A/N: This was my first actual poem but I'm posting it second just cuz. It's about a girl who was so done with life and people that she would rather be with the fictional characters in her head telling her to jump then live. Don't ask me how she managed to get to the top of the empire state building I don't know. I'm British I've never even been to New York okay.

Forever Grounded

There once was a girl

Named Jessica Light

She lived in New York

A city so bright

She thought she could fly

Way up in the sky

Now she's forever grounded

In the crowded streets

And busy school

She had no friends, she

Was a friendless mule

Used her, abused her

Broke her, accused her

Now she's forever grounded

She read lots of books

And watched all the shows

And from her lips

The words would flow

Her pen on paper

Like a smoking crater

Now she's forever grounded

As long as she read

They would never leave

They show her new lands

And made her believe

"Stay with us forever

We can be together."

Now she's forever grounded

"You know you can fly!"

The characters told

"You can join us here

No need to grow old!

Climb the Empire State

accept your own fate."

Now she's forever grounded

She climbed the long stairs

At last reached the top

She looked at the street

And finally stopped

Someone saw the girl

"Somebody stop her

She'll be forever grounded!"

"Just leave her to die,

she has lived her life!"

Her tormentors agreed

Words sharp as a knife

The characters cried

"Give up, end your life!"

Now she's forever grounded

The wind in her hair

From the roof she fell

For a while she flew

Then she saw their betrayal

She couldn't fly or soar

So of her no more

Now she's forever grounded

Head was in the clouds

She never came down

Until one sad day

Gravity took hold

She learnt the harsh truth

And plead for a truce

Now She's Forever Grounded

Never got married

No husband or wife

Never with child

No "Call the midwife!"

She hit the stone ground

And now peace she found

At last forever grounded