In the year 2017, a miasmic gas surrounded the planet. Countries panicked and threatened war upon each other thinking other countries were to blame until it was realized that the miasma permeated their country as well. Many kinds of conspiracy theories arose as the gas surrounded the atmosphere for an entire year. Everything from terrorists to aliens to global warming was accused of being responsible. After about a year, to the shock of many, the gas dissipated. Tensions were still really high as still no one knew who was responsible for the gas. Then the riots began to worsen. As time went on, people with abilities that had only been seen in stories began to appear. Like the comic books some wanted their own benefit, while some wanted to help others, and some just wanted to have fun. However the appearance of these abilities shoved the tensions of the world over the edge as these people began to be used for war, while others used themselves as weapons against their own governments. The maps of the world completely changed as government after government fell to other countries and the whims of some of their own more powerful abilities. Soon it became readily apparent that a government was only as strong as the loyalty it could pull from those with abilities, and many governments became tyrannies, held by maniacs who were strong enough to cower the others around them, while other countries were made up of those who though weak in ability joined together to fight those stronger and the many together became strong. A rare few were ran by strong people who accepted the will of the people they ruled. In the course of 123 years after the Miasma, this is Earth.