Life Source

I was conceived through a love affair

between hydrogen and oxygen

and was immediately destined for privilege

The older I got, the more I could stretch myself

across the beautiful planet,

occupying the world's largest throne

Yet I chose never to have a moment's rest,

allowing the floating creatures to use my body as a home

and those on land to consume parts of me to remain nourished.

Although I was honored to continue providing for them,

the land creatures forgot about my own need for care,

and much of the resources which they no longer wanted

ended up being thrown into my mouth

As time went by, I developed an infectious disease

which caused my clear blue face to become brown and disfigured,

and for those who placed their lips on my poisoned features

to become ill to the point of a possible death.

Affecting those on the outside and inside of me equally

Whether I'll be able to recover is something I don't know

Since there's no way I could do it alone,

yet the strongest creatures believe I can live forever,

and the weakest have been left without a voice.

All poems in this collection are related to different themes, including nature, innocence, and learning to move on with your life. Some were published in my college's literary magazine, while others are more recent or have undergone revision. Since I'm always trying to do better, all feedback, whether to express how much you like a poem or what needs to improve, will be accepted as long as it remains respectful.

Thanks for reading, and remember to let me know what you think.