step nulla » to infinity and beyond

{ extended • summary }

dear infinity,

if only i had known that you never were.

she is perfect, and he thinks it's only fair that he should tell her so in a form of communication that would last as long as her name implied. he wants to let her know that she is his universe, and he is but a small star within it. he doesn't realize how true that actually is.

beyond has always kept an eye on the sky and his head in the clouds. he is a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, the kind who would buy flowers and chocolate and compare the object of his affection to a star in the sky. when he finally glances down at the earth, he falls.


for the girl named infinity, he would give up astronomy just to spend her namesake with her. and, like the classic charmer he is, beyond decides to express his love—and subsequently records his entire relationship with infinity—through a series of letters.

{ epigraph }

"i want to be
in love with you

the same way
i am in
love with the moon"

{Sanober Khan}

{ dedication }

To those who fall easily and fall hard, and to those who can't help but give their heart to anyone who will take it.

{ acknowledgements }

A huge thank you to God, my friends, and my brother, especially my guy friends who have answered my questions about how they view the world and how they find love.

{ preface }

I'm excited for this story! I'm not sure how well it will turn out, considering this is my first time focusing on the romance when writing, but I hope to finish because it's my Nanowrimo project. I don't know how I'll survive, though, because November is one of those busier months, and I've never been good at time management. I think I'll do okay this month, however. Wish me luck! In any case, I hope you enjoy reading this book.