god of war. queen of rage.

she sees Mars in her dreams every night for a week before the test comes back.
he laughs when she tells him, tells her it means she's fearless.. or she's been working too hard.

hunks of amethyst sing beneath her fingers when she grabs them off the bedside table.
she turns them over in her hands like crystal balls. the universe sings.

something is building.

there is a meeko figuraine in the lost and found at his work.
when he brings it home she gasps- how did you know?
all morning, like a drum- meeko, meeko, meeko

her phone buzzes, goddess of the day- juno
protector of rome, queen of the gods.
guiding, guiding, guiding.
witnessing girls turn to more, turn to women.

when he walks in the door she hands him a box,
a note,
"we will call her juno".