Shards of glimmering copper and an icy alabaster sat within the soft embrace of dark gnarled hands. Shaking, the hands placed the shards upon an open table top,

carefully laying them apart with care. His trembling form sat upon an old wooden chair made of old ebony bark. Hunched over the table top, his bone white eyes fixated

on the collection of broken crystal—he began to chant. In a garbled mess, the words escaping his parched lips were old, and heavy—a scent of rich spices emanated

from each syllable. The shards on the table top began to twitch, shivering with energy as the chanting grew stronger. Dark shadowy forms grew behind his hunched

back as the crystals jumped upwards. Dancing in an odd fashion, each of the crystal shards began to glow with warm red and cold bluish lights—casting white hot forms

on the walls—along with the twitching shadows. The haggard man's ratty grey hair hanging loosely in his face began to shimmer for a moment, a bright silver—each

strand reaching out with paper thin fingers. With a sigh, the man let out the last of his chant—a deep growling song. With eager energy, the crystals stopped their

dancing, glowing a hot white before crashing together with a loud rending of air and sound. Silence. The decrepit man rubbed the back of his hand over his sweating

forehead and exhaled a heavy breath. Licking his cracked lips, the elderly man nodded as he looked down at the table top. A small woman of shining crystal stood with

her delicate fingers outstretched to the sky. Long hair that seemed to flow as water, cascaded down her shoulders and over her bare chest—long legs poised as a dancer

stretched out beneath her. His eyes wavered and his lips, though cracked and sore pulled backwards into a warm, wistful smile, gently touching the curved face of the

small crystal form.

"Alesia, my love…"