Muse Fatale

While resting 'neath a hawthorn tree

Although awake I lay dreaming

And there she stood, a fair lady

Her skin like pearl, her eyes gleaming

A painting waiting to be made

Her smile so sweet, unreal seeming

And while we stood 'neath hawthorn shade

Compelled was I to make her mine

And never let farewell be bade

She teased and glowed in noon sunshine

Yet acquiesced to be my muse

And off I went with lady fine

And brag not I, but do enthuse

'Bout wonders paint'd within her gaze

And with devotion paid her dues

I did not sleep for seven days

In madness gripped great works inspired

On fire I was, in artists' craze

A fortnight passed 'fore I retired

And by my side she ever stayed

And watched as my life did expire

My masterpiece, my opus made

And life seemed dull from thence ward on

So unaware the price I'd paid

I thought by morning she'd be gone

Instead she watched my essence fade

Hungry smiles her face did don

T'was then I knew my life'd been trade

For inspiring unworldly skill

T'was not my bed but grave she laid

For love and beauty she does kill

Woman of mounds, Leanan Sidhe

Her prey and yet I love her still