Chapter 1: Case

Dan strolled down the sidewalk to his house. He turned left and entered. after Un-pocketing the keys his parents gave him. Dan unlocked the door. He's 13 now going into 8th grade. He is a shaggy haired, scrawny kid, with sand blonde hair. He went inside to find a note written on the cabinet. It read "Dear Dan, I'm going shopping be back soon –Mom." "Alrighty! I getta play Xbox!" He was opening the disc tray when he heard a knock on the door. Groaning he walked to the door opening it to see Johnson. After a few moments in silence Dan grudgingly asked him what he need. "Uh, I need a favor." "What do you need?" Dan asked knowing it was going to be finding something lost. "Somebody vandalized the school, and as class president I need you to find who did it." "Oh so it's a 'who dunnit' sorta thing?" "Yeah…" "Alrighty, any suspects?" Dan asked "uhh, no… but the school police are looking for some" "okay… so am I pretty much on call?" "Kinda here" Johnson handed Dan a phone number "who's number?" "The school's chief." "Oh, okay."

Chapter 2: Run!

"Hmm so this vandal left no clues." He looked at the black text reading "schools lame! Get a life!" Dan searched the area, checked the trash and ground for clues. "Nothing! How can there be no clues! They always leave at least one clue!" Dan looked more and more; he was fixing to head home when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure standing there he whipped around to see Michael, the leader of one of the many(and I mean many!) bully gang's "hey Dumb" Dan cut him off "my names Dan!" "I don't care! Dan." He said Dan in a sarcastic sort of way "what are you doing?" "None of your bee's wax!" Dan snapped back. Dan turned back to look for more clues. He suddenly felt a surge of pain hit his ribs. Michael had tackled him. Dan squirmed under the bully "hey Dumb! Got any money?" "No" Dan wheezed out "I know you do!" "No I don't". Michael raised a fist to hit Dan but Michael made a mistake he loosened his group on Dan he flipped under him rolled forward and jumped he turned the corner of the school grounds running past the flags, past the Basket Ball court, He passed the soccer field, past the elementary playground; he climbed over the chain link fence and ran turning towards the alley sprinting all the way!

Chapter 3: A clue?

The next day Dan was at the school station talking to Bryson "so there's no suspect?" "None" Dan repeated. "Then what do we do?" "Find suspects" "like who?" "Michael." "Why Michael?" "When I was investigating he was there." "hmm. That seems like a good idea." He waved over another officer "Timothy go get Michael." "Yes sir."

Chapter 4: Question.

"So if he's innocent he'll come willingly, but if he's guilty he'll come with a fight." "That's what I hope"

"So do you know why you're here?" Dan asked the jerk.

"Cause you hate me?" "No." "Then why?" "Cause you vandalized the school." "I didn't do it!" "You know that and I know that. But the cops here don't." "So are you gonna prove my innocence?" "If you're innocent." "Okay" "where we're you Thursday?" "Home playing Xbox." "Okay. How long we're you there?" "All night?" "Well then I understand that you're known to like spray paint. And the vandal used black spray paint." "Can you show me your hands?" "Why?" "Because if you have black spray paint on you your guilty." Michael didn't move, "Michael show me your hands!" Dan said firmly. Michael slowly lifted his hand there was black spray paint on his fingers. Michael was guilty.

Chapter 5: Case Closed.

"So Michael has to do community service?" "Yup." "How long?"
"Guess" Johnson said with a grin "one month?" "Nope." "I give." "Six months!" "Dang, I kind of feel bad for him." "Why? Didn't he almost beat you up and rob you?" "Yeah but his teachers been picking on him." "Really how?" "Like always giving him hard questions." "Really?" "Yeah I'm in his class" "I'll talk to the school board." "Thanks well, I got some Xbox to play!" Dan was closing the door when he remembered something "hey" he said. Johnson looked back "yeah?" "what about my pay?" "I'll slip it in your locker, on Monday!" "ok!"

The end!