Minato finally confronted Kouki inside the mansion, while the others are out. Yet, it might not just be a peaceful conversation, after all.

Minato: I'm sure you know what this means, right?

Kouki: Minato, you sure have been a great older brother to me.

Minato: Oh, did I? That's quite a compliment from you.

Kouki: I remember the day, that you started interacting with me. I was 5 years old. You were pretty timid back then that you can't even talk to me straight yet.

Minato: Reminiscing the old days, huh?

Kouki: I was sitting on the grass back in the garden while staring at the clear, blue sky when you pointed a toy gun at me. You were like, "Let's play!". You were so innocent.

Minato: It was a water gun, am I right?

Kouki: Yes! You even shot me at my left eye! The feeling was uncomfortable!

Minato: Damn, you even retaliated by pouring some salt on your water ammunition. That thing hurt, you know.

Kouki: HAHAHA! Those were the funny days!

Rigel: Minato-sama, are we here for some nostalgic discussion?

Minato: The fun days are meant to continue, not until you were the one who was picked by our parents to be the ultimate successor of the wealth!

Kouki: I thought it was you, in the first place.

Minato: Bullshit! I knew you were laughing inside your head, the moment you embarrassed me in front of everyone!

Yukina: What does that mean?

Kouki: Fifteen years ago, our parents have decided to retire from the business that our family ran for decades. More like it was an inheritance. They also got it from our grandparents so same thing happens to us.

Minato: Kouki was the younger and I was the older. They should have picked me as the ultimate successor. It was all well until this guy interfered.

Rigel: Interfered?

Kouki: I won't call it interference, I call it justice.

Minato: Shut up!

Kouki: Your master, Minato, has been busted for drug transactions plus human trafficking fifteen years ago too. I was the one who announced it in front of the gathering before.

Rigel and Yukina: What?!

Minato: I only did that because the Minase family is losing its wealth. By doing those, the income rose up significantly! That's why we are in this position right now!

Kouki: The family doesn't need money from shitty acts! All of our wealth were fruits from hard work of the earlier Minase clan members. If you are confused on why he is out free, it's because he accepted a treaty among us.

Minato: You are spouting too much!

Kouki: I created the agreement, wherein I will take the inheritance 100%, due to the devious and criminal acts of my brother, in exchange of his freedom and to work alongside me.

Yukina: Now I understand why you want to…..

Minato: That's why I am here! Let's finish this, my younger brother!

Kouki: Can you let me finish playing this piece? I am almost done with this.

Minato: With all due respect.

Kouki: Remember this sad piece? I played this in our grandfather's funeral.

Minato: History really will repeat itself today. This will be your funeral!

As Kouki pressed the final piano key, Minato started to shoot him. At the same time, the whole mansion started to tremble as if there was an earthquake.

Rigel: What the hell is happening?

Minato: I didn't know the mansion has something like this.

Yukina: The floors are displacing!

Minato: It looks like the rooms around this mansion are changing its respective locations.

While the room is moving, a thick gas is on release from the four top sides of the area.

Rigel: I can't see the target.

Minato: Are you trying to escape, Kouki?!

Kouki: I grew up accepting every challenges, you should know that the most, Nii-san.

Rigel: Ahk!

Kouki used a stealth method of hitting Rigel's pressure points quickly, making him temporarily paralyzed.

Minato: Hey, where are you?!

Yukina: Just come out to finish my job here!

Unwillingly, Yukina randomly just throws needles all over the place, regardless of who's going to be hit. Kouki successfully blocked their vision with the gas. After then, Yukina heard footsteps of someone charging in front of her. Assuming it was Kouki, she deliberately scatters infected needles to the silhouette.

Minato: W….What are you doing?!

Yukina: I thought you were him!

Minato: Use your senses well!

The movement of the room suddenly stops and the gas dissipitates subsequently. Rigel and Minato are both struck by infected needles during the commotion yet Kouki was also infected.

Minato: Damn you, you infected as well as us!

Yukina: I didn't mean it, sorry!

Rigel: What has happened to our location?

Minato: Hmmm, I didn't know you have this hiding on your sleeves.

The room that they are on is transformed into a bigger size, more like a mini-arena.

Kouki: It was boring, so I have them modified the whole mansion for about a year or two. Of course you wouldn't know it, you were out of the country, right?

Minato: Why didn't anyone update me that time?

Kouki: It's all my orders. I knew that this day would come, and it happened.

Minato: Damn you, snitch.

Kouki: Woman, explain what these needles do.

Yukina: T…Those are poisoned needles, modified during my research in the Minase Group Laboratory Facility.

Rigel: Yukina, you should have been more careful!

Yukina: The toxin will cause the limbs to be paralyzed for a long time if it severely affected the nerves. Your consciousness will slowly disintegrate too, and many more.

Minato: Rigel, buy us some time. Yukina, give me the antidote!

Kouki: You are doing that because you can't keep up with me, brother.

Minato: I wish I could have given you the medicine but sadly she only brought two syringes. HAHAHA!

Kouki: Guess I'll fight you handicapped.

Yukina: Rigel, here. Take this.

Rigel: Thank you.

Rigel accepted the antidote but he just placed it somewhere in his suit for the meantime.

Minato: Go, my loyal servant! Kill my younger brother!

Rigel: I have no grudges against you but as Minato-sama instructed, I will eliminate you.

Kouki: You are still young, maybe around 26 or 27. It would be a shame if you die here immediately.

Rigel: Please don't underestimate my skills. After all…..

Rigel swiftly charged straight on to Kouki. As the defender prepared his defensive stance, Rigel quickly dashes to the side and pulls out his dagger. Kouki evaded a direct hit but he was wounded in the right arm.

Kouki: Brother, you have great subordinates, aren't you?

Minato: I trained them myself, that's why.

Rigel: No blinking.

Kouki: Oops. You almost got me again. Hmm?

Rigel suddenly pulled out his pistol and fired few shots towards Kouki. He evaded all of those, though.

Kouki: It's been a minute since we're duelling and you have already impressed me. If this was a performance in a theatre, I would have already given you an ovation.

Rigel: Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Kouki. But, please take things seriously now or your head might just explode in a minute!

Kouki: That will happen if you hit me.

Kouki just ran to evade Rigel's swift shots.

Rigel: When will you stop running, sir? Showcase your offensive arms.

Yukina started to throw needles again, but nothing hit Kouki.

Kouki: You guys wouldn't play fair at all, huh? Hmm? What is this sensation?

Kouki began to felt something wrong inside his body.

Kouki: I'm starting to feel dizzy. This might be the poison she injected, plus my limbs are starting to feel numb. I have to finish this immediately.

Rigel: Oh, it seems that you are in pain, sir. Let me end it now.

Kouki: I wonder if you are feeling well too.

Rigel: Wha-? I….I can't breathe normally.

Minato: M…My breathing has shrunk. Damn you, Kouki! What did you do?!

Yukina: It's not the poison's effect, I am sure of it.

Kouki: Do you think I just moved the rooms out of nothing? We are 800 meters deep underground!

Rigel: That's why the oxygen level has depleted.

Minato: I didn't know you had this up in your sleeves.

Kouki: This is now a death match. Now, show me what you've got.

Kouki stepped on a tile as it is was like a button which revealed two Beretta pistols on the other tile beside it.

Rigel: So you still can use guns.

Kouki: I haven't used this for years, but let's see if I still have my skills.

Kouki quickly fired his gun towards Rigel direction. Due to the speed of Kouki, he hits Rigel slightly in the right leg, creating a wound.

Rigel: Take these!

Kouki: Show me what you've got, youngster.

Rigel and Kouki exchanged shots for about a minute. Both were less accurate because of their agility in evading bullets yet Kouki has now been hit in the left shoulder.

Kouki: You got me there.

Rigel: You really are good too.

Rigel held his left thigh as it is hit in their exchange.

Kouki: Tired, aren't you? Let me ease the pain now.

As Kouki charged in front, Minato took the chance to use his own pistol and shot Kouki in the right thigh.

Minato: Okay! I shall crash into this fiasco now!

Rigel: No, Minato-sama! Please don't exhaust yourself. I'll do the job.

Minato: Shut up!

Minato fired his pistol towards Rigel yet he intentionally missed his shot for his P.A. to just stop talking.

Kouki: Hey, what are you-

Minato: I spent hundreds and thousands of money to train you, for you to be the best but you cannot kill this bastard quickly?! Maybe we should just forget our pact!

Rigel: D…Don't. Please. I am terribly sorry for my mistake!

Minato: You pissed me off enough, Rigel.

Kouki: You treat your personal assistant like that?

Minato: Whatever our conservation has, doesn't concern you anymore!

Yukina: I'm not yet done treating you!

Minato: This is enough. I just want to eradicate the pest immediately!

Minato shot Kouki several times with tremendous speed. Kouki evaded several bullets but still was hit slightly in the right ear.

Minato: Hoho, you are bleeding! HAHAHA!

Kouki started to reload his pistols.

Kouki: Hey youngster, why are you still keeping up with that kind of master? I can see the good in your eyes.

Rigel: I will only devote my life in serving Minato-sama! Your words do not matter to me.

Kouki: You are lucky, Minato. You have this loyal partner and yet you treat him poorly. I pity you.

Minato: Hmm, words mean nothing to us!

Minato again fired several shots towards Kouki. He still evaded some but now has been hit in the right shoulder.

Minato: It hurts, right?! HAHAHA! I can't wait for you to be killed!

Kouki: Yeah, me too.

Minato: Huh?

Kouki now revealed the ammo his placed on his modified pistol as he shot Minato in the right arm with incendiary ammo.

Minato: Bastard! Huh?!

Kouki: Here I come.

Kouki proceeded to go hand-to-hand combat with Minato. He hit him several times in the face and abdomen as the villain can't help but block his attacks with his left arm. He concluded his attack spree by kicking him in the stomach hard enough to make him spit blood.

Minato: Damn you! My right arm is still burning!

Kouki: I shall expel all evil within this moment.

Minato: Y..You..! Rigel, kill this guy!

Kouki: No, you aren't!

As Rigel aimed to shoot him in the back, Kouki managed to quickly turn around and fire few shots towards the assistant. He hit him in the left leg and it also went on flames.

Kouki: Now, it's over.

As Kouki prepared to kill Minato while he's down, he suddenly fell on his knees and spitted blood. He felt numbness on his legs too.

Minato: HAHA! The poison now is working!

Kouki: This thing is not enough to s-stop me. I'll end your fantasies right here!

Kouki threw a small knife from his pocket into Minato's torso which went right through his skin.

Minato: AAAAAHHHH! My stomach! It hurts!

Rigel: Minato-sama!

Yukina: Stop moving! I'm extinguishing the flames!

Rigel: Go there and help him already!

Yukina: My leg was hit by a stray bullet during their exchange earlier. I can't walk properly. Plus, I can't breathe much. We need to finish this.

Rigel: Then…!?

Kouki: Don't worry, I will take care of your loyal assistants. Maybe even….

Kouki still threw up blood while talking. His body has started to gradually weaken.

Minato: N….No-

Kouki: Say your prayers, brother.

As Kouki aimed his gun to Minato's head, several gunshots were expelled from the entrance of the room they were fighting on. All of the bullets hit Kouki's back, bringing him down.

?: Tadaah! Are you surprised?!

Yukina: W…Who is he…?

Kouki: I… didn't expect that you're here, Agata.

Agata: I came back to own the Minase company since you foolish brothers are currently in a peril.

Minato: Why are you here?! I can finish this off, you know!

Agata: Don't say that when you, yourself are lying on the floor.

Minato used the knife which stabbed him to slowly cut his right arm which now has disintegrated due to the flames.

Kouki: I thought you were expelled from the company! Why are you showing yourself?!

Agata: Don't be like that, my step-brothers. As if we are not related at all.

Minato: You are just going to be hindrance. Go away!

Agata: I knew that having Kouki alive will reduce my chances in capturing the company, so I might as well side with you.

Minato: Hmp.

Kouki still managed to get his gun and attempted to shoot Agata but the mystery character mercilessly injured Kouki in the arms and legs, disabling his movement.

Agata: Here I have a gift for you, Kouki.

Agata's men flushed gasoline into Kouki's body, as well all over his face.

Rigel: Hey, what are you intending to do…?!

Agata FORCIBLY opened Kouki's mouth and placed the muzzle inside.


Kouki: {Shizuku….. I know that you are going to lead the company soon. I am certainly sure. I am sorry your dad has to go earlier, but you have your friends with you. I am just disappointed that I wouldn't get to see my cute daughter getting married. This sucks….}

Kouki started to tear as he said those words on his mind.

Agata: I guess none, huh?

Agata shot an incendiary ammo inside Kouki's mouth. His men also fired two shots in his body, leaving him in flames.

Minato: I….is he dead?

Agata: No one can survive that horror. Men, get these guys up. The characters for this new age should be treated well.

Agata's men: Yes, sir!

All of the living characters left the mansion with Kouki's body burning. Meanwhile, Sora and the others were now approaching closer to their destination, the Sixth Minase Mansion.