This is my NaNoWriMo attempt for this year (and I will complete it). What I'm doing to is asking for ideas from others and I'll make a collection of short stories from them.
If you want to know more you can go to my blog where I've explained it. 2015/11/01/my-nanowrimo-your-ideas/

The Ice-Skating Alligator

It was a terribly odd sight, much like one would you've expect to see in a circus, or in a dream, except it was neither of those. It was the local horse fair, which had since become more concerned with rides and games than horses, and the main attraction this year was raising a hoot.

"Look Mum," a young boy exclaimed quite excitedly. "It's an alligator on ice skates!"

And indeed it was very almost that. If it were just an alligator it would have been quite humorous and the spectators around the make-shirt ice ring would have laughed for hours. They would even have found the surgical mask covering its mouth quite amusing. As of yet everyone still thought it was just an alligator in a surgical mask wearing ice skates and everyone, including the young boy, were heads over heels cackling.

Until it happened.

The mask, which the alligator had been wearing had dislodged itself (how it had stayed in the first place was a mystery), but now, with flashing gnashing and snarling teeth, the people saw what it really was; a crocodile!

Immediately the crowd erupted into frightened hysterics. They pushed and shoved and clattered away from the ring.

If they had stayed, like the young boy who did (because they hadn't yet taught him the difference between alligators and crocodiles in school), they would of seen the truth. A fumbling, bumbling creature trying to hold itself up on its short squat legs on skates which had come from Benny down the road's sister.

That crocodile wasn't going anywhere. Its gnashing teeth may even have been taken for sobs.

The young boy was sure that if the crocodile had a name it would be Bob and so he called out to it.

"Bob, do you need some help?"

The crocodile turned his way, gave what may have been a hiss or a sigh and turned away.

"You need to swish and sway," the boy directed. "Like you're floating."

The boy had only been ice-skating once, at Benny's birthday party, and he had won the award of the wettest bottom by the end. He figured though the since he was so good at spending time on the ground, and crocodiles were so close to the ground, he was the perfect teacher.

"Like a bird. Except a baby one that doesn't know how to fly yet."

The crocodile gazed at him. Slowly it moved on small foot- splat! Four legs sprawled around it.

"Come on Bob, pick yourself up, try again."

The crocodile somehow, maybe using its tail, got itself onto its feet.

"Right leg now, then left, sway sway."

If the young boy knew what he was saying he may have known that it would have been very good advice for someone learning to walk on a boat. As it happened, it is also very good advice for a crocodile learning to skate.

The crocodile moved first its right feet, then its left and with a sway sway it was off, floating around the ring rather like a baby bird.

"Yay Bob!"

The crocodile may have been doing a pirouette with all its grace.

The crocodile completed its circle and pulled up perfectly in front of the boy. It showed its teeth, seemingly in a gesture of thanks and the boy showed his teeth to say you're very welcome.

"Well Bob, that was hard work, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."

The crocodile's eyes perked up.

"You too? I'll go find us one."

So the young boy walked off to find a nice plump horse, whilst the crocodiles, whose name was actually Henry, continued its new talent and the fairgoers tried frantically to find he number for the nearest zoo.