She carefully unfolded the paper from her reticule, scanning the words with a dubious eye.

Meet me in the foyer.

She closed her eyes, knowing what he wanted and hating the fact he would heedlessly proposition her so. A mere month ago the thought of meeting him would have been unthinkable. She delicately folded a stray blonde ringlet behind her ear. In her sky blue evening dress and matching hat, she certainly looked the part. Beautiful, demure, innocent. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she realised nobody could call her that anymore.

Once she had been the most desired woman in her town. But that was before her aunt had died, back when she had virtue and a reputation to maintain.

Holding back the tears, she went to meet him.

Another gentleman, another tryst, another shameful night.

Yes, once Annette Oak had been somebody. Now she was no one. Nobody at all.


This is very short but it's an extract, the prologue from my new novel- Winter Disgrace, a sequel to Savage Brutality . It will mainly focus on Annette and Mr Pierce, although Jenny, and yes, Lex and Julian will feature too.

Some of you may know but I've taken Savage Brutality down as it's now available on Amazon and Create Space as a paperback and kindle edition.

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Thank you once again.

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