A Normal Day

Hello...my name...is Shiro Thurstan. And I'm just a normal 16 year old kid, living a normal life in middle college. Yup. I said Middle College. I was accepted into this school a couple years back, and I've been doing pretty well. My parents and I had moved over here after a certain altercation back at my old school...and I had nothing to do with it, fortunately.

I woke up this morning, feeling no different than how I've felt on normal days. I slowly got out of bed, my black hair ruffled and grey eyes drooping. I'm not a morning person. My dark skin had marks all over them...I guess I slept on the bed frame again. It was a long day yesterday, and I really didn't care about how I went to bed, just as long as I slept! I showered and dressed in my casual attire: Grey jeans, a black button-up shirt with a slightly bigger collar than other shirts, and black socks with white sneakers. I wasn't into the vibrant colors that most of the kids at my school wore; I didn't want to be a walking rainbow. I looked like a Sherlock Holmes rip-off. It was worth it.

I grabbed my rolling travel bag, and I made my way down the stairs. My dad was in the living room, watching the news, it looked like Arnold Truman was topping the polls again, and my dad didn't approve.

"52% in the polls?" my dad, Arkham Thurstan exclaimed from the living room.

I decided to completely ignore his rants, as I wasn't into politics as much as he was, but it didn't hurt to see what was going on in the world, so I decided to check with him. It wasn't another thirty minutes until we left the house.

"Mornin' dad." I nonchalantly said from the arched doorway. "How's it going?"

"Simply terrible!" he exclaimed. "Truman is 52% in the national polls! If he wins this nomination, it's only a matter of time before he gets into the oval office!"

Wondering why he would be worrying about something like this begged me to ask the question, "I bet he isn't that bad...I mean, what can one man do to destroy the entire country?"

"He's not even presidential enough!" He exclaimed again. Then he sighed. "Never mind, you probably won't understand anything that they're saying here."

Not that I care. Why do we even fuss about things like this? Can't we all just function as one big government? I decided that would be something to think about for another day.

"Is there anything else in the headlines today?" I asked, sitting down next to my father.

The TV, as if answering my question, started showing a recent supernatural sighting, one that's been occurring for the past week.

"'The Sight Shocked The World!' Is what's on the headlines again today as police investigate yet another sighting that has occurred near Princess Sarah's County. The first couple of sightings were seen on the other side of the country, and now have been seen multiple times in the area. Are they aliens? Time-travelers? The world may never know…" Then a picture popped up on the screen, showing the same pillar of light that's been seen throughout the nation.

"If you've seen this event occur and know what is going on...please call the number on your screen! You can ring in as anonymous, we won't release your name without your permission." The anchorman concluded with the picture covering the screen.

I raised my eyebrow, staring at the picture. There was a pillar of light, but I could see something more...but I couldn't put my finger on it...It looked strangely...human.

My dad turned off the television, and stood up from the couch, grabbing his keys. I blinked, confused for a second.

"Come on, son. We need to get you to your bus stop before 8:25, remember?" he said, striding out of the living room like he has somewhere better to be.

I grabbed my bag, and headed out of the door and into my dad's Buick Enclave. He's had this car for a couple of months, for he had won it in a random raffle. To be honest, I don't know why there would be raffles for free cars. Maybe whoever the raffle was created by had too many cars.

My dad started up the car, and soon we were on the highway, and traffic was in full swing. My dad hates traffic, and I mean hates traffic.

"Hey...Dad?" I said, while we slowed to a stop to merge into the packed lane.

"Yes, son?" he answered, trying not to lose it.

"What do you think that pillar of light was?" I asked. "Do you think it might have some supernatural significance?"

"Shiro...I honestly don't know...but I know for sure that it wasn't a supernatural or extraterrestrial occurrence." He said.

Something else my dad doesn't have, imagination. Though he can win a car just by luck alone.

"But what if it was something supernatural or extraterrestrial?" I asked.

My dad was silent. He just didn't know how to answer that...and traffic finally cleared up.

We finally get back into the residential area. My bus stop, a different high school not too far from where I used to live, soon reaches my view after a couple of minutes.

The entrance was packed with cars, and buses were also thrown into the mix. When we do reach the curb, I take my bag out of the trunk, and Dad waves goodbye to me as he slowly makes his way down the bus lane. I don't think he likes buses much anyway.

I put on my small sweat-jacket and tie my lucky scarf around my neck in a way that the longer part goes down my back. I just like wearing it like that. And it's lucky, for me it is.

Some kids are already at my bus stop, some of them being from my old school.

I sit down in between some of them, and ask my friend, Michael, if he saw the news this morning.

"Yeah, something about a pillar of light being spotted throughout the United States, aliens..." He paused. "Why are you asking me this?"

"What do you think it could be?"

"I don't know, it would be cool if they were aliens. It would be the next E.T." Michael paused again. "But with much less bicycle riding to the moon."

I chuckled. "It must sit around in your mind sometimes, I mean, who doesn't think about aliens and other things in space?"

"Historians." Michael said.

"...You've got a point there." I said, looking at the grayish sky, mingling with the first rays of the sun.

Haven't you ever wondered about life in general, how other beings could be out there somewhere...supposedly in a parallel universe, or aliens?

I don't know about you, but I think that there just might be.

Our bus drives up to the curb, and I manage to scramble onto the bus first. It's like being on a long, thin, rope suspended in midair, since everyone's foot is out into the already thin aisle, and if not stepping onto everyone's shoes isn't hard enough...try doing with a traveling bag that weighs over 5 pounds. People ask me about that a lot.

Most of the seats are taken, and the person I usually sit with, Anthony, isn't on the bus, so I had to sit next to some other guy, and we both knew that it was going to be an awkward ride.

After the bus got on the freeway, we suddenly stopped, and I looked into the aisle to see a huge pillar of light, and the bus driver quivering in fear. A figure stepped out of the pillar, and it looked like it was looking for something. It was a female, with white hair that almost reached her waist. It also had a long strand coming out of the top of it.

"Well, the hairstyle is out of this world." I whispered.

She was wearing a single striped shirt with a scarf-like object around her waist, which two tail-like fabrics were attached to - or looked like they were attached to, She looked at me, and I saw her eyes, they were also grey. She looked away, as if I wasn't who she was looking for. The bus driver stared at the mysterious girl, mentally debating whether to run her over or to get out of the bus and run for his life. This guy literally jumped out of the doors of the bus and ran three miles down the freeway.

The whole bus was left in confusion. How were we going to get to school now?

"The bus driver just left us!"

"How are we going to get to school now?"

"Or at least back home?"

I could drive this bus. I'm 16. I don't have a learner's permit, but I do have the potential knowledge that'll aid in getting us out of this situation. I stand up from my seat and casually walk to the driver's seat, and start the bus. The driver was too scared to take his keys with him...not that I'd see what he would use it for - besides getting into his house.

Michael caught onto what I was doing, and came over to my side. "What are you doing? You don't have your learner's permit...and why would you risk driving this thing?"

"I'm not going to stand here while some alien girl walks around. I'm not going to find out what her intentions are." I said, walking to the driver's seat.

"Hey! I'm getting us out of here!" I yelled to the rest of the passengers.

"This guy can't be serious!"

"Let the police handle it, man!"

"Tell me. How's the police going to get to us on a one-lane freeway?" I yell, frustrated.

That shut everyone up. I started up the bus and started to move. I learned how to drive many vehicles, since my mother worked at a dealership for all kinds of vehicles. I learned some things here and there. I looked out the window and stared at the mysterious girl, and she looked at me back with a shocked expression on her face. As if she knew me from somewhere...I sure didn't.

"That girl was giving you the looks..." Michael said. "Do you know her?"

"How would I know a supernatural being?" I asked.


"What?" Even during stressed times like this, Michael always knew how to make one laugh.

A couple minutes later, we arrive at the school. It was a middle college, so we had to take classes on a college campus. I don't think that this is the case for all of these types of schools, though. I could be totally wrong.

One of the staff members came up to me after she heard what happened. She looked angry and astonished at the same time.

"I heard that the bus driver left you guys and that you drove the bus back to the school...Is this true?" She asked me.

"Y-Yes, ma'am. That is exactly what happened." I said. "Rather unfortunate, isn't it?"

"Huh...I knew I should have fired him after the second week! *Ahem*...okay...just get to class…okay? Just go." She said, waving me off.

I start walking back to the other side of the campus, completely distraught by what just happened.

"That girl...she stared at me as if she knew me…" I thought to myself. "What was that all about?"

And that's when I realized that I forgot to eat breakfast that morning.