Republic of Aevren

The republic of Aevren was founded in the year 1655 . Miles Walker became the first president. Aevren was beset on all sides. Outpost Norndread was the first military outpost. It protect Aevren citizens, traders, and soldiers. The Zikorc warbands continued failed assaults. The republic of Aevren bought the gun manufacture license in 1656. Soon many villagers and townsmen had homemade muskets and pistols. This help in the battle of Fort Slavreznen. Corruption order launched a large assault on the Aevren fort. Both profession and militia musket troops. Routed the attackers with a week.

However Aevren true power is trade. They have hundreds of village and city caravan companies under their wing. As well as farmers who trade with their cities, outposts, and forts. They have many non-aggression pacts with many tribes, empires, and kingdoms. In times of war they bring their musket and pike troops. Cavalry is common however they serve more as scouts and traders. The Republic of Aevren continues to stand proud too this day.