Did He die in vain?

God's radiance pierces through me like spears

Cleansing me like water

And burns away my sin like fire

My eyes cannot comprehend what they see

For his glory is


This being of POWER and STRENGTH

stares at me with undescriable

Love, mercy, and peace

I fall at his feet

And cry "Holy, Holy, Holy"

Compared to Him

I am a mere bacterium

Waiting to be eradicated

Yet He loved me and he died for me

His only request was to love Him and others

He offers us all eternal happiness

Yet many refused

Our just punishment was death

So He sent His only Son to take our place

And that Son chose to die and to save us

His only request was to love Him

to love each other

and to Spread His love

Every moment I live

Not spreading His love

Is another way he died in vain