Are you stuck there, love?

A land that has no roots in reality

Floating, in the streams of imagination

Like you are, made of dreams.

Are you stuck there, love?

Reaching out to the anchored world

Yet shrinking back every time

Someone tries to guide you back.

Are you stuck there, love?

On the seas of that which can never be

Staring at the banks of what will always happen

Choosing to brave the storm at the approaching horizon.

Are you stuck there, love?

In the meadows of sweet, luring, lies

Trying to reach the forests of ever-shifting trees

Yet resting in the lap of a false security of truth.

Are you stuck there, love?

Between hopes of a life you want

And the actuality of the one you live in

Shunning either world at the last second.

Or maybe you have chosen it.

The indecision you live with is probably your drug

That which keeps you alive

And that which kills you slowly

That dreamland is your consort

Giving you what,I, the Fact that encompasses you,

Can never give.

That exhilaration, which flees where I am present.

So, are you stuck there, love?

Or am I stuck here?