Pale blue distorts just a little bit, and I get a glimpse of what I've ached for.

Your eyes.

Blacker than the star less midnight skies. I see everything that you hold in your heart, in

the bottomless blackness that your orbs are.

But the blue stills and you are gone.

I see nothing.

River green ripples under spring breezes, and I see the sun in your smiles.

Lips upturned, crinkles reaching your hidden eyes.

It is the most perfect curve in my shapeless world.

But the dusk clouds come rushing in and my sun sets.

I see nothing.

Rose pink reflects your flushed cheeks through the dew drop on its petal.

I think red is only the most alluring when it adorns your face.

I sense your heartbeats

through the stalk you clutch in your hands.

But the drop splashes down to the earth.

I see nothing.

I like it best when you face the mirror. I see you then.

And I am amazed, at the perfection. I can never get enough.

The little crease between your eyebrows, the twin orbs, curved so irresistibly, reflecting light

and looking like molten chocolate, your lips, the bow of Cupid,

the nose sharp and straight,

the freckles dotting your face that you frown at, your raven tresses falling messily over your


But you don't look long enough.

And once again, I see nothing.

I'm stuck, and only a thin border separates you from me.

But I can never cross it.

I can only look through the lines as the universe takes pity on me

and distorts them.

If only for a moment that I get sight, that I can smell, that I can hear, that I can feel and that I

can taste,

you know what I will see, listen, feel and breathe in.

But I'm only an outline of you, I cannot even feel your touch.

Sight is the only luxury tiny moments grant me and I live for them.

I take solace on the one fact that I am the only one who has been with you since you came

to this world, and will be with you even when you leave.

You are not alone as you believe.

And every moment, I will strive to show you the miracle that you are, even though you refuse

to acknowledge it, even though you barely remember I exist.

I'm always beside you,

I'm your Shadow.