus stop came into view. In the distance, I could see a kid climbing onto the bus, and to my horror, the door closed after him, and the bus gave a low rumble.

"Wait! No!" I called, hoping someone would see me. Unfortunately, luck was never on my side, and the bus drove off before I could get to it. With a breathless groan, I stopped, and crouched, catching my breath. I closed my eyes, and tried to cheer myself up. It didn't work. I stood up, and sighed. Guess I have to walk.

If you think this is once a year thing, you're very wrong. This happens to me all the time. I have very bad luck that never seemed to leave me. It stared when my mother died. My father started looking for someone to replace her. He didn't want me to go with out a mother figure in my life, but he went about it wrong. He looked at clubs, and bars, and was always lead to women who didn't care about long, serious relationships. His intention was good at first, but eventually he found that getting drunk, and hooking up was like a stress reliever. He came home drunk. He didn't abuse me, but he didn't pay any attention to me either. My friends didn't like me because I started to become depressed. At first, I had acted strong for those around me, but at school, and alone, I was a mess. Never speaking, never smiling, and never trying to make friends. People thought of me as different, rude, and quiet. They didn't like me, and they left me too. Well, most of them did. One stayed.

When I still had my mother, I was happy. Life was nice, and almost perfect, but it seems both my luck, and my happiness died with my mom.

Shaking my head, I pushed the depressing thoughts away. I began to walk, only to stop when a car pulled up in front of me. The door opened, and someone stepped out. At the sight of him, my breath caught in my throat.

I always believed in love at first sight, and I always hoped I would one day experience it. I didn't, however, expect this. My heart beat almost painful when my eyes locked with his kind, warm green ones. They shown like emeralds and I found it impossible to pull my gaze away. He had dark, brown hair that curved slightly, and fell into his eyes, too stubborn to stay in place. He looked like he enjoyed being outside, as his skin was slightly tan, and he had a nice build, but I was most drawn in by his kind smile that melted my heart. For some odd reason, he made me feel warm inside, and chased away some of the emptiness I had grown to use to.

"Um...hello? Are you okay? Hello?" A voice snapped me out of my daze, and I blinked, trying not to be pulled into the sound of his voice as he spoke. Instead, I blushed, and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm just really tired, and I was zoning out! I do that! Like a lot, a lot! People always tell me I spend more of my life among dreams and fantasy's, then I do the living! And I'm going to shut up before I say anything else!" I groaned, gripping my hands, and felt my stomach twisting. He laughed, and I swallowed. How could something sound so happy and carefree?

"Its fine. I'm not a morning person either." I blinked in surprise.

"Really? You could have fooled me with how happy, and energetic your being..." I muttered softly, and stopped at the thoughtful look on his face.

"Happy and energetic? I'm not so sure about that..."

"I said that out loud!?" I cried, drawing more laughter from him.

"Yep." He said, and continued before I could die of embarrassment. "So I noticed you missed the bus. If you want, I could drive you to school."

My eyes grew wide and I shook my head. "No, no! I'm fine! I couldn't ask you to do that!"

"But you didn't ask, I offered, and now I insist. Besides, we go to the same school, so it shouldn't be a problem." He smiled again, melting my heart, and any willpower I had left in me to fight. With a reluctant sigh, I agreed, and followed him into his car, hoping I wouldn't embarrass myself anymore.

The whole time he spoke of lots of things, music, his friends, hobbies, and a lot of other things. By the time we got out of the car, we knew enough about each other to be mistaken as old friends. Save for our pasts, and I felt like I had just ran a mile with how fast my heart was beating. The car jerked to a stop, and we climbed out.

"Thank you again." I spoke turning to him. "I tend to oversleep a lot, and have to run to school because if it."

"So you've said." The boy spoke, laughing a bit at my flustered face. "I'm happy to help."

"Shiro!" A voice called. The boy in front of me turned towards a girl, and a boy running towards us. I could have sworn the girl glared at me...

"Oh. Hey guys." Shiro said, turning towards the two.

"Your brother is looking for you." The boy now spoke, though he was looking at me. Shiro nodded, and turned towards me as well.

"Well, it looks like its time for me to go. I hope I see you again soon...?"

"Zera. My name is Zera. And I hope I see you soon too." I spoke, smiling slightly. With a nod, and another one of his smiles, Shiro, and his friends were off. I smiled and began my short trek to homeroom. Maybe this year wouldn't be too bad.

If only I knew how wrong I was.