The Dark Seduction

By Joseph Logsdon

Mary never understood how something so fragile, which had been the source of all of her happiness, could suddenly die so easily. She wandered the streets, in desperate need of some kind of comfort. Every step she took, be it big or small, provided very little contentment. There was something Mary didn't know: she was being followed. Her misery, in a rather strange way, proved to be extremely attractive. What caused her pain, brought others happiness.

The streets were dark and full of death. Every person, young and old, looked very unhealthy. They had no food, no jobs, and to top it all off, there seemed to be no hope of things getting better. Rain poured down on the forgotten streets. It was the will to live, and only the will to live, that drove her actions forward. Her misery, the feeling of hopelessness, secretly provided a type of strength.

Mary walked into the alleyway, totally unprepared for what she would see. There was a nun, aged thirty or so, standing several feet away. Other than the raindrops, nothing moved or made a sound. They were complete opposites, in both manner and lifestyle. Mary had sinned more times than she dared to count. Above all else, she feared being judged by Almighty God.

"Excuse me, are you lost?"

"Lost? In what way?"

"I'm Sister Megan, or as my friends so often call me, 'Sister Meg.' It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm happy to report," she stated.

"Hold on, have you been following me?"

"I'm here to help you, providing of course, you allow me to do so," Meg replied.

"Help me? Lady, listen, I don't need help, and assuming I did, what could you do, pray for my soul? I'm a prostitute, now and forever," she hissed.

"I'm not here to judge you, rather to make you understand something. You've lost someone important, am I right? I could give you back what you've lost. It's a very simple matter, taking into account all that's involved," Meg exclaimed.

Tears were in Mary's eyes. She turned away from Sister Meg, distraught and in a great amount of pain. Her mind was filled with many memories, the majority of them being unpleasant.

"My daughter, Katherine, died far too young. She was, still is, my only reason for living. The past has passed, better to move on," she cried.

"You can't move on, I'm afraid, not without first repenting of all your sins. Come with me, bring an end to your suffering. It will do you good; it will do her good," she insisted.

Mary knew Meg was right. Her guilt, by all stretches of the imagination, became more and more unbearable. Her heart, filled with overwhelming pain, slowly plunged into the ground.

"What are you, some kind of witch?"

"I'm like a Christian, only smarter," Meg chuckled.

Sister Meg slowly led Mary out of the alleyway. All the way across the street, stood a modest-looking church. It was nothing fancy, simply a place where people could go and worship. As they approached, Mary started to question her decision, all the while trying to come to terms with the death of her only child. Her heart, delicate by nature, was at its very weakest level.

Sister Meg took Mary inside the church. For a building that claimed to represent God, it certainly didn't do the best job. It was dark and dusty, the total opposite of what normally constituted holiness. Mary gazed at the crucifix on the wall, utter shame in her eyes. Strictly out of concern, Sister Meg gently grabbed Mary's arm. She had a strange look in her eyes, somewhere between attraction and anger.

"Why did you bring me here?"

"I already told you, to redeem all of your sins. You will be whole again, eternally blessed by God," she hissed.

"I changed my mind; I'm leaving," Mary gasped.

Sister Meg gazed deep into her eyes. Guided by lustful thoughts, Mary slowly gazed back. The reluctance she had felt previously, suddenly drifted away, practically as if it had never existed to begin with. Sister Meg extended her tongue, very deliberate in her erotic seduction of the prostitute. They slowly embraced, every second filled with an erotic tension, witnessed only by God himself.

"You will become a creature of darkness, exactly like I have. You'll embrace your lustful thoughts, wear them with pride and dignity. I'll be your guide, my only purpose being to make you a stronger, much more experienced woman. The darkness is the light, it is so often said, time and time again. Where it all begins, I can only speculate. The blood, specifically your blood, will fill me up very quickly. Lean back, take deep breaths, let yourself go," she whispered.

Sister Meg bit into her neck. Mary screamed, taken off guard by the brutal, yet subtle attack on her humanity. She began to feel ecstasy, exceeded only by the feeling of pure delight. Mary relaxed, conquered by lust. She fell into the depths of sin, where ironically, there could be no return.

The End