Shades of Grey (#808080)

Shades of grey means kinky.

Shades of gray means bad.

Shades of grey means the ends don't justify the means

But it also means that it does.

Shades of gray is doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

Or the right thing for the wrong reason.

Or not understanding something completely.

Grey isn't solid.

It's not the unbreakable black nor the unshakable white.

A dash of colour and the whole thing changes.

Charcoal, ash, silver, dim

Off-grays, Cool grays, Warm grays, Achromatic grays.

Even the spelling of grey is gray.

Nothing is certain. Nothing is 100%.

Storm clouds are grey.

Cute kittens are gray.

Smoke that burns your lungs from the inside out is grey.

Steam that refreshes and warms you is gray.

It's off-white. It's pastel-black. It's not even a colour.

Grey is nothing but an illusion.