I have homework

I know

I have some chore I should be doing

Some arduous task that is much harder then sitting on my laptop all day

I need to tidy my bed

I know

I should put things in the wash

Whether it be my sheets or my school uniform or some casual clothes

I need to tidy my room

I know

But it's not like I don't know where everything is

Sure I sometimes hurt my foot

but it's not mess it's organised chaos

I need to clean the kitchen

sweep the floors, wipe the surfaces, do the dishes

But the floor will keeping getting dirty!

It's not like I eat off the floor just leave it

And back to the start I have homework

Homework I don't want to do

So I'll put it off till the last possible second whether it be at 1 oclock at night or the lunch time before the lesson

And next on the list my bed

it would only take a second but it's the principal of work that makes it off-putting

it's like the very thought of effort is tiring

Don't ask me why.

Maybe I'm just lazy (it probably is)

One of the seven deadly sins. Sloth.

Maybe I'm curse to forever be bound to my instagram feed

Maybe it's because damn ABC and Netflix and The CW and BBC make some fricking good TV and I'd rather watch that then do homework

Maybe it's because gods dam Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling and Derek Landy and Andy Weir and James Dashner and Suzanne Collins are so good at writing books and I'd rather re read them then do homework

Maybe because mother f*cking and Archive Of Our Own and Wattpad have some really good fanfiction and I'd rather read some unfinished gay smut then do my homework.

Although it's probably all of the above and more.